Stats show that Arsenal WILL cope without Cazorla

Hot on the heels of Arsenal losing the midfield enforcer Francis Coquelin to a long term injury, it was seen as a huge blow to then lose his partner in the centre of midfield. And with Santi Cazorla having gone under the knife and likely to be out even longer than his French team mate, the heart has been ropped out of the Arsenal first team.

So it was hardly surprising that many Arsenal fans and members of the football press think that the Gunners will not be able to cope. Only time will tell, of course, and any more injuries to Arsenal midfield players might stretch the squad too far, but the stats from our first game without both central midfielders showed that the team did a bang up job of coping.

Even though Cazorla has not scored for us this season, his passing and creative ability have been a huge influence so that is what we feared would be missing, but a Metro report reveals that the four top passers in the whole of the division at the weekend were from the Gunners.

Right at the top was the man whose job it is to cover for Cazorla, with Aaron Ramsey completing 112 passes. Then comes Coquelin’s cover Mathieu Flamini who made 102, followed by Mesut Ozil on 82. Fourth on the list was not a midfielder but the excellent Nacho Monreal.

These passing stats from Arsenal’s midfield trio are very encouraging for our EPL title hopes and they are even better when you consider that the team did not play anywhere near our top level. So can we cope without Cazorla and Coquelin?

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    1. Have to laugh Utd fans exited then deflated then exited then deflated -ah well enjoy Europa league utd

      1. i wouldnt laugh if i were you.
        we aint exactly in a position to ridicule
        an everytime we do…we have egg on our faces

      2. Ya got to hand it to Wenger got Coqulin from Charlton cost nil been the best midfielder for Arsenal for quite a while. Everybody saying buy buy Swinestiger, Scniederlin and look what happens didn’t help United it’s all about knowing who would make the difference and in January look out CB

    2. laugh away ur sorrows but pray hard………IT COULD BE WORSE TOMORROW…….. Well at Least Arsenal ain’t the 1st engLish team to go on pilgrimage to scandinavia!

    1. @ks-gunner
      Especially when you think of the prices paid for, and wages paid to EPL players. All for under performing prima donas. That coupled with no winter break like the rest of the European leagues, makes it laughable.

  1. We might be out of the CL as well. The fellas have to turn up and put in a real hard shift. We usually perform at our best when under pressure. Hoping we do so tomorrow.

  2. guys stop laughing its bad form.
    if we dont manage it tommorow -we will join them on thursdays

    wait till tommorows game ends

    1. yea muff and if we make it past 2moro……. There’s still no need to Laugh……… Some team was spanked 8-0 today…… The road to Round of 16 is a scary one indeed!

  3. Without Cazorla, yes, Ramsey’s there and he is a natural box to box player, he might even repeat the season 2013/2014, but without Coquelin, no. Chambers should get a thirty minute trial against Villa to test his DMF abilities. I doubt he’ll make it there, he’s still too weak in the duels, but still he should be tested there.

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