Stats prove Arsenal did NOT park a Chelsea bus

Arsenal can forget about Mourinho´s moan! by Sam P

After Arsenal beat Chelsea 1-0 at Wembley to lift the Community Shield yesterday, we all knew that their manager Jose Mourinho would have something to say about the game other than simply congratulating the Gunners on a good game. He did not disappoint of course although there was not much he could in the way of blaming the officials or saying that we were lucky in some way.

So Jose reverted to type and tried to have a dig at Arsene Wenger about our tactics, as reported by the BBC, implying that Arsenal had been very negative, abandoning our lofty football principles while his brave troops had actually tried to play entertaining football and had actually deserved to win.

He said, “We were the best team. We had more initiative, we controlled the game by having ball possession. Arsenal defended with 10 players, they put everybody in front of their own line and they had good organisation, congratulations to them.

“They had a couple of chances in counter attacks but we had ours in organised football. They played their game tactically and found themselves one goal in front without any reason.

“This season the Premier League title is very difficult but it is very difficult for everyone. The way other teams are spending they have big power in the hands while we are the same as last season. And with that we are going to try.”

While Wenger admitted that we did defend a bit more than usual, he declared that this was because we were defending a lead and had that mental block of beating Chelsea in our minds. And although we did do that, the stats do not support the claim by Mourinho. 57 to 43 percent possession is nothing really, especially when you look at the low possession that Chelsea often have in the big games when they only use counter attacking tactics. They had less than 30 percent of the ball against Man United last season and that was at home.

So yes Arsenal did what we had to do but to suggest that we just had 10 men behind the ball, scored one breakaway goal and then parked the bus is as ridiculous as it is laughable. We had five shots on target to their two, the same amount of corners and just three fewer attempts in total. Does that sound like 10 men behind the ball to you?

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  1. I dont even care if we truly parked the bus or not, the ediot should not just moan. Am happy with the win. Butterflies are in my tommy.

    1. ______________Off Topic_______

      If you are a fan of Arsenal FC and there are things about the club you don’t like, this is the place for you. If you are a fan of Arsenal and you would like to talk about the things you love about the club, this is the place for you.

      It reaLly puts me off when some folks come here and start acting like every other person is a robot they can control. We are all entitled to our opinions. Even admin comes up with articles that sometimes I don’t like, but that’s just me, doesn’t mean some others won’t or don’t like it.

      We all love Arsenal; no one’s opinion is superior.

      1. Comment of the day.
        Kinda statin the obvious…but due to the sheer number of insults an snipin on here recently…now relevant.

    2. The only bus parking that needs to occur, is in front of my warchest! #SavingIsBehaving #FinancialFairPlay

  2. In the first 20 minutes of the game Chelsea refused to play, parked the bus and waited for their usual counter attack. Arsenal came out boldly, took the initiative and scored in the 24th minute. Having done their job they retrieved back to their own half. The onus was on Chelsea to come out and score. They came out, though lethargically employing long balls, long throw-ins and their normal brawn-but-brainless tactic. To be honest you can’t really call that attacking football. Mourinho’s unhappiness is the realization that rugby football is no longer Arsenal’s antidote and he now has his job cut out for him.

    1. Is that a joke!

      Complacent about what?
      The fact we finished 3rd last year and that we won a charity match.

      I think anyone with their head half screwed on knows the real mark of progress will come at the ‘end’ of the season and not the ‘beginning’!

    1. I can imagine the convo between Cech and Wenger when Wenger wanted to buy him;

      Cech: “I want to stay in England and happy to join you Wenger if I can play regularly”
      Wenger: “Of course, we want you because you are a great GK, who would be stupid enough to waste such a talent…. Sorry Petr, I didn’t mean to insult your old boss”
      Cech: “lol, no worries. I like how you recognise me, so can I join”
      Wenger: “Sure, see you in training on Monday?”
      Cech: “yup, see you monday boss”

      Monday comes and Cech turns up, looks around and instantly storms into Wenger office.

      Wenger: “Petr, whats the matter? You look shocked”
      Cech: “I want to keep clean sheets boss! Where the f”(k is our bus?!?”

      Wenger gets up, goes over to the training ground and points at Kos.
      Wenger: “Thats him”

  3. I watched the game and I think this is about as much as we can expect in terms of parking the bus from Wenger, we did to an extent BUT we played the opposition and not played blind to the opposition, this was an improvment.

    We had a lot of movement in the 1st half upfront and that is what got us our goal, not a bit of fluke as Jose said but a bit of play that we played for, that fast movement upfront allowed Theo to beautifully pick out the Ox and when it came to defend that lead, we changed our tactics… which has been a complaint of some Arsenal fans, Wenger not playing the right tactic or the opposition.

    One more thing to say…
    I bet Cech must of thought to himself at one point during the game “Damn, I thought John Terry was good but Kos is on another level! 😛
    If it wasn’t for the Ox getting the goal, I would of chose Kos as the man of the match, he was always there when needed for the whole game.

    1. Chelsea dont know how to play possession, attacking football against good clubs.
      They simply park their double decker and counter.

      When teams, decent teams do it to them they don’t know how to play cause they aren’t very good at it.

      Mou better learn new tactics. I.e. How to play football or he can expect more losses.

      1. @Just Trolling
        You can bet every EPL manager took notice to that. And if they didn’t, then they only have themselves to blame…

  4. I thought boring was not winning trophies?

    Hmmm moaning Mou.

    Tell me we clearly defended better as we did not concede and we clearly attacked better as we were the only team to score.

    Does this not mean we were the better team?

    Did Chelsea not use those tactics to win CL, they did if my memory serves me right.

    1. @Just Trolling
      He was going by our old philosophy, that the team with most possession, is the better team…
      We have learned better…

  5. 2015/2016 seasons greetings to all gunner fans. Still remember Mou’s mocking speech against other teams at the Chelsea awards evening a few weeks back. It was actually stupid and made no sense. This is what the arrogant one had to say. On Man Utd, there was this this team who had good quality of ball possession, but they don’t score. No POINTS. They asked Fifa if they can win like this and were told it’s not possible, because the bigger possession is not essential to win matches. About Arsenal, he mocked that there was this team who scored beautiful goals until the bus came along.
    This man is a hypocrite to now suggest Chelsea’s bigger possession and the bus that Arsenal parked . Truth is his long serving bus conductor. Cech crossed over, Hazrd was confused and we had two easy chances that should should have been put away. Mourinho’s arrogance is

    1. Should we add a WC attacker and DM Mou will be pooping in his pants, he knows this.

      What are Arsenals odds for league now, have they increased, anyone who visits betting sites?

  6. I actually like it.
    I like that he is saying that stuff because it clearly shows that he is huuuurt hahaahahahahah.
    As long as he keeps on talking abiut it is that the wound is still bleeding and that is gooooood hahahhaha

    1. I’m with you Gigi2. I don’t want us to fight the accusation of “bus parking” – I want it to be true. We haven’t successfully parked a bus for nearly 25 years now.

  7. F**k bus! I don’t care if we park train or plane. Simply doesn’t matter. Win is a win. And maoninho is moaninho..u can’t change that creature!!

  8. I wonder what that little Arsenal fan who got Mourinho’s LOSERS Medal will do with it after he disinfects it.

    Maybe use it as a door stopper.

  9. Mou is worried. Arsenal beat them at their own tactics, the only way Chelsea know against big teams, and his team cannot also match Arsenal in fast flowing attacking football. His team won’t know what to expect when we next meet. We were too predictable and he preyed on this vulnerability, but all that has changed after yesterday and he is not so confident anymore.

    1. @Goonertilldeath
      Saw on facebook. “Since Mourinho made the statement about Wenger being a “specialist in failure” Wenger has won more trophies than him 4-2″ LOL…

  10. We don’t need joozhey’s approval for anything. If we want to park the bus, jump the shark, put the cart in front of horse, double down on a loser’s hand or jump up and down screaming like chickens …….. we can do it and that snake has no say-so in the matter.

  11. OT: Man U Woodward apparently (according to daily star:) flying out to complete Pedro deal tomorrow.

    Could have done us a turn if we were in the market for a winger.

  12. Forget about Mourinho’s moan? I didn’t even listen to it 😀

    I was more pleased with the Ox’s take as he scored and am hoping of more to be optimistic about as the months roll by.

  13. Whatever tactics we use is not anyone’s concern,we have freedom to decide how we win.That win was just a pretext Mouthinho should instead be worried about the context

  14. I don’t find his comment or reaction as a surprise cos that is what he’s good at MOANING and COMPLAINING…When Man Utd came to the bridge last season and outplayed his team in every department bar goal scored,he came out to say it was a tactical genius on his part even when LVG was complaining…whenever he’s given a taste of his medicine he ALWAYS moans. #ShakaraDonEnd #COYG #WembleyKings

  15. To hell with the Deluded One…six straight wins at wembley…and two of the victims being city and chelsea…you have a feeling that any team that we face next at wembley should be afraid.very afraid.

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