Alexis wants Arsenal to win MORE trophies

At the time of writing this article, the Arsenal website had not revealed which player had been voted by the fans as our best performer this season. But with Santi Cazorla in third and Francis Coquelin in second, it does not take a genius to work out that Alexis Sanchez will be the number one.

The Chile international provided a lot more than being our top scorer, with his immense desire to win and his tireless work rate all over the pitch. The speed at which he settled in to English football and began to take the Premier League was astonishing and must have been a major factor in him winning the PFA fans award as well.

And it is just as well for us that he did hit the ground running because in the early stages of the season, Alexis was carrying us. I wonder if that was on his mind when he gave an interview, reported by BT sport, in which he suggested that the Gunners probably under achieved despite winning another FA cup final.

The 26=year old striker said, “It was an okay season, but it was bittersweet. I would have liked to have been in the Champions League final, to have won the Premier League title.

“I had a breakthrough in my football life. Now I switch to the left, I make goals, I pass, I am evolving.

“And if I am put in at centre forward, I will do it in the best way possible and I am fit to play.”

Maybe seeing his former club Barcelona complete the treble took the shine off our own trophy success but I also think he makes a good point. And if Arsenal do not make a better fist of the big competitions next season, how long will our star man continue to be happy in north London?

Will this give Arsene Wenger a wake up call in his transfer dealings?

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  1. Keep him happy Arsene, buy correctly, keep the medical staff aware…and get us the ucl
    sure it ll nake him happy

    1. As a matter of fact he did not suggest that Arsenal must buy players, instead he stated that the Club has very good players capable of pushing for more honours. Put differently, Alexis is saying with the quality at the club Arsenal should have achieved more than the FA cup. It is therefore up to those players, including him to push for more honours in the coming season.

    2. It’s a bit disappointing to hear him talk like that. Like he’s not too happy to be here or something, a veiled threat already after just one season. 🙁

      1. Not at all he is simply saying they did not fulfill their potential as a team. This is a clarion call to his other teammates to do more next season to achieve their full potential.

  2. Too bad he couldn’t have played the whole year with OG and Theo. All 3 would have scored 20 and developed a great chemistry.

  3. This is a bit of a warning to keep him happy. He came from a Club that just won the Treble. He has high expectations if FA Cup and third place is “okay”.

    So lets do our best to compete for PL and CL. Sign a top DM or Vidal who is also Chilean (may make him happier) and a Top striker like Lacazette, Martinez, Ibrahimovic, etc or Top winger like Reus, Greizmann, etc. If we are in for Cech, get him as well.

    It will NOT bankrupt us.

    For example, if we sell Podolski, Jenkison, Sanogo and Campbell for total of £25 million we could sign Martinez, Schneiderlin and Cech for approx £65 million. £65-£25 mil = £40 mil. That’s good business and well under our £70 million war chest.

    Ibrahimovic can be bought for £15 million. Got one year on contract. He is 34 but scored 30 goals from 35 appearances

    Lacazette is young but a goal scorer

    DM: Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, Krychowiak are all perfect for us.

    Lets just get these three signings, make Alexis happy, the team happy and fans happy. Lets go for #1.

    1. Did he ask for more signings? No. He believes the current squad has what it takes to win more than the FA cup. Here is what he said: “I would have liked to be in the Champions League final or to have won the Premier League title. I believe we have a bunch of skillful players so to not achieve more is disappointing.”

  4. Ozil and now Sanchez see
    their former team win
    the Champions league.
    Ramsey surely wants
    to win a major trophy.
    Koz Metz Cazorla Rosicky Arteta
    Giroud Monreal of the old guard time
    is running out to win a big Club trophy before they retire.
    The English core Wellbeck Walcott Wilshere
    Gibbs Chamberlain Jenkinson Chambers need to win a major trophy
    to prove they are more than just token “quota”.
    The whole club especially the fans need an EPL title win

  5. He talk like he walk. Alexis is truly example for other teammates about real ambition and how to achieve it. They should emulate him instead for success. This character of Alexis never revealed when he played for Barca. Of course he was sidelined by the name of Messi and other superstars. Here, he’s the man. Our men should have those ambitions and work ethic to win more trophies. Do your best AW you’ve got the right men!

  6. That’s wat is called ambition. Most of us are happy with the fa cup n third place. Even our players are also happy. But look at this guy, he is crazy!! Is he?

    We should make him happy otherwise he ll leave us for sure if we don’t win major trophy in next season. Same goes to other star players.

  7. If real Madrid shows concrete interest then kos will leave for sure. He is 29 already n wants to end his career with trophy.
    He is d player I admire a lot, he does not speak much like other teammates especially his national team mate! He shows his talent on pitch. Let’s hope he stays.

  8. This is exactly why we need to bring in more players like sanchez his mentality and desire to strive for excellence will take is forward. To have players in the squad who think like this will not allow us to be complacent and we always have to be looking to improve if we want to keep these types of players.

    Bring in another player with this kind of mentality (might I suggest cavani cause he seems to have the same traits as Alexis) and it will greatly influence and rub off on other members of the squad.

    Lastly we are so lucky to have a player like sanchez! lets win major honors for the fans and club!

    1. Alexis: “I would have liked to be in the Champions League final or to have won the Premier League title. I believe we have a bunch of skillful players so to not achieve more is disappointing.” Does he think Arsenal must buy more players to achieve more? No. So just shut up and let those that know where the club is and will be by the end of next season talk.

      1. When the f*ck did I ssy Alexis said we need to buy more players numb nuts. You should probably change your name to “I can’t read very well”

  9. Sometimes I wonder if Schenderlein can win us the Champions League… Khedira are way more experienced in those big games, too bad

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