Spurs unbeaten start to give Arsenal extra motivation

For a while at the start of quite a few seasons in the Premier League it looked like the Arsenal record of being the only top flight club to go an entire season without losing a league match, in the modern era that is because Preston North End did it well over 100 years ago but times were very different then and they only played 22 games.

The Chelsea team of Jose Mourinho went a long time unbeaten a few years back and Man City have looked a bit unbeatable at the start of this season and the last one, but the only side yet to lose an EPL game so far this season is Tottenham and it just so happens that our north London rivals are heading to the Emirates to face Arsenal next.

It is not like the Gunners really need any extra motivation for a derby clash with the spuds but the desire to put them in their place and end any talk about them matching the achievement of the 2004-04 Arsenal should provide it anyway.

I am sure that Arsene Wenger will be keen to be the one to stop Pochettino sharing his invincible status and to be fair, they may be unbeaten but they are nowhere near the team of Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and all. In fact they are not even in the top four after another draw at the weekend.

I am sure they would be happy with another point on Sunday but will their unbeaten status provide an extra spur to this Arsenal side to make sure that our own invincible record stays intact?


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  1. tissiam says:

    this has been my wish for the last few weeks,i wanted the spuds to keep on drawing their games while we won ours and for us to be the first team to beat them,how sweet would that be!!

  2. tiyas says:

    spurs play good football under pochetino they are fast on the counter, their pressing is effective( remember z city match) if i’m not wrong this season they coincide few goals they have good defense in the league. this sums up all their positive side. but we are Arsenal in our day let alone spuds we can destroy any defence or team. i will go for ma team to kick their ass and am hoping form cazorla to be fit on time cause he is our weapon. keep the faith gunners this year could be z year for Arsenal in z league and even champions league have a good week end. Tiyassssssss

  3. Wilshegz says:

    I’m very confident of a win for the following reasons

    1.Spurs ll not park the bus
    2.Bellerin wasn’t taken to Bulgaria so he ll be well rested along with Walcott and Cazorla
    3. Alderweild is out
    4. Kane is just returning from a long term Injury
    5. Mustafi is not Mertesacker that gets xposed by Spurs’ pace
    6. Eriksen n Lamela are not in good form
    7. Sissoko won’t play (suspended)
    8. Xhaka is back from suspension to aid from the bench

    the only worry is
    1. Wanyama rash play vs Cazorla n Ozil but I feel with the full rest Cazorla n hopefully Ozil ll get they ll be to quick to foul

    1. Kumagaya says:

      You forgot How we will miss Rosisky raping that rose guy all the time

  4. gotanidea says:

    I really admire Tottenham’s teamwork under Pochettino. They don’t have very expensive and “celebrity” players, but played as a team, with quick tempo, athleticism, high intensity and full of energy. They remind me of the invicible 2004 Arsenal team’s football style. Arsenal was trying to play like Barcelona too much in these 12 years, but I see that this season Arsene Wenger tried to do something new. We are really dangerous lately with Sanchez as the central forward/ attacking midfielder in the front. I’m sure we can beat Tottenham if Sanchez plays and other players have good fighting spirit to win this derby. Go Arsenal!!!

  5. Onochie says:

    Are we playing spurs tonight? Please focus on the game at hand first. Talking about motivation,tonight’s game is part of the reason we would be more motivated or not,so I repeat again,focus on tonight’s game FIRST!!!!

  6. tissiam says:

    you are right if there was a player we wanted to play against the spuds it was TR7 he always came up with the goods against them,i think we all remember his wonder goal after 2 minutes he smashed it!!

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