Spurs want him – but this Lille star wants Arsenal!

There is a young Frenchman, who has been named as the new Eden Hazard at Lille, and it seems that many clubs, including Tottenham, were interested in buyimg him this summer. He is the Lille playmaker/winger Sofiane Boufal who was reported to be a 14m Euro target for the Spuds on deadline day, but his agent, Yvan Le Moe, has declared that it is probably best if the youngster spends this season staying with Lille, but if he does move next summer, he would prefer his client to move to the Emirates.

“It’s always delicate when you go to a foreign league, firstly because, unfortunately, the level of football in Italy, Spain or England is higher than in France, and secondly because you need to adapt.

Le Mée said:”So for Sofiane, the time to think about this will be in April or May, towards the end of the season, and then we’ll see if there are any interesting projects or decide if it would be better to stay at Lille another year, like Eden Hazard did to get the move to Chelsea he wanted.

“It also depends of Lille’s season, if they finish in Europa spots or Champions League spots. We’ll have to look at Lille’s project, which is serious and a good one to mature in.

“We manage a lot of players, and 90% of them all dream of the Premier League. It’s the league to be in these days. Then again, the debate will be to decide which type of league will be best for Sofiane. Will it be the Premier League, or in a more technical league, like Spain or Italy?

“You’ve also got to ask which type of English team. It would be easier for Sofiane to play in a team like Arsenal than in another English team that plays a more physical game. It all depends on the player’s and the team’s characteristics.”

“I think it was a wise choice to not force anything, listen to or discuss a possible exit after six months in Ligue 1, and I think that with all players, especially the younger ones, you need to at least spend 18 to 24 months in a club to be able to develop physically and mentally.”

Surely he couldn’t fins a better place the learn the higher England game at Lille, or even over at White Hard Labe.

Who thinks Le Mee, especially as his is young and French, should make sure his client Boufal should my his move to Arsenal?

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    1. OT – Aguero and Silva both out for a month!! Could this be an omen? Could it really be our year?? Please please please no injuries to our players – COYG!

      1. We need to take advantage this month and win our Premier League matches and hope City struggle. That is huge both Silva and Aguero are two of their best players. Aguero is best CF in PL

        However, City will still be quite strong with Sterling, De Bruyne, Silva, Fernandinho, Nasri and Bony
        They also have solid defense with Kompany, YaYa, Sagna, Kolarov, Mangala, Clichy. So I don’t expect them to tank the month

    1. I agree. But Wenger didn’t get one in summer so I highly doubt he will get one in January when it’s more difficult. Wenger even said he doesn’t buy defensive players for midfield. That’s true. After Viera he bought very few defensive players and nobody like Viera. He let Song go easily Barca.

      I was hoping we would get Kondogbia, Schneiderlin or even Krychowiak this summer but nothing. No outfielders at all. Just a Top GK which was a great signing but not getting an outfielder was extremely disappointing and quite shocking actually

      1. Wenger has decided to use Arteta and Flamini as backups to Le Coq and maybe even Wilshire when he is fit. I think it’s a bad decision but there it is. Next season with Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky gone from our midfield he will probably buy solid competition for Coq.
        I think we can even get away with Semper from Barca for that position and at less than 10 mil. And at 20 years he seems like a Wenger buy.
        That should leave us Pleeeeenty off ammo for a world class attacker.

  1. As much as I hate what Wenger did this summer or actually what he didn’t do this summer. Wenger has secured a very good future for us with players like Coquelin, Bellerin, Jenkison, Adelaide, Zelalem, Crowley, Hayden, Akpom, Bielik, Iwobi, etc.

    Hope he gets more top talented youth.

  2. Looked up some clips for whatever that’s worth. I like his physique his strength and height. He looks very tricky at dribbling and duels. He looks to take unnecessary risks though and his end product needs work from what little I seen. He plays Oxlade position and Ox can barely get a full game so doubt an interest unless Arsene thinks of him as being a bit special. Whenever I see a young French based player like this I usually wonder if another Henry switching from wing thing could happen ..long way off from that.

    Can’t wait til the next transfer window ..going to throw myself out of it.

  3. what has happened to all those boys like the New iranian messi, the new fabregas, the new ronaldo, the new kaka, the new neymar etc? It just doesn’t work that way…… I say stop the comparison……..Let em be Themselves!…….

  4. Can’t help but laugh at AWs disbelief at Brenda loosing his job at LFC. Why? Would they sack him? I mean he came close to winning something once!

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