Statistics show that Emiliano Martinez should be Arsenal’s number one

Emiliano Martinez has had to fill in as Arsenal goalkeeper for the most of the Premier League restart.

The club’s first choice, Bernd Leno, was injured in Arsenal’s second game back against Brighton.

The German has remained sidelined, and that would likely be the case until the end of this extended season.

There were fears that the Gunners might need to make an emergency goalkeeper signing because Martinez has been untested at this level.

However, Mikel Arteta stuck with the former Reading loanee and he has been in fine form for the team.

He is one of the players whose performance helped Arsenal earn an important home win against Liverpool in their last league game, and Sun Sports has compared the stats behind his impressive time in goal so far with that of Bernd Leno.

Leno is an outstanding goalkeeper, and he remains one of the best in the Premier League, however, the stats behind Martinez’s time in the team so far shows that the Argentinean probably deserves to be given more chances in the team.

Leno has played significantly more games than Martinez has, but the numbers behind Martinez’s season shouldn’t be ignored too.

The Argentinean has conceded 0.9 goals per 90 minutes, Leno’s stands at 1.3. He has made 4.3 saves per 90 minutes, Leno has made 3.8.

His save percentage is 81.8%, while Leno’s is 74.2%. he has made 2.6 saves inside the box per 90 minutes, while Leno has made 2.2 saves.
Certainly food for thought.

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  1. Like i said earlier, there isn’t much to choose between them, we are lucky to have both. Leno at the moment is number 1 but that may not be the case in a few months and the outstanding Martinez has proved his worth.

  2. Martinez for me should be number one. It’s obvious. He commands his area far better than Leno and that’s the major difference between them. I checked their attributes on whoscored and Martinez has by far the better attributes with Leno really weak on crosses

  3. I like his ball distributions.
    It will be a headache for MA when Leno is back.
    Martinez can become No. 1.

  4. You can’t compare both with just stats.
    He doesn’t have the number of games Leno has had.

    Someone who saves let’s say 85 shots in ten games can be put at 80% Saves.

    Someone who saves 9 shots out of ten games can be put at 90% saves.
    It doesn’t tell the story fully.

    I’m glad we have both goalkeepers, but you can’t say based on stats Martinez should be number 1

    1. Sorry, the first one is meant to be 85 shots out of 100 games.
      While the second is still 9 out of 100

  5. Have said it before and I will say it again, in my opinion, Martinez should be number 1, it’s not enough for a goalkeeper to have reflexes or be able to save shots, in the premier league you need keeper who can deal with crosses and oh boy Martinez is so good at that and the boy can is also good with shots and his positional sense is top notch. When we play teams like soton or palace and we have Leno always scared because they will definitely get score with one of there numerous crosses, for me I will stick with Martinez at least till he starts to make mistakes.

  6. Martinez is a very good keeper…hes tall and commanding

    he needs to play regularly to improve

    Most fans thinks by warming the bench regularly he can be good….

    Martinez has been the club for a many years thus there are some communication and coordination with some players

    Team work is essential for football

  7. I have long wanted Martinez to be our number 1 GK. For some years, I have watched him saved us in FA cups, Carling and Europa league. I knew he is that good. All his clean shits in Cup games at a time when Arsenal was struggling in the league tells it all. I am happy he gets this opportunity.

    This is his time and I pray Arteta will continue to have faith in him.

  8. It should be obvious to any real thinker that for keeper stats to be of any relevance they must be for far longer than a mere handful of games. Even Mustafi and Xhaka have played well in a handful of games , overall, but neither are better than useless, IMO. This is not to diss Martinez in any way, who HAS played well in his SHORT spell in the team. But Leno has amply proven his top class ability over an extended period. I for one do not change horses midstream , so to speak, so easily as some less deep thinking Gooners.

    Over and above this point, there is a depressing tendency among some fans to overhype and elevate still non proven players, in many positions, above the station they have yet proved. I do not think this hasty mind changing is either wise nor helpful. Just my take on things though.

    1. Seeing a player destined for the top is not rocket science…

      I can tell you that a player like Greenwood, is destined for big things by simply looking at his touches on the ball, how he protects the ball (just like V. Persie), his technical skills among others.

      Same goes for players like Mavropanos, M-Niles, Sandro Tonali, Kovacic and other players who have not “played a lot”.

      In opposite, players like Chambers, Holding, Saliba will find it very difficult to make it except for the hype simply by looking at their positioning which often results in them doing shirt pulling and other silly things.

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