Stan Kroenke will NEVER sell Arsenal – And LOVES winning the FA Cup!

Nowadays there seem to be just as many Arsenal fans calling for Stan Kroenke to get out of our club as their is asking for Wenger to get the sack, but the Silent One has made it very clear that he has no intention at all of ever selling the Gunners. Kroenke said: “There are a lot of easier ways, so many easier ways, to make money, I assure you! You guys talk about the downs, maybe that’s the nature of it, but if you’re just trying to make money there are a lot easier ways to do it.

“If you look at our history – just go look at our history. We get into these things to try to build them, to try to grow them. You don’t see us selling things. You just don’t. Go and check us. We are committed long-term.”

When asked if he would ever consider selling the Gunners, Kroenke added: “No, absolutely not. That’s just not our model, not what we do. I’m at a stage in life where what good does that do?

“I love Arsenal, love being involved with Arsenal. There is no finer feeling that going out and winning, like we did with the FA Cup. There’s no finer feeling — wonderful, wonderful feeling.”

“There’s nothing else like it. That whole afternoon and evening, we talked about what happened on the pitch. That whole evening – how wonderful was that?

“Once you have that feeling, you want it again because there’s nothing else like that. You hear people say: ‘I’d do anything to have that again.’ Believe me, that’s how you feel. You really want that feeling again.

“Look, we want to be champions of everything. Premier League, Champions League – we want them all. When they list them on my phone, they list a third one, they list the FA Cup: Arsenal. Right there; that’s your list of champions.

“We shouldn’t sell that short. Do we want to win more? Absolutely. We want them. We have to do better but don’t sell short the FA Cup and Arsene’s record setting.

“His record of consistency through 20 years. We did fall out of the Champions League but with four more points than finishing second. It’s competitive and arguably more competitive.”

So, no matter what the keyboard warriors on JustArsenal think, the FA Cup IS a prodigious trophy to our owner as well as the players and fans who have a fantastic day out at Wembley. It is not easy to win 3 of them in 4 years no matter how good a manager you are so I don’t understand why many fans say they simply don’t care about it. Do they not even bother watching when we are in the Final?

Sam P


  1. Salmonella says:

    We are doomed!

    1. gotanidea says:

      No worries, he would sell his company if a very good offer comes. I don’t believe his “love” for Arsenal, I think he loves the money that he has been making from Arsenal.

      For more than twenty years, Arsenal have not won Champions League trophy yet. Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea have got it, so Arsenal should get it for their fans as well.

    2. neil says:

      This guy Kronke lies as much as Trump ! Kroenke Out !!

  2. Jibs says:

    This man is a f**kin* parasite. He just doesn’t understand football. He actually thinks FA Cups and top four finish is success.
    The amount of money us fans put in to this club (highest ticket in the world) we can take a sizeable chunk of credit for that success in building the club.
    The thought of him giving himself a pat on the back is infuriating.

    1. chris says:

      Parasite is the right word. He exploits the fan base – yes at Arsenal … and one gathers at his various USA sporting clubs. He knows nil about ‘ soccer ‘ and does not even begin to understand how the game has passed Wenger by. Kroenke loves the cash flow and that is all that matters to him.

      1. Ivan says:

        Compared to the spectactular failure of his other clubs Kroenke probably does enjoy a trip to Wembley with Arsenal. As for love of the club what a joke. He has put nothing, not a cent, in to Arsenal and only looks at us as a cash cow. That man will ruin Arsenal.

  3. gunnersrocks says:

    RIP THE MIGHTY LIONS.RIP Arsenal football club

  4. McLovin says:

    RIP Arsenal.

    This leech won’t go without croaking first.

  5. Vanpayslip woz ere says:

    Arsene OUT!!!!

    Kronke OUT!!!!

    Gazidis OUT!!!!

  6. John says:

    Yes……Arsenal is doomed……….he does not understand football culture……and business………his model so far has not won any trophies with the exception of the FA cup……..nothing has been won by any of his teams……..

  7. Jeremy says:

    If Josh and the Chairman had any sense of shame, they should decline the nomination. It’s all too shameful to be given a seat in such disgraceful manner.

    FO Kroenke, Ivan and AW!!!

    It’s beginning to look like AW isn’t the innocent manager who was not given money for new players but rather he was the lackey of the Kroenke.

  8. reddb10 says:

    so there you have it. wenger has a job for life even if we get thrashed every week an win f##k all for the next 20 years. i curse the people who sold this demon their shares.

    1. Leeroy98 says:

      Can thank lady nina Bracewell smith and Danny Fiszman for that mate…. SWAG OUT

      1. GB says:

        You can also thank our once god Dein who introduced Stan to Arsenal!

  9. Pablo Picasso says:

    But what’s with Usmanov voting for Chips and Josh Kroenke?

    Kind of sends mixed signals to the calling for him to be our saviour.

    We are so f@cked!

    1. gmv8 says:

      I wondered that as well … but I guess it’s not in his interests to to see the club doing well and increasing share price, and his interests will certainly be brought to fruition with these two at the helm …

  10. jon fox says:

    Obviously, being sane, I totally agree with all on here that it is vital the snake and parasite Kroenke is forced out from our club. BUT I cannot agree with those on here who think all is lost, since Kroenke says he will never sell. Hitler thought he could never lose the war, but he did. All tyrants are forced out eventually and make, no mistake, we who love our club – and we are the only ones, since those in charge care nothing for Arsenal, despite their protestations which are huge, bogus, black LIES,- MUST ENGAGE IN THE FIGHT FOR THE SURVIVAL OF OUR CLUB AND WE MUST WIN. It is clear after todays disgraceful dismissal of passionate shareholders rightful concerns, by this arrogant board and chairman, that the club is in the vice like grip of our enemies who are tightening their filthy, scummy hands around the throat of the future life of Arsenal FC as a top club. The only antidote to these poisonous tyrants is to cut off, completely, their money supply and thus starve them out. As A PROUD GOONER SINCE 1958, I stopped supplying my hard and honestly earned money to these creatures a full year ago and will not ever give another penny to these creatures by attending matches or buying merchandise etc. WE ALL MUST DO THE SAME, CONSISTENTLY, BACKED BY A MIGHTY SOCIAL MEDIA COMPLAINT CAMPAIGN. Sky and BT will not shell out to clubs with empty grounds and which are clearly falling apart. I liken our vital campaign to taking chemo therapy to cure cancer. It will make us ill and suffer BUT it will work, PROVIDED we ALL stick to using it and cutting off the creatures money supply is the ONLY way to force these frauds, liars and parasites out.

    1. Ivan says:

      You are right, cutting off the money supply is the only way.

  11. Break-on-through says:

    We’re in denial as a football club.
    1 Kroenke says Alexis and Ozil look good in Arsenal colors and will try to keep them both.
    2 Gazidas says that Arsenal is the most over performing top PL team ..before throwing in the word expenditure.
    3 Wenger : says he wants Walcott to stay because he rates him as a man and as a player.

    All aboard, the Wenga bus is coming!!!

  12. Kroenke Out says:

    This is all so sad. They have control and are doing whatever the frack they want. Its like starving in North Korea and listening to dear leader saying there is a surplus of food.

    1. Rkw says:

      Exactly … Where’s our orange warrior to put this corporate scam merchant in to orbit!!

  13. Arsenogenic says:

    I read Kroenke’s statement and I don’t think he was saying all the author was saying. He was only using the FA as an example of winning, which he would like us to do again and again.

    How Kroenke was interpreted to be saying he wants only the FA Cup, is beyond me.

    1. Lexynal says:

      Thank you Arsenogenic

  14. Turbo says:

    A headline from my nightmares, that one!

    Then within “When asked if he would ever consider selling the Gunners, Kroenke added: “No, absolutely not. That’s just not our model, not what we do.” Dammit, now it’s a fever dream nightmare!

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