Stark transfer news tells Arsenal fans to FORGET Morata transfer

Go on Arsenal fans, keep dreaming about the Gunners completing the transfer of the Spanish international forward Alvaro Morata, I dare you. I double dare you but in all honesty I think you would have a more productive time if you tried to make a model of the universe using only spaghetti hoops.

That is if the Metro report claiming that our Premier League and London rivals Chelsea have just had a transfer bid of over £50 million turned down by Real Madrid is true.

This report is not saying that the young player has turned down the chance to join up with the former Juventus and Italy manager Antonio Conte at Stamford Bridge, which I could perhaps believe because Morata is not likely to want to sign for a club with no European football to offer.

No, the story is that the striker’s parent club Real Madrid have turned down the mega bid from Chelsea and that tells me one of two things. Either they are holding out for more as the report suggests, with a ridiculous figure of £64 million being talked about, or they have decided to keep hold of the player they just brought back from Italy.

Either way the chances of Arsenal signing him are as big as the Euro 2016 party being held by the French fans right now. Arsene Wenger would not spend that much money on any striker, never mind a young one that is yet to really prove themselves among the elite of the game.

So who will the Gunners get to add some much needed firepower?


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  1. Well that puts to bed that nasty rumour that we were going to sign him. Lol..£64M for an 8 goal a season striker? Id rather we keep Giroud and donate the money to a charity.

    1. I rather see us make it £70 or even more for Aubameyang, it doesn’t matter if we fail to get him at least we try.

  2. Chelsea is probably our only
    competition for Morata and
    they don’t have ECL.
    So we are still in pole position
    to get Morata.

    1. United doesn’t have ECL but they are getting big players
      Players don’t care that much about missing one year of ECL

  3. The Morata stories pop up more and more…
    Methinks it’s either his agent or Real Madrid trying to shop him out or up his price.. Either way I’m still hugely skeptical about Chelsea throwing 60mil his way. Or Real Madrid saying no to such a figure…

  4. Madness is when u fork out well over £60mil for a 7 goal striker…..

    I know i’m not crazy!!!

    [for such an expendable cost…. Griezmann and Aubameyang would cross my mind first]

  5. Honestly,if Wenger decides not to buy Morata I for one will never blame him, that’s the kinda money that gets you the best players in the world,the Lewandowkis,Aubameyangs…

    For that money, we can get Draxler and Milik, Draxler and Lacazette..etc….
    On to the next target pls……..

  6. Wenger reportedly have issued an ultimatum to legend Thiery Henry to choose btw sky sports punditry and coaching our youths and reports has it that Henry is exiting for coaching prospects elsewhere all this apparently because he once said on skysports that Giroud was not going to win us the league…with what is unfolding to be a lacklustre transfer window wenger seemingly will not be tolerating any critics!

    1. Wenger has completely lost the plot he’s fired Henry for speaking truthfully with facts,anyone with a good pair of eyes can see that with Giroud Arsenal will never win the league…WENGER HAS TO GO!!

    2. In april 2015 henry said something about giroud arsenal and winning the league. I have not seen the actual text but would be wary of media interpretations. According to the media wenger is now upset about it. All seems a load of rubbish to me. Surely wenger would not have given henry the coaching job in the first place.

      If there is now a problem it will be because of something more recent. All sounds made up to me.

      1. This is what henry said in april 2015, and there is no mention of giroud.

        Speaking as a Sky Sports pundit, he said: “I think they need to buy four players – they need that spine. They need a goalkeeper, they still need a centre back, they still need a holding midfielder and, I’m afraid, they need a top, top quality striker to win this league again.

        “You had the best example with Chelsea here today. They were struggling last season to win the league. They went on to buy [Thibaut] Cortouis, [Nemanja] Matic, Cesc [Fabregas] and [Diego] Costa.

    3. I don’t think its about what has been said, rather what will be said.

      You can’t have Henry sitting there slagging off the players on TV, and then turn up for training, coaching the youngsters who are supposed to look up to the first team, it’s a conflict of interest, Wenger is right, it’s one job or the other.

      It’s down to Henry to prove he loves Arsenal more than his already extremely fat bank balance, simple as that.

  7. Morata’s statistics don’t indicate that he is worth £64 million
    But maybe Wenger knows something we don’t lol

    Draxler and Lacazette would improve us

  8. Does anyone remember the last time we signed an unproven young Spanish striker, one Jose Antonio Reyes, that didn’t exactly turn out well did it!

    £64 million is absolute madness, at £30 million he may be worth a punt.

  9. Do you remember last season when we got Cech nice and early and then that was it…transfers done. Well this season we got Xhaka nice and early and our transfers are done. Rest assured we will not be getting a striker….there is no way we will get one.

    So let that sink in, accept it and just move on and stop worrying about it guys. It’s not happening.

  10. well Ive siad it from day one we are NOT signing anyone of any real note we brought in one player and thats our transfer business doen, wenger stated that Giroud will lead the line and that was back in may.
    Wenger has NO interest in buying in any more players and we wont see Morata or anyone else for that matter as Wenger is convinced that Giroud is a world calss striker.
    As far as the Henry thing is concerned, there goes yet another asset that could have been a real addition to our management team. It seems AW is very much convinced that he knows best and that noone else can have an opinion on whats best for Arsenal, this may be very true IF your main goal is to not spend money and to float in the top four or thereabouts BUT if you wanna win something of note and be a sucsessful footballer club rather than a financial institution then Wengers closed opinions are SH!T!!!!!!!!!!
    if AW does not buy in a top notch striker in the next month then there should be a mass boycot of the first home game.
    But there wont be
    we are truly lost I think and its not changing soon.

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