Stats show Coquelin becoming Arsenal’s PERFECT all-rounder!

I wrote an article about Francis Coquelin after Arsenal had come back from an away game at Man City with all three points, rave reviews and a new style of playing in those big games. And although I did not go as far as Jamie Carragher who said that it was too soon to judge him after one game, I did suggest that Coquelin still had a lot to do.

The young Frenchman was quite rightly praised to the hilt for his performance in that game and we Arsenal fans had seen it coming in the previous games that he played for the Gunners since Arsene Wenger recalled him from the loan deal at Charlton.

But we also know that our manager is not the biggest fan of what you might call a midfield spoiler, as proved by him using the pass master that is Mikel Arteta in the centre of the pitch. So I felt that Coquelin needed to improve this area of his game, because the stats comparison on between him, Arteta, Flamini and Schneiderlin clearly shows that this is where Coquelin lags behind the others.

However, the young midfielder seems to be taking that on board, because if you look at his stats on from the game against Aston Villa, it shows that as well as his usual defensive work, Coquelin got on the ball more and used it better.

Cazorla was the only Arsenal player to have more touches and the youngster’s passing accuracy of 91 percent was the best of all of our starting outfield players. Surprised? I was and it is just the latest surprise that the Frenchman has pulled in the last couple of months. If he carries on like this, could Arsenal have finally found our perfect all-round central midfielder?

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  1. Henry on Coquelin :

    “I think they needed a centre-back, and Arsene went to get one. And they got [Krystian] Bielik, apparently he’s a good player. I haven’t seen enough of him to know what type of player he is but I will trust Arsene on that one.

    But the best one thing Arsenal have done is bringing Coquelin back from Charlton. He might not be the answer to everything so far but he has done a job. Maybe if he didn’t come back and play the way he’s played recently, maybe Arsene would have gone and bought a defensive midfielder, but he has been amazing. Arsenal don’t look like they are going to concede, they can score. He gives everyone that protection that people were talking about. Sometimes you look for players and sometimes they’re just in front of you. But the guy matured too, he went on loan, he knows that now he has to perform and he’s doing it.

    Coquelin allows Arsene next year to go for the player he really wants. Sometimes in January you go for the players that are available.”

    1. Verdict is out…Coq is just not good enough…we need to sign 2 DMs in case one or 2 gets injured…

    2. This guy is gonna be the new midfield player,he does his job that makes it easier for others to bloom like Gazola who by playing to his level rubs off on others, Mertisaker is more calm now with Monreal Bellerin even Giroud shining.The big question now is can he go even better and stop Kean from doing his damage,I have faith he will prove to all that he will be Captain in 2 years Good luck Sat

  2. he definitely got alot to do…

    just take a look at the world class Wanayamma stats and performances….simply outstanding…

    1. Call me a nerd but I had looked at the stats for all the defensive midfielders and this is what happens when you compare Wanyama vs Coquelin stats per 90 minutes.

      Clearances: Wanyama 2.15, Coquelin 4.13
      Blocks: Wanyama 0.13, Coquelin 0.56
      Interceptions: Wanyama 1.63, Coquelin 4.13
      Fouls Committed: Wanyama 2.61, Coquelin 1.88
      Aerial Duels Won: Wanyama 2.15, Coquelin 3.76
      Aerial Duels Won %: Wanyama 46%, Coquelin 71%
      Tackles Won: Wanyama 3.2, Coquelin 3.57
      Tackles Won %: Wanyama 50%, Coquelin 54%
      But Wanyama does manage to draw on one stat
      Pass Completion %: Wanyama 85%, Coquelin 85%.

      Convincingly a lot better than Wanyama, clean sweep of all defensive stats.

      1. Btw it’s the same story when you compare him to Schneiderlin except Schneiderlin has an 89% pass accuracy so wins in that one area.

      2. it is very impressive but wanyama has played 19 games at an average of 72.5 min per games(1378 min), coquelin has played in 13 games at an average of 60.6 min per game(788min).
        lets wait an other 10 games to really get exited about him. I so hope his form continues till the end of the season.

        1. You are supposed to get excited NOW because he is doing well. If after 10 games and he’s still doing well, then it’s confirmation and beyond being excited.

        2. Me,I want him to become the best since Vera and why not.Hope he gets a couple of goals before season ends to really lift him,so so pleased for him CB

      3. We got to look at it in terms of Partnerships. The Wanyama/Schneiderlin partnership is probably better at defending then the Coq / Ramsey partnership.

  3. Nice to know the stats are favorable. But I don’t need them in his case. Sometimes Coq does the most basic things well – things that are not in the stats.

    For example, you often see him approaching a player with the ball to simply guide him away from danger areas and thus reduce his options to only those which are less threatening to your goal. Effectively limiting your opponent’s attacking options is basic to becoming a good DM because you cannot make a tackle on every play. And Coq has now figured it out.

    Most of all, he has learned to be bold and aggressive within limits – to play hard without becoming reckless and out of control. Hope he is able to keep it up.

    1. Viera was not reckless…though he keeps getting red cards…its because the ref do not like him…

    2. Great point Mohawk, and he’s building a good partnership with Santi too.
      He stays calm, organises everyone, tackles and then lays off the simple ball.
      He’s 23 so he can still improve even further.
      Well done Le Coq and Le Prof

  4. Against City , he marked Silava out of the game. Their most dangerous player. These can not be captured in stats. For passing , he is learning but that’s an additional benifit. We have enough creative players to do so. He is doing what we were lagging and it is vital for us that he continue doing in each game. Against spurs also his form will be vital .
    A clean sheet will do really good for our defense.
    I would not be dissapponted at 0-0. If we win, then we can say that we are in the race of PL

    1. q dream your mad
      coq was everywhere during that game as he has been off late every time there was an attack building against us he used his lines to cut off play either forcing the pass to go back or making perfectly timed challenges again and again ,,, for me know weve keept saying lets give him a few more games then give him praise but hes been nothing short of amazing in that role now and in my eyes proved hes worth his salt …
      keep it up superlan ,,

    2. You guys. You gave each other a thumbs up. That’s sweet. Rather than dreaming about Southampton players Hafiz, you should support Arsenal players. Terrible excuse for an Arsenal fan.

  5. The truth is,Le Coq is slowly but gradually growing into that beast of a DMF we’ve all been clamouring for.I pray he is not hampered by injury…the future is bright for us this season

  6. It simply means you were watching another game or probably the ‘back of your TV’.

    Agreed, he was reckless on at least two occassions in the first half, but that was not ‘all we saw’.

    His stats from Sunday includes: 3 tackles won, a whooping 15 ball recoveries and 5 interceptions. If Flamini had being this impressive before Decemeber, I dare say we’d be sitting in a better position on the leauge now.

    Be positive and appreciative. Coquelin has come in an done a job… And long may it continue!

  7. Hope Wenger hands him the task of harrying and man-marking Eriksen of the spuds. I believe he can do a job on him, like he did on Silva.

    Cutting the supply from Eriksen to Kane, is going to be very vital. If we can keep their attack at bay, we can attack their defence at neck-breaking speed and have them running all over.

    Coquelin will be key to our victory come Saturday.

    1. Indeed and with what Le Coq is doing right now it will be a great challenge and hopefully he does another “Silva” against the Spurs very own Ericksen!!With the indications that he just keeps surprising and getting better and more comfortable in the middle it should be in our favor!! Also we don’t need to dominate the ball anymore!!

  8. i thought it is clear to see that theres never been no1 as good, ever, than how coq’s played in the last 6 games in that position. his always kinda had that in him, he won’t flop, its not no fluke. we don’t need no more midfielders.


    subs: ozil_rosicky_ox_gnarby

    get rid of arteta flamini diaby podolski for next year
    hope bielik hurrys up then perfect
    all we needs is cavani/
    lb_rodriquez or gaya
    and gk like cech
    done deal

  9. Why do you always include the possession stat in Coquelin’s comparisons.
    He is a DM who squashes attacks and passes the ball to other players.
    Possession stat is completely useless for his position and playing style.

    We win games wen he plays, simple.

  10. Çoquelin has been great for the team, he has shown great defensive midfield qualities but it does not stop there is movement with the ball has been pure class which keeps the team ticking. The DM position is basically his now. I for one was asking for a DM which had these qualities and now finally he has arrived. The window has closed and it is the first in a long while I am not disappointed. We got what we needed, paulista and bielik, really looking forward to their integration I to the team, one bonus already they add height to the squad all they need now is playing Time

  11. Still need cover as its a must. So it’s the spuds this weekend. Well I see it like this 1 I would play a very tight back 6 very tight. No man marking coz they will have there hands so full with TW and AS. It will be like a freight train hitting them and sending them back in a spud sack COYG

  12. He is doing fantastic…and like you said in the article I’m not going to rate him yet but he is surprising me game in game out…and he can only improve with confidence and the fact this position at the moment is his to lose. That being said we don’t need another Arteta or creative player in that area like many pointed out: it’s with players type like Vieira and Silva that we won something relevant or came close to a CL. Hopefully he continues to improve passing accuracy is a plus and will come with better understanding of is team mates and tactical changes during the game. His positional awareness and IQ is already great, the way he man makes the opposition best player and nullifying is importance in the game is something we missed and nobody can do this squad, he tackles smartly and know when to do the dirty things!!Keep it Le Coq!!But another DM is still needed regardless.

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