Spurs v Arsenal review – Wow a draw but we’ll take it

While Arsenal really needed to win this north London derby to get our title challenge firmly back on track, a draw was not the worst result and considering the circumstances I think it can be considered as a pretty good result.

It could have been better and Arsene Wenger may well be cursing his luck, as Ramsey could have added to his opener in the dying minutes but for a last ditch tackle. And after the Welshman put the Gunners ahead in the first half we were on target of the win but after Coquelin was sent off for a second yellow and Tottenham hit us with a quickfire double it looked like it was curtains.

But Alexis Sanchez finally found his shooting boots and hit back to level the game ands even though it did not get us any closer to the spuds it must surely have given Arsenal a big confidence boost and stopped our rivals from opening a bigger gap.

Now we just have to hope that Leicester fail to stretch their lead at the top. All in all, though, I am a reasonably happy Gooner today. How about you?

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    1. Great game for neutral fans but I was so angry when dier didn’t receive the second yellow. Good game for bellerin he had 2 excellent assists. I wish Ramsey could have scored the last chance. Come on gunners let’s not stop fighting for the title.

      1. the team showed good bad and the ugly.

        good- coming back from 10 men to equalise,
        bad- unnecessary red, lackluster going forward at times, wasteful
        ugly- reaction to the red- panic- two goals go in

        we showed heart today- that has to be respected.
        but for throwing away the title this season there is no excuse


      2. Believe .
        With this formation, we are going on a run.
        In fact , we are going to win the rest of our games.
        Liecester are not winning this thing.
        We have dented the spuds confidence

    2. Alexis might’ve scored but best players today are Welbeck..BFG..Gab..El Neny..Coq..Bellerin..the rest were average.
      Spurs got lucky i swear

    3. You so funny I had to pour myself another glass of champagne. Expensive stuff. Wenger sent it.

      1. El nieny and Welbeck for me .
        El was picking Spurs apart from deep and spooling all the moves.
        All players did well.
        I have been calling for el nieny/Coq combo for long.
        This allows our fullbacks to bomb forward without fear.

        1. To add to this – Ramsey seems to be playing better (might have been this match only) on the right wing instead of in the middle. With Bellerin bombing forward, we might have balance on both sides after all.

          1. Ive been saying for that ages, Ramsey on wing gives us better balance than any of our pacy wingers. Again proves that himself and Bell have best chemistry. Why did we buy a centre midfielder who is supposedly not ready for English game in a season we were in with a shot, this really bugs me. Is Arsene trying to win this thing or is trying to be a know it all ..no pun intended.

        2. Elneny did OK but only he was at fault for second goal and could have been worse having said that yes elneny and coq make our midfield strong ramsey is good up front as he can be very dangerous his goal today was class no one commented on it but who cares that was top draw

    4. I’m not a happy gooner…the result considering we were a man down was not bad. I’m pissed with dropping so many points before this match…only a win would have kept our hopes high for the title. Hope Leicester slips later. .hopefully a Watford win…

      1. You have to be happy not loosing to Spurs with only 10 men… Perspective is needed, howver, if Man City win their game in hand we drop a place. If Leicester win they’re 8 points clear of us and if Man U win they’re only 2 points behind us. So others results are becoming far too important to our season.

        1. You want perspective ? We just lost our best DM for 3 games, that means say hello to Flamini again. Oh, and we’re still behind Spurs and Leicester !

          1. I thought I pointed out that with regards to points.. You also have to remember we were without Coq for our run of best games too. The Flame did ok then.

          2. …only a straight red is a 3 match ban. We should only lose him for the next match against West Brom

    5. The outcome of this game must NOT excuse our Banter

      how do we ever catch or overtake Leicester if all our games keep ending in a draw/loss?

      Up Next is PuLis’ men…..how easier does it get?

    6. Ramsey may have scored the opening goal of this match……….but that doesn’t wash away his indiscipline/favouritsm in this team

      How many balls does he Lose off his feet per game?…….wish there was a strong competitor for him…..that would keep his a** up tight!

      C’mon Move the ball forward

      1. Please elaborate on the favoritism today. Because the usual suspects did not started. And heck, even Campbell played. Gibbs. Even Elneny. Ah, $hit! Another one who didn’t see the game but comments the result. Is alright, we have plenty. Join the ranks.

        1. Ramsey was incredibly ill disciplined … Obviously he is not a right winger so the favouritsm in putting him there is correct and he continues to put goal scoring ..where he is average (nice flick horrible last minute miss) above keeping position and lending a defensive hand … They were all over bellerin all game and he was constantly exposed … El neny seems more reliable in middle and Campbell is a better winger … Though neither are the top level we are looking for …But Wenger has to stick to same team for next 8 or 9 games as there is so little understanding right now it’s shocking really … Man of match was ospina which says it all

        2. Ill be honest, I didn’t watch the game live. I spoke with a Gooner mate and seen some highlights. The reason I didn’t is because when we go on bad runs I try to change my routine up as I’m a very superstitious person, its probably silly but I do it anyway. Not watching the game is my last superstition of three different things.

        3. Heck Budd, you’re far too generous allowing Campbell to play what for 5 mins. I thought that was called trying to waste time.

      2. It’s not always that simple. You need players to pass to, and if you watch Aaron he’s always looking up but no one making space or runs. It’s a case him of him rather keeping possession than losing it in those situations. The problem with him though is that he tries to be too fancy in dangerous areas and that’s where he gives the ball away. Arsenal need to start breaking way quicker, I felt even though Spurs were knocking at the door firs half, we soaked damage and countered effectively. That goal opened the flood gates and you could see immediately the effect it had on the game, Arsenal were showing more possession and looked dangerous.

        Coquelin red was such a pity as we were 1 up with 11 men, I really believe we could have beaten them. I mean we came back with 10 to score an equalizer.

      3. If Ramsey did 30 things right and made 4 errors. All u would hear from you would be the 4 errors. If the 30 things right kept us in this game and the 4 didn’t have a negative impact…you would still be on him. Instead of reading the press, watch the game and learn and make up your on mind. Doesn’t sound to me you know jack about football.

    7. So a DRAW makes the worLd go round?


      Just so y’all know, The world would remain flat and stagnant with wenger at the heLm!

      1. Sopa you REALLY need to stop with these ridiculous statements. This is a football forum not a place to see who can insult who the most.
        You are treading on thin ice….

      2. @admin………i really don’t understand why u are so hell bent on my every comment

        where is the personal insult in the aforementioned comment?……cept directed At wenger whom many can be sure is the reason for Arsenal’s melancholy from the Last few yrs….

        The world is watching how u go over the rope and react to certain remarks made by a certain group of folks on ere(especially if u don’t agree with anything Wenger related)….don’t make ppl think u are being biased!

        With all due respect, i’m not saying this to p*** u off….. And don’t be offended, but i can’t help but say it

        1. I don’t know about admin but for me to say that if Wenger was in charge of the world it would be flat and stagnant is a gross insult based on nothing except your childish prejudices.

          What about if you said if Wenger was in charge of arsenal we would be in third place and challenging for the title. And aiming for a third fa cup in a row. Now that would be sensible and talking about football.

          What about if Tony pulls was in charge what about if you were in charge of the world.

          1. LOL G-Rude! Good answer!
            Personally I would just say it is an annoying and ultimately pointless insult Soopa.
            And I don’t care who is watching me (the whole world lol) Are you in charge of it???
            I have been saying for years that comments must be polite and related to football. No swearing. no personal insults.
            I get ill for a day and everyone goes breaking the rules…….
            Now this is my last word on the subject . Break the rules and you will be banned, and using symbols to create swearwords is still swearing.

  1. Today’s game has proven once again that more than half the players have no place in the PL and with such a big change needed we have to start with the manager

    1. I agree. Wenger has to leave at the end of this season, but it will not happen sadly… It never does… I’ve been hoping for 5 years and all i saw was more contract extentions

          1. At the back of the net, haven’t you see me? Waving at you but probably you didn’t see me. Just like the refs today didn’t see many things. Can’t fault them for it, can’t fault you for that either.

          2. Is it? Or is this parallel reality because you still haven’t said nothing worth of remember it so far. Look, we can change passes all day long but I am really relaxed so I can’t miss any of them. It’s getting cold tonight, 26 degree and I must go and put a t-shirt on. Please excuse the interruption.

  2. I DONT CARE WHAT EITHER OF YOU THINK BUT BFG IS MOTM FOR ME… Yes Ramsey scored but still pissful poor….El Neny should be playing alongside Coq

    1. For me this is the game that Neny prove beyond doubt that he can go on to become a good player for us …At the beginning of the game it looks to me like he was playing with a handbrake on, too safe, not asking for the ball, but as the game went on, he grew stronger and stronger….He just need to find a little more belief in himself in order to make an even stronger impact….

  3. Not a loss.

    But not good enough.

    Leicester (and Man City) would have enjoyed that. So it’s back to ‘hope’ and some other team to do us a favour.

  4. Was funny to watch the comments. One of you lot started to bet on the score. 5-1, 4-1, 6-1. Other one said we will never score now. You are such a bunch of $%&%$%. I watched the game until the end and I knew that we will score even against the idiot ref (it is 5th game in the row when refs are litterally robbing us but no one talks about it here).
    FA must fire all their refs. Replays for the second goal shows a Alli on side but the pass is a fraction of the second after so he is clearly offside, ok is hard for the linesman to see that so I give him benefit of the doubt. But the yellow for Dier and the hands in the box (I think every game we have this but is never given).
    Good for Wenger he is not picking on the refs. They are shyte, no point arguing with these idiots, just factor it and prepare as such.
    Game was prepared well, Coquelin was an idiot and warned by everyone at the interval, don’t be an idiot. He chose to be one. But we can fault Wenger because he told him to do so. Wenger out.

    1. Total agreement Bud. How the heck can you be pulled down in the middle (like OG was)of the pitch and not see a yellow? Especially because now you have a chance to even it up. Stupid sliding tackle from Le Coq but also Kane made sure he didn’t jump over his legs. He actually almost tripped himself up by pointing his toes down so he would clip Le Coq’s shins.

  5. Seriously spurs weren’t good today and we could have beaten them if we are serious about winning this trophy. If this was spurs vs Leicester, Leicester would have beaten them, this season epl is so open but still Arsenal can’t or didn’t take it too serious.

  6. Someone should take a piss on that meerkat refs face. Cheating bugger. And it’s not the first time he blindly helps our opposition.

  7. This match pretty much sums up our season.
    Nervous start – usual criticism at the beginning of the season, with the lack of spending
    Ramsey’s first blood – Arsenal shocked the league, we played brilliant football, scoring beautiful goals, all seemed like a decent season for us
    Coq red card – injury crisis struck, the lack of bench depth put pressure on the team, the downfall of performance caused crucial points
    Alexis’ goal when down to ten men- it all seemed like arsenal would lose out in the title race again but arsenal somehow surprised the league again, saying aye we got the quality but we just aint gonna show in week in week out
    Draw in NLD with 10 men – can’t really complain about it but you ain’t happy. As you have really great at times during the season but it’s just not enough to grab the trophy.
    Anyway, proud of the boys today. Could have won the game even with 10 men down. Unlucky?maybe.

    1. You talk just to write something across the internet. What does the bench depth had to do when one player is sent off? If anything Wenger’s gamble paid off sending Giroud in so your point is litteraly doomb. You damn right we were unlucky and battered by the FA refs as usual. But we survived and yes, with Dier out we may have had one chance to bring it home.

      1. Yep, and the bench provided the goal and a second yellow for Dier. Your point being? Ah, you don’t have a point but still chose to comment because everyone these days have internet. What can I say, it is your right. Enjoy it.

        1. Don’t have to. Wenger did it for me. I know it was a gamble but it paid off. Which makes you awkwardly wrong.

          1. Your dad gambles when we are off the pace for the title, why didn’t he gamble by bringing quality striker and DM at the start of the season? It’s been 10 years

      1. Highlights are available on youtube. You can see for yourself how average Ramsey was. Alternately, you can download the whole game and write an essay on the topic. I promise I will read it.

        1. Barcelona would be mad not to shelve out 50 million quid on Arron Ramsey. Discuss. ….. Lol … Can’t make you people up ..with or without your video technology

      2. ain’t my business if u choose to make your TV ur pillow

        u are probably the Last person i wanna seek an advice from while wenger is still at the helm

        i know where u’re coming from! L()L

    2. It just proves we keep bottling in big games. We’ve had 5 derbies and 3 red cards in three of them.

  8. i think this comeback boost the confidence
    we have to accept that we dont get the 50% of decisions and move on lets not think about the refs all players run their sucks off and i think they were much much better than both Wansea and Manu games

  9. Despite ramsey scoring i thot campbell should have started !
    mert and ospina were best players today…
    coq needs to understand the game and situation..11 v 11 v would have won bt a point is good after being behind with 10 men..

  10. i support the club
    not the ppl who run it

    let the wolves guide you for the sheep you are.

    this club was made in 1886 or 1996 – learn

  11. How did Dier not see red?

    Anyways, after Coquelin’s idiotic display of madness and Spurs 2 quick goals, I think everyone expected us to lose. Me included. However the team showed otherwise.

    I thought Gibbs was alright considering that it was his first start. Monreal has looked shaky in the past games. Same goes for Elneny.

    Before the match I criticized Wenger starting Ramsey but it eventually paid off. The only reason we didn’t win today was because of Coquelin. Can’t blame today for Wenger.

    We must go all in against Hull. FA Cup is still there for the take. Oh and Spurs and Leicester actually have worse fixtures coming up than we do. Hopefully we can gather some fighting spirit to carry us from today.

  12. I finally saw heart, soul n fight…2-1 down..I saw 11 and then 10 men fight for their club…THAT”S WHAT I WANT TO SEE! Dier should’ve been sent off. That would have made things interesting. Slam all you like about Rambo…I would have him in any team I have. And it’s not just about the goal…he does the job of so many players. The job he has…no other player on this planet can do. That you don’t get it…doesn’t bother me…the more I hear ppl dis on him…the more it tells me about how much/little you know about football.
    Now it starts, this is the game from which belief is reborn…..proud of my Gunners today. So should every Gooner.

    1. Trust me you won’t see it again, they only do this after massively disappointing in many games, as soon as the pressure eases the team and manager will return to their comfort zone and we will be dropping points again.

  13. For me i don’t care if Arsenal drew with 10 men or 5 men but at the end of the season they didn’t win the epl, arsene should calmly walk away. This season epl is wide open for all and no more excuses.

  14. Totally unnecessary foul by Coq but Great comeback from Arsenal !
    But Could this draw mean that Arsenal are for sure out of the race now?
    With Leicester 5 points ahead and possibly 8 after today’s late game and with 9 games to go I think we are too dependent on other teams to drop points and even if we win all of our 9 games, I think it would be still a point or two short !!
    I just wish I will be proved wrong !! #COYG

  15. The title is still in reach
    I hope we fight till the last breath
    Nine games remaining with possible 27 points
    25 points will secure the title
    I know this is nearly impossible but beleive me we can do it

    1. There are many other clubs out there…you don’t like this one…fark off and support another….

  16. We played very good but i need to make something clear. The ref today was shocking. I never complain about refs bec it goes sometimes two ways. But today.

    -The second goal came from an offside poz and should not be count. Kane though is a striker Arsenal needs to have.
    -Lamela should have seen also a yellow for pushing Sanchez. And he would be out.
    -Handball in the end, no penalty.
    -Giroud was fouled no second yellow, no red card to get even.

    As for Arsenal.

    Coquelin is to naive and lost his focus. Happens way to often with him. Stupid mistake he should not forget and learn from. To bad it happened during this time of the season where such mistakes make the diff. between champion and no champion.

    Ramsey besides scoring was so terrible shocking that its disgusting. I am srry but i cant stand Wenger at all for benching Campbell for someone like him. So many misspasses, and so many times his lost the ball infront of the backfour, its crazy, and dont get me started with his slow decicion making. To many touches, no vizion and creavity.

    Instead of him in the end taking to many touches to shoot, he should have just one touched the ball to the right corner. Thats how you hit the ball in the danger zone while being under pressure, but noooo, he was walking and walking and ruined a great chance.

    And again, Ramseys job is to put the likes of Sanchez into poz like this and not the other way around. bec not like Ramsey Sanchez would probably score and we would win this game.

    Wenger just what are you doing? What did Campbell do wrong in the last game to deserve the bench. He was our best player and he benches him. Giroud coming from the bench is always class. Proves that he should be used in this way alone.

    Wenger did many things right, but due of him not using a wingman on the wings i label him again a failuare. Merti was very good. i give him that, ospina was fantastic, but my man of the match is Bellerin.

    1. 5/5 post from you mate.

      What I hate is that, when playing with 10 men and 2-1 down, we showed more fighting spirit than whole 90 minutes against Swansea.

      We should fight like that for the remainder of the season.

      1. Its what you call a galvanising moment…a moment of truth when it all comes down to this one precise moment. and when that moment happened…they jelled..they didn’t fall apart…you can conclude they have heart and spirit

        1. No TJ you can’t, because when you expect them to show heart and spirit most of them disappear. Leicester is an example of heart and spirit, we’re the perfect example of arrogance and naivety.

          1. So Leicester lose away to to title challenger with 10 men and they have heart and spirit, but Arsenal draw away from home with 10 men to a title challenger and they are “arrogant and naive”? Stunning logic.

  17. We’ll never win another title under Wenger. Don’t be fooled by the result. Come down from the clouds and have a reality check. It was a point, when we needed nothing less than a win. I’m not satisfied at all.

  18. I turned off my TV after Spurs went up. I was so surprised that it ended 2-2. Good result given the circumstances.

      1. You look just fine. Just get rid of that mirror. It doesn’t make you justice. And throw away the scale while you are at it.

  19. Wenger is at fault for sticking with mediocre players. Missed chances like these are the ones players like Nicklas Bendtner do miss and which makes Arsenal come short against barcelona. Gervinhio was also missing such chances. And today it was Ramsey, again.

    This is not luck, but we choose to play with players who are incompetent and rely on luck alone.

    With mediocre players you get mediocre results. Simple as

    1. I see you haven’t watched the game. It’s alright, can happen to anyone. You are excussed, seriously, you can go and play your playdoo.

      1. Mate, swearing does not get your point across. I can tell by your comment you haven’t watched the game today because you talk gibberish and throw in generalisations, not factual points. I can do that while taking a dump and juggle with 5 uncooked eggs all day long but that won’t get me any prize you know.
        Don’t confuse me with yourself though. I know you’d love to be me but you really have to earn this right. I was everyday on this site and I have the literature to prove it. You on the other hand …

      2. thx muff, i know i overdo it at times, but thats my way of saying i love you. Neverles dont take it to serious, rather we should take our arsenal serious and not look constantly for ways to bs. like this wengeri speciman who cant be realistic for once.

    2. You do know these mediocre players are third in the toughest league in the world?
      I dread to think what you say if you supported someone Like Newcastle.

      1. It’s not the toughest league in the World anymore. We cling on to that but I think the German Bundesliga, is supposed to have overtaken the EPL. The likes of Wolfsberge and Shalke BvB would eat many of our teams.That’s why we can no longer get the best players to transfer to the EPL. The go tonGermany, Spain and even Italy. EPL doesn’t have the same attraction, we don’t win in Europe.

          1. Clubs in the EPL are commercially owned, Spanish, German and I believe Italian clubs are fan owned. Commercial rights are not sold by the fans in the other country’s so easily. They still make shed loads of money , however.

  20. Fair play for the Lads. Apart from Le Coq sending off we would have won the match. Let’s give credit where it’s due and criticize when they deserve. I feel the Ref failed to issue yellow card to Dier which would have brought panic to Spurs and given us an edge. Anyways we are still in it. The best Leicester can get today is a draw. . they seem to struggle against the lower teams (supposed to be their peers ).

  21. Wellback looks very dangerous in front…he should be a starter for the remaining games ….

  22. So near yet so far. Another hauntingly similar story. The match deserved a draw but we could have won as well. When the going gets tough, our players start losing composure and passion to pull it off.

    Ozil: Agreed Ozil does not have a center forward worthy of this talent. But a player of his talent and stature, he needs to find a way to contribute to the team other than just collecting assists. We need leadership quality from him. We need him to be role model and new and young players on the field. We need him to lift the team up when there is the shadow of gloom all over. More Aggression and involvement. Is it too much to ask ? I don’t think so.

    Elneny: Impressive from the Egyptian. He was much more cool and composed on the ball than his experienced compatriots. Made good and clean tackles and his passing was for most times spot on. He also showed at his ability of making Runs from the Midfield to the box. If he keeps improving, i can see him seriously challenging Ramsey/Coq for their position.

    Ospina: Great game! Only the Goalkeeping dept is where i feel we are deep and secured.

    Ramsey: Good goal. I will give the credit where its due. But a sloppy overall performance. He needs to up his game (whatever it supposed to be).

    Sanchez: Getting Sanchez back on the score sheet and confidence is the only hope we have to still turn this around. So hopefully, we can see more in the coming matches.

    Wellbeck: A blend of Walcott and Giroud. Wenger needs to keep playing him more. I feel more confident with him leading the line than Giroud and definitely Walcott.

    I praise the spirit and character of the team with 10 man down. Somehow i get the feeling that we play better when the the pressure of expectations are not there and we have nothing to lose. That is why we start faltering when the title is in reach. And when the hopes of title are over towards the end, we start picking up again thus getting the CL qualification in the end.

    A good derby. And the title is still under reach. Lets hope and keep supporting!

    1. Can i ask you, how players like ozil can get into these situations where they can score, knowing that they lack the service to do so? Other then this i agree with everything you say.

      1. Ozil was never in the position to score today. What game are you talking about? I am just asking so that we are all aligned here. You know, we are a merry bunch here, we can discuss anything.

        1. dude, are you lonely or something, i swear if i had wengers number i would give to ya, but plz leave me alone, otherwise i will call the cyber-police on you.

          i know my english is as bad as wenger managing skills, but read again what i said. he doest not get the same service. ozil is the best passmaster, second best campbell ( that kid who plays good football but wenger somehow seems to disslike)

  23. Seriously, how does this stuff even out, I’m not seeing it. When we are away we witness home team get some home advantage, when we are at home we receive no such luck. What sort of backwards focker would want to be a referee.

  24. we lost title, but at least we can stop spuds, tonight we will be 8 points off, players showed desire cuz if they didnt fans would destroy them, thats the reason why they played better, we need to put pressure on team, cuz board and manager wont, when ever fans start riot team start to produce, every season, same thing, when ever is Wenger out brigade, they play for their lives, 2-2 is not enough we wont to be champions, and champions win, lets put pressure on them, cuz board and manager wont

  25. At least we didn’t lose to those pesky spuds!
    And I’m sure that we dented their moral, since they couldn’t even beat a 10 men out of form Arsenal.

    We could have still won this game, if wenger would have reacted quicker with the right subs and adjustments to the formation, after Coquelin got sent off!

  26. We’ve showed such a great fight today, it was a great game to watch. The line up picked itself but i was very happy to see elneny/coq combo and i was gutted to see the young Coq make a mistake, you could tell he was really up for it. The ref on the other hand, oh boy, I’ve never talked about refereeing before, but he was just absolutely shocking.

    All in all a well deserved point, had Coq not been sent off (although deserving) we would’ve won that game.

  27. A point might please a lot of Arsenal supporters but for me it papers over a lot of cracks in the structure at Arsenal. Yes we could have won the game and yes we also could have lost it but we should not have been in the position that only a win would do. Arsenal will not do well with the dead wood we have on the field and the management.

  28. Always gutted when Arsenal fail to properly put little brother Spuds in place but proud of the lads for equalizing and fighting back after Coquelins moment of madness.

    With that said ANYONE, whether AKB or AOB who honestly suggests that this team is capable of anything more than FA CUP glory seriously need to
    have there craniums examined.

    A quick study;

    OG: scores goals and always plays with heart but is he a top five striker in the EPL? Aguero, Costa, Kane, Vardy, Lukaku would say otherwise

    Theo & Ox: Earning wages that should see them as first team stalwarts and difference makers as players. We’ve sadly witnessed the antithesis of this for far 2 long.

    Ramsey: Plays with passion but sometimes certain players constant inclusion to the first team upsets the overall balance of the team. I believe the Gunners are better without him.

    Campbell: Why is Wenger ruining Joel?

    BFG: played his best game of the season today but the German has been past it for way 2 long

    Le Coq: was fantastic the 2nd half of last season but a shadow of this form recently. Still to rash and undisciplined in the center of the pitch.

    Add Lukaku, Kante and Stones in the summer and Arsenal will be in business.

    Sadly Wenger won’t let it happen

  29. If Leicester win then we are out. 8 points is just too much

    But a loss or even a draw and we still have a shot

    As for today, we played a lot better

    Number one…. Medvet – The vile words and disgusting attitude will not be seen on this site again.
    KS-gunner and muffdiver are on a last warning.
    But EVERYONE be aware I’m not putting up with this any more. Anyone who calls ANYONE else a ugly swearing name will be banned without warning
    Many more will follow……

    1. care to elaborate on where i swore at someone?
      or threatened them?

      i ask as i dont see this vileness thats being claimed

      1. Read it again. It was Medvet that was accused of that. Have you not been reading his comments all day?
        If you had have done the same you would be banned, your insults were much milder…. so just get on and talk about football please

  31. It was a good thing Ramsey didn’t play in the middle today otherwise we would have lost this game again. Oh Wenger! Where are the days of one touch football? What are you teaching these lads in training? Why are they not shooting? Why, why, why?

  32. I do not see how a draw such as this is useful no matter the justifications some are trying to put up here…the big question shd be WHAT WERE OUR AMBITIONS AND TARGETS THIS PARTICULAR SEASON???…if we fail to win the league then this wld be a BIG failure and the back has to stop with somebody.we played the manure and the swansea game with 11 players and all we had was nothin and the damn red card today shn’t be an excuse for anything…remember city thrashed astonvilla 4-0!!!

    1. @kempinski….why is whatever happens a BIG failure for AFC? Is it not a BIGGER failure for City, Chelski and Utd after all they have spent? You guys seem to think we should have walked the league because Leicester are having a blinder. Every team has become more competitive. Whatever tactics, players, spending, character, manager etc each team has, we are still ahead of 15 out of 18, and still in the mix.

  33. Draw away to Tottenham is not a bad result, especially as we went down to 10 men. Problem is the preceeding missed opportunities, we have not capitalised on the mancs and chelsea poor form. We could and should be sitting at top of PL and favourites to win it. Instead we are in our usual scrap for fourth place.

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