Stan Kroenke will step up to the plate and put his hand in his pocket for Arsenal

Arsenal owner, Stan Kroenke, will inject some cash into the club to help them cope with the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Football across the globe has been affected by the pandemic and the Gunners are one of the Premier League teams looking to reduce their wage bill and save some costs.

However, players’ wages aren’t the only expenses that the club has and it has decided that it will not furlough any of their non-playing staff and will pay them in full for the month of April.

The realities are that the club isn’t making money at the moment and if they finish the current season behind closed doors, that means they will also lose matchday revenues for the rest of the campaign.

Considering these uncertainties, Kroenke has decided to inject some money into the team according to multiple media outlets including the Sun.

The report claims that the cash injection is worth millions of pounds and will help the club deal with any financial difficulty that it faces.

The club has, however, continued in their efforts to convince the players to take a 12.5% pay cut which would save them more than £20 million in wages.

Their summer transfer business, according to the same report, will also depend on the amount of money they can cut and players that they can manage to get off their books.

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  1. GB says:

    Arsenal are first Premier League team to accept pay cut.

    1. ken1945 says:

      GB and is this the money that kronkie will save, be the money that he promises he will give to the club to help it out during the corona virus epidemic?

      Call me a synic, but the two announcements seem linked in one way or another don”t you think?

      Well done to the players (about time), but perhaps this was why they were so cautious to do it this way – how has it helped the NHS, care homes etc in any way whatsoever?

      I bet players have been doing the kind of act that mustafi has been highlighted for, quitely and efficientally since the beginning, but that doesn’t make the headlines does it?

      1. SueP says:

        I know that you are a decent human being but your perception of Kroenke and the players as being at the opposite ends of the spectrum baffles me. Both he and the players are hewn out of the same rock

      2. jon fox says:

        Oh Ken, you are naive at times! All these wonderful philanthopists we have wearing our shirt eh? If only! A massive 7%, however will thrpoor darlings put their kids food on the table with so little left for themselves. And all this time and arguments for a measly 7% too. PASS THE SICK BUCKET SOMEONE!

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, I must say for a self confessed liberal thinking person, you really do need to take time out and actually read what others are contributing rather than trying to belittle them because they may have a different view.

          Tell me where, in my post, where I say or think they are wonderful philanthropists?
          Of course you cannot, because I haven’t said anything of the kind – wHat I said was “well done, about time” – so what is naive about that?
          My concerns for those who are having such a struggle at the moment are just as real and concerning as yours, having a different view on what is actually happening doesn’t give either of us the higher ground morally, so don’t dare play that card to me.

          I tell you what is naive Jon, your view that players and football in general have done nothing in this corona virus situation.
          Not once, apart from the Newcastle lad, have you given any creedance to a club, or a player who has reacted in a positive way – rather you paint them all as a curse on society!!!

          What a load of pompous nonsense you come out with sometimes – “going to war” with players, as if that ridiculous choice of words is going to change anything.
          What does that even mean Jon?
          You don’t attend matches anymore, so what EXACTLY is it your going to do?
          Cancel your sky subscription?

          WE ALL KNOW that salaries within the game are out of control, your not some kind of prophet who is preaching to the uneducated. Every single football fan is aware of that fact Jon, here’s the difference though.
          Those you think need educating, take a much wider view and endeavour to look at the situation in an unbiased way.

          Why did this situation occur? Why has it got out of control? How is it going to stop? Who is to blame for the situation?

          They just don’t go all out on players, demonising them for their salaries and SEEMINGLY inaction in this situation.

          You show your complete ignorance of the situation when you write about “And all this time and arguments for a measly 7%”, obviously having no idea, or wanting to know it seems, what is being done behind the headlines you adhere too.

          Have you actually looked into what is going on in the world of football, with regards to what individual players, managers, clubs, owners are doing? Of course you haven’t otherwise you wouldn’t write such childish negative BS about “going to war”!!!

          Until this virus struck, our fans were encouraging more of the same grotesque, ridiculous salaries to be implemented and are still saying it now.
          “Pay Aubamayang whatever it takes” is the cry as it looks as if he will not sign a new contract – “we have to pay whatever it takes to keep saka and martinelli” is another.
          “We need to spend over £100,000,000 to be able to compete” is another war cry – all from fans ( you included re saka and martinelli), who now decry current players for what they earn and what they cost.

          I say again, well done players like mustafi, well done the players (if the 12.5% is realized) and the executives, let’s hope you are doing more as individuals (which, of course, you are doing) because that’s what we expect ALL wealthy and rich people to do in this time of crisis.

          Your favourite politician Donald Trump declared he is a “war president” – your claim of “going to war” is just as naive and ridiculous…I PASS THE UNUSED SICK BUCKET BACK TO YOU AND DONALD TO SHARE!!!

          1. SueP says:

            Your paragraph starting.. Until the virus struck… is absolutely to the point. My view on salaries within football is that it is a curse and tv money and the whole circus of football has created an appalling model. You made your remarks very well on this point

  2. stevo says:

    Millions of every day citizens have lost all of their 300 pound a week salary.
    Arsenal players will take a 7% pay cut which is peanuts for those on multi million salaries.
    And some people are praising these greedy selfish multi millionaires for their miniscule pay cuts.

  3. Sue says:

    What a response, Ken! 👍

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