Stats show keeper CAN rescue his Arsenal career

A lot will depend on what happens with the current Arsenal reserve keeper David Ospina when the Colombian international recovers from his shoulder injury. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens in our Champions League games after the next international break.

The feeling in the football media is that Ospina will not be happy with merely playing a bit part role for Arsenal, especially after he did so well for us last season. And then you have the player that he replaced between the posts, Wojciech Szczesny.

The Poland international was forced to go on a season long loan with Roma in Serie A, because Arsene Wenger clearly preferred to keep Ospina in north London to cover for and compete with Petr Cech, so Szczesny´s only realistic chance of a decent amount of game time was to go elsewhere.

But he only did it to keep his hopes of a long career as a Gunner alive, as a Daily Mail report explains. The 25-year old has been with our since he was 16 and he is Arsenal through and through, and so is hoping that his performances for the Italian club this season can get him back into Wenger´s good books.

Szczesny said, “If a year ago someone had told me that I would go to Rome I would have thought it was impossible.

“I saw Arsenal as my whole life and I do not hide that is still my dream.

“For me it is a family, I owe so much to those people that if I were to be given a chance I would play for them. I do not know what will happen, nine months is a long time in football, things can change from week to week.”

All he can do right now is perform well for Roma and hopefully this latest wobble in his Arsenal career will make the Pole realise that he must work hard and earn back the right to be a Gunner. His stats for the season so far, compiled by suggest that he is going the right way about it as well.

I have compared him to the numbers of Cech and Man United’s De Gea and also to Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus to give a Serie A comparison and Szczesny comes out well in almost every category. Do you think it weill be Szczesny or Ospina challenging Cech for the Arsenal first team place next season?

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  1. BabyPlease says:

    Listen Szczesny Please

    Keep up the good work

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    forget stats……. While he’s at Roma, he gotta put up a better shift!…… So far, its not been very impressive but he can only improve…. I believe!

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I don’t won’t to knock Szczesny but I can’t help it!
    He is not a bad Keeper but he tends to get ahead of himself,
    At 25, He is still young for a Goal keeper, So there is still hope for him.
    I saw the 4 goals he conceded against Bayern loser cruising
    And that performance proves Wenger was right to send him out on loan.
    Even though the selfie king, Shower smoker and most importantly spud hater is missed for his off the field shenanigans! …. It’s what you do on the field that counts.

    Szczesny Arsenal future depends on whether Ospina is still at the club next season, if so, then I can’t see Szczesny returning just yet, maybe another loan spell awaits him.

    But going by the rumours, it does look as if Ospina will force a move away from the club.

  4. bhagalpuri says:

    szcesny keep up the hard work man u have the potential to be one of the best in the world just get that attitude I am tipping Roma for serie A title

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Keep Tipping!……….but seriously i dn’t Love the way szcesny conceed goals stupidly

  5. Tamkin10 says:

    I honestly believe Szczesny is the man to replace Cech once the time is to come. Let’s compare Szczesny to Ospina here for a moment-

    What Szczesny is better than Ospina at: Ball distribution (kicking, throwing), shot stopping, catching crosses, reflexes, diving (maybe equal) and reactions.

    What Ospina is better than Szczesny at: Decision making and positioning.

    I’ve made this judgement by watching his matches at Rome and all his days at Arsenal. Same goes to Opsina. I, myself as a GK in reality, true really believe he’s the one to replace Cech. I have nothing against Ospina as I really liked how he saved our points many times last season, but ideally, Szczesny suits Arsenal better. Yes, he does become overconfident and gets out of position a lot, but at the mere age of 25, he has a lot to learn and will improve. Bring back the Pole and let Ospina go if he wants to. He can learn from the great Czech while he’s at Arsenal! He will go on to become a great GK in Arsenal history, I hope!

  6. Dennis says:

    Szez is an immature, unprofessional and the most entitled brat i’ve ever seen. He thinks because he’s been with the club for so long that he’s owed something. It got really bad last year when after getting scored on he sat down and drank water from his bottle then a story came out about him smoking in the shower. His general disinterest that he carries in his face, no passion and he’s not a vocal leader like cech is even though szez has been at the club much longer. Lastly, he’s not commanding of his box, I’m not saying he needs to be like Neuer and be the 5th defensive player but at-least show some balls and decisiveness.

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    and yet the whole world knows Ospina was one of the premier League’s finest last season…… What’s ur take in that?

  8. damochy says:

    He had Chances after chances after chances and kept blowing them…when you look at De Gea,Lloris,Courtois, all his contemporaries or thereabout and see how they have developed and grown in stature then you will realise this dude has stopped improving and his growth has stagnated for whatever reasons…we should not be in a hurry to dispose of his services but neither should we rush to bring him back….Ospina is far far better than he is so we should only being him back as a last resort if we are desperate…..soon as his Roma loan is done send him out on loan again ams if he does not like that sell him off!!!!!

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