Stats show amazing improvement from Arsenal without Aubameyang

There are many Arsenal fans that were upset when our ex-captain Pierre Emerick Aubameyang was frozen out out of the squad and eventually given away to Barcelona in January.

It has been pointed out continually that Aubameyang has refound his scoring boots in La Liga, but it is also obvious now that Arsenal have also improved drastically.

We have played nine League games so far since the Gabon hitman was banished, which has resulted in 7 wins, one draw, and one last minute defeat to Champions Manchester City.

SkySports has created a chart showing the difference in the stats before and after Aubameyang….

Mikel Arteta responded to these stats and tried to explain the clear reasons for the improvement, like a better balance in the side. “I think there are many reasons attached to that,” says Arteta. “First of all, the understanding of what we want is clearer. We have a fit squad, without too many disturbances for a long period.

“That has allowed us to play a certain team more regularly and that team now has better cohesion and better understanding. Their qualities fit to make each other better.

“And then, obviously, when you get results, confidence builds up, belief builds up and the rest is a consequence of that.”

A lot of fans will say that we needed Aubameyang’s goals, but considering he only had notched up four League goals before his departure, it would seem clear that we are much better off, even without a recognised Number 9….

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Mikel Arteta’s FULL pre-Watford press conference 11.45 mins

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  1. Don’t think I would go so far as to say better off without a recognized number 9.
    Better off without Auba, results would indicate that.

    But we have struggled to score for quite a while, going back to last year.

    A recognized number 9 is exactly what we need, one that produces goals. Arteta even said as much when discussing such a player in upcoming Summer’s transfer business.

    1. Toney just completed hia hat-trick. Reminds me a little of Wrighty

      Thoughts on signing him? I think fox in the box stlye striker is ideal and would suit our current style of play

      1. Honestly haven’t followed him that much this year. I admit I don’t know enough about him to say thumbs up or down, sorry.

  2. Some times you have to sacrifice your queen to win a game of chess……let’s move on…

  3. That’s because of Lacazette’s playmaking and defending abilities. Aubameyang seems to focus on scoring only and none of our CFs has Lacazette’s teamwork skills

    Lacazette used to play as an attacking midfielder, similar to Kane who used to play as a holding midfielder. We need a strong pivot like them, not a one trick pony

    1. Yes, we seem better after Auba’s departure. But we shouldn’t forget his heroics and massive contribution at winning our only trophy in Arteta’s reign. Let’s move on from Auba’s issues.. The truth is a team should always have his type and Lacazette because they have different skill sets as C Forwards.

      1. I’d prefer to have a faster version of Lacazette and someone like Giroud as a super-sub. Having a playmaking CF and a towering one will enable us to play with various tactics

  4. All i really care about is our team putting the ball inside the net not who scored or his position,winning is what matters the most.

  5. Truthfully the stats showed 90% of fans were happy Auba was frozen out as he had not scored for a long time. The stats also showed that Lacazette featured in many of our losses this season and could and probably should have been sold in Jan also and has actually done nothing in our last three wins but be bailed our by others most recently proving Pepe and Nketia are the most lethal striker pairing in the league. During this time the Stats also proved Auba can not be blamed for the loss to Liverpool to Forest or the home draw to Burnley in the horror month of January. Stats also prove if you judge managers on the first 3 games of the season Arteta is the worst manager in the league while Nuno is better than Guardiola and Klopp.

    1. “has actually done nothing in our last three wins but be bailed our by others most recently proving Pepe and Nketia are the most lethal striker pairing in the league.”
      I can remember laca winning the ball in the box to enable Gabriel to score a winner against wolves in the first game, and can forcing the winning own goal in the second…
      Nketiah was effective in a brief appearance in the last game, but that doesn’t prove anything – if he can do it again tomorrow, maybe that it could be the start of something for him. I hope so, but he’s had chances in laca’s position, but has never been convincing at PL level.
      I get you’re trying to make a point about stats (unsuccessfully imo but whatever)

  6. God Burnley cant score a goal to save their life, chelsea are out there handing chances like it’s Christmas.

  7. I cant believe what Arteta is doing no one can give him credit.he’s doing exactly what we want and with young players.Aubameyang knew all Arteta wanted from him was to improve on his work rate and indeed Aubas work rate is abit low.thats y we need that tipical number9 who can go deep just to give firepower to our midfielfers.we need that arogant striker.keita is young if he could sigh new contract then we loan him out can be better.if we could get asenior number9 and an upgrade of zhaka,then our team is team is complete

  8. nice try Pat…this is why stats are so dangerous in the wrong hands…are they comparing the same amount of games? are they including games which Auba didn’t play, like early in the season when we were sh**? agenda hunters unite

    1. God trvl I love your conspiracy theories. The stats were from Sky, I’m not sure if they are cherry picking agenda hunters but you may be right, who knows….

      1. I in no way stated that these were author-supplied stats, which us why I used “they” in the FAQ portion of my response…the questions apply regardless of the source, as they speak directly to the legitimacy of the results on offer…surely I can’t be telling you something you don’t already know?!? no conspiracy here, but it’s important to note just how much you raise the tin foil banner in my general direction…do you really believe me to be some sort of brain-fried provocateur?

        1. What I do know is that when you first signed on here you thought gotanidea was my alter ego, and just last week you suggested other readers had multiple usernames…..

          1. of course, the GAI statement was predicated on the fact that you were so quick to protect him/her whenever anyone called him/her out and his/her doe-eyed optimism

            as for my more recent suggestion, that was more of a sarcastic commentary about how some like-minded pro-Arteta posters seem to travel in packs, which gives the perception of a singular voice even though they’re seemingly emanating from a multitude of sources

            two things, firstly I wish I could say I’m surprised that instead of reading between the lines, you continually jump to conspiratorial conclusions, which says far more about you than me
            secondly, it’s clear that you hold me in incredibly high regard, as is evident by the manner in which secretly fawn over my offerings, even the rather innocuous and easily forgettable ones, but maybe instead of always trying to break my balls you could simply offer up an appreciative nod, with no ifs or buts attached, once in a blue moon (lol)

            1. Actually trvl, I do always take extra care to read all your posts, even the long boring ones. This is simply because I am waiting for the insults to start, and to be honest I’m getting bored with it…

              1. that’s too bad, as I always enjoy your comments, even the smarmy ones, like this gem, “Obviously losing one of our last nine games (in the last minute against the best team in the world) shows that Arteta is simply Waaaaaay out of his depth”

                1. Yep, some people actually have a sense of humour!

                  You carry on trying to convince everyone that Arteta isn’t doing a great job, as is your wont, but STOP with your veiled insults to people who disagree with you. Agreed?

                  1. how could you ever suggest that I don’t have a sense of humour, considering your overreaction to my obvious attempt at humour(lol)…btw, unlike most, I don’t generally prescribe to the whole passive aggressive “veiled” gig and would greatly appreciate if others were far more forthright when responding to me, without vulgarities of course…this is likely why we get along so swimmingly…have a good one

  9. Wolves are out of the top four race i knew they will all along now it’s a three horse race(arsenal,mancs and spuds) IMO cos westham can’t make top four.survival of the fittest,COYG

  10. STATISTICALLY Auba is one of our best ever strikers, who under Arteta hasn’t performed, was it Auba or the way we play? WE CAN ALL US STATS TO PROVE ANYTHING.

    1. @Reggie
      Some people’s reasoning is one way traffic unfortunately. So they don’t reason this way. Ask them to show one arsenal player now that is better than Aubameyang, they will not.

      If I say these admins are hypocrites now, they’ll come after me. How can you keep writing negative things about someone that always showed up for us in difficult times?

      1. Its good that MA is capitalizing on games at hand. But when stats will change and out of top 4 the praise team will disappear and critics will add up.

        We have seen a number of Managers at Arsenal denied the support conveyed to MA by being true of what is really needed. I think MA agrees a lot with his top bosses that’s why he seems to be doing okay regardless. Imagine if MA did not capitalize on his “non-negotiable” mind-centeredness and be a bit positive on the 8 players he offload from the squad how would the team be?!?

        Ozil was bad, Guendouz bad, Martinez fall out, Willian, Saliba, Maitland-Niles, Ceballos and Auba. Still MA is looking forward to crown his ‘non-negotiable’ style of management through Lacca and Edu … I think he fears the talent he find at the club and want to replace all of them slowly …

        Remember MA is a young-coach who wants to prove a ‘thing’ in his mind … But on whose cost?!? Arsenal. Let’s continue to learn his ideal strategy known to himself to see how favored he is with his ‘thing’ embedded in his mind to sail Arsenal to the wished success at 4th position this season. I think he is missing a catalyst to understand the players and a team spirit leadership, a bit of what AW had in his Arsenal era.

      2. So if I write a report on factual stats compiled by skysports, how does that make me a hypocrite? Do you not like these facts?

        1. @Admin Pat
          You base your writing on factual stats, where is the stats of 2019 before and during the early days of MA reign? How many games did Auba play this season, before Auba left for Barcelona how many games did Arsenal win without him playing?

          Fast forward to now that he’s in Barcelona, how many goals has he scored from how many games.

          Compute all these and you’ll find out that most of these stats are not factual and you claim.

      3. We have at least 11 players who are better than auba was for arsenal over the past 18 months – that’s all that matters.

        1. @Davi
          Yeah right, for the past 18months. What about before then and now that he is in Barcelona?
          You can’t even mention one player in Arsenal you think is better Aubameyang. May be in your dreams.

          1. Every Arsenal player is better than Aubameyang because he doesn’t play for us any more…

            1. Hahaha @Admin Pat

              The more reason you should move on I guess, lol. But on a more serious note, don’t you think I make sense?

              1. If you can’t accept that Aubameyang was a shadow of his former self in the last 18 months, then you know nothing about Arsenal

  11. The Arsenal 1st team squad should undergo some adjustments to it in the form of reshaping it to revamp it. Which will see some incomings and outgoings at the club during the next summer transfer window as us are anticipating it will happen.

    Since the last January transfer window has come and gone when Arsenal tried to sign the highly rated striker Vlahovic but were not successful to bring him to the Emirates Stadium.

    Nevertheless, it has been so nice so good for Arsenal in the campaign so far this season. As they are currently on 6th at week the 27 stage of the campaign with even 3 games in hand to play as they’ve played 24 matches out of the 27 that they ought to have played. But for the interruptions which they have occasioned.

    I think us have lamented enough over Arsenal failure to sign a new top class striker replacement to PEA last Jan window. For, us know very well that the failure by Arsenal to not sign a new top quality striker was not down to them per say to get the Vlahovic deal done. But down to the player himself who chose Jeventus over us. Probably after he might have realised that the EPL will be too tough for him to play-in if he signs for Arsenal. But anyway, Arsenal helped him indirectly as his stocks became increased considerably after they bidded for him that made him to become well known far and wide beyond his Florentina club side. For, whenever Arsenal bidded for any unknown or not very known player, he’ll becomes instantly very known as the spotlight will focus on him.

    As the January transfer window has since closed but leave Arsenal with a very strong squad that can compete at the top level of the EPL to challenge for a top-four place finish this season. I think us should leave the issue of Arsenal not signing a marquee striker replacement last January window alone till season’s end. Because there is nothing that us in our agitation can do over the matter now. But to now always focus on our next games as they come for us to play them game by game. One of such is against Watford at away tomorrow. A match that is a MUST win by the Gunners comes what may come in the game at the Vicarage Road. The Gunners MUST prevail with a wm over the Hornets in the match

  12. Auba will always have a fond place in many Arsenal fans’ hearts for his priceless season-defining goals that earned us two trophies.
    Whatever conclusions we may draw regarding his contributions to Arsenal, from the team stats before and after 6 Dec, the fact remains that he is no longer a factor in how Arsenal will perform moving forward. And there is little point either in lamenting over Laca’s contribution since he became captain, as some fans (me included 😛) are prone to do at times.
    We are today at 8/11 odds for 4th place – the best since after Wenger left ; thaaaaaanks to Arteta and Edu. Let’s focus on supporting Arteta from now till end of season to qualify for ECL next season, and not be distracted by other irrelevancies.

    Anyone has our win/draw/loss stats starting from our fourth game this season, for our Partey/Xhaka partnership?

  13. For God’s sake,can’t we do without this auba’s issue? Afterall,i’ve said it times without number that ‘no one is indispensable’ so,let him (auba) be. Arteta and Edu needs our support now more than any other thing rather than criticisim,rebuking,condemnation and ungrateful attitude of ours. Let’s learn how to appreciate what we have nd move on. Gunners 4 life!

  14. Anyone can write whatever or feel whatever he/she feels about Aubameyang. Truth is, he’s a STAR that shines everywhere he goes and no one, even his haters can take that away from him.
    Aubameyang is miles better than any forward we have at arsenal or any of our transfer targets. He doesn’t need to introduce himself wherever he goes. He did it in league 1, in German league he won the golden boot in a the same league with Lewandowski. In premier league he won the golden boot with Kane, Vardy, Mane, Salah in it, even when arsenal finished 5th. He’s tearing it up now in La Liga and about to be named the best player of the month.
    Managers that knows their job brings out the best in their players. Arteta didn’t do.

    Isn’t it hypocritical that when writes or says something good about Aubameyang you will question the person’s credibility as an arsenal fan but you write about him it’s fine.

    The hatred and all the negative things you lots said about Aubameyang will continue to haunt you until you say the truth which is glaring but you refuse to admit.

    Halla Aubameyang❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Have you concluded your transfer to Barcelona alongside Auba or you’re gonna be here in the midst of Arsenal fans constantly screaming Hala Auba?

      1. It’s pitiful Eddie
        The bloke has gone.
        He didn’t come through the academy as one of our own and he took the route out of Arsenal that was best for himself.
        Great goal scorer in his time but I can’t get any more excited about him than that.

        1. @SueP
          Exactly my point. Why do the admins keep writing about him when he is no longer an arsenal player?
          The thin squad we have now is enough for them to write about every player.
          How can you say you have moved on with some someone but keep writing about him?

          1. Errrmmm. Albright, why is every comment you make about Aubameyang? Don’t you know he’s left?

      2. @Eddie
        I am an arsenal fan through and through but that won’t make twist the facts or lie about someone. You can not blame arsenal’s misfortune on one player alone. What about team work?
        I believe you get the point now.

      3. @Jon Fox
        For you to find my intellect sad because I have a different opinion says it all about you.
        I can’t bring myself down to your level by insulting you back. So continue….

  15. What is all the fuss about?
    It is a fact, we have been doing better since Auba was left out. Plain and simple.
    But there is no evidence, it has to do with Auba alone. In theory, we could have done just as well with him, we will never know.
    But we should be happy at the moment, because of recent results. Auba seems happy too, if that matters.
    This is a team thing, and we seem stronger as a team with the current line-up.
    But we are also vey vulnerable. If Lacca gets injured, we may have a big problem.
    Fingers crossed.

    1. I think as Jon below alludes to, the only way we could have improved with Auba would be if he’d fully bought into the team ethos and committed to putting in 100pc each game. There was a brief window around the NDL at the start of the season when it looked like he was coming around, but after that his head dropped and he stopped doing the work – that’s how I saw it anyway.
      Laca has different strengths and weaknesses compared to auba, but is definitely not a better overall striker; he is however better for this team because he runs through walls and leads by example.

  16. Forgive my being to thr point- I will never be any different – but I’d have thought that when you play with eleven players who try, as opposed to ten who try and one who is an idle passenger , then far bettr results are not unexpected. They are a certainty!

    Disappointingly, I see so few fans on JA ever making and hammering home (as I do) that obvious idle point, that has in the last decade or so applied to a fair few of our players, all now mercifully gone.

    I also see far too few who openly praise the far better team workrate and team spirit under the so called”rookie” manager who is proving his ability so plainly.

    Except to the declining in number, wilfully blind fans on here.

  17. Vice versa too, the main striker never gets much from the wingers. I think Aubu landed in the right place, he makes Barca sing. I wonder if Arsenal will be able to sign a perfect striker in the summer. Who would want to come here? I think Aubu was good for both teams. I am still an Arsenal fan, not an Arteta fan. He acts like a girl friend you would like to forget.

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