Stats show how much Arsenal struggle without Cazorla

Everyone with an interest in the success of Arsenal Football Club should be crossing their fingers and toes and hoping that the next time Arsene Wenger has to select a starting line up, which will be away to West Bromwich Albion after the two week international break, he will be able to name a fully fit Santi Cazorla in the side.

The little Spaniard was replaced at halftime against the spuds and he might as well not have started because the boss revealed after the game that Cazorla was suffering from some mystery illness that was clearly affecting his game and the Frenchman suggested that his central midfielder was only operating at around 30 percent.

After the Gunners could only salvage a point with a late Kieran Gibbs goal some people will point to the good chances missed by Olivier Giroud or the fact that Alexis Sanchez was jaded and unable to influence the game, or the ease with which our makeshift and not fully match fit defence allowed the visitors to score the opening goal.

But I think that our big problem was the loss of Cazorla. He sets the tone and the fact that the whole team´s passing accuracy of just 75 percent was down by over 10 points from the previous Premier League game against Swansea tells a stark story.

Without his accuracy, control and vision in the middle, the Gunners struggle to play the style of football that we have become used to and has got us into this good position, so is he the most important player and a vital cog in the success or failure of Arsenal?


  1. We have no striker up fron who can play with the ball, so the players in the middle are forced to keep the ball longer.

    Flash………Paulista……Boss…….Jose luis gaya-

    My dream team. Speed, power, technique

  2. We did lose our style of game by losing players like Hleb and mobile strikers up front. Our strikers where often everywhere in the pitch, se we had full controll over the game every time.

    1. @ks-gunner
      Thats when we had the “total football” thing goin on. Most people don’t like it and a lot of players can’t cope with the high intensity of it.
      Thats how Bayern ran us into the ground at the Allianz…

  3. I’m really praying for a speedy return of hector bellerin to us, he is such a key man in that right back position!

  4. We need all our key players fit and healthy!
    When one or two (or 10) are out injured it effects the team performance in a big way!

    Cazorla has shown his quality by adapting to the position that was forced on him, without moaning or making a fuss about it once! Whereas Walcott and Ramsey did!

    Oh and by the way …. If you haven’t already noticed…
    Wenger is a muppet ✌

  5. Football games are often lost by single players, rarely won without a full team effort. We saw in that game a VERY off form Cazorla play 45 minutes and leave us ragged all through the middle. After half time, we looked a different team. We were still shaky at the start of the half, but much improved. Once we got our handle on the game Ozil started getting the ball more and from there he opened Spurs up. We created a LOT of chances despite having 4 attacking CMs from our first team squad out. It literally left it to two men to be our creative force and really, it ended up falling on Ozil.

    Cazorla makes a HUGE difference to Arsenal. What makes a bigger difference is playing someone who is injured/ill in a key position and watching as the opposition run rampant through that whole.

    I’d like to add – Spurs barely created ANYTHING in the second half. They had the ball alot at the start, but we were WAY more dangerous. On a different day with our strikers hitting the target we could have easily turned the deficit round into a win.

    1. And that’s why he is a muppet!

      Why start Cazorla when he knew before kick off that he was feeling dizzy?
      Why bring on Walcott to replace the Ox against Sheffield Wednesday when Giroud was already on the pitch?
      When he already said the week before that he would only be rotating Giroud and Walcott as they are our only available striker’s!
      If his intentions were to play both our striker’s against a championship team then why stop there, why not put out our strongest team?
      Plus the fact that he didn’t give Walcott any time to warm up on that cold night in Sheffield.

      Wenger said that he handles Arsenal football club as though it belongs to him!
      Well… that tells me that he is so tight that when he farts in the bath tub, he gets no bubbles ?

      let’s be honest, where is the joy in making do with what you got when you have the funds to buy the best or the next best thing to cover for your constant injures?

      I don’t hate wenger but if he doesn’t bring in reinforcement in January then he can go xxxx himself.

      Don’t mind me…. it’s that time of the month ?

  6. Cazorla was a big miss against Spurs. He’s the one player that makes us play like Arsenal. I hope the Spurs game was just a one off. We missed Theo terribly in the Bayern and Spurs games as well. Without him, we can’t counter attack against teams that try to attack us. I hope he recovers earlier than expected…

  7. Listen baby please

    Cazorla took the CM position from Ramsey. He was given the opportunity and took it. Same with Ozil. That forced Wenger to make Ramsey our starting RW

    I want to see either Walcott or Giroud to TAKE sole ownership of CF and Ramsey fight OX for RW

    I was actually shocked by Giroud’s finishing yesterday. Sometimes he can kick the most sublime goals and other times he can miss sitters. Giroud is pot luck.

    Competition will not only improve our players but also improve our team

  8. The Cazorla situation yesterday, did seem a little odd. Maybe Wenger thought he had to take the risk in putting him on?

    It does make we laugh that the spuds now think they can make champions league, and are shifting the power in North London, when they couldn’t beat a team that was a ten man version of the one that was beaten by a championship side last week, a league cup team at best.

  9. Santi is rubbish… Hope when Ramsey returns he starts in the midfield… Santi costs us biggg in the big games.. He’s not strong enough, gives the ball away cheaply, tries to be messi around our own box, has sh***y games.. Still demands the ball to pass it over the outside line with no pressure whatsoever… Ohh and he hits equally WEAK shots from either foot

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