Star ‘not guaranteed to start’ set to be tested with Arsenal contract

Arsenal are set to test Emiliano Martinez‘s will to quit the club this summer, by offering him a new and improved contract.

The Argentine shot-stopper was one of the shock performers during the resumption of football, coming in to fill in for the injured Bernd Leno.

Some fans now have reservations over just who our best number one is, but the vast majority are in agreement that we would like both goalkeepers to stay and compete for the first-team slot.

Manager Mikel Arteta is believed to want the same, and his decision to start Martinez over Leno could well help as he looks to tie Emi to a new contract.

Dharmesh Sheth has told Sky Sports that the club are set to test the player’s resolve to quit the club by offering him a new contract.

Sheth said: “Arsenal though, at this moment in time, under no pressure to sell. Martinez’s contract runs until 2022.

“It is thought, though, that Arsenal are very keen to tie Martinez down to a new contract.

“However, such is the competition that [Mikel] Arteta is trying to foster at the Emirates, no player can be guaranteed a start at that football club anymore.

“At 27 years of age, Martinez wants to be a No 1. So if and when Arsenal do offer that new contract, Martinez will have a big decision to make.”

Martinez has previously claimed that he wants to stay at Arsenal but he has to have guarantees over his first-team action, and the manager clearly has reason to trust both of his options in the first-team. Whether he will be open to rotating the pair in the Premier League and other competitions may well be needed to keep both happy.

Could Martinez overthrow Leno as the club’s number one given a share shot?


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  1. Bad news😥😥😥
    Arsenal boss Joe Montemurro has confirmed that he does not expect uss to make any other moves before the transfer window closes…😭😭😭

    1. It’s so imperative that Arsenal must keep both Martinez and Leno, there is no harm in having atleast two world class players in each spot for any club whose desire is to conquer the EPL and Europe as well.

  2. “However, such is the competition that [Mikel] Arteta is trying to foster at the Emirates, no player can be guaranteed a start at that football club anymore”

    I’ve been singing this message since, not a single player on the team s guaranteed any spot, not even Leno himself.
    I don’t know why Martinez insists he gets to be number one.
    I’d love to keep both, I love both goalkeepers too much 😥

    1. I think Emi wants to be considered by Argentina. I liked Arteta’s statement that for him Gk position is just like Fullbacks, the better one plays. I guess this season we are going to see a lot of unexpected lineups.

  3. In our current state, we cannot afford the luxury of keeping two world-class keepers. Trust me, this will also reek havoc on team chemistry and staff morale.
    Although Martinez is a very good keeper and we know his performances lately have been impressive, Leno has a longer record of spectacular saves and match winning performances, even when our defense was in shambles. It is for this reason I am supporting Leno for No 1.
    Our attention should now be focused on rebuilding our midfield – this should be our priority.

    1. No our priority should be to keep both and act like Arsenal should do !
      Nothing wrong with having two good players fighting for every position ..
      At the moment Martinez gets the nod to start and correct to do so .
      In our financial position it would make most sense to sell , Guedouzi , Torriera, Sokratis and Kola ..
      £50 mill

      Keep Niles , Auba new contract , Dani loan , Gabriel done ..

      Anything else is a bonus ..

      1. Mac, I’m glad you’re just a fan and not part of the team responsible for leading the Club through the worse recession on record and where matchday revenues for at least the next 12 months is expected to be almost zero.

    2. Why does rebuilding our team have anytin to do with keeping our 2 awesome keepers, nothing too much 4an ambitious team to have

    3. My perception is that Arsenal’s defensive improvement is partly thanks to Martinez. He commands his area better, is better with crosses and holds the ball better than Leno (instead of punching) and these attributes seem to give defenders more confidence. I would prefer Martinez as number 1 choice.

  4. I’ll go for EMI because he has control over his area. You can’t beat EMI crosses and that’s the week ness of Leno

  5. Emi is the better keeper. I’m just going to come out and say it. And I love them both, but Emi is better in the box, better with the ball at his feet, better at pinning balls high up the pitch and finding Auba. Leno has the edge in shot stopping for sure though and that is huge. Hard decisions have to be made but Emi has quite simply made himself undroppable and isn’t even giving Leno a sniff.

    1. Martinez has very sticky gloves.
      At least a few shots since City in the FA have been bound for net– that Emi was able to just halt– dead. Mane had one in the recent match.

      When he not giving up rebound shots off parries?
      That’s gold.

  6. Put Emi in as EPL starter and Leno for cup ties is fair!

    If Emi get injured then Leno gets his chance back but Emi deserves the number one spot!

  7. At the very least Martinez’ £20k per week wages need to be upgraded, commensurate with his performances, abilities and loyalty to the Club.

    1. only 20k/week? He definitely needs more! If 350K can be flushed down the sever, so can a deserving player’s wages be upgraded. Emi over Leno all day for EPL and Wembley matches.

  8. Emi has paid his dues. He has been patient and he has been so good when he has played. He deserves the starting spot. I choose him over Leno. Emi is a thorough bred gunner and we don’t have a lot of them these days of that age. So keep Emi as number one and if Leno won’t stay as a result, sell Leno. We paid a lot of money for him and we can get at least 25 mil for him easily. Hard decision but life goes on.

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