STARK warning about the dangers of Arsenal missing top four!

There is a theory that having no miweek European games whatsoever could be a helping hand for a Premier League title challenge, but Arsenal are highly unlikely to find out, at least not in the next year anyway. It would take a collapse in the order of the England cricket team for the Gunners to finish so low that we do not even get into the Europa League.

But Arsenal simply must continue our fantastic run of qualifying for the Champions League. It is not just that the UCL is a lot more glamorous and more lucrative than it’s less impressive relative either, although that is a big factor and can make the difference between being able to sign the players you really want in the sumer transfer window.

What seems to be the case and what this weekend’s Premier League games have given Arsenal a stark reminder of, is that playing in Europe on a Thursday can seriously damage your Premier League health. It is not completely logical because clubs in the Champions League often have the same gap between games when they play on Wednesday.

For some reason it seems the clubs in the Europa League suffer more in the following EPL games. Tottenham, Everton and Liverpool all struggled today, although the jammy scousers are somehow currently winning thanks to some big decisions and a rare wonder goal.

Everton have won just two of theirseven games after Europe, against QPR and Burnley. THe spuds lost home games against West Brom, Newcastle and Stoke and so nearly West Ham today. So maybe us Arsenal fans should be so flippant about the ‘Wenger trophy’ and realise just how important it really is.

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  1. We would have been playing in Europa League if it is meant for Arsenal. Too many failed attempts have proved that.
    I want more than fourth place for us, we should have a shot at the League next season.

  2. bullsh*t alert.
    your rose tinted glasses are filled with delusional lenses.
    you must have bought those custom, boots opticians do not stock

      1. No need for that – he’s just being a bit over practical. He also comes out with a bit of comedy sometimes to lighten up the board and is 100 times better than some complete morons here – Hafiz, SoOpa AeoN etc etc

      2. Why are you on his case, we should be higher.
        Not even Mourihno’s mother likes him but he is right in his latest backhand to Wenger, Wenger has had the dream job, almost 19 years to build a team and total control over transfers.
        Maureen is in his 2nd season at Chelsea and has embarrassed Wenger and finished safely above us and is looking like lifting the title.
        Arsenal should be right up there when the manager has had all that time but for half of his tenure Wenger has been wide of the mark and 2nd coming in 2nd to a number of managers.

        1. Got to agree there, whilst Wenger has done amazing things for the club and is battling it out now, and while Maureen is a complete C@nt and a big mouth he DOES have a point!!! we should be higher and we should have been so a lot earlier in the ten year duration.
          There are not many jobs where you don’t deliver too much but still keep the top tier job. That said I would never go as far as to say Wenger should go I just wish he was more ballsy with our clearly non football minded board who clearly are only in it for the money

          1. Sorry but no correlation between length of management stint and success. Mourinho is decent manager no doubt about it – but Chelski’s spending is the difference. In the last 10 years they’ve won the PL without JM, won the UCL without JM – jeez even Avram frigging Grant got to UCL final and got runner’s up in PL. Money is more key to Chelski’s success than JM’s undoubted coaching skills. If Wenger had spent £500M in the past 10 years then Mourinho would be bang on the money – as it is he is missing the point by a zillion light years.

        2. You miss the point. You can be at a club for 50 years but unless you spend BIG you are not gonna win the EPL. Against actual spend Wenger has overachieved. “Total control of transfers” – how are sure on that? In what way? Is nuts to suggest he has been in control of the most important aspect of transfers ie: budget. Are you saying the board has been showering him with hundreds of millions but he has refused to spend.

  3. No question Arsenal have fallen from the title winnig club we were…but we haven’t fallen like Leeds, or Liverpool…we have fallen as low as fourth…for all the frustration that’s still impressive.

    No question if we were still at Highbury we wouldn’t be able to compete and even be in the top4….we just wouldn’t be able to do what we did this year…and spend £80m.

    It’s only the last 24months we can now do that so we are in the right place. As Mourinho said today on Goals on Sunday…’fantastic club, fantastic club…’ And he is right, we are now in a great place and playing every weekend and during the week suits us.

    Onwards and upwards

  4. I’m focused on Monaco
    Winning the Champions League will make up for not finishing in the top 4 (but I’m 99% sure we will not finish under 3rd place this season)

    1. we lose next weekend an united liverpool southampton win…

      we are 6th

      next sunday…wenger out chants? lol this is jokes

  5. Looking at the schedule ahead we should remain 3rd. City’s form is picking up again now that Toure is back. They could still challenge Chelsea for the Top Spot. My prediction is:

    1. City
    2. Chelsea
    3. Arsenal
    4. Liverpool
    5. ManU
    6. Southampton
    7. Tottenham

    ManU have got a terrible schedule ahead I can’t see them stay in the top 4. Plus if they do not make it to top 4 in 2016, Adidas will pay them less.

  6. Enough with the jokes..

    Wenger needs to mould this team (plus one or two more world class signings in summer) to become invincible, again.

    It’s not impossible, it’s Arsenalable.

    1. its better in this situation I think. I’m confident of our home form so if we get a good result in the first leg it will force Monaco to attack in the 2nd leg instead of park the bus like they usually do. I think its an advantage this time.

  7. Dont forget spuds,everton,liverpool in europa league if they win they guaranteed 4th spot for champs league, we need to come fourth or higher. I am hoping man utd come 4th but one of the english teams wins the europa league

    1. Europa League winner doesn’t knock out 4th place, they just get a 5th spot is all. Only UCL winner not in top 4 knocks 4th place out.

  8. Imagine AW having a 100 million pound kitty to spend on players and we would be running away with the title. The issue is as we strengthen in the summer so will everyone else lol but what will set us ahead this time around is this more pragmatic strategy we used at City.

  9. Is that a serious perspective?

    “17 clubs behind want more” – Yea ok….but of them who has a 60k seat stadium, top 2 in revenue stream, 2nd largest fan base, and history among the top 3 most successful English clubs?
    It’s easy to suggest we’re successful when you compare us to Spurs, but when you put the focus on the BEST teams in our league (you know, our supposed rivals) our “success” just doesn’t hold up.

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