Stan Kroenke cleared by UEFA to give Arsenal cash injection this summer

UEFA have confirmed that Financial Fair Play regulations are set to altered following the recent world pandemic, clearing the way for Stan Kroenke to boost the club’s coffers without risking our participation in European football in future seasons.

The American businessman has come under criticism in recent seasons for failing to back the club in the transfer market, but last summer was a little different.

Our club was allowed to sign in excess of £100 Million in signings for the first time since 2014, breaking the club’s record signing with the arrival of Nicolas Pepe.

That splurge of spending may have worked out as badly timed, with the current season having been forced to be suspended with a deadly virus causing havoc around the globe.

Clubs are usually tasked with being self-sufficient in recent years, with spending having exploded since the turn of the millenium, but UEFA have now confirmed that they will ‘adapt’ the current rules due to the pandemic.

“The situation is extraordinary and we will not pretend that it’s not so we will adapt the Financial Fair Play system, but the final decision in which direction we will do it is not brought yet so yes we will adapt,” UEFA chief Aleksander Ceferin revealed.

“We think it’s important to adapt it because the situation for the clubs is not easy and we are all in the same boat here, but it’s again too soon to share details of how we will do it because the clubs are included in the conversation and the leagues are also included in the conversation.”

Kroenke will now be allowed to help us through this tough period, as was his intention following the recent drop in income, without the need to worry about sanctions from the governing body.

Could the American give us a healthy transfer budget to show his intent in backing Arteta? Will FFP only be relaxed enough to allow clubs to cover the losses of income or will they be laxed further?


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  1. Not gonna make a difference to arsenal. In fact its gonna work out worse for us. This tight fisted yank is not gonna spend his money on us.

    In fact he has requested a loan and extra money for his silly LA Rams stadium. Even though his profits are up. I guess he knows more about making money then most of us but my god what a scroodge.

    I think it’s unfair as many teams will now take advantage of this. Arsenal unfortunately for us will not be one of those teams as we penny pinch and miss out on quality that is available

    1. 1st of all, as a gooner & Rams fan, there’s nothing silly about the SoFi stadium.
      But i agree Stan is not to be trusted.

    2. Bring in the Nigerian Billionaire. Has more money and he is a genuine Arsenal fan not money making owner

      1. perfect, your suggestion is acceptable.
        I also don’t think Arsenal will be improved unles this “money-making/businessman owner” is replaced by “a real fan-owner” like the Nigerian billionnaire.

    3. Arsenal fans globally should just push for kroenke to sell the club to more ambitious potential buyer because he is not football lover so he doesn’t know how to run a football team in modern day

  2. A realistic competitive budget would be nice but track record indicates it will be unlikely.
    I dread a long drawn out transfer saga for a single player spanning the entire window – concise negotiations and agreements would be welcome.

  3. That guy don’t understand real football – soccer – the biggest sport on Earth. He’s satisfied with that grotesque kind of “football” that they play with the hands (!) in his country – and there alone. Still he can’t build a winning team. American football have 32 teams on top level – all US american. That’s Stan Kroenkes small time world. He will keep spending his wife’s money in his own backyard. What a hero. No bucks for the Gunners.

  4. In my opinion the so called “cash injection” will be a loan to the club that is to be paid back. I will eat my shoe if he actually puts his own money in. He doesnt do it in a profitable financial market, no chance he does it in a declining market

    1. Roshan, what I have heard, he has no own money. He’s a ladies man, and (as smart as he is) he fixed the girl who is the heir of WalMart. Money-Money Nam-Nam.

  5. Stans just trousered £350 million in increased assets.We need prob around a third of that which he could do at the click of a finger but you just know most of it,if not all ,is heading the way of his true love .The rams.The sooner his gone we can get our club back.

  6. Firstly, this is not finalised and is still being discussed by UEFA, so it is too soon for firm conclusions . BUT we know that Kroenke has not put a single penny of his own into Ardenal since he bought in some 13 years ago. He is also under acute financial pressures himself – having ALL his loss making sports franchises to support at this non spectator time, which will dwarf any supposed £350 mill asset increase previously – and all logical and wise thinking leaves one to the certain conclusion that at very best, and which is unlikely anyway, a short term loan is the best we can hope for. I do NOT see even that happening, personally.

    That is of course not the thing any decent person could wish on a suffering world. But whatever your private view, it could well happen, in the NOT TOO DISTANT future!

  7. Why do we waist our time with arsenal??? If he does not want to spend as much as other clubs are doing, let’s say to hell with his club this time. Until he splush out amount that can buy quality players to come and take arsenal back to champions league that’s when we can support his club or else some one capable of managing spending spree to bay off the club from him that’s when we should support the club. I request all arsenal supporters across the world to be on my side to fail him since he failed us for long time. Let us stop, stop and stop supporting the club till he is out.

  8. Sorry to say this, but this man is only taking money from our proud club and invest in the shit team Rams.
    He doesn’t care about Arsenal. The sooner he goes and we get a chairman who going to invest in this great club, Arsenal our going to be a mid table team or below and it’s a shame.

  9. Sorry Patrick, no way can i stop supportng the club I have loved since I was Seven years old,I’m over Sixty now and although I agree that the more the club is boycotted by the fans and the pennies stop rolling in,that is the only way this guy may sell,I cannot agree to stop supporting them.
    Kroenke out.

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