SSHH! Arsenal don’t want to be EPL title challengers

invinciblesLook guys, I am not saying that Arsenal do not want to challenge for, and hopefully win, the Premier League title this season. That would be daft and completely contrary to what Arsene Wenger has freely admitted in recent years. The Champions League, don’t get me wrong, would be super sweet and even more so after Chelsea jammed their way to it a few years ago, but the one we really want and need is the EPL trophy.

So why am I saying in the title of this post that we do not want to be challengers? Simple really, because in my opinion the two biggest reasons for Arsenal not having won it since the amazing invincibles season of 2004 is our ever present injury crisis and the pressure of expectation and what it does to us.

How many times have we seen Arsenal freeze in the headlights when in a good position? I am beginning to think that a late run is the only way we will win the EPL title as every time we get on top we manage to blow it. Thankfully for now the football media seem to be writing us off and I think we are going on a run. but if that does happen and people start to talk about Arsenal as champions again, will that see another collapse?



  1. legend Henry says:

    Arsenal has never been a EPL title challenger since 2004
    we have what it takes to win the title but the decisions the manager makes gives indication to the fact that Arsenal will not challenge for the title;
    Favouritism – Ramsey ,Ground,theo……….
    personal issues with some players – Campbell,poldoski….,
    Not signing quality players- Perez,kalstrom,Giroud,Gervinho,chamack,santos,flamini,……..
    substitution in the 70 minutes when it’s clear that he has to make it earlier…………
    making substitutions without bringing the culprits out.
    if you are not his favourite, you make way for his favourite or allow his favorites like Theo ,Ramsey,giroud to remain on the pitch……….
    He can’t motivate his players……..
    He would not offload underperforming players – Ramsey,jenkinson,gibs,ox,mert…….
    The list is endless
    These are some of the mistakes that keep
    on repeating every season.

  2. HA559 says:

    When you persist with the same players that let you down season after season, what else can you expect?

    Most of them don’t even play the full 90 minutes, they have small spell of good play in a match and thats it. After they do that, they think it’s enough.

    I think we will drop draw 2-2 tomorrow or edge it 2-1. They will get a penalty. If we take the lead we will sit back and let them in the game again like last years 3-3. Diabolical, Carroll hatrick.

    1. Olivier's toe says:

      Let you down every season? Wow you are so hard done by you poor thing!
      Lucky you don’t support someone like West Ham or Southampton.
      And imagine being a Spuds supporter!
      Grow up or find another team, you glory hunter.

      1. Jansen says:

        I think that’s a bit of an insult to Southampton. They are truly an impressive organization who, on shoe string budget compared to us perform fantastically even with one manager after an other. Their ability to produce young talent also seems far superior to ours.

        Their three most recent managers would most likely have done a much better job than Wenger has they been in charge of Arsenal.

        Why does someone with a different opinion than yours about Wenger’s contribution and results have to go look for another team?

        For me it seems silly to all of a sudden expect Wenger to turn into a winner. What makes you feel this year will be different than the previous 12 in which we failed to win the PL? Players have come and gone. Wenger is the only link with all twelve failed campaigns.

        Now, you can try to make excuses for him and that’s your prerogative, IMO winners seek for their problems within, losers try to blame everything but themselves.

        There is no shame in not winning, its a great shame not to learn.

  3. Onochie says:

    I think that Until Wenger leaves Arsenal,then we’ll begin to see what’s been going on at Arsenal,I know that there are many cracked walls with patches at the club,from training,fitness,medical (Arsenal players easily gets injured but takes longer than any person in another club with similar injury to get back to fitness) to players favouritism,tactics,instructions (I believe our players are warned not to shoot from some certain positions)

    1. Olivier's toe says:

      Of course some players are told to look for a player in a better position rather than shoot the ball into the stands!
      Are you implying that Wenger is ACTIVELY trying to lose every game?
      If so, then he’s not very good at that either.

  4. PRINCE AFZ says:

    So many Arsenal fans will appreciate Wenger more when he is long gone.

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