Stan Kroenke makes more than £300 million during coronavirus pandemic

Despite the Gunners asking their players and staff to take pay cuts, it seems that the club’s owner Stan Kroenke is doing more than fine, even in this pandemic.

Kroenke’s Arsenal asked their players to take a 12.5% pay cut to save the club from financial trouble for the next year, but it seems that he is still raking in the cash on a personal level.

This is because Kroenke has seen his wealth increased by more than £300 million since the start of the year despite the coronavirus seeing several businesses and individuals struggling around the world.

A new study commissioned by into the wealth of Kroenke and other wealthy individuals showed that he is now worth around £8.1 Billion after making more than £300 million this year, and his wife’s wealth also grew by almost £100 million.

Kroenke has come under fire for not splashing the cash since he became the majority owner of Arsenal.

The Gunners have occasionally signed top players, but that has been sandwiched by selling their top players and hardly replacing them.

They have already told their staff not to expect any big-money signing in the summer, yet they hope to compete with the likes of Chelsea’s whose owner isn’t shy about spending.

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  1. I have the impression that the increase was made before the virus came along. I’m in no way excusing him as I think he’d be losing money hand over fist by now.
    A repugnant individual

    1. Click on the link within the article SueP, it really makes an interesting read and that includes for all those other billionaires. Though I am not sure who the actual authors are or who funds them or their political affiliations so you may be right.

  2. Anyone expecting a leopard to change it’s spots is lacking in thought processes. A man who has been mean for his 13 years in charge so far is NEVER going to spend now. Is he!!!! Anyone who truly expects Kroenke to behave like a proper human is lacking in IQ. Remember he is only human anatomically, as he lacks a soul and lacks humanity.

    1. A bit harsh on the guy regarding his lack of a soul. However it’s more than fair to question his love of Arsenal or love of competition.
      He bases “success” on profits, branding, and financial growth. Fantastic for shareholders, but pathetic for fans.
      No wonder we have a team with so many mercenaries. How many of them play for the badge? I’m sure I don’t want to know the answer

      1. Durand, Then show me even a tiny bit of evidence that he has a soul! I can give you a thirteen long year Arsenal ownership evidence that he has none! He is a really poor example of a human being, except perhaps anatomically!

        1. Jon, he is our soul owner!!!

          Still, it’s good to know the pay cut has helped him out, just cannot understand why no other premiership club and it’s players haven’t seen the wisdom of helping out billionaires – looks like they need it!!!

          Durand, have any of his other sporting ventures been involved in taking pay cuts?

  3. In the good times the super rich make Billions but the flip side of the coin is that in down times they lose big time. I would say Stan will lose at least a billion if not more through this down turn.
    Arsenal has never relied on Stan’s money so he is not a factor in the economic equation of the club.
    With the down turn Stan will not be selling the club for several more years until the economy raises the clubs value again.
    Unless like Newcastle an oil Sheik wants to buy the club.

    1. I think you will find that Kronkie has benefited from Trump – Republican handouts that were meant to go to the small businessman but kronkie and Co got to the funds first. I doubt very much if he is a loser.

      He insured the support of Trump by gifting him a million to his campaign for the Presidency in 2016. No doubt from the government check he got he will gift Trump another million. This to insure further government benefits after Nov. 3 (When Tump is up for election for the 2nd time)

      Hence the expression ‘Rooks of a feather, stay together’.

      1. From the government ‘CHEQUE’ *
        Please Snowden check your spelling before spilling your comment into Just ArsenaL

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