Stats show Arsenal made a MASSIVE mistake on Sanogo

With Arsenal failing or turning down the chance to sign a new centre forward to cover for the injured France international Olivier Giroud, you would have to assume that Arsene Wenger thinks he has got enough options in the Arsenal squad already to cope until Christmas.

And with his reluctance to use either Walcott or Podolski in the middle, or Joel Campbell anywhere, that leaves just Alexis Sanchez and Yaya Sanogo for the central striking role. Arsene Wenger certainly seems to have faith in the young Frenchman signed for nothing last summer, but the stats do not agree.

In a Sky Sports report on the disappointing draw with Leicester, it was revealed that Sanogo set the unwanted record of the most shots in a Premier League game (7) without scoring a goal. Only two of those were actually on target. I know that his first goal will help him to settle, but the overall stats comparison on between him and Giroud last season tell a sorry story for the youngster.

His overall score, as an average per game, was minus 0.63 compared to Giroud’s 17.14 and his score for attacking is even worse, -0.8g compared to Giroud’s 21.13. His pass completion and shooting accuracy is actually a little better than Giroud’s but how many of those shots are straight at the keeper or into a defender? The most damning stat, of course, is played 16 senior games, scored none in an Arsenal shirt.

And I don’t think that putting all this pressure on him to do the business for Arsenal is going to help him get any better either. So Wenger could have ruined our season and Sanogo’s career in one fell swoop. What do you guys think?

Brilliant Wenger Parody of Transfer day deadline – POKER FACE!

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    1. Sanchez———Welbeck——–Walcott

      Absolutely pure pace , skill and work ethic . Hope we get the best from welbeck, he is not a bad signing. NOW THE KEY HERE IS WENGER THAT FALSE WINGER BUL***T AND PLAY OZIL BEHIND THE STRIKER. If not we are doom, this lineup WILL get the best of everyone in this team. Ozil will have a lot of movement around him, im diying to see those killer passes, please please please WENGER stop playing ozil wide. You are killing him.

      thats the way to go until walcott is fit.

      Now is the moment to stop bs experiments with our cams.

    1. The problem is not Welbeck. It is all the other deficiencies Wenger simply chooses to ignore.

      Everyone in the world knows Arseanal need a DM to compete with big teams. Every club in the world has CB backups – not Arsenal. Every big club has wingers that the coach is willing to use – not Wenger.

      Wenger has blown another transfer opportunity and simply LIED to all the fans about all the money he would spend to strengthen the team. He is a liar.

      1. Umm I think you have forgotten about Sanchez, Debuchy, Ospina and Chambers… Any more signings in one window and we risk a tottenham.

        1. Arsenal have signed the least players of any Premier League club this transfer window. I don’t think we’re most at risk of doing a Tottenham.

        2. Umm. I think you have forgotten all the departures (Verm, Sagna, Jenks, Miquel) – you have to count those also.

          And the players from last season who we now know are not good enough? Sanogo, Ryo etc.

          And the existing deficiencies remaining from last season? Remember last season? 4th place again? I thought the idea was trying to actually win the league?

          And the players who are still injured? (Walcott)
          And the players Wenger seems unwilling to use? (Campbell, Poldi)

          Me thinks you have forgotten much – all the factors that MUST be considered when forming a team.

          1. He doesn’t use Poldi because he’s rubbish. I wouldn’t either. 100k a week for a twitter expert.

            My 1 hope was that we would get rid of him during this window but I may now have to wait until January.

          1. Every team is form with 26 players, so, if you buy someone, you have to sell someone, unless they are youth graded. So, basically every buy is replacement. You can complain about the quality of squad players, but saying replacement is odd, I think.

            1. Proactive teams (like Chelsea) identify weaknesses, ship those players out and bring in better replacements. Wenger is too loyal to his players to do that so he only replaces players when the players choose to leave. The only proactive signing this summer was Sanchez. Everyone other signing was a reaction to a player choosing to leave or a player getting hurt.

              1. ??? So Wenger’s “loyalty” in effectively off-loading Sagna, Fabianski, TV5, Park, Bendtner, Myachi, loaning out Jenks etc and “replacing” them with Debuchy, Ospina, Chambers, Sanchez, Welbeck and bringing JC back off loan is entirely different to Chelsea off-loading Cole, Lampard, Torres, Eto’o, Ba (plus 8 others) and replacing them with Luis, Fabregas, Remy, Costa and Drogba?? And why is replacing a player who has a long-term injury suddenly a capital offence? What exactly was the correct response to Giroud’s injury?

        3. one well managed buy alexis
          one panic buy welbeck
          three replacements debuchy-chambers-ospina for the departing trio vermaelen-sagna-fabianski
          2 net buys
          any premier league team, maybe even leicester buys more than that !

      2. @mohawk
        Agree with you.

        And with Arsenal current performance, i don’t think we can compete with City and Chelsea in EPL. and with Barca, Bayern Muenchen, and Madrid in UCL.

        I just hope i’m wrong.

        1. Wenger may surprise us again and figure out a way to get 4th place again – not what we want but still a good achievement.

          But competing with City, Chelsea, Bayern etc? Forget it. I am too grounded in reality to hang onto that fantasy.

        2. No you are not wrong. We are competing for fourth place. The best we can hope for in the CL is final 8. And that only happens if we win the group and don’t face a top side in the final 16. We have no chance against Bayern, PSG or one of the 3 top Spanish clubs With a lucky draw, maybe we can win the FA Cup or the League Cup. If we draw a good club away, we will be out. In short, same old story. We will beat bad teams and get our ass kicked by the really good teams.

      3. Mohawk: You are normally on the ball – what/where is the lie? You don’t strike me as some who would be easily spun by any glib board or media statement. We can all be disappointed but claiming Wenger has failed on a promise is just untrue.

        1. He promised to spend the 100 mil as needed to fill vacant spots and fix existing deficiencies. He did neither – not even close That is a lie. He promised specifically to fill Verm’s role. He did not. When you lie to fans you are a liar.

          1. Dude you should support Chelsea or city they spend large amounts of cash for over priced players. It’s not like he didn’t try. What can the man do if his targets are happy where they are? Carvalho didn’t want to leave his team and he failed to sign his cb targets. No one can say that he hasn’t made the team stronger this season. A front 3 with sanchez, Walcott with welbeck in the middle will scare most teams, even Chelsea and city who we beat without welbeck and Walcott running at them.

      4. Simply compare Arsenal’s top 3 strikers to Man City, Man Utd., Liverpool and Chelsea and you will clearly see that Arsenal finishes last among them!

        The battle for 4th place is now on!

        1. It is worse than that because last year we were good at the back (except against top 5 teams). We will not be as good this year. There is no depth in the back 4 and our CDM situation is even worse because Arteta and Flamini are both fading. We will concede more goals than last year without improving goal scoring. The failure to sign a CDM and another CB was criminal negligence.

          1. We barely used verm last season. We mostly used mert and kosh as we will this season. The times we used verm last season he was less effective than chambers has been for us thus far and debucy had better stats last season than sagna so I fail to see how we are weaker defensively than last season.

    2. Yeah, let’s hope so, similar situation. Sturridge played out wide and didn’t do well, now he is a really really good striker, don’t know if world class but just short. Well I’ve been one of those who did banter about welbeck lol. Just never liked the guy, but now he is an arsenal player and needs support. Let’s see if he geta regular game time centrally in this next months, he might up his game. Hope so. Has the physical attributes we just needed too, enough speed and strength and also good at air balls. Let’s see, he’s young and I hope he ups his game, I really do. COYG! Let’s wish for the best, everything is possible in the bpl…

  1. yaya isn’t great, but i think taking these stats and judge him as is is very unfair to the player.
    he’s still relatively young(21 turning 22 in january) and has potential to be better.

    Yaya is for sure not up for it yet, but for a 3rd/4th choice forward i think he’s reasonable.

    what is wrong isn’t Yaya, it’s Wenger’s dithering and never sign who we really need.

    1. Yaya is at no fault here at all, if Wenger picked me to lead the line at Arsenal and I scored no goals it wouldnt be my fault either, I am just not good enough, its the gaffer that needs to see that, not the player

    2. You are right. Judging a player from stats is not perfect. But Sanogo does not just have bad stats. We don’t need stats – just watch him. He looks like he needs to see a neologist.

    3. At the end of the day, end result is most important and Sanogo surely does not deliver on that front.
      But for a young player as him, we should not ignore the positive he bring to the team. Good hold up play, presence up front, his off the ball running is spot on as well. His biggest problem would be he lacks the calmness of a poacher in front of goal, he rush his shot too often and seem to get nervous last minute when the goal is in sight. Once he got that he can be one hell of a striker, for whatever fault he has, never doubt Le Pro in identify young talent player when he see one.
      Finally it is not his fault that he got throw in when he is not ready. With the arrival of Welbeck he is back to where he should be 3rd choice or 4th choice (if you count Sanchez as striker). Once Giroud is back he can go on loan for half season to a Championship side, and next season to a lower tier EPL team. After that he would be ready.

      1. ur right: its wenger’s fault that his squad is so lean it relies on young sanogo.
        + it will hurt sanogo’s development: better to loan him and let him mature more slowly.

        we got a bunch of replacements over the transfer season: thank you wenger.
        ( + maybe we got a CF in sanchez; maybe)

        but we didnt address the DM and CB (and didnt really address the CF)
        so a poor transfer window (and i think its wenger’s best in last 4 years)

      2. Running off the ball spot on? He can’t stay onside to save his life. Hold up play? Yes, on the rare occasion when he doesn’t give the ball away with his first touch, his hold up play is OK. There is no other team in the PL where Sanogo would see significant game time. If we were to loan him out, we would have trouble finding a Championship team where he could be a clear starter. The kid is simply way to raw to play at this level.

  2. I think Welbeck will be great at AFC if he gets the same amount of chances as Sanogo. He is no Falcao or Cavani, but I think this is much better than no striker at all. Would love to see a DM and CB as well, but I am far from unhappy about this transfer window, hope the defence stays injury-free until january, then Arsenal can do good things. Glad this window and the crazy rumour-mill is shut, let’s focus on winning games, COYG! 😀

    1. I think you are right about Welbeck. I think he fits the bill and I am glad he is with the club.

      But I am also so saddened by Wenger’s willingness to just disregard obvious problems with the club.

      Most of us love Wenger. It would be a sad and empty day if he departed. But I am unwilling to ignore the reality of his failures and incompetence merely because he has done so many wonderful things for the club. Reality is reality. And Wenger really let down the fans again by ignoring deficiencies/vacancies at DM and CB backup.

    2. How refreshing. This post is probably in the 1% of positive, supportive comments on this site. The bitching and moaning here makes me gag.

      1. Well I am an Arsenal supporter, and even if I don’t necessarily agree with Wenger’s politics, I think people tend to forget about the fact that we support Arsenal the club, and should stick with our players and cheer them on, they are the ones playing, winning and losing, and us giving them a hard time doesn’t help anything but to bring their confidence down. They are not at fault for the club not bringing in what’s needed, or playing out of position, that’s on Wenger and the board.

    3. The defense absolutely must stay injury free because there is no depth. Only 2 backups? Gibbs and Monreal are both injury prone. We have to hope that they will not both be hurt at the same time. Chambers is one guy backing up 3 players. Inevitably, there will be games where at least 2 are injured or suspended. Kos has a lingering Achilles problem and Mert may break down with age. Two players short at the back.

  3. Welbeck could be a good signing. 6ft 2 , very quick, tricky and has a massive presseing work ethic to match that of sanchez. We need players like that who give it their all! He was constantly played out wide for united like sturridge was for city and chelsea. Just needs to work on his finishing. Not the big name we were hoping for but lets get behind him

        1. Vs man city would love to see a front 4 of alexis welbeck ox and Campbell .. Ozil and cazorla are underperforming .. Energy and pace upfront would be good for the pressing

            1. The only thing wrong with it is Wenger will never do it. He won’t play Campbell and doesn’t believe in playing two proper wingers at the same time. Hence, we will always see Ozil, Carzola or (occasionally) Podolski on the LW.

  4. Not gonna say I’m overly happy about welbeck deal. but not his fault just disappointed because there was better out there. hope he does well and don’t have anything against him. The hatred should be should be directed at Wenger for taking an eternity to get a deal done. us fans really need to look at ourselves and see if Wenger is really the man to take this club to the next level.

  5. Shame we did not sign another
    defender but Wenger said
    if we lose a defender we might
    have to be a little creative.
    Giroud and Sanogo
    are tall and know how to stop the ball
    going into the net 🙂

    1. or wenger couldve been creative and spend some money.

      since that would be a surprising and un-obvious move for him, it would count as being creative.

    2. WTF does “creative” mean? Desperate is the correct term to describe those circumstances. Imagine trying to play at City with only 3 defenders on the pitch protected by Arteta?

  6. Crying over what could have been never helps and never helped anyone. Certainly not what i wanted, Danny welbeck. But what the heck am i gonna do? Welcome to Arsenal DW.

  7. Someone wake me up from this nightmare!!! I can’t believe people are settling for Welbeck. I understand all we can do now is accept it but it will take a while to digest. Shows great ambition, thank you Wenger for another solid transfer window. 5th place here we come!!!

  8. Arsene Wenger is destroying Arsenal. He has absolutely no idea what he is doing in a transfer window.

    We only have 6 players in Defense. 6 instead of 8. Now the 2 center forward have really no competition for places. When he sold Vermaelen he said he was going to replace him, where is the replacement.

    We lost, Vermaelen, Djorou, Sagna, Miquel, and Jenkinson

    We gained, Debuchy and Chambers

    That’s 5 defenders gone with 2 coming in, leaving the team with 6 defenders. This is criminal. If there were penalties for crimes against clubs in transfer windows he would get Life with no parole or the guillotine since he is French.

      1. What makes you say that? I want to have whatever you are having to get that rosy everything is great outlook. 🙂

    1. It seems we never count internal promotion as new addition. Our young player need chance as well.
      Out: Vermaelen, Sagna, Jenkinson (Djourou and Miquel not counted because they are all on loan last season as well)
      In: Debuchy, Chambers
      Promote: Isaac Haydens, Hector Bellerin
      Monreal shows in pre-season that he can play CB as well

      For new signing this season
      Sanchez, Debuchy, Ospina, Chambers, Welbeck — AND Campbell. He was our player but will take a squad slot this season so he is absolutely new addition.
      So it is 6 new additions in total, to be fair they are not just merely replacement, and higher quality than the ones who depart as well.

      But we do need a DM as well. It wont be a successful transfer without finding solution for that position.
      Rabiot not sigining for Roma either – it seems Wenger will get him for FREE next season and make him our new DM

  9. Also wenger even admitted we are short at ghe back but it looks like he screwed that one up. We only have 7 defenders (if you include belerin) so we would beed to promote isaac hayden or the other young cb. Also we are going to need coquelin as wenger didnt get a dm. I liked coquelin before he left. Hopefully he can improve. Has energy and is a decent DM.

    1. That is the problem. Wenger has players who can play LW, but he won’t use them. He would rather use someone who plays poorly on the wing. You figure it out. I cannot.

  10. Still feel very let down by our end to the transfer window, willing to give Welbeck a chance though. I wouldn’t start him against City however.

  11. With all due respect to the writer…….

    I don’t need stats to recognize Sanogo cannot play at the top level.

  12. Eto’o, a proven goal scorer was available for free and yet we didn’t go for him. Look how quickly he’s settled at Everton. Its crazy to go the season with only 3 centre backs. I’m sure there must be some 38 year old defender that we can sign as a free agent. The transfer window was terribly disappointing and this is only an understatement.

    1. too short in defence, too short in real dm,
      i don tcare about wenger (anymore) but i hope ourArsenal doesnt suffer for this

  13. Guys just a question, Is Welback better than Sanchez or Campell or Theo as a CF?

    What is our lie up when Theo comes back? Sanchez-Welback-Theo? I mean its not bad, I am just asking, it sure is better than Sa-NO-goal.

    1. all i can say is Welbeck scored 9 league goals last season, more tan Yaya,less tan Olly.
      he is a decent player i think, wenger got the safe (safe?) bet, but could have been a winner bet,
      and no dm or cd…hope it doesnt get back at us (more that is)

    2. Depends which team we play against. Personally, against lesser sides I’d like to see:


      Against better sides I’d prefer Alexis as striker, Campbell on the left, maybe Ox.

      I’d rather play Podolski against lesser sides as they’re more likely to sit in their own box and we therefore need someone with a little bit more physical presence as well as being a top finisher as clear-cut chances will be at a premium.

      Against better sides I’d get more pace in the team so that we’re more threatening on the counter attack as they’re more likely to press us high up the pitch, leaving space in behind. What team would push high with the pace of Theo, Alexis and Campbell able to break against them? Plus, the threat of a quick break will more likely mean they don’t press us as much, making it easier to defend – I though the lack of a counter-attacking threat is what cost us in the big defeats last year.

    3. Welbeck will be fine. I don’t know if he is “better” than Sanchez or Campbell but I think he fits better with Wenger’s tactical approach.

      And we won’t know when Walcott will be healthy enough to fill the role – these things just take time. Return to training. Return to match readiness. Return to full match fitness. Return to form. It all takes time.

      But the remaining obvious deficiencies are now nearly set in stone. DM and CB backup.

  14. It blows my mind that we didn’t sign any defensive cover! We are about to play a premier league season with 6 senior defenders… Considering that Chambers covers both CB and RB we now have 1.5 right backs and 2.5 center backs for an entire season.

    After we sold Vermaelen, Wenger came out and clearly stated that we were looking for defensive cover. The fact that we didn’t get anyone clearly shows that our management team massively failed.

      1. It’s not as if we had no time to get cover in, Vermaelen left weeks ago. We hadn’t signed anyone in over a month before Welbeck, what on earth were our guys doing in that time?

      2. Yes but then chambers proved he can take over from vermaelen whilst bellerin is better than Jenkinson. If we need more than 7 we can call on ajayi (who is older than chambers, gnabry and bellerin) hayden, pleguezuelo, moore, ormonde-ottewill or even coquelin and flamini who have both played both full back roles in the past.

    1. I like Welbeck – he is fine. I do not intend to disrespect him. But claiming that a bit player is responsible for a championship is quite a stretch. Let us be real her. ManU did not win the league because of Welbeck.

    1. Perhaps wenger will talk one of the “Vatican charity players” out of retirement. Quite a few players could find themselves given frees, once the deadline dust settles. Anyone remember zat knight? England squad player once currently without a club. Wouldn’t be a bad shout, for a 4 month deal. Wouldn’t play in the champions league but could do a turn if we are struggling. Then in January see how he has been.

  15. Sanogo needs to be 5th choice striker. Welbeck no 1, Campbell no 2, Podolski no 3 and Akpom
    4 and Sanogo 5. Podolski and Campbell can play on wing.

    1. I would also put Walcott, Sanchez and Afobe ahead of Sanogo. That makes Sanogo #8 strike option.

      Do you know what they normally call the #8 strike option? If he is lucky they call him, “a player on loan to a club 2 divisions below.”

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  17. I can’t believe it dat wqe dint. Sign a defender; even. If it wqas reid or sokratis…… Arsene…. Ur. Time is near

  18. Got Sanogo for free (the way Wenger likes them) and he said it was a “gamble”… So far it has been a total failure and nothing more…
    17 games=0 goals

    And by the way, he will get injured again.

    Wenger said we did not need a DM as Diaby is on his way back and look good in training (which player does not)…lol !!

    We are a defender (or more) short… The ones at the club better get themselves ready to play until they drop. No injury will be allowed, otherwise we will be seriously f*cked!!

    Again no power or physical presence in the middle… When you think that Chelsea and Man City sometimes play with 2DM, you wonder what might happen again…!!

    Image if Man United (after Blind and Falcao arrivals) get their sh*t together?
    Anyway, even when they were not playing well (last season) we could not manage a win!!!!

    1. Is Diaby really a DM? Or is he more of a box to box player? I am not sure he is a DM but in Wenger’s world maybe he is.

      1. Box to box. Just because he is tall people think he is a DM. He may be tall but he is not strong – Diaby is 74kg, Matic is 83kg and Toure is 89kg.

    2. Small consolation that United have already dropped 7 points that they should have had in the bag. Hopefully that will make a difference at the end of the season.

      I don’t see a team where the manager can say ‘oh no, RVP isn’t performing, let’s bring Falcao on instead’ being in too much trouble for the rest of the season, though defensively there are still questions that can be asked of them..

    1. I don’t understand why we don’t spend our money. We aren’t Man City or Chelsea with their billionaires, nor are we Man United with their huge commercial income, but we aren’t exactly broke, we just signed £70m of new deals, we have the largest cash reserves and assets of any club in Europe. The money is there, why isn’t it being used? Net spend of around £45-50m this window is much lower than I’d expected. I don’t think Welbeck is worth £16m either, £8-9m maybe, but I guess that’s what you get with a last minute panic buy from one of your rivals.

  19. i was angry when the rumours about welbeck got heavier earlier today. but the more I think about it I think it could turn out to be a massive success but there is some certain areas where he needs to improve. but still very disappointed end of the window! we still need that big strong cdm for the big matches where we were outmuscled last campaign when playing the big teams. last but not least we need a centerhalf as backup especially after we have sold miquel.

    1. winston ried would have been perfect as mertesacker (not that i would choose ried over mertesacker right now, but your always have to be before the problems) already turns 30 later this month and i think they are quite similar except ried is faster so koscielny wouldn’t have to adapt that much to a new partner.

  20. Sonogo looks hapless and uncoordinated. I understand youngsters should be given a chance and that chance should go to Joel Campbell who is proven at the world cup.

    Welbeck is a good signing as he is young and English. Hopefully he’ll start ahead of Sonogo unless Wenger is smoking too much crystal

  21. i am really disappointed with this transfer window, really, really disappointed, i blame wenger for this, especially, the fact that we are too short in the defence…. “I will replace (vermaelen) if he leaves”…… BullSh+t…. but now, i will support the team to the end, meanwhile wenger can f+++ck off….

      1. No, not even technically. Chambers covers RB backup for Jenks and CB backup that had been provided by Sagna.

        This still leaves the CB and LB backup Verm provided. Verm was NOT replaced – not even technically – not even a sort of, not even a little bit.

      2. well, that is true, but one injury more to an cb and we are condemned to fail……. and why? for the stubbornness from wenger, 17 years and he still think that he can win a trophy with 3 Cbs….. this is soo irritating….

  22. When i go to and look at our squad and the lack of balance, power and height we have i am speechless. How can an experienced manager build such a team for the EPL?? I mean this team can play in Italy, France or even Spain but the most physical, fast paced league in the world where even the lowest teams are running and fighting for 90 minutes and Arsene builds a team of technical pygmies with a slow moving giraffe as one of your main defenders? How can you get it so wrong? There were sooo many choices in this window to get a strong defender and a strong midfielder, so many available players and Arsene did nothing, he simply did nothing at all. I really can not believe it, there really is no excuse.

    Insanity is repeating the same thing expecting a different result. He is either not expecting a different result or he is clinically insane.

    1. i agree disapp for not havong a replacement for tv5, but i dont even want to know wo you called a slow giraffe-….if its who i think he does NOT deserve that

      1. Look I like Per, he is not my ideal defender. His lack of pace has cost us dearly in many games. Germany benched him in the WC for faster defenders. Does he have a role to play in Arsenal FC. Absolutely, but not as a first choice defender with practically 0 competition.

        1. agree about the competition and I am as angry as any other gooner for not having bought one,
          but still, its not his fault mate,….slow giraffe is just too harsh on him,
          just my opinion

    2. You underestimate the Giraffe my friend. A quick look at “mother giraffe’s revenge” on YT will show you that whilst gangly and ungraceful the giraffe has adapted to handle even the hardest lion. Or El tigre!

  23. we all know a goat’s a very stubborn animal, right?
    but trust me; ITS GAT NOTIN ON WENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Late breaking news: Arsenal has re-signed free-agent defender Sebastion Squillachi to a 3 year contract. We are saved.

  25. I’m from Indonesia, but I’m proud to say that we are building players with British players. Welbeck might not be a Falcao or Benzema, but he will help our English lads grow and gel even faster.

    1. totally…

      thats why i recommended… class big name players like Andrew Carroll, Jordan Henderson, Stewart Downing, Charlie Adams, Rodwell, Johnson, Spearing and etc…..

      1. OK. Funny. But Welbeck is not in the same boat with Spearing or Downing. Welbeck is a current regular with the English National Team and was a part of the league winning ManU squad. His pedigree is solid.

  26. This window
    Out fabianski in ospina
    Out sagna in debuchy
    Out vermaelen in chambers
    Out park in sanchez
    Out bendtner in welbeck

    I am ok with that improvement, the quality is better and we have increased our British core.
    You cannot count djourou and miquel as they weren’t really in it and ajayi was bought in when djourou left anyway. Yes we have sent jenkinson and ryo out on loan, but we have also brought back campbell coquelin and bellerin who adequately replace them.

    1. You are missing just a little. Jenks is gone for now. And Sagna was a backup CB Chambers replaces Jenks and fills the Sagna CB backup role.

      Verm has not been replaced.

  27. If you have any questions about Wenger’s sanity just ask yourselves this question.

    Would Sanogo have any chance of appearing on the 1st team for Bayern or ManCity, or Barca? He would not be on the 4th reserve squad. He would not be allowed near the stadium. He would not be allowed to ever speak to the manager.

    This is ridiculous to consider Sanogo. If he goes on loan and proves himself then he should be given another chance. But that is one bit “IF.”

    1. Well some of our fans and supporters aren’t good enough for us either, but we just have to put up with it.

      When you are the manager at arsenal you will get to choose who plays for us, but for now you will have to make do with snide comments or toddle off and find another club who are worthy of your pathetic excuse for support.

      Arsenal Till I Die – I support all our players until they leave, then remember those fondly who treated us well whilst at the club and after.

      Welcome arsenal.Danny welbeck, 4th best goal ratio per minute(excluding pens) in the epl last season

  28. I don’t understand gooners moaning about the signing of Welbeck. He has pacy, energy, and presence; can drible and is tricky…with a good supply of good passes from midfield he is destined to become a “Sturrudge”. I would rather have him than Giroud

    1. watching Vidz of Unwelbeck…….this guy is capable of missing heaps of open clear cut chances as well….

      definitely Arsenal material….

  29. Barring any (more) injuries and absolutely no chance to rest our First 11 once they gel is top 4 material. The one thing that scares me most is playing top teams, as we have done NOTHING to beef up our core. Still Arteta and Flamini and two senior CDs. Scary.

    1. Saying a striker just needs to learn how to finish is like saying a defender “just needs to learn how to defend.”

      Sanogo does need to learn how to finish. That is why young strikers who cannot score do not get selected to play competitive games for a top team in a top league.

      Wenger has it all backwards. He falls in love with a player first, and then HOPES that player can someday learn how to play.

    1. Wrong judgement. Welbeck is a good experienced young english player at the fair price (half the price of Luke Shaw). If we did not buy, Spuds or Everton will. Man Utd never have problem offload him at that price. And check your fact, he is very good squad player not deadwood, his conversion rate goal/shots is better than Giroud. Given proper game time and chance to lead the line, he can be the new Sturridge.
      Falcao would be great for us but for Man Utd, on paper yes. On the field let’s see how Van Gaal can come with a balanced tactics that field all their expensive players – Falcao, Di Maria, Rooney, Van Persie, Mata, Herrera. And good luck handling the dressing room when one of them is left on the bench too long – it is not like Man Utd having a lot of games to play – not in Europe and already out of League Cup

  30. Its very frightening to think that had Giroud not gotten injured Wenger would not have bought anyone after the Ospina technically our transfer window closed in July right?…Truly frightening

    1. totally

      just like 2 years ago…..

      now what are we going to do with Campbell???? keep playing him in the u21??

  31. A lot of players at AFC are doomed from the time they arrive at the club.Dzeko is better than Giroud but not by a wide margin.Thing is his flaws are masked by Aguero and co.If Aguero has score 2 goals and Man c are 2 up and Dzeko misses 3 chances its not as visible as Giroud missing 3 and AFC havent scored.
    Squad players are required at AFC to do the job of world class players because of Wengers lack of support.When they fail because they dont possess the ability fans blame them..
    Everybody hates sonogo now but ask yourself this question.Should such an inexperience and raw player have been sent into the light in this way?Am not sure sonogo will ever recover from these experiences if he isnt strong

  32. Only English think Welbeck is worth this much. 5 at most is his value. He is rubbish. This Window is a fail. Dick Law and Wenger need to step down next season.

    No DM, no title. Arteta and Flamini are only going to get slower this season… then what?

  33. Look, I think we shouldn’t be that upset about the Welbeck signing. What we should be bothered about is we didn’t make any defensive signing. Even after losing Vermaelen.

  34. Arsene Wenger this is so wicked of u,do u know how many people out there that cannot survive this kind of disappointment.if u are tired of managing our club please make a space lets find a suitable replacement,how u intend to go through half a season with only two recognized central defender is beginning to believe those fans that’s saying supporting Arsenalfc is detrimental to our health.

  35. In a few days, Wenger will say: “We have Flamini, Monreal, Chambers, Diaby and Arteta who can play CB, we have enough qualities at the back” l

    1. Absolutely that is what he will say. And he will be contradicting his own words.

      Wenger himself said he needs to replace Verm. And he said this AFTER Chambers was signed and Verm had departed. There was no confusion.

  36. time to go wenger…

    u have assisted City with Sagna, Chelsea with Fab….

    gave up Balotelli and Remy for Liverfool and chelsea….

    took away their deadwood and fund man utd purchase…..

    Wenger out!

  37. 1 GK position – 3 GKs (3 players per position)
    5 midfield positions – 14 midfielders (2.8 players per position)


    4 defender positions – 6 defenders. (1.5 players per position)

    THAT is a problem.

  38. Wenger is one of the worst coaches is football but disguise as the best manager in football. He has ability to manager his crap players to 4th in EPL. As a coach his tactics are outdated, he is unaware of his team deficiencies and best players’ composition and combination…..martinez is better. cannot beat any of the top EPL team including manure in their worst season Mark Hughes is better, beat manure last season and has beaten manshitty this season. Wenger’s sanity needs evaluation cos every football follower knows what the Arsenal team problems are and the manager seems not or expecting a better result with same old, overused, very predictable and anticlimax football tactics. Welcome Danny boy.

  39. Deluded fans who change posts within a minute are already heaping praises on Welbeck.Come on we all know we need to support our players but who does here on this forum?The only supported player is Ozil who to me is a weak link at Arsenal.Slowing up the game,too lazy can’t shoot,can’t dribble and he is our main man.U hyped Ramsey,sang him praises and now he spends more time in the mirror and tatoos than focusing on his game!
    And why hate Sanogo when he is giving his very best?
    I don’t see the midfield trio that u deem the best in the league do much other than misplacing passes,fearing to shoot and make not giving through balls.
    Thank God i know i was not born yesterday!

    1. He is another tit just to shut us fans up. Sorry Man U got there man yesterday but I would never pay that sort of cash for anyone sorry no player is worth that. I think 42 mill on a player was 42 mill wasted but that’s just me.




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