Statistics: Martin Odegaard sets the standard on international duty

Arsenal’s Martin Odegaard put in an astonishing display for Norway last night, completing more key passes than any other player since statistics started to be recorded.

The midfielder returned to the Emirates this summer after an impressive loan spell earlier in 2021, and will likely prove to be the best value signing of the window.

The Norway captain helped his side to a 5-1 win over Gibraltar last night, despite not being directly credited with a goal or assist, but the stats below show just how crucial and focused he was.

Odegaard was part of a midfield three for his country this time around, while he also impressed down the right-wing in his previous outing for Norway, which could well give manager Mikel Arteta food for thought on how to get the best out of his new signing, and with the Spaniard believed to be considering a change in formation, his performances could well aid his decision.


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  1. Arteta is too daft,is style of play does not give players the opportunity to play their game confidently.

  2. It won’t make much difference, once he’s back in an Arsenal shirt the creative freedom is removed and it will be back to normal.

    I am really looking forward to MO’s performances once we get a real manager, it’s going to be awesome.

  3. Norway v Gibraltar is like Arsenal v WBA reserves. On that basis all the Arsenal squad are geniuses 🙂
    Qualifiers in fact most Internationals are a joke which just stuff up the league season.
    Scrap the Nations cup altogether.
    Just divide Europe into 4 groups of 16 based on coefficients.
    Then each country plays just two 7 match tournaments per 4 year cycle.
    The confederation and world cup tournaments double as Qualifiers.
    Rather than the up to 52 match four year cycle presently required.

  4. We all know all these players have the skillset to take us up there what we are lacking is an experienced and qualified coach to annex those qualities. Come Saturday I won’t be surprised seeing him make more back pass than forward ones

  5. Arsenal don’t need a checkbook manager……….The team will win with its quality and make the manager look great……..!

  6. MO is Indeed a really smart move given that he had time to adapte and is incredibly talented the best replacement of Ozil and with a Work ethic unlike the german…He has the same flaws as MO he don’t scores enough goals…

  7. GIBRALTAR!!!!!!!!! Are we really talking football about GIBRALTAR!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY GIBRALTAR!!!!!!!!!!. ITS A ROCK ISNT IT. Famous for monkeys!

    1. Gibraltar, San Marino, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg I could be outstanding against this level of quality 😆

  8. How come all our players, do well for their national teams and not for the arsenal, is this just a coincidence or is there something not quite right at arsenal, such as misuse of players

  9. so let me get this straight, according to the infinite wisdom of some, our most logical choice for Captain should be a player who only came to our club because we required no financial assistance, when it came to his full wage, unlike his previous loan, we gave him contractual assurances regarding playing time and positional preference and we were willing to do so with no “option to buy” clause…during his time here he had 3 performances of any note, missed 4 games due to injury and was blatantly clear about his deep desire to return to Madrid…the fact that the narrative surrounding his “desires” changed drastically when he quickly realized that he was an afterthought to Real’s afterthoughts, shouldn’t be forgotten by those within the fanbase who’re so thirsty for anyone with some sort of name recognition to don the kit that they’re willing to completely disregard/ignore these facts

    now this isn’t to suggest that he’s devoid of skills, as that isn’t the case, or that he doesn’t have the requisite characteristics to justifiably wear the armband at some future date, but to do so now, after his cup of coffee stay, would make no sense whatsoever…not to mention, at this time when our mettle is being tested, would it really make sense to have someone who doesn’t like to stick their foot in wearing the armband…no thanks, at least not for the here and now

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