Start me and Arsenal CAN win title says Podolski

Lukas Podolski was one of the many players that Arsenal lost through injury last season and that was a real shame for us, because the German international had started the season well and could well have made a real difference in the race for the Premier League title.

Podolski still managed an impressive strike rate of 12 goals from 27 games and many of those games he did not start or was subbed off. So it is hardly surprising that the 29-year old feels that he can offer a lot to the Gunners’ cause this season, as long as he is given the opportunity to do so/

In an ESPN report, Podolski speaks about his desire to start more games but also suggests that he doubts whether he really has the full confidence of Arsene Wenger. And he feels that the signing of Danny Welbeck on transfer deadline day will not really help his chances, especially as the former United forward is bound to get plenty of chances to impress.

The German said, “Initially, it’s a difficult situation for me. When you buy new players for a lot of money they have an advantage because they will play.

“But we’ve got a long season ahead of us, and we’ll see what happens. When I am in top shape, I am a perfect fit for the Arsenal team. And I see myself in the first XI then, that’s what I work towards.

“I am not sure[about having Wenger’s trust], I hope that that’s the case.

“The title is not a dream, it’s possible. But there are five or six other teams with similar thoughts. It will be down to the details in the end.

“We only won six points in the matches against the other top five clubs . Those were the points that cost us the title. We were in front for half a year, but dropped decisive points against Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool towards the end. We need to change that this year.

“There were some enquiries from abroad, and also from the Bundesliga. But as a Cologne guy, it would have been difficult to play for another club in Germany. To go to Russia – Walachia [a German expression for the middle of nowhere] – or the United States was in no way an alternative for me.

“I had a chat with Arsene Wenger, during which he told me that he is banking on my firepower and assists, and wants to keep me. That’s why the issue of a transfer was rather secondary to me. I feel great in London and at Arsenal, and it continues to stay like that.”

We have often discussed on this website why the Prof has been so sparing in his use of probably the best finisher in the Arsenal squad, but it could well have been a fitness issue as Podolski was adapting in that first season and was then inju8red last time. The boss did start to use him more and for whole games as last season wore on, so I think Podolski will get a fair chance if he keeps working hard.

And until Theo Walcott is fully match sharp again, I can see the manager going with Alexis on the right of Welbeck, leaving that left role for Podolski to fight Cazorla for and the Spaniard has not been at his best. So now is your chance Lukas! But will he take it Gooners?

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  1. podo has a ridiculous left foot… it’s a shame he’s a more of a secondary striker. but if he feels in top shape, he should come on more often if we re not scoring. maybe he can find some rythm?!

    anyway, long season to go and maybe a bit of competition up top will do afc a world of good?

      1. If arsene plays like liverpool (4-1-2-1-2) with özil behind poldi and welbeck/sanchez, I think poldi will be league top scorer by december. No doubt. I dont think wenger is going to play so, though

        1. The problem with Podolski is not his finishing, or left foot. Those are top notch. The problem is his otherwise all round game. It’s not very good and we cannot afford passengers in the side.

    1. to add: i really hope AW rotates more than last season. I think he’s trying to let his “first XI” gel first before giving others a chance.

      theos back too… long season to go, exciting stuff

    2. yeah,Poldi must be given a chance fo sure,hw kan we play sanogo fo almost full match whilst he is on tha bench,lets be fair guyz

  2. Podolski as striker has just never worked for us. His movement is pretty stoic. He needs somebody to play off of upfront, and we rarely use a 442 formation

    1. You are right. Poldi does not work as a lone striker in Wenger’s system.

      But he has performed very well from the LW. 2 seasons back he played more wide left and was leading the league in assists until Wenger inexplicably benched him. Last season when assigned to LW he played more centrally behind the striker according to Wenger’s wishes and his assists dropped but he scored often – best goal scoring ratio on the team (Goals per appearance and goals per minutes played).

      Statistically he is still also the best finisher in the league – not even close. (Goals per shots and Shots on Target per shots taken) He has saved many games with his finishing. He is likely not a regular starter anymore but he should be used when and where possible.

      1. Yep I’d say when or where possibly should be when we are 3-0 up or in the Carling Cup. Otherwise he’s not good enough to start. His all round game does not match his finishing. In fact it is awful in comparison.

    1. They don’t play him any more either though. There is a reason for that.

      They also have better players than him.

  3. I am a HUGE Poldi fan. I fear he may no longer be a 1st team regular starter for Arsenal but he should get starts despite the garbage that KJ constantly spews.

    And he certainly would be a much better choice rather than wasting the LW to Ozil or Cazorla each game.

    Poldi, Campbell, Ox or even Sanchez should be starting on the LW. Put Ozil and/or Cazorla in the middle where they excel and keep them away from the LW where their talents are wasted.

    1. i think so too… maybe there’s only room for ozil or cazorla at number ten.. should they alternate? but can you bench such talent?
      decisions, decisions. poor wenger haha

  4. Podolski is the kind of player that flourish in a 4-4-2 system. He would be 5 star if it was 10 years ago

  5. Poldi is really the only true LW we have. He’s experienced in that position and can score and assist at will. If he is fit, Wenger should play him there and scoot Ozil/Santi to the middle.

    Do you guys remember his goal against Bayern in Germany? Ugh it was so sick.

    1. Poldi has moved upstairs…

      hes our Media Communication and Public Relations Manager……

      connecting players and people with Tweets….

      1. LOL

        So funny because you are absolutely right. I wish his all round talents on the park were as good as his tweeting.

  6. Prob is his work rate. If you compare him to Sanchez – who may well take his spot in left when Walcott is back-

    He does nothing without the ball, and therefore adds vulnerability to the team.

    I think it’s great that we have such talent, but he’ll have to change his game if he is to do more than impress from the bench

  7. Its true he’s a great finisher but sometimes he just goes missing! I don’t like that and neither do u! Needs to up his game

  8. I’d love him on pitch every game. But unfortunately, only 11 players are needed. He you were Wenger, how would your team (including bench) look like? I need a cue please!

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