Stan Kroenke’s latest financial request has to be a worry for Arsenal

It isn’t news that Arsenal is trying to keep their expenses low ahead of the summer transfer window amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The Gunners have had to ask their players to take a pay cut, but that might not be enough and they could still struggle to get funds for players in the summer after the latest financial request by the club’s owner.

A recent report from The Athletic as cited by the Daily Star claims that Arsenal’s owner, who also owns the Los Angeles Rams has requested funds totalling up to 500 million dollars for the building of their new NFL stadium.

The report also claims that Stan Kroenke has asked for double the normal payback time to pay back the loan.

The authorities have set next week to hear the request and Star Sports reckons this bothers some at Arsenal.

The Gunners know that spending would be limited in the summer, however, this request shows to them that they might get even more limited help from their owners than they expected.

Kroenke is expected to bankroll some of the club’s summer transfers from his pocket but this latest report would show that Kroenke is very unlikely to want to use his money to finance any of his ventures.

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  1. What this news tels me is that Kroenke is infar deeper financial woes than manybof us even relised or hpoped for. Nothingwould please me more that to see KROENKE GO BUST, AS HE WOULD BE FORCED TO SELL ARSENAL FOR WHATEVE HE CAN GET IN THIS NON SELLERS MARKET. Consequently we havew a rl hop eof getting himoff our backs sooner rathe rhahn later. This world depression brought on by Covid has hardly started yet and many currently stinking rich folk will be worried sick. GOOD!

    OVERALL, THIS MUST BE THRILLING NEWS FOR THE ULTIMATE RESCUE OF OUR CLUB FROM THE DEADLY GRIP OF THIS APPALLING OWNER and I welcome as many financial worries for Kroenke as he can get. Bring them on! The club itself will not go under and will always find a wiling buyer at theright price. PERHAPS Dangote , though he will aslo be suffering, as will all rich folk and most poor folk. A sort of rough justice at long last, you may think then.

    Top level football will survive easily but it will need to adopt financial reality at long last, which means all top players and their awful agents all being far poorer. Great news!
    I worry far more for lower level football which is in real trouble though.

    1. I’m not sure if Martin, or anyone else for that matter, also picked up on the fact that kronkie has asked one of his teams (sorry can’t remember which one) to take a salary cut as well?

      This man has also, it is suggested, claimed money from the USA bail out scheme, with someone on here saying that he would then donate money to Trump’s re-election campaign!!!

      However did ourboard ever let our club get involved with a man like this, after dismissing him with such disdain in an earlier statement?

      Jon, I’m with you all the way my friend, I just hope Dangote hasn’t suffered too badly with his portfolio – kronkie seems to be raking it in, though not enough to keep The Arsenal, we hope!?!?

      1. Ken, your third paragraph stands out as needing an answer. I think there was a total lack of leadership all round, save only Dein and Wenger but Dein had not the confidence in him of the rest on the board who were little people and who made a catastrophically wrong decision.

        Hill-Wood being prominent among the arrogant, dull witted old buffers who knew much about the old days but had the vision of a totally blind bat. We need to hope Dangote comes through this crisis with most of his wealth intact. He is at least a real GOONER, IT IS SAID, AND PERHAPS WE NEED TO LOOK DEEPLY INTO HIS BUSINESS AFFAIRS TO GAIN A BETTER INSIGHT ON HIS PLANS TO BUY US.

  2. Dein and Wenger were a great team and I have deep regrets that Dein lost the battle in the end as I believe without doubt Arsenal would be in a better place than now. I’m not a financial clever clogs but I thought that Kroenke had boosted his income by £50m this year.

    Anyway, if he does go down the lav financially, who would we want as an owner? The Saudis or any other despotic regime in the region? I thought SK really might be good for Arsenal as a billionaire American with a sports business who would be willing to take us forward. How disappointed am I?!

    Newcastle might be following the $$$ path but does Arsenal want to lower itself even further?

    1. Exactly…

      Dein knows about football

      he takes care of the signings and always manages to convince the board just like how Petit is signed

      This allow Wenger to soley focus on football

      Gazaidis on the other hand is like a typical corporate CEO….who is very strict with the budget, no charm with the board and only on profits…

      Now we have Raul who has vast contacts and is a good negotiator…..he reports directly to Josh who has the final say

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if we were set up like Barca who are owned by their supporters? Pipedreams I’m afraid. If Kroenke sells the club there is no guarantee that the new owner(s) will be any better!!!

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