Stats show Arsenal DEFINITELY need a new TOP CLASS striker

Comparisons between Arsenal and Rival strikers‏ by HA

Good day. I hope all of you are fine. As things stand, we are lying in 3rd position and Chelsea is running away with the title. In this article, the scoring comparison between Arsenal and the other top 5 clubs will be shown.

After 27 gameweeks, number of goals scored by the top 6 teams are:

1. Chelsea 56 (with a game in hand)
2. City 57
3. Arsenal 51
4. United 46
5. Liverpool 40

Statistically, we are almost at par with the top 2 teams. Chelsea has an average of 2.15 goals/ match and City has 2.11 goals/ match. We are scoring at 1.89 goals/ match.

Now, lets have an in depth look of who is scoring the goals for each team.

1. Chelsea:
Goals scored by strikers (Costa, Remy, Drogba): 23
Midfielders: 24
Defenders: 8

2. Manchester City:
Goals scored by strikers (Aguero, Dzeko, jovetic): 26
Midfielders: 28
Defenders: 3

3. Arsenal
Goals scored by strikers (Giroud, Welbeck): 13
Midfielders: 31
Defenders: 6

4. Manchester United:
Goals scored by strikers (Rooney, RVP, Falcao, Wilson): 25
Midfielders: 16
Defenders: 3

5. Liverpool:
Goals scored by strikers (Balotelli, Sturridge, Lambert): 6
Midfielders: 26
Defenders: 4

Now the difference between us and Chelsea, City, United seem very clear. Our midfield scored more goals than any other team but our strikers fall short big time. We fall at least 10 goals behind those three teams. If we had those ten goals from our strikers, we would have been top of the goals department and also the league.

After a long time we as a team are more balanced. After Coquelin and Gabriel’s emergence, we are defensively more solid as well. But our goal scoring department is still not up to the mark.

For example, Chelsea, Manchester City and United strikers are scoring at 0.88, 0.96 and 0.93 goals per match whereas our strikers are scoring at 0.48 goals/ match. Both our strikers have improved a lot, specially Giroud. But still our ratio is almost half of our competitors.

Adding a world class striker to this team will take the team to a whole new level and can give us the long awaited premier league title. I sincerely hope Arsene will address this issue in the summer window.

We can cash in on Podolski (6-8m), Campbell (8-10m), Jenkinson (8-10m) and Flamini (2-3m) and can buy a lethal striker. My personal preference is Edinson Cavani, Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema. Any of these three strikers can end the long drought for us.

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  1. arsenalman365 says:

    Giroud has been injured for months to be fair It’s unfair not to class Alexis as a striker.

    1. seancali says:

      Alexis defenitly counts as a striker. You should have a little more knowledge about football and arsenal before writing an article like the one you did.and as arsenalman mentioned giroud was injured for a long period.he has done way better than most of the bpl strikers. Bony who is a 30 mil striker missed some sitters last night.giroud has been scoring almost in every game he plays.we need a striker to challenge oli

      1. themadhurata says:

        To be fair to the writer he is talking about lead strikers but to also pull him up, welbeck has had most his games on the wing, Alexis has had one or two as a lead striker, Remy has been on the wing, city play with two strikers, sterling has been a lead striker for Liverpool, Liverpool I believe have and can play with two strikers on occasion, Rooney hasn’t been playing in the attack at all let alone the lead striker, only the last few games he has been in their attack, also they can and have played two up top, including with fellaini.

        I’m sure there are many more inconsistencies but those are from the top of my head.

        Point is we can’t compare and contrast with others because football isn’t that simplistic.

        1. jonestown1 says:

          On the money there. Absolutely useless “stat” comparison. So much wrong with it – the most immediate and obvious is MC and MU play with 2 strikers up top so pretty obvious they should be scoring more than the one in our 5-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1. Sanchez effectively plays as our 2nd striker – not sure what planet some are on by conveniently discounting him from our strike force.

          1. chenrob2 says:

            Agree totally senseless article, the writer asserts that we need a world class striker based on the amount of goals scored by our competition’s stickers, but his stats are all based on Chelsea, Manu, Mancity and Liverpool using 1-2 more strickers that Arsenal.

  2. Gunner says:

    true a top striker is extremely useful to any club….we had 1 in RVP, but remem according to these stats, it just increased the goals scored by the striker and reduced the goals scored by the rest of team.
    It is a team sport – and the end result that counts, these stats just proves that our goals are spread across the entire team (which is a good thing)…
    having said that I would love to see a Karim Benzema in our team.

    1. French says:

      I would love to see Benzema as well. He’s fantastic for Real and would add something different to our attack then Giroud.

  3. ranger says:

    giroud is not a bad striker and not a best striker but he gives his 100% on ground to lift the team and in my opinion he is best passer of ball in all premier league striker.

    1. seancali says:

      Giroud is underrated, simple as that.he is among the top three strikers in bpl

      1. Cappieee says:

        Lolx, are u kidding Sean? Giroud is a good striker, but come next season we need a WC CF. I will take Lewandoski, Schnedierlin and fabian schar.

        1. Hafiz Rahman says:

          lewandoski guarantee goals。。。hes taller stronger faster and way more talented than Giroud

          1. KickAssFan says:

            He flies and walks on water too.

          2. seancali says:

            We have seen lewandowski this season in Europe’s best team.only ten do you rate him as world class?he should be Germany’s leading goal scorer with 20 goals by now.we are talking Bayern.come on ffs.he’s nothing special.

          3. French says:

            Because he’s been played out wide pretty consistently this season. Only Pep knows why but that’s why his goal tally has been down.

            We’ve seen what he can do with more of a counter team in Dortmund and with Arsene using that tactic more and more he would be a perfect addition to our squad. Benzema would suit us as well, he is a fantastic striker and underrated in the Real attack. He interchanges with the wingers so well and makes their attack and counterattack so fluid, something Giroud does not do so well.

            Bottom line, yes Giroud is a good striker but as a top club we need another top class option that gives our attack something different.
            Welbeck is never going to be that guy.

      2. john0711 says:

        Top 3 strikers Lmao

  4. Big Gun says:

    I agree with this article to an extent. The stats show us a few things, but most importantly the following: Our midfielders are scoring more goals because our CF’s are not getting into goal scoring positions and making decent runs into space. The stats are also a reflection of our style of play – we do not counter attack effectively enough and are still playing that game where we pass pass pass the ball around their box and try and roll the ball into the net. This is why our midfielders are having more opportunity to score goals, simply because they are in range to shoot, where if you watch Chelsea, City, United all those teams have strikers and CF’s quick enough to break on the counter and score goals even before their own midfield have the time to run up the pitch and get involved and also before the opposition has time to get back and defend. With Arsenal, our counter attacks fizzle out, especially with Giroud as our only CF. We simply cannot produce decent counter attacking football with him up front. He is great for certain tactics, but this is the reason why players like Aguero, Rooney, Costa and co will always better than him. Arsenal desperately need a Suarez type player up front to compliment the rest of our attack, it really is the missing piece to the puzzle – that and another top DM.

  5. kaacha1 says:

    Its a team sport and as long as we win am happy…..

  6. Kim VN says:

    Non-sense article!
    1- Alexis should be counted as a Striker
    2- You should be happy as all Positions can score
    3- Our strikers don’t take Penalty

  7. ArnSam says:

    I will always say Giroud n Welbeck are not strikers at least not to Arsenal standards.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Please, let’s just give sentiment and myopia the middle finger, Giroud is good, so is Welbeck, but they both are not “Arsenal” materials.

      Dear, God!!! This generation of fans have stained their lips with ass prints. We are talking Arsenal, FFS!!! We used to be Ass-Kickers, not Lickers!!!

  8. supertuur says:

    Stupid article.

    City and Manu play with 2 strikers upfront in 4-4-2 formations. Hence why more goals will come from strikers.

    Look at Barca and Real Madrid. Ronaldo and Neymar are is in your opinion wingers and are not classified as strikers.

    Very dumb article.

    1. jgrim says:

      Oh my days why would this article get published!! erm you only counted 2 strikers for us you div!! why don’t you show stats for goals per game this season for Giroud against other strikers and Sanchez? love the comparison to real Madrid! surely by this article Ronaldo and Bale are midfielders????? I think Real need at top top striker as according to this article their forwards don’t score enough hahahahaahahaah what a stupid article. How do we rate goals per game since Giroud returned????

  9. rex says:

    cut Oli some slack. he spent some time injured remember! and I strongly think Alexis should be classed as a striker in your analysis

  10. andyarsenal05 says:

    What a stupid article. Google Sanchez and see what position he plays. Next if you hate Giroud so much try not to be obvious. Since coming of injury Giroud has been the one of highest scoring striker in premier league. Also to put respect to him he creates more chances than any of the other strikers in the other team. If we had a better striker the results will be us scoring more with our strikers and less with our midfield.

  11. fred cowardly says:

    We definitely need a Top striker unless you are happy with 4th place

    Alexis is a winger like Hazard or Di Maria

    Chelski has Hazard but they also have a WC striker.
    That is why they are 1st place

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Three daft statements. Systems define who is a “winger”, not a games console label or where a player appears on a team sheet. The “winger” is all but dead in the modern game. Navas and Valencia are the closest in the PL top teams atm. Hazard is a “winger”? Alexis is a “winger”? Never in a million years. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever in either of their playing styles, the way they are deployed, their positional play, their role etc etc etc that marks them out as wingers. Nothing.

      Costa “world class” and the reason Chelsea are in 1st place. There are many reasons why Chelsea are in 1st place and Costa’s goals might just make one of the top ten reasons. 17 goals – great. Look closer and think about it though. He has only scored the decisive or winning goal in 2 matches (versus Liverpool and Swansea). 7 of his 17 goals have come in one-sided demolitions of Everton and Swansea. The remaining non-critical goals against Burnley, Leicester, Villa, WBA, Hull, Newcastle and that Cesc Hail Mary assisted goal against us. No goals in Europe. A career goals to game ratio of 0.39. One and a half very good seasons fairly late in his career. A very good striker who may become world class but he needs to finish this season in style (all dried up a bit at the moment) and repeat it next year before he is put anywhere the top of the world striker pantheon.

  12. themadhurata says:

    No you are wrong. We need to score MORE goals from midfield.

    Don’t look at other teams. Don’t even look at our stats. Look at our games the games we play and the way/style we play and find out where we are lacking and faltering.

    Carzola has had a few openings but has choose to pass to giroud for a flick. Gibbs had a chance yesterday but passed to giroud who wasn’t in space.

    Fact is top top top class strikers don’t fall off trees and they can be very much hit or miss in their new team. So yes a Cavani might improve our team but there is a massive chance he could make our team worse.

    Giroud might not be WC. He isn’t a striker to centre all your attack game around but his link up play is up there. He is used to the physical nature of the prem and he does and can score when he get an opportunity in the box.

    So we might be able to make a punt at a WC potential striker and slowly integrate him into the team or buy a WC striker and shoehorn into the team setup.

  13. FFFanatic says:

    What a nonsensical article. Let’s look at some facts:

    City and Utd play with 2 strikers (thus you’d expect more goals from strikers)
    Utd play with Rooney in midfield often (thus he unfairly tilts their stats towards strikers)
    If we consider Alexis as part of an attacking 3 then our stats jump massively in a different direction (26 strikers, 18 midfield)

    Our attack is NOT the same as other teams. We play with a striker with his back to goal, most of the other top teams do not play this way. We play with less width meaning less good crosses to strikers (a thing other top teams do much better then us).

    Our direct comparison is Chelsea. They play the same formation as us but have lots more striker goals if we conclude Alexis is not a striker. Why is this? I’d argue because they are playing better passing football rather than that their striker is being especially more lethal.

    As I’ve said before – a world class superstar striker would be lovely. BUT there’s not many and they cost an absolute bomb while we already have a player scoring at over a goal every 2 games (which is generally considered a decent striker stat). I think we have to worry less about the finishing at the top end of the pitch and more about getting our team playing all across the pitch. That is unless we want to move to a fast counter style play instead of our well known passing style in which case let’s just get a speed merchant beast up front, but I’d prefer to stick to a beautiful passing game.

    1. Jim A says:

      @FFF Great reply!! I seriously wonder how many of the 15-20 aerials in the middle of the pitch yesterday those other strikers would win ok even attempt to go after. I cringe every time I hear someone put OG down.

  14. MDOwn says:

    That is the most ridiculous analysis Iv’e seen. Mostly because you’ve completely ignored Sanchez’s contribution despite the fact he spent the first half of the season as a ST in a 442. And has since played lone striker in a 4231. Just because he has been playing LW doesn’t make him a midfielder!

    1. YingYang69 says:

      Exactly, we play what used to be called a four three three, thats three strikers.

  15. tissiam says:

    people are wondering why the number of comments has been going down,well with articles like this one no wonder,just arsenal needs to get better writers who actually know &understand the game!!stop posting articles just for the sake of it as they say,QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!

  16. murrelj says:

    just a quick point that giroud has been injured with a broken leg this season so obviously he would have scored less goals.

  17. YingYang69 says:

    Impressive that our midf score so much, i believe a 25 30 pl goals striker would definitely up the ante. Hopefully Giroud can become this. I must say though that if we did have those extra ten goals you talk about it could mean ten less from our midfield as games go a certain way when trying to hold a lead and so forth.

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