Star man agrees to a new £200,000-a-week Arsenal deal

Arsenal has agreed on a new deal in principle with Bukayo Saka worth £200,000-a-week, according to Football Insider.

Saka has grown from the club’s academy kid to become one of its key players in recent seasons.

He is the heartbeat of their current rebuild, yet he is one of the lowest earners at the Emirates.

The attacker’s current deal at the club runs until 2024. This means Arsenal would risk losing him from the next summer transfer window if he doesn’t extend his contract.

But the England international is enjoying life in London and will unlikely leave.

Arsenal has been keen to tie him down to a new deal, and the report says they have achieved that now, pending an official announcement.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saka is one of our key players and we simply cannot lose him soon.

He is also enjoying his time at the club as one of its regular starters, so it is not a surprise he has agreed to stay.

We need to get the deal sorted and announced soon, and it is good to see that he is now one of our highest earners.

That should make him happier, and perhaps he would do more for the team now.

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  1. A shocking and unpleasant to read last ten words. I think that is a slur on SAKAS FINE CHARACTER, personally. Martin.

    Otherwise a fine piece which gives us all reason to hope.


    1. I’m afraid that gave me the same shocked expression Goonster
      I know it’s down to market forces but we could be in danger – again – of paying too much. Saka is a smashing personality and a very fine player but I just think that the quoted figure is too high

      1. @SueP
        I hope this is just a rumour. Can’t be paying a 21 year old inconsistent young player that much this early into his Arsenal career.
        So then in 3 years how much would we be willing to pay him? £350,,000 a week?

        He has been very underwhelming so far this season to top it off.

        Lets not make the same mistakes we made with the likes of Ozil, Auba and Walcott etc.. Calmer heads are needed this time around..

        1. I agree we appear to be headed for a repeat of massive salaries for players at the club.

          No one would argue he deserves a raise with his extension, but 200k a week? Hate to say it, but perhaps the Nketiah deal rumored to be 100k a week set a bad precedent.

          With Saliba and Martinelli extensions on the horizon, we will blow the lid off weekly salaries yet again as in the past.

          At this rate, it will be harder to afford this group of players, and perhaps more difficult to sell players to afford the salaries of others.

  2. Your comment on Bukayo Saka as “…a 21 year old inconsistent young player…” is most untrue as it is grossly unfortunate. How could any gooner ever make such an embarrassing statement about Saka?!😤😫🙃

    This is a Gunner who only very recently was voted by EPL fans as ‘THE 2021/22 ENGLAND MEN’S PLAYER OF THE YEAR,’ making him the first Gunner to receive the honour since the award’s inception 19 years ago, with Declan Rice and Harry Kane coming in second and third respectively.

    A player that’s played the MOST MATCHES and contributed the MOST CONSISTENTLY (above any other) to team success in couple of years past cannot be labelled ‘inconsistent,’ and whose physical fitness is highly remarkable for his age!
    This is a young man who broke into the Three Lions gang with a bang, taking his chance by the scruff of the neck and immediately tieing down a shirt (and CONSISTENTLY, AGAIN!!!) for himself. If EPL fans and Southgate rate Saka so loftily, it is strange and uncharitable that an arsenal fan will label such an one as inconsistent. By what metric?!😮

    In any case, why would a money pinching team like Arsenal pay such immense wages to such a youngster unless he was embarrassingly deserving? Or why has the board laboured feverishly to get the agreement quickly over the line, except the danger of losing an immense talent (that better teams would snap up and pay more) was ominously real?

    No one (a fan of Arsenal, least of all!) has the right to begrudge a Hale-ender who has worn the club badge well through the ranks his wages, regardless of age.
    As outrageous as the sum appears, it’s a mere reflection of the absurd reality of the men’s professional game. THE YOUNG MAN HAS WELL EARNED IT, we should laud him and allow him to enjoy it.
    May Bukayo Saka and the team continue to get better and bring silverware to the club chest. Amen!

    1. I agree 100% he deserves the money. And he will get even better with time. And if we sell, we will sell at a very good price.

      1. Saka is definitely the future of Arsenal and playing with his future is making the team under performer. The money is definitely good for him now and let’s see if the performance is geared up then he get more. Definitely this is guy that every opposing no,3 hate to meet. Saka deserves it.

  3. @Goonster,did you really meant what you wrote by referring to Saka as being inconsistent or just wrote and have such belief out of the pains in your heart that he should be paid such amount of money? Many of you moaning here about the quoted amount to be paid Saka are really incorrigible to say the least.You have never given the club your money to pay any of the staff,so why complaining when the club is using its money to pay the workers?

  4. Really? So you think he does not deserve it after all he has done for this team for far less whilst many were just collecting fat cheque for nothing. Your shock is actually what’s shocking here. Saka deserve more actually, he should at least get what Jesus gets in my view. So 200k is more than fair actually.

    1. Can those mourners tell us how much Foden is getting at City?
      It’s called market value, simple.
      We either pay up or lose him, and the other young talents too, and remain in Europa and Conference fights.

  5. Definitely his going to raise up his game and we are going to enjoy his play. Remember his current deal was not working in his favour. Being the best but lowest paid.

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