Stats show Giroud IS vital AND good enough for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger had some warm words of praise and support for Olivier Giroud yesterday, after the French striker changed the game at Everton for Arsenal and powered in an injury time headed equaliser. The boss suggested that the Gunners do not need any more strikers and that he expects the big man to improve again and be a key figure for us this season. But is the Prof right?

Well I thought I would do a little statistical research using the comparison stats page on I picked the player that some rumours suggested Wenger was after, Edinson Cavani, as a comparison, along with the Man City striker Edin Dzeko, to give a Premier League comparison as well as the three being somewhat similar as players. And because Giroud played a few more league games than the other two, I set it to give an average score per game.

Then I picked nine different stats, including goals scored, shooting accuracy, assists, chances created, key passes, duels won, aerial duels, shots taken and overall attacking score. All three come fairly close in most categories, but you will be surprised to hear that Giroud was the best in four of the nine, with Cavani on three and Dzeko on two. Giroud’s were chances created, assists, key passes and aerial duels won.

You may not be surprised to hear that he was third in goals scored, shot accuracy and shots per game, but not by very much at all. So Giroud is better at linking up with his team mates and helping to create goals which, when you consider that he did not have Walcott, Podoslki, Ramsey or Chamberlain around him for large parts of last season, should be even more important for the Gunners this season.

So he only scored 0.44 goals per game with Dzeko at 0.52 and Cavani 0.53 and his shot accuracy was 43 percent compared to 45 and 46. But he provided 0.22 assists compared to 0.07 and 0.03. He made 0.81 key passes compared to 0.7 and 0.55 and he created 1.03 chances compared to 0.77 and 0.58. Those numbers really tell a story and do we really care who puts the ball in the net? As long as it goes in and Giroud’s stats show that he is just as important, if not more, than Dzeko and Cavani to his team.

Now what do you make of that Gooners?

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  1. Your audience on this site is not too bright. They have their mind made up Giroud is worthless. Any rational thinking fan will see that Giroud is indeed good enough for Arsenal, and not a bad striker. He must be rotated and cannot be solely depended on. Don’t know many strikers sans the top shelf guys like Messi and Suarez that you can’t say the same for. I still believe against a physical back 4, we need a guy with height and strength like Giroud.

    1. man cities 4th choice scored two against liverpool

      i prefer giroud, jovetic has peaked , giroud hasnt 😉

      1. giroud is better than aguero- who cares if it takes him like 10 seconds on the pitch to score.

        we dont need a cf- boom shack lacka

        1. We’re over here bragging about how Girouds stats show he’s good enough for us.
          Meanwhile City bring on Sergio Aguero to cover for an injury..

          Is this life?

            1. Their 4th choice striker is better than our 1st.
              Do you know how embarrassing that is?
              ..and we’re meant to be challenging for the tittle Loool.

              1. Lol – like we are playing top trumps in the playground or something….my dad is harder than yours……..blah, blah. Only someone with a serious personal insecurity is gonna feel “embarrassed” – seriously is that easy you blush?

                Any decent argument requires a decent proposition. You don’t couch the argument in a coherent manner. If you had all 8 strikers (SA/ED/SJ/AN & AS/TW/OG/YS) from both teams available and you could pick 4 tell me who you would pick? You think Aguero, Sanchez, Walcott and one other, probably Dzeko (since he so much better than OG) is a fair shout? By your reasoning you would take the man of the moment goal scoring phenomena Jovetic over Sanchez and Walcott. I get just how much you hate Giroud but if you think we would be better served as a team to have Jovetic up front instead of Giroud then I ain’t gonna bother either trying to persaude you otherwise. You can have that one on the house.

                Most teams in world football would take Aguero in a heartbeat – no point slitting our wrists over it. The fact that he is perpetually injury prone might put off possible suitors. They play with 2 up front either Negrado and Dzeko on top with Aguero or Jovetic as second strikers.

                For Dzeko and Negredo we have OG and YS. Not gonna argue about ED v OG but their stats are pretty similar whatever else wants to be said. YS V AN – no contest but AN not much use with his form just gone off the edge of a cliff. Second strikers SA & SJ v AS & TW. Wait and see what happens with AS but he has all the necessary equipment to do a passable impression of SA. Only time will tell. TW v SJ – well Jovetic only just miraculously appears on the radar tonight, wonder why? If you would prefer SJ to TW than that is your call – I know who I would pick.

      2. Jovetic is Citys 2nd choice striker, and, will likely start most games with Aguero.
        He was injured most of last season, that is why he played so few games.
        And, City have had bottomless pockets to buy for the last 5 years, and, pay ridiculous wages, so of course they have MORE and better options on the bench.
        Same goes for Chelsea, though they have had even longer to buy.
        Fans who compare our squad, to that of those 2, just forget, or choose to ignore the financial restrictions.
        We have money now to build, though nothing compared to them, so lets give the boss a chance, and just support the team, and stop ALL the vitriol, on EVERY post, aimed at a guy who gives his best every game.

        1. What about united’s RVP, Rooney, Hernandez?
          Or Liverpools Balotelli and sturridge?
          Chelsea had poor strikers last season and what did they do to fix it? Signed Diego Costa and brought back Drogba.

          1. Heck even Everton signed a quality striker in Lukaku and now have just agreed a fee to bring in Samuel Eto’o.

            1. Ooooo, scary stuff. Is that the 36 year old geezer who scored 10 goals for the champions in the Turkish league last year? And Eto’o the man of unknown age who knocked in 9 goals last year. If your fear threshold is triggered by two all-time greats who are clearly now has-beens playing against us no wonder you are so nervy.

        1. Should be lots of happy folk on here later today – first Arteta now Giroud scythed down. (Come on Jack, Naco, Merts do the guys on here a favour, see if you can get injured too and we can have proper party). We don’t need them and they won’t be missed. The brilliant thing is now that fate has conspired to make Wenger see the light and both these players being just so, so crap it will mean we will be fielding much better teams now – onwards and upwards I say. Please Wenger stop being a tight arse and spend the f**kin money now – no excuses. Don’t care that it ain’t your money to spend just friggin’ do it. I see no reason whatsoever why you can’t get Cavani and Falcao (back-up if EC gets injured you understand) and Reus and Carvalho and a proper world class CB – no reason whatsoever. Try for Neuer as well whilst you’re at it. We are the Arsenal – we deserve this. Any proper Gooner will know this is real talk.

          Sorry, got carried away there – just seeing what it was like to talk shite.

      3. Opportunism par excellence there muffdiver…….you’ve had to wait an awful long time to say that haven’t you? A league goal every 3.5 games across 6 or 7 seasons ain’t nothing to come on here shouting about is it now?

    2. Clearly you’re the only irrational person on this site. You must be completely deluded if you were to think Giroud is good enough to be the main striker. We need a world class striker to lead our line, Giroud is there as an impact sub or the guy that comes on for the last 10min if needed. Don’t get me wrong he is a good striker but not good enough to be the main man and any logical person knows that.

        1. No need to read it, was a worthless article anyway. Any person with common sense knows Giroud is good enough for Arsenal but not to be the main striker.

          Write an article on that instead…

          1. Any person with common sense does’t tell people with common sense that they don’t have common sense when he himself has no common sense.

    3. OG is a great sub like against Everton but the Besiktas game proved how bad he is when starting,he’s a plan B striker never plan A!!!

    4. All these stats are great.. He is certainly a good player no doubt about that.. He is good in liking up and playing others.. well my argument here would be.. we have the midfielders to do that.. we need a striker to convert those assists into goals. How many players do we have in the team that take shots from outside the box.. Carzola and Ox.. I don’t see other do that often.. So midfielders keep linking up and play the striker instead of making the runs to finish it if has his back to the goal to play another guy what is the point?

    5. so Giroud on the same level as Henry, Wright, Bergkamp? Dont lie, he’s a huge drop in quality to what we have had in the past. Decent sub, not good enough for first choice.

      1. OK, maybe I didn’t clarify that. Giroud has a place on Arsenal. Is it our every day all out Striker, no. Is it spot starts in cup matches and against a team like Stoke, yes. I believe Arsenal need a class striker. I still think that can be Sanchez though, where one bad game against a team Giroud was better matched for, and it seems he’s already being written off.

        1. Alexis has always played better with someone else upfront with him. If Wenger was willing to switch to a 4-4-2, then I think Giroud AND Alexis could make it work. But we all know Wenger rarely changes his tactics. The frustation partly has to do with the fact we know Arsene will keep trying to force Giroud onto us and not challenge him. Giroud is still the only real striker we have besides Sanogo. he is under no pressure to retain his starting position, and thats not okay for a club like Arsenal. You would think that this transfer window we wuld get a solid player who could challenge Giroud.

  2. The argument isn’t if Giroud is good enough for Arsenal (he is), it is whether he is good enough to be our starting striker (he isn’t).

    1. I wanted to show you some stats, but then again the blog writer did that, but you all just talk and talk, no stat, no prove, only your thoughts. Why should we have to believe you? Arsene said he is the man, stats says he is the man, but you only believe spud linekar! And end of the day you complain why media can’t tolerate Arsenal. Becose, Arsene does not shit about what you think or media thinks, he only shit about what stats says.

      1. I “talk and talk” because this is a forum. Talking and leaving comments is the fcuking point. I’m not asking you to believe me, it is my opinion hence why I have left a comment. Judging by the amount of thumbs up my comment has received, it is obviously a belief held by many on here. I don’t need stats to tell you that Giroud shouldn’t be the main man. There’s many things I like about Giroud (work rate, passion) but he takes 5/6 chances to actually score. If we are going to win the league we need a striker that converts with the first chance.

        1. Rationality is a thing that separates an expert with a normal person. And we human all try to achieve that. Before 16th century, all human thought earth is the center of the universe, that didn’t change the truth, did it? Of course you are entitled with thoughts, but it needs to minimize personal faulted judgment and maximize rational thoughts, not just like cry babies. Do you know any striker who can score in his 1st attempt. I sure don’t know him. Ronaldo (brazil) had a success rate 15%, Cristiano has 7%, giroud has below 4%. We all sure want to welcome that super striker you suggest with 100% rate.

            1. Henry’s scoring record is pretty special for us ( 175 in 254 appearances)
              Ronaldo’s scoring record for Madrid (178 in 166)
              I could go on.
              It’s a player of this caliber that should be starting for a great club like Arsenal. Giroud wouldn’t even have made the bench 10 years ago.

        2. See there is the problem, you float an idea that 5 or 6 chances to score is pants – it ain’t. You are normally pretty sensible and reasonable on here but that type of statement just has ignorance emblazoned all over it. It is perfectly good conversion rate comparable to most top strikers in history. OG has moved closer to 1 in 6 last season improving on the 1 in 7 conversion in his first season. Suarez conversion rate last season was 1 in 5. You find a striker that scores first chance/every chance and they will be scoring 100-150 goals a season – stupendously daft.

  3. nobody says hes useless, he brings his qualities but we need just another striker damnit is it that hard to see ? foock sake what if he gets injured then what ?

    1. Then, we play Sanogo, Alexis, Campbell, or, Theo up front.
      That, is what Wenger has said, that, is what Wenger believes, and ALL the crap on here about Giroud will not change his mind.
      Of course he does not read the comments anyway.
      Surely, IF, you fancy being FantasyManager, then, why not discuss the best options, with the players we have, with Giroud fit, and, with him missing.
      I do NOT necessarily disagree that we could do with a WC striker, but what I do hate is fans mercilessly pointing the finger at Arsenal players. 2 Seasons ago it was Rambo, now it is Giroud, Jack, Arteta, Sanogo, Monreal, Gibbs, Ozil, and next game we lose, it might be Alexis, Kos and Chambers.

  4. Giroud’s best performances are when he comes on as a sub that’s fact,we need a starting striker of better quality with OG being a sub!

  5. Thump up if you think we are desperate for top striker,
    and thumps down if you believe we do have chance to win the league with Giroud as main striker.
    Please forget about these stats, and forget about my username

  6. I don’t care what the stats say Giroud is not good enough to help Arsenal to win the Premiership. Wenger is blind to the fact that we need a Top Class Striker.
    So FA Cup if we are lucky. Arsenal will never win the Premiership with Wenger in Charge.
    Wenger will not buy any top class players now he might get some player on the Cheap or a freebee. Wenger will never change he promised the Fan’s this year he would strengthen the team but really all he has done is replaced players who have left. Wenger has made a fool of us all with his lies.

  7. Tonight a championship winning team is showing the importance of squad depth. Aguero and negredo who needs them? Jovetic bags a brace and to think if we tried properly we could have signed him. Wenger take note sanogo returning drom injury and giroud injured with an imminent critical game in the week, inexcusable!

    1. Well you mention man city’s squad depth, have you actually looked at their squad or are you just naming the 4 strikers.

      Their first team squad is just 27 players, that includes
      Richard wright
      Derek boyata
      John guidetti
      Scott Sinclair
      Micah richards
      Frank Lampard
      Martin demichellis
      James milner

      I wouldn’t sign any of them

  8. On giroud he’s a pretty good 2nd/3rd place lone striker or could be utlised well if we play two up top. On his own and for a full campaign he is not good enough, not his fault but wengers.

  9. Also giroud is powerful and a big unit. I’d like to see him shoot from range a lot more this season like in the man city game. Opponents don’t expect it from us and giroud may get quite a few more goals ifnhe does……..SHOOOOT!!! 🙂

  10. As simple as:

    Shitty: Dzeko, Aguero, Jovetic, Negredo

    Giroud and Sanogo

    I think I just puked while typing. Lol

    1. exactly. City’s 4th choice striker better than our first choice. Sturridge, Costa, RVP, Lukaku all also better. Its just not acceptable for Giroud to be our main striker, sorry. And Wenger deluded if he think Giroud can score 25 league goals.

      1. @Bigvalbowski & RSH
        Now here’s the “SMACK DOWN”
        Because not 1 of those players played virtually the whole season as lone front man for 90+ mins.
        When they have done that, and score 20+ goals, then and only then can they be considered better than Olivier…
        ENUFF SAID…

        1. talent wise its still easy to say those strikers are better than Giroud. But you are right, and this is why were calling for another striker. Giroud needs a challenge, and its Wengers fault that Sanogo is the only real challenge. Its been three seasons now where Giroud has virtually been our only front man and its ridiculous.

          1. @RSH
            No doubt, those other guys are miles ahead of Olivier talent wise. But for the hard graft Giroud has put in for us since he came, he should be given better recognition.
            Yeah, we need someone more talented, if only to take some of the weight off his shoulders. For me the verdict is still out on Sanogo…

            1. the jury is still out on Sanogo, but he shouldnt even be our 2nd choice to begin with. He still hasnt scored a goal for us. Someone who has never scored a goal for us and were supposed to be challenging for the title? Yaya has come from the 2nd division French league and has done almost nothing to become our 2nd choice striker. That would never happen at any other top English club, not even Everton. There needs to be more competition in the striker role. Maybe Arsene has plans to convert Walcott, I dont know, but something needs to be done if we want to beat big teams and accomplish something special this season.

        2. NY Gunner,

          The point of my post was not to unnecessarily piss on OG BUT to place the burden of responsibility on AW for neglecting to bolster the teams striking options for the past few years. Ive never been a propent of OG’s style of play, but he has been forced to lead the Gunners line by himself since his move and has earned my respect. AW the muppet is still luving living on borrowed time

      2. Do you think £27 million for Lukaku represents value for money? I don’t and I can bet that Wenger definitely doesn’t. There are only 3 forwards in the world who are definitely worth upwards of £60m and they are Ronaldo, Messi and Suarez. Anyone else would be a huge risk, £55m for Cavani is not value for money – people like you on here call out for these names when you have rarely seen them play you just want something different to moan about so you can sleep at night. Have you ever played football? If you have (which I doubt) you will understand when you have support from people around you confidence grows and performance improves, it’s the same for professionals – so why don’t you get behind Giroud and support him and our team because this is what fans should do.

        Also did you think Mourinho was deluded in his first spell thinking Drogba could score 25+ goals? His first two seasons were very similar to Girouds first two – in fact Giroud has a few more goals.

    2. Man city play 442 we play 451 or versions of it. Hence we have more players that score from midfield.

      Instead of comparing striker depths how about comparing midfield/wingers

      City 9 – Fernando, fernandinho, toure, nasri, silva, navas, Lampard, milner, sinclair

      Us 17- ozil, sanchez, Ramsey, wilshire, Walcott, cazorla, podolski, chamberlain, campbell, arteta, flamini, rosicky, gnabry, diaby, coquelin, zelalem, ryo.

      I thinking win that one, how about keepers? Well we both have 3 each.

      City do have 10 defenders compared to our 9, but in boyata, nastasic and richards they have 3 players on the transfer list and in De michellis they have another that should be. Though our 9 does include chambers bellerin hayden and miquel.

      I don’t think squad depth is our issue, I think it’s more about the balance. I would like to us shed 4 of those midfielders zelalem (loan) diaby coquelin and ryo being the favourites. Then replace them with a Dm Lw Cf and a CB

      Ideally I think we need 3 Gk, 10 defenders, 15 midfielders/wingers and 3 strikers. Obviously epl and CL restraints over squad size means at least 6 of those players must be under 21 and obviously there has to be a portion of homegrown. But we are not a million miles away from the right numbers.

  11. Aguero scores 23 seconds after coming on that’s the quality Man City have and we lack in our team let’s stop fooling ourselves we are behind in terms of quality!

    1. Since we love labelling who is a striker and who isn’t just to be able to shovel shit however we see fit, Sanchez ain’t a striker, neither is Walcott etc blah, blah – Real Madrid, UCL champions, have one striker, KB, (or what people on here would call a striker if I am hearing correctly) in their match day squad. Go figure.

  12. While your stats trying to convince us how wc striker we have, Aguero scored from his 1st touch and Jovetic (4th backup) banging 2 goals against Liverpool.
    Stop this sweet talking, it is not about who with or against Giroud, we do need striker as priority no 1 and then we talk about CDM/CB

      1. Yes, they do have Rooney and Robin. They have very weak back line and relatively weak midfielders. I don’t understand why you mentioned ManUtd !

          1. And we have to understand that we can’t just splash cash for cavani, falcao, messy, ronaldo. But, we can spend 50+m per yr, not at once. Just 2years ago, we need to sell our best players to balance the book. We came from there. We need not to be greedy here, time will come. For now, we should support our players and stuffs. That’s my thought.

            1. @ roni, I respect your thought very well, and I do agree if that was like 4-5 yrs ago. Unfortunately, now it is all about money, and if we keep without big trophies for much longer, we wouldn’t expand our fan base especially for the new generation, which also means less cash in.
              It has been so long waiting for the moment when we fight head to head with the big teams.

        1. Because they have a decent attack, but a shit defense. We also have a decent squad, but lack some backup defense options. So, we need to first add that back ups. Then we can bash giroud after that. But everyone is hysterical about giroud, but not about our defense, that saddens me.

          1. I don’t want to go and analysis what were the real cause for ManUtd slip, but i still believe if we had a good striker last season we would have won the league. But, now we need WC striker to fight with the big 2, otherwise, the 4th place would be a trophy.
            I just cannot see otherwise. Pundits aren’t always wrong, and Wenger doesn’t always know best.

    1. Hey NGIH – don’t worry so much about us. Spare a thought for Real Madrid – they only have one recognised striker in their match day squads, Benzeman.

  13. Pace, technique, dribbling skills, ability to make run behind the defence nor scoring consistently against big teams is all overated and not must have in a todays modern striker…hard work, defending from the front and few flicks here and there is the upmost quality is what required at Arsenal and thats why Giroud is so valuable to Arsene!
    Allez Giroud!

    1. Ps if only we had Giroud during invincible era instead of Henry…I m sure most will agree that we would have won dozen more trophies!

  14. Like the sh*ty 2nd goal, very nice build up. Arsenal use to be that nice to watch, when we going to see our gunner tear apart other team.

  15. MC 3 – LIV 0 City have TOP Class strikers so how the hell does Wenger think Arsenal can compete with them. Please don’t say we beat them in the Charity Shield that was not the same MC I am watching now. They have great depth we have Giroud God help us.

  16. Be interesting to look at the top 6 teams at the end of last year and analyse their striker situations. Most of them have three or four we have two , (and im not including attacking mf players / wingers etc). Don’t get me started on how much weve invested compared to them, 11m on giroud and sanogo free, very poor!

    1. Since we love labelling who is a striker and who isn’t just to be able to shovel shit however we see fit, Sanchez ain’t a striker, neither is Walcott etc blah, blah – Real Madrid, UCL champions, have one striker, KB, (or what people on here would call a striker if I am hearing correctly) in their match day squad. Go figure.

  17. We are Arsenal fans and dont need 100 topics to tell us what kind of player he is. Fact is, he is a bench player at best and thats it.

    How many of you are watching the city game? City is very balanced and can easily put 2 team up who can win the league. Arsenal will surely meet the same fate as Liverpool, Shity is just to great.

    1. And to think it’s not too long before they come to the Emirates. Hope Wenger is watching this game, at least Liverpool are the away team. I would be crushed if we got embarrassed by City at “HOME”. If Wenger is waiting for CL qualification to sign players then fare enough but he better have at least 3 players lined up and ready to sign if we’re going to stand a chance of touching City this year. Oh and I’m sure Pellegrini will want compesation for the Community Sheild game…

  18. He has scored 41 competitive goals since joining us over two seasons ago. That’s not worthless scoring. That’s decent. Giroud bashing makes no sense to me

    Criticisng Wenger for not getting a top striker and not making Giroud a super-sub makes more sense.

    But yes, Giroud is good enough to be here and has contributed greatly unlike Bendtner who was here for many Years and did very little

    1. look who you have to compare Giroud to so he can look good. You’re comparing him to Bendtner! That says it all.

      1. No it doesn’t say it all

        He has scored 40 goals in two seasons. That does not make him worthless

        You need to give us your definition of worthless

        Yes we need a top striker, but Giroud is indeed good enough to be here.

        1. i never said he was worthless, i said not good enough for starting striker. And if you look at his conversion rates for Arsenal, they are very poor. He has some top midfielders like Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, behind him, do you see how frustrated they get with Giroud in almost every match because he gives the ball away so much, he rarley produces this so called great holdup play you preach about. Giroud has NEVER scored against Man Utd, Man City, or Chelsea in league. Its always the smaller teams. Hes inconsistent, has absoluteley horrible matches sometimes. RVP, Henry, Bergkamp, Wright, Giroud. Which name doesnt fit, you tell me? Stop comparing him to Bendtner and compare him to our previous first choices. Other teams laugh at our first choice striker.

          1. I dont understand some people. They all sound like some religious lunatics who dont listen to reason no matter what.

            Giroud is our best striker, but Giroud is sh#t compared to the quality standards we used to have. Henry 37 is a better striker then Giroud. Arsenal has no chance in the league and Cl. Cups are the best we can hope for again this year.

  19. Name me another striker who plays back to goal? Any of those MC players? AW wants both OG and Sanogo to play as a target. Oh btw it is much harder to score when you have to turn and shoot rather than running onto a ball and slotting it.

    1. I’m pretty sure you can guess what will happen if Wenger tell Giroud to run onto the ball.

  20. like i said at opening day , man city an chelsea r fighting for title.

    we r top 4 candidates as usual, squads dont lie

    1. Long way to go, don’t give up before we start. Both these teams are super-money-bags….kinda like Real Madrid and Barca in Spain….but Atletico won league…

      1. I respect Atletico a lot, they know how to sign good players specially strikers (we have to see now Mandzukic), and they aren’t afraid of spending money. I do also respect Diego Simeone, the guy really know what he is up to.

        1. Simeone is Spain’s morinho, and they play like shit. Did you watch altico vs chelski in champions league?

          1. Yes I did watch the game, he has to do that against chelski, chelski is bagged with top class strikers and they still play defensively, this is the difference

            1. Chelsea’s top strikers in last season! Who are they mate? And I think sieone had Costa! I cannot catch the argument!

    2. as much as i complain about Giroud, a CDM is still more important in my opinion. Arteta also another player who is no longer good enough to start. Chelsea got 2nd playing with virtually no top striker, so i think it is possible for us. But our defense has to get it together. It has looked terrible so far.

  21. @foreverarsenal. My poimt exactly giroud does an okay job and when we signed him I thought he’d become a stop gap. All the while we have still not added a more prolific or different type of striker to our sqaud several seasons on. This is down to wenger and considering giroud has no real competition I commend and appreciate his efforts.

  22. Lol I just love how the timing of this article corresponded with the demolition of liverfools due to man shitty’s world class strike force. But hey we’ve got shitrod

  23. Funny how results so
    influence our thoughts.
    Community shield “City
    are useless Giroud is
    amazing”. Today :City are
    unbeatable Giroud is useless” 🙂
    We spent 30 mill on Sanchez
    he is our marquee buy.
    I remember last season with
    all its ups and downs Giroud was
    average but was in the end a
    worthy contributor.
    Its a marathon not a sprint
    and over 60 games (cup games included )
    a hell of a lot happens injuries etc. City dropped
    some awful points and just scraped home.
    After we hammer Besiktas it will be
    “who needs a striker ” 🙂
    Keep the faith Gunners.

  24. Giroud is basically the ONLY striker we have 🙂

    I am not counting on Sanogo because he will give us 1 out of 5 games, if we are lucky… the guy just does not have the physical attributes to play football (like Diaby by the way)… He was the same scenario at Auxerre. He scored 4 goals in one game then will be out for 3 months… come back and score 3 goals in a game and be out again for another 3 months…!! He was free (magic word for Wenger) and he is young.

    I just don’t understand Wenger idea that we need to be qualified for the CL before doing more recruitment… Does he know we only have 6 defenders?????
    Has he realised that we are crying for a DM (big hope)??? Well, he did say that Diaby was looking good in training (yeah, so is Wilshere and so was Bendtner)…!!

    Ideally a CB, a Dm and another striker would be formidable… But It is just wishful thinking.

  25. He’s certainly good enough for the 4th place junkies shnortin their s*** on this website… The ostrich dealer has got u all hooked on his cheap low grade french stuff and has convinced you it’s really high class stuff out of Latin America and will deliver the big high if you just keep imbibing….and now you are all so strung out you have to believe him because cold turkey is just too frightening an option after 9 years of taking his shit….what’s mr tambourine man in French ?? It’s all pretty sad

  26. Early on we were all clamoring for d costa, Jackson martinez, benzema maybe mandzukic and at this stage and where we are, (and with the wages we’ve freed up) eto, Shane long, beftimbe gomes, kalou, hernandez, remy any one of these would have provided injury contigency.gomes and eto were free, remy 8.5m etc. Does wenger really think sanxhez can play alone all season? Or that akpom is good enough for our #3?

  27. So according to these stats Giroud is still the worst at scoring goals, no matter how you try to tweak the numbers, Giroud is still shit for a club trying to win the title

  28. No-one is saying Giroud is trash and shouldn’t play for Arsenal, surely not me. What i’ve always said was that he’s a 2nd striker (however you would like to think about that) and we need a pacey, direct striker like (henry) and which we haven’t had. If Giroud is our top man who do we have as his back up? Sanogo? LMFAO… A big club like arsenal should have at least 2 top quality strikers if not more and that’s not hard to do but if it wasn’t for a frugal and unmotivated manager.

    Let’s be honest, Wenger has won everything but the champions league. He’s not as hungry as Brendan Rogers, Van Gaal, Pelligrini and even Mourinho who wants to build some sort of an empire at Chelsea that will stand a decade. I think the next manager will come in and you’ll see a huge change in winning mentality once the mad professor retires.

  29. Just red on L’…
    Arsenal and Wenger are in the market for a striker too… Apparently Giroud might be out for up to a month which leave us with NO striker. Sanogo has a recurrent hamstring injury, so we are left empty up front (unless he uses Podolski).

    1. even a striker on loan is good enough for me. Its sad that a Giroud injury is what it takes for us to sign another striker. Rather it not be like that.

  30. @ZuluBoySA
    Anybody from the Arsenal hierarchy said that we were going for the title??
    I know the fans want or would want that, but I don’t think it is the main objective for the people running the club right now… Well, with this squad it would be Wenger greatest achievement.

    1. Ozil, Ramsey, Alexis, Koscielny, Walcott, Cazorla… this squad is far from weak. And all our players do want to win the title. We are only missing a few pieces in my opinion. But the chances of Wenger getting those missing pieces are still up in the air.

  31. just you all watch after we dispatch besiktas out of the c/l on weds night the transfer talk will explode with talk of all the big names thurs morning onwards till monday deadline we will be linked with everyone and anyone you can think of as long as wenger addresses the main concerns first then sort out other areas after coyg

  32. Yes giroud is out guessed this on saturday instantly, has wenger done anything yet? Im tired of arsenal getting in the sh*t then being reactive rather than proactive, (sanchez permitting). All buyers will now jack up the selling price to us!! Im sure arsene will now ring kim kallstrom and ask himfif he’s ever played up front! !

  33. @leo will be in his element with all the transfer rumours kicking about over the wknd we will see if can post a record amount of rumors before deadline day see if he can set a club record and that is a challenge to all the others @geoff highbury ghost writer and whoever gets the most right in there comments get a write up artical for there great services rendered in the effort of rumor mongering and all there comments for one day are all thumbs up guaranteed by the admin of just arsenal LOL



  34. No, no, no. Don’t deviate from the plan. Let our rivals laugh, and when they let their guard down, bam! Hat-trick. Flawless.

      1. If only he could rescue us, well at least on Wednesday, if Giroud has broken his foot, then we will need a better striker than Yaya

        1. Definetly. We are facing a problem we could have avoided but chose to gamble by relying on Giroud again. Look how Man City don’t have to worry about Negredo or Aguero’s injury problems because they have Dzeko and Jovetic as cover who score goals.

          Campbell is behind Sanogo in the pecking order and will be our only striker if now if Sanogo is still injured.

  35. Giroud likely to be out for up to 3 months !!!!! For god sake Wenger ! Bring Cavani in now ! If Giroud is not replaced adequately immediately our season could be over before it begins ! What if we don’t buy and Sanogo gets injured which I’m pretty confident he will for a month or two at least !! €50mil to keep season alive and to stay in with a shot of title is not a lot in today’s market !
    I mean like Utd are about to pay almost 75 mil just to attempt to make top 4 !
    I’m not usually one for wNting to rush into spending that kinda money on 1 player but I think this is essential now !

  36. i am one of those who are anti giroud hes not good enough for the starting 11 but a good sub i berate him a lot of the times but my word i hope hes not out for 3 months hes a useful sub he offers something different. maybe its a sign for wenger to go out and just get a quality striker .i hate that wenger is 9 times out of 10 a recreational manager instead of being a pro active manager

  37. too bad, i dont see wenger replacing giroud, not now. He’s gonna force Sanchez there even if hes unfit, consequently making Sanchez look bad at the end.

  38. I dont know what these stupid posts are all about stats.I have said it before stats can be used to justify anything..both sides of any argument.Choosing of which start best sheds light on a particular side of an argument is key.
    Giroud is an honest guy never mind his rumored infidelities and i thin k if you ask him he will tell you that AFC needs a striker different to him..

  39. As big a squad mancity has injury damaged their CL hopes last season, yep and they had four top strikers, they got back in the league when their players start returning from injury, Chelsea did not have a striker last year, liverpool did not have major injuries but had super strikers, arsenal had the most injuries and could have won it if we had brought in the ST and DM.

    Now giroud is not the type of striker we expect to be playing for arsenal and would not be our first choice, but this can not be blamed on Giroud its WENGERS SYSTEM, where he expects his midfielders to get the majority of the goals by running ahead of giroud to score. His system actually work early in the season and i have no doubt it would have given us the title if certain vital components had not broken down and were not replaced adequately (none at all).

    So i am asking stop blaming Hiroud and blame the manager, Giroud is not the type of forward we want playing for arsenal, but he his important to the managers style of play. The system can work because we have seen it at work, but to strengthen this system we need pacey wide players (which we have) that do not neglect their defensive duties and a defensive midfield player
    at the moment we need a central defender

  40. The thing with Liverpool is they went and bought ballotelli
    And whether your someone who waits for a reverse effect
    you might want to reverse the potential broken ankle of giroud

  41. Stats are incorrect. Cavani has been played out of position all season and has not been a regular starter for PSG. Even from playing from the RW, his goal ratio is higher than that. Dzeko is their 4th choice striker and has hardly had any game time, and if he does, its from the bench. Compare Giroud to Cavani’s stats when he was at Napoli for a fair argument. You will find Cavani blows Giroud out of the water.

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