Stan Kroenke sends message to fans amidst difficult summer transfer window

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has taken the opportunity to speak to the fans via today’s match programme, and has opened up on the business that the club has achieved this summer.

The Gunners will take on Champions League winners Chelsea this afternoon at the Emirates, with a full-capacity stadium expected for the first time since the Coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020.

With a lot being talked of at present, including our painful loss to Brentford last week, as well as people questioning our transfer activity so far this summer, it was likely an important time for the owner to speak out about what is going on behind the scenes, especially as he vowed to keep the fans informed of the goings on previously.

Kroenke wrote in the Arsenal-Chelsea pre-match programme(via the Express): “We know there is much work to get back to where we need to be but are confident about what can be achieved by this great club and our people.

“We are building a squad, rich in young talent, much of it developed through our wonderful academy.

“It is clear looking across Europe that we are dealing with a difficult transfer market due to the impacts of the pandemic but at the time of writing we are delighted to have signed Nuno Tavares, Sambi Lokonga and Ben White.

“We have also renewed the deals of Kieran Tierney and Emile Smith Rowe, both on a long-term basis.

“These are all young players that we are convinced can develop further and have a bright future with us.

“They are supported by a strong core of more experienced players including Granit Xhaka, who has signed a new contract.

“This is an important step in terms of maintaining stability and balance in the squad.

“In the meantime, the transfer negotiating team has been working hard behind the scenes to improve the squad further.”

We have of course completed deals for both Martin Odegaard and Aaron Ramdsale since this statement was written, highlighting his statement that the team are working hard to improve the squad further as true, and we can only hope that there will be further work done to improve our side with just over a week remaining of the current window.


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  1. Good old Kroenke . Passionate, caring, clued up supporter rallying our fans. Great that we can rely on him to help when things are tough.

  2. It’s perfectly fine going down this route but for goodness sake get a bloody manager who can bring these players on ,it’s all good and well getting all these young players signed up but it will be for nothing if we carry on the way we are .
    Arteta should have been released at the end of last season now the club have made their bed for this season and now will have to see this through unless it gets really bad .

    1. Dan kit, keep an eye on Ange Postecoglou at Glasgow Celtic. He is putting a smile on supporters’ faces only after coming in June. Trust me, this guy can manage and is a winner everywhere he has been.
      By the way Eddie Howe (who some want at Arsenal) knocked back the Celtic job and decided to stay unemployed, rather than taking on the project of reducing the 25 point deficit to Glasgow Rangers last season.

  3. Illness and injury have stymied Arsenal so far.
    Losses to Chelsea and City were expected.
    The schedule gets a lot easier after that.
    Players will recover and then will see the true Arsenal.
    The plan is to rebuild the side over two seasons and this is season one so job only half done.
    Arteta is definitly the man for the job and will be allowed to complete the transformation
    More transfers are expexted with Bellerin going and a new RB coming in and possibly
    another AM and striker with several players leaving going out on loan.
    With no European football we will not get
    tired like our competitors and will finish very strongly possibly winning one of the domestic cups.
    With the squad we now have 4th or 5th is
    emminently possible and expected.
    Next season we will be ready to challenge for the title.
    Onwards and upwards

    1. Next year we will definitely not be fighting for the title buddy ,could be 30 years until we see that again .

      1. Ok
        Admin for some reason every comment is awaiting for approval ,can I ask why .
        I’m not going to wait every time for someone to approve it so I won’t be commenting again ,GL with JA ,I’m off .

    2. Arteta wont get two seasons, that’s an absolute load of Baloney. Nobody gets two seasons and he has to produce yesterday.

      1. Reggie, He will have been here two years come Christmas. FACT! So unless you seriously believe, as I guess YOU probably do, that he will be sacked before then ,YOU WILL BE WRONG.

  4. But our manager has never developed a team and its all blubber and promises of the future. What about now, we are failing.

  5. Dear Mr Kroenke
    My friends at school say you are the real santa claus. They say you are very kind and bring many presents for children at christmas time. You gave lots of money to Mr Arteta and Edu but they waste is buying the wrong players. Two games so far and not a single goal. Everyone is sad. I know christmas is far away but can you give us arsenal fans an early present?. We are not asking for much. Please send Mr Arteta and Edu away for on a very long vacation and get Mr Conte.
    Mr Edu especially would be very happy. He is always on vacation, it seems.

  6. It shows the are getting the heat, at just two games.
    But that “……..from the Academy ” statement is a fraud. How many of the Academy boys really will Arteta use. As soon as any of them performs, he is selling them.

  7. I think it’s high time for kronke to get this club in the hands of someone better. It’s not about building nowadays, you build en they take away, it’s about wining trophies nowadays, build for who, two games no goal, no point, you not firing any body, I mean it’s a shame

  8. The board members are always sleeping and the club was sold to a mafia who only want Chip players so long as he is getting his money he doesn’t care, Maybe until we are relegated that’s when he will wake up to ask where Arsenal is heading to.

  9. Silent Stan might as well just move us to Miami. At least we would be in contention to win the MLS. MA might just win us the Championship title on the way back up to the Premier League!

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