Star striker CONFIRMS he will be at Arsenal next season – and wants trophies!

You get the idea from the words of Theo Walcott that he might well not have agreed to put pen to paper and sign a new Arsenal contract – if he did not really believe that the Gunners could end our long wait to be crowned the champions of England once more.

The deal has not been done yet either but it sounds very much like the England international forward Theo Walcott is ready to commit his future to Arsenal, as revealed in a Daily Star report.

And it is the new found ability to compete and win the games against our big rivals and the strength of the Arsenal squad after a couple of decent seasons in the transfer market that seems to have convinced Walcott that staying in north London will not mean that he has no chance of major trophy success. Scoring a hat-trick in a brilliant performance against West Brom will not have hurt either.

Walcott said, “You need to be ready when giving the opportunity. I’ve been out for a year, but I feel great. I’ve got to thank the manager for having faith in me.

“I think it’s been an up and down campaign. We’ve had a great run. It came to an end a few weeks ago. We’ve finished third, and if we win the FA Cup next week, that’s a good season.

“But I think that next season, we need to be challenging for the title, with the team we’ve got.”

With Arsene Wenger also revealing that talks are underway, it seems that all parties are on board and so the signing of a new contract will be just a matter of time.

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  1. Star striker on the way
    to Arsenal .
    Lacazzette Benzema Suarez?
    No its Theo LANS 🙁

    1. I hope Wenger sort this contract talks with Walcott as soon as possible before it starts taking a stress on our nerves.

    2. irrespective of if we get a New striker (or not, but WE REALLY COULD USE ONE NEXT SEASON) …….. I’m an ambassador to walcott staying at the emirates…….shame on all those who want him gone just like that!

      1. “just like that” – 9 years mate…no shame in wanting someone superior. Theo is not a starter and has been here a decade, for the money he’s on (top 5 earner) Arsenal should expect a return of a top 5 player.

        Are we? Right, thought as much…If he stays, he stays, but I wouldn’t shed a tear if he left.

  2. Super German
    Winger on the way
    to Arsenal.
    Podolski tweets
    “Achtung I vill be bach 🙂

  3. I note he’s implying he will be there next season but there is nothing about contract talks or and extension. Article built on nothing…

    1. In my opinion, I think it can be inferred from his comment that he intends staying; he’s more likely to stay: “But I think that next season, WE need to be challenging for the title, with the team we’ve got.”

      He included himself there with the pronoun: WE.

  4. I just hope that this article is true….I think Theo is now entering his best years, I don’t want to watch him have those years at Liverpool, Chelsea or another club.

    I have watched him since he was a young boy, he is a credit to this club in his behavior, and AT LAST is becoming the striker we all hoped he would

    Sign da ting

  5. there is no confirmation of him being a gunner next season from his statements…that’s just what he says in reference to his current contract.

    ———-off topic—————
    can Zlatan Ibrahimovic bring something decent for at least two seasons at a cheap reasonable price?
    thumb me down but he has always been among the top 5 in the worlds best players in the world.

    1. Zlatan to Arsenal??? Wow!!! Such a high horse.

      That guy will come and put the entire club in his pompous, arrogant pocket.

  6. Yeah, I hope he stays. We shouldn’t lose someone like him if we aren’t gonna get a player like Reus or Bale as replacement. Simple as that.

  7. So toy is madrid going to get for summer this time around. Reus, Falcao, Lacazette or Jackson Martinez.

    I envy those guys at Madrid. They live in a world far far from this one.

    1. success seems to have no measure at Madrid…. ask Ancelotti or any of his predecessors…………… At, Garbages are well disposed/dispensed than do managers

    2. Fam, I support Real Madrid as well, but the supporters are far worse than the worst of Arsenals. No matter what happens, there will be people saying it was not good enough. Same thing with the board and their managment of managers, I mean come on. Ancelotti: La decima previous season, 92 points, semi final CL, good football without the period between christmas and around march.

  8. @Champagne Charlie……..i’m not objecting…….. Go ahead and get ur superior guy…….we could get anybody.. Ronaldo, messi or some other out of this world fantasy striker…..i only ask that u Let walcott be…. Lets get ur super guy

  9. Not to come off topic, but the pic with Khedira in the Madrid dressing room looked so lonely and what it impressed up on me, this place did not give off a feeling of home, more a place of business, where you do not have friends but only coworkers. I felt sorry for Khedira and for all those football stars that get caught up in the Headlights of Real Madrid.

    A coach who won the champions league trophy, was dismiss for finishing second in the league the following year, could some one remind me how much trophies have this team won over the last 15 years and how many coaches they have been through, this teams shows no continuation or cohesion.

    Anyway that is that, Walcott must remain fit for the upcoming years for him to truly reach his potential, another long term injury will put his arsenal future out of reach, the team is growing gradually and over the past 2-3 season have gotten stronger, the days when he could return from injury and slip back into a starting role have suddenly gone due to more competition for place, but i would advise him to sign quickly and concentrate on working hard to get that starting berth. The change to Cazorla style of play should be a good model to follow.

    Looking at the options available for him if he goes, it is hard seeing him getting a start at any other team, so my advice to him is to hurry and “sign de ting”

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