Spurs v Arsenal proves that Laca and Aubz need some competition

Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot, yes, Arsenal still have the chance to get into the top four, but putting ourselves in that position is risky. It could blow straight back in our faces, I hope we fight every game we play from now on.

My discussion is about our strikers, this isn’t meant to bash them, this isn’t an article for anyone of you to rip into them. Rather it’s about the changes that has occurred. We all know PEA and Lacazette are tight buddies, so tight that one could question if they’re not meant to be together. (No cheeky dig intended). I think their friendship is now causing more harm than good. We figured if they both are tight buddies, it will help their fight easier, what we never expected or saw coming was the said relationship helping them become soft and lazier.

Aubameyang was scoring goals for fun, he averaged a goal per game during the earlier stage of the season. Knowing he would get straight to the bench because Emery would call on Lacazette. While his bro, Lacazette would perform and turn games around when he gets his chance. The concise decision was that they’re meant to be better because of the competition. Is that really the truth now? What we see each match day are players that are relaxed and playful. I was having a discussion with a fellow fan after the line-up came out, he was of the opinion that why is Emery leaving Aubameyang and Ozil on the bench? He came up with a good debate as to why they shouldn’t sit, and I simply had to shut him up easily by telling him this.

“What difference will it make if it’s PEA? Our strikers are both wasteful, Give PEA the chance and you won’t see him get involved in team play, he’s like playing with a man down, create ten chances for him, he’s likely to lose five out of those and score five, which is poor for a striker of his calibre. Give Lacazette the chance, he’ll bring hell to the defenders and sweat himself off, create ten chances for him, he’s likely to score three out of those and lose seven.”

He kept quiet because he realized I made a point. Two minutes into the game Lacazette got a clear chance to put us ahead, he wasted it. Later on Iwobi and Monreal created a fine chance for him, he wasted it, took that shot so poorly. This other guy I spoke to looked me in the face and smiled while pointing out what I said about both strikers. I wasn’t all that pumped up when PEA came on because I knew it meant the tired trio of Iwobi, Ramsey and Mhki will have to work their arses off to create chances for him and it’ll be like playing with a man down. Minutes into the game, Mhki set him up and he lost the ball lazily. I don’t even want to continue analysing up to the point where he took that penalty. A shot I was certain he would miss, and I am certain Xhaka would’ve scored.

So, our strikers despite carrying us all season, let us down when they were needed the most. Yes, they score goals, but it doesn’t require rocket science to figure out how wasteful they both are. I believe we all knew that, and it was disturbing. It got worse in the last three games before the NLD, even though they scored, the number of chances they squandered was unbelievable.

This is the endgame, let’s accept the truth and even though it sounds so stupid, these guys need competition. They’ve become so close that competition isn’t a word in their dictionary, they mess up almost every time knowing they would surely play, they’re aware of the fact Emery won’t call on anyone because he has no choice. A blind man will see that they’re both relaxed and they’ve been in a comfort zone somewhat. The best thing would be for Emery to create a bit of a bridge in between them.

Which brings me to Eddie Nketiah. Emery needs to give this boy a few chances, let our strikers know they can’t get all cocky and relaxed. To some of you I’m whining and I don’t say anything good, but like I said, even though it sounds stupid, the truth hurts. They need competition, the proof was there while Welbeck played, he was also scoring for fun, our attackers knew there wasn’t room for complacency. If they both mess up, Welbeck was coming for their spot, he was scoring goals and playing well until he got injured. Months later it was clear to both of them that if PEA plays today, Lacazette would play tomorrow. Their friendship has softened the competition that was supposed to be there. Welbeck is an important part of this team, since Welbeck will be leaving. Nketiah should be getting all the chances Welbeck could’ve gotten, I’m surprised Emery isn’t giving Nketiah the chances during the second half of some easy home games we played.

Eddie Nketiah should be able the warning sign to our strikers. We were calling for world class strikers, now we got two, but a year later both strikers that were meant to push each other and create competitions for each other are both best buddies and the relationship between them is a sweet playful one, not a competitive one. I’m gutted and disappointed, and I didn’t write this article because of the NLDalone, take into consideration all the chances they waste on the daily basis. Eddie should be getting game time in weak games from now on…

Eddie Hoyte


  1. Even when they were scoring they were still missing chances.Lets be honest with ourselves.Its not a recent thing.You can be a scorer of great goals but still miss easy chances.Both have this tendency and it’s not because of their friendship or anything like that.Auba at Dortmund was known to be missing some easy chances and score many.Lacazette also likes to dilly dally on the ball too long when at times he should just take a first time shot.From what I’m seeing here also has the tendency to miss easy chances but can score great goals like Aubameyang.As I said some time ago,Nketiah should’ve been sent on loan to an EPL club before the season begun for assessment.We would then have helped him develop better and for him to iron out mistakes in his game.As of now we are fighting for top four and this isn’t for the faint hearted.I would rather bring him off the bench rather than start him and when he proves himself in his cameos then we can decide.

  2. Thats what you get when all they do is laugh and dance in training. I hope we get an attacking/goal scoring coach. to drill them on how to be aggressive and score goals like a real striker like Luiz Suarez of Barcelona.

    1. Franko, do you HONESTLY THINK that ” all they do is laugh and dance in training “? I hope not for your IQ’s sake, as that is so wide of the mark and pre-supposes that the fiercely driven Emery lets that happen. Training is usually more productive in a happy and friendly atmospohere and being best buddies happens with all clubs with certain players and always has. You are choosing a daft theory and trying, erroneously, to make the facts fit . They do not! Sheer nonsense and what is more, I believe you know it. So why write it?

    2. …Franco makes a valid point – one which is worthwhile noting imo. The modern day striker ought to present an aurora of not pissing around, at least not while plying their trade on the pitch. Better they present an image of being deadly serious – something of that approach should manifest into improving their goal tally as well as causing most defenders to fear having to face them.

      [*perception is everything] – So our strikers can ill afford to be perceived as less serious than their peers. If indeed they are less serious (or shown to be) than their peers that may replicate to performance(s) on the field. Suarez, drogba, aguero, ronaldo, costa all have an aurora about them and on the face of things they are no nonsense hitmen. This is what Franco is pointing to.

  3. We can’t afford to be wasteful… jeez Auba should be running away with the golden boot, but no he’s behind!
    I don’t understand how you can score that beauty (his 2nd V the spuds at the Emirates) now that really was something ? – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it… to then miss an open goal/sitter from 3 yards out!!
    Laca has missed a fair few too… so frustrating to watch…
    I have to say (not sure if anyone will agree with me) as pi**ed off as I was yesterday, I do kind of feel for Auba… I don’t think I could have handled that sort of pressure…then I saw Xhaka’s message to him saying ‘We win, lose & draw together’ which I thought was nice… ??? but it still cost us the 3 points ???
    He’s going to have to forget that now though & get ready for that massive game on Sunday… what if we’re awarded a penalty on Sunday??

    1. Eddie is a prospect, but losing wellbeck (misses more than he scores) has limited the competition. I imagine Danny won’t be offered a new contract in the summer so another area that will need strengthening but again with limited funds it’s going to be tough. Maybe a younger guy from the championship Watkins at Brentford or Adams at Birmingham? I know that’s not what we want for our great club, bit with current ownership emery working with both hands tied!!

        1. I know it’s not what we as fans expect or want. But emery will save on wellbecks wages so no new contract. Eddie is young so was just putting it out there if honest sue. Maybe top 4 or winning Europa will change that, but they are both big asks (just being honest fellow gooners!)

  4. The article has a point about how many chances both strikers waste. Too many to be real top draw rating. Neither are at the level of Aguero , Kane or Salah IMO, all of whom give far more to their team overall. Also agree that while Laca works hard, Auba does little if he doesn’t score. I don’t buy the reason given though, not for a single moment . Being best mates is not a factor at all IMO. As for Eddie Nketiah, he is at present merely an inferior player to either of them and well down the line. I hope and believe he may have a career in the game but am not at all convinced, as yet, it will be at top level Prem. This constant hyping of SOME young players who are no more than occasional bit players is tedious and foolish. He has has scored just two goals, against Norwich, yet is spoken of as the next big thing. Why?

    To be clear, I DO rate both our strikers but just think both are below the level of the others I list. UNLIKE SOME , I NEVER GIVE INTO THINKING THAT WHAT I WISH WERE NECESSARILY THE CASE. Sober assessment without hype, is the way to achieve truth.

  5. Our strikers will need some competition if we are intent on success in the noteworthy competitions and were it not for injury their competition would have been welbeck. Moving forwards it appears that UE wants to bring in monchi who he worked with at seville. This moves indicates arsenal as is, with our current faces, will certainly undergo transition with nketiah and another striker likely to be displaced by another hitman, another defensive-mid, additional keeper and CB chosen by the boss.

  6. @Eddie Hoyte
    A thought provoking read and yes indeed our strikers need real competition like a werner, dybala, or draxler or even richarlason – all mentioned would keep them on their toes.

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