Stan Kroenke named as the richest person in sport in 2022

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has been named the richest person in sport in 2022 by Forbes as cited by Star Sports.

The American owns the Gunners and several other sports franchises in the United States and has maintained ownership for a long time.

Arsenal fans have pushed him to sell the club on several occasions, but he refused and has reinvested in it instead, which has seen them sit top of the Premier League table.

The report claims he ends 2022 with a colossal net worth of £8.8 billion, which makes him the richest person in sport last year.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Kroenke has always been one of the wealthiest Americans around. That is one reason fans pushed him to invest or sell the club.

He has now chosen the former and we could see the results on the pitch, which will keep getting better if more money is put into the organisation.

Mikel Arteta’s men are having an amazing season and we expect them to keep winning matches and possibly end this season with a trophy.

It would be an amazing way to end a great season, even though we started only dreaming about a top-four finish.

It will be interesting to see how much the club pumps into the transfer market in the next window.

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  1. JA opinion secion of this piece is fine and I guess not many, if any at all, would take great issue. THOUGH I PERSONALLY STILL THINK THAT AS MULTI BILLIONAIRES, OUR KSE OWNERS SHOULD BE SPENDING FAR MORE.

    But Forbes richest man in sportlist is OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE. It may well be true in USA for all I know to the contrary, but what about the owners of Man City, Newcastle or PSG. You may answer “but they are state owned clubs.” But some person in those states is the actual owner of such wealth, plainly. SHEIKH MANSOOR AT CITY BEING JUST ONE .
    There ia one caveat to Forbes being “wrong” though. It is widely acknowledged that in USA, MANY do not consider the world outside their own borders as being part of THEIR world.
    Gooners do of course and also millions of of other fine USA citizens. But countless millions of the disordered Trump brigade sincerely believe that USA is THEIR OWN entire world and no country outside its own border is worth anything at all. So would not COUNT in a richest person in sport list! Sigh!

    (It could be argued by SOME that such creatures are not TRULY in “sport” at all, sport being a wholesome concept, whereas obscenely rich persons are merely club owners and not true “sports or sporting people” at all . However, that would also include Kroenke!)

    I never like to let OBVIOUS false statements be put forward as truths, when they plainly are not or, to go unchallenged, hence this post.
    At this exciting and hopeful time for all Gooners, I wish all Gooners everywhere a very happy, healthy and SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR!

  2. For me, the Kronkies have, finally, shown that they will back our club and the manager – I’m not concerned about his wealth or if the title is misleading.
    Keep backing the club and the Kronkies will be amazed how the fans will respond.
    The Emirates is proof of that, along with our amazing away fans and all those who can’t get to the games.
    It seems that “” The Arsenal ” is continuing to grow and, perhaps, MA will do what both Herbert Chapman and Arsene Wenger wanted to do….. make this club the greatest in the world!!!

  3. Richest “person”?

    And if Forbes / Star Sports included whole countries in this competition… different result?

    What if you only included direct involvement (KSE is not a person)?

    And “in sport” – slightly vague?
    To what extent could Russia as a country and Putin as a “person” be said to be “in sport”, given their vested interest in using sport for national propaganda.

    All a bit meaningless really.

    1. IKKWIC,I read your post which echoes my own one (above). I fail to see WHY these articles which put forward an obvious false claim, or plainly wrong statements, constantly appear.

      A higher standard of print medium would check silly so called “facts” first, before reporting them. But JA chooses not to, thus letting its own reputation as a reliable site down. Any idea why it does not ?

      I can only surmise its because JA is always in such a rush looking for the next article, however pointless or however untrue.

  4. Backing the club with loans, to be repaid with interest, is not the same as the gifts that some top clubs get these days.

    I realise that most football fans don’t care – for now. As long as their team is winning they’ll look past any of this stuff.

    1. IDKWIC, we seem to agree on most things Arsenal and I admire the way you look at our finances within the club… a much better knowledge than I have!!

      However, what’s wrong with Kronkie making an investment in his own business and expecting a return?

  5. Richest person in sport should make the Brand Arsenal number 1 in EPL and Champions League. Put money into meaningful use by doing something great and his name associated with Arsenal will be recorded in sport history. He will be remembered by our fans.

    1. Exactly Kenny – well put…. and if MA wins the title, the Kronkies will have been instrumental in helping him achieve it.

  6. He’s not the richest person in sport. Not by a long shot. That title goes to Steve Balmer, the owner of the LA Clippers followed by Dan Gilbert who owns the Cleveland Cavaliers. So in that regard, the title of the article is misleading. Although if you combine his wealth together with his wife’s, it would significantly take a leap forward. I am happy though like all Arsenal fans that he is finally investing in Arsenal. It’s been a long time coming & we can finally see the results on the itch.

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