Spurs v Arsenal – Pochettino & Co need to show respect to referees

Ban All Managers From Going On Pitch? by Dan Smith

Every season there is a habit that becomes a trend that I then campaign to kick out of the game I love. Based on how many penalties it gave us at the World Cup, I know I’m not going to like VAR being implemented in the Premiership.

This campaign, I have written my concern about how there seems an increase in grown adults thinking they can act how they want in the confines of a football stadium. I got thinking about this issue when watching Pochettino clearly try to intimidate a referee based on his side’s inability to defend a corner.

Now let me stress, men and women over the age of 18 know what is right and wrong and can/should never blame their actions on a manager or player. So even if Poch is showing zero respect to officials, that’s not an excuse for Spurs fans to throw bananas at a black person. Yet the facts show, that as arrests on match days increase so does those in the dugout getting themselves into bother.

Pressure in the sport has been huge for years, yet why is it only the current generation who find the idea of staying in your technical area impossible? We had the odd Brian Kidd moment at Old Trafford but, in general, the likes of Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex would get fined for shoving someone, kicking a bottle, etc. Never because of their celebrations. The media defend the likes of Klopp saying that’s his personality and it shows he cares. Are we truly saying he’s any more passionate then a Sir Bobby Robson, who wouldn’t think twice about antagonizing rival fans? The answer is with the success of social media, more coaches enjoy the celebrity aspect of things.
Klopp acts the way he does because it makes him into his own brand. Jose gets paid to be on TV adverts for his touchline antics, not his tactical brain.

Yet this week, grass roots football continued to discuss strategies of how to improve their environment. This country lacks those who want to referee. Essentially at that level, there is a fight to protect officials from verbal abuse and threats. Referees being attacked is more common than you would imagine. Now should a 40-year-old, for example, be mature enough not to be influenced by what he sees on TV? In a perfect world Yes. But this is a society remember who will racially abuse a person or throw a coin based on what shirt they wear? If these morons don’t respect the law at grounds with cameras and police, then should we be surprised if they act like animals on a Sunday morning?

So yes, unfortunately images of Poch getting in Mike Dean’s face or Klopp not respecting basic guidelines will be copied by some individual who lacks mental capacity. My solution would give managers a complete ban on entering the pitch, including at the final whistle. What reason is there for any coach to be on the field? To complain about a decision, knowing the ref won’t stop to chat anyway?

The governing bodies, though, continue to pay lip service to a serious issue without risking losing money. The EPL and FA are happy SKY and BT bid millions for content. Those giants want to see Klopp running to the halfway line or Jose ssshing away fans. Did pundits talk more about Poch’s reaction to losing to Burnley, rather than the actual game? It’s all part of the theatre.

A Klopp or Poch can pay a fine, their admin department will sort that. But who’s keeping those safe at grass roots level?

Dan Smith


  1. It’s a part of showbiz

    Ferguson often influenced the officials with his temper to get more free kicks and penalties, very different than the calmer Wenger. That’s why I didn’t like to watch Man United, because they got many advantages from the officials

    Today would be no different, therefore Arsenal players should be prepared for any intimidation or aggression from the spuds. Chelsea and Man United face weaker teams today, hence a draw from the Tottenham game must be the minimum result

    1. Fergie won at least 3 titles due to ref influence and fergie extra time….

      overall hes still a quality manager

  2. As an Arsenal fan, you should be happy about VAR.

    Even though it currently seems British referees lack the mental capacity to implement it as it should be, they will learn from their mistakes and the Manchester clubs and Liverpool will be at least marginally worse off than they are now, and Arsenal (but also Chelsea) at least marginally better
    Also, regional quotas would be good – at least 5, 6 referees from the South of England, not all of them from the North.

  3. we are currently leading 4- 2 on aggregate….

    we beat them at home…..but its gonna be tough away

    a draw would be a good result

    1. But they beat us 2-0 in the league cup… I know it wasn’t in the league, but it’s still a loss to them ?

  4. If we play with this team we won’t loose.
    Jenko sok kos kolas
    Guzz Torre xakai
    Miki iwobi

  5. Re- “Spurs fanS throwing banannaS”. Was it Arsenal fanS throwing bottleS at Dele Alli? Let’s not generalise the actions of one fan to a whole fan base – it diminishes the thesis of your article which I agree with. Although I’m much more concerned with some of the chanting that goes on that shows, in my mind, much more of a mob mentality.

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