Stats show this striker could be good Arsenal transfer

He may not be the big name, top quality striker that many Arsenal fans were hoping that Arsene Wenger would bring in to the club this summer, but with just a day left of the transfer window, I think we could do a lot worse than to go for the QPR centre forward Charlie Austin.

Before you dismiss this out of hand Gooners, bear with me and I will explain. Unless the boss has some stunning deal lined up for an Edinson Cavani or a Gonzalo Higuain, the Gunners will not be able to sign a significant improvement on Olivier Giroud. So what we are looking for is another option to compete with and cover for the Frenchman.

Austin scored 18 goals at better than a goal every two games in his first season as a Premier League player and the fact that he did it for a club that was getting beaten all the time and was relegated should be even more impressive. Check out this stats comparison between Giroud and Austin last season which shows the QPR man not far behind on some factors and winning on others, such as total score, attacking score and shooting accuracy.

He may not have the same technical ability and link up play but he is a finisher and at around ยฃ15 million, this transfer would not really be a big gamble for Arsenal, but more like taking out an insurance policy. If Giroud gets injured and Wenger has signed no one, would we then be wishing that he had signed any decent striker? So why not just take the punt and bring in this proven goal scorer now?

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  1. I’ve yet to hear a reason why Wenger is so so stubborn to pay that little bit extra for a top top player. Every ex-player and pundit has said exactly the same about where Arsenal need to strengthen. Is Wenger actually saying everyone is wrong? Wenger also tells us it’s difficult to find a quality player yet, it doesn’t appear to happen to the other top teams, they get their man usually and the team usually have 2 or 3 players for each position. However, if Arsenal have injuries we are struggling to cover! I also wonder if all the back room staff and coaches go along with Wenger’s stubbornness? The last time I looked Arsenal are at the bottom of the completed transfer list with just an embarrassing 1, even the next team above us have 4 signings, which along is embarrassing. I do think it’s time that the silent American share holder now steps in and tells Wenger enough is enough and give him his position on the directors board and we get someone like Klopp who will spend to strengthen and cover for injuries yet still play the Arsenal way.

    1. sorry but some of the insults being thrown on here..cant stop laughing.
      i know its adolescent and im slighty bias in saying this but i love our fans.

      ive lowered my iq comin on here past few days, but i dont regret it, top banter


    2. Well, you’re just saying silly things all over the place.

      Why is being bottom of the transfer list “embarrassing”? Embarrassing is not succeeding in the league, not making signings is not embarrassing. IF we do not succeed, then be embarrassed, but don’t be embarrassed simply by not making signings, that’s just plastic fandom at it’s worst.

      Furthermore, it’s easy for pundits to say “Sign a striker and DM” but clearly the focus has been on a striker…and the quality we’re looking for simply hasn’t been available. We gambled on top quality and missed out on the slightly lower quality. The DM thing I can kinda side more with Wenger – Coquelin looks class and signing a class DM to be on the bench just isn’t realistic. SO realistically these signings were not all that easy.

      As for Arsenal stubborn to “pay that little extra” i’ve seen no evidence we’ve pulled out on the basis that we’d have to pay a “little” extra. The only transfer that might fit that is Higuain…but at DOUBLE his value, the price is far too steep and totally understandable to avoid on someone who is totally unproven in the PL.

      1. There are a lot of good cheap strikers out there. I would’ve tried to get Origi from Liverpool after snapping up Benteke and Ings. I don’t think our only problem is having a striker. We have been creating very little for chances. If you think of City, they possess the ball well and teams tend to play for the counter attack. They are able to create chances by kolarov and Sagna getting involved in the sides and they have bodies to get the 2 and 3 chances. We tend to do this but not as well. I think we need better wingers, Alexis as 10 and Cazorla as deeper playmaker. Maybe Campbell, Walcott or Ox on side? Get players or change line up. Not working!

    1. yes mate were desperation levels now
      were basically that 14 year old kid who coated himself in lynx aftershave spray an gelled his hair, hoping any girl at the prom will look at him.
      literally anyone.

      1. Arsenal scouts scouring
        the globe for 3 months
        Looking for Henry mark 2
        Yet he has been here all the time.
        Arsenal from Cavani Benzema Higuain to Champione Chuck ๐Ÿ™‚
        Man U from 140 mill Naymar to 15 mill Charlie Awe-stun ๐Ÿ™‚
        What’s next Kallstrom at Heathrow?
        Better hurry before Luis signs King Kall too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. few more time before its closed!!!

    if you feeling
    -dizzy,headache or maybe migrain
    -bit queasy
    -heartbeat faster
    -blood pressure higher
    -cant sleep
    -need more beer
    -cant focus on working
    -sitting in front of your gadget. laptop/etc
    -while keep refreshing F5 for every seconds

    please immediately say this : Giroud welbeck walcott ! 5 times.
    im sure you getting better alot

  3. Is their any realistic striker out there for us still? Knowing the clubs out there they will just jack up the price tag! Does higuain ring a bell?

  4. Is always funny to see the so called fans at justarsenaldotcom starting on a high note : Cavani! Reus! Benzema! Pogba! Then lowering their voices, whispering : Bender? Carvalho? Hernandez? But then ending moaning : Austin? Pato?
    Wenger treats you right. There’s no point explaining to any of you that wasting money just to look like a big club goes nowhere (see Liverpool, Spuds and more recently Manure) especially when you don’t have it.
    Austin. Charlie Austin. Now I heard them all. Just to buy someone, anyone. This is how low these fans ended these days. No wonder everyone makes fun of them.

    1. Stop this us and them thing, we are all Arsenal fans, and when they make fun of us, they make fun of all of us, they dont pick and choose.
      Also i would rather try and loose then loose without trying. Not strengthening in a transfer window is simply a case of not trying hard enough.

      1. I don’t know them and I believe they deserve it being laughed at. Other than that, we write lose in English when we are about to lose the game. And that’s because we don’t let them players loose on the field.

    2. @ budd

      I wouldn’t mind taking Austin on a year long loan and playing walcott on the wing. then maybe next summer we can get a big name like Reus etc

  5. Feeling optimistic after theinsidegooner tweets

    Have a sneaky feeling about tomorrow .. We wil have to wait and see

  6. Charlie Austin can stick the ball in the back of the net. The thing about playing for a lower team is that the opposition won’t be defending with as many players between you and the goal. You get more space because they aren’t focusing as much on stopping you scoring and focusing more on scoring themselves. Austin is a good striker…but certainly not a great one.

    If Arsenal bought him he’d wind up very far down the packing order. He has not been proven playing for a good team and under scrutiny of heavy defenses. Honestly, his technique and link play is far below the Arsenal level and even if he would convert a slightly higher number of chances then Giroud, he’d offer FAR less creatively and we’d probably create less with him leading the line.

    Basically – he wouldn’t improve the starting 11. Why shell out money for a BACK UP striker? I’d stick with what we have honestly.

  7. BREAKING NEWS: Arsenal have just had a
    ยฃ32m bid accepted for the Korean
    defensive midfielder Fah-Kin Nowahn.
    More to come. #SSNHQ # Arsenal
    View details ยท

  8. Even if we can’t get a world class striker in, the truth is we just badly need another striker in general. Giroud is our only out-and-out striker, if he picks up a big injury, who do play?

    Austin is a decent option, but it’s a sorry state of affairs that we’re even discussing a striker of that quality. It’s astonishing that Van Persie left 3 years ago, and we still haven’t replaced him! Talk to anyone who knows about football, and they’ll always say the striker is the most important player. It’s a shame Wenger doesn’t think the same, and very strange considering whom he’s managed at Arsenal: Wright, Bergkamp, Anelka, Van Persie and Henry.

    1. @3rdmanjw
      Are Messi and Ronaldo strikers? How many goals did RVP slot in before he jumped ship and what did we win that year?
      No player is more important than the next…

  9. My regret is that we missed on Kondogbia. I think that this guy does the work of Coquelin and Cazorla at once. He wasnt very expensive to be ignored. Jacksos Martinez was also a striker who could be an improvment to Giroud.

    But what angers me more is not the fact that we dont buy, but with the fact that we present underperformers with to much money instead of trying to replace them in the starting line up.

    Giroud 130k
    Walcott 140k is simple something i cant explain.

    1. Every time you post you just show everyone how LITTLE you know.
      Kondogbia “does the work of CAZORLA” hahahah o my goodness that was a good laugh. And “he wasn’t very expensive to be ignored” HE WENT FOR 40 million euro bro seriously stay up to date or don’t post.

      Please show me where it says giroud is on 130k a week please show me.

      1. I serve to make the stupid a bit less stupid. Kondogbia went to inter in the region of ยฃ25m.

        Explaining to you about the qualities Kondogbia posseses is someting you must find out your self. Nice that you ignore that our bench player is earning 140k a week but do get mad about our main striker earning 130k. Google it up. Google is your friend. Good luck.

        1. I don’t believe walcott is on 140k a week either but Giroud on 130k is even less believable, you kids just run with anything you hear and take it as fact.

          Kondogbia created NINE chances in the league last year and scored ONCE but he does what Cazorla does? And it is a fact he went for โ‚ฌ40m which is ยฃ29-30m so where do you get your facts

  10. Oh Asene! Sol much love turning into disgust, and now hate. It was all smiles years ago when I see Henry, Denis, RVP to an extent Adebayor leading from the front. Fast forward to recently, I only expect a goal when we send a good cross into the box. Still, he manages to miss some of those and we rarely send crosses in because that’s not the arsenal way. If he chooses to continue with you no who, then I suggest we change our style and use the wings. It’s pretty overwhelmingly obvious he’s slow and not quite good or comfortable with his feet. Don’t like calling him “G12” names, he’s just doing what anyone of us if giving the opportunity would do whatever it is we love best in life, he’s is football. I blame AW for giving him the role upfront.

  11. Wenger has truly created another mess this window. I can see why he splits the fanbase though. He’s done so much good for the club, but the reality is that he is no longer a modern manager and doesn’t have what it takes to compete at the highest level anymore. If Arsenal board weren’t so content with 4th and were willing to take even a slight risk, they would start preparing for somebody else to take over once AW’s contract expires.

  12. Apparently, Wenger has left the country on the last day of the transfer window again. Last year it was Rome, now Paris.

    I doubt it’s for Cavani and Rabiot as some papers are reporting. It’s probably either for Family or football commentary for French tv.

    If we did get Cavani and Rabiot, I’d be delighted lol.

  13. We aren’t linked with anybody nor have we bid for any player yet. Just 12 hours remaining for wenger to save his job.

  14. I hope giroud, walcott and welbeck score just 10 goals total do that pathetic excuse of a manager gets egg and $hit in his face.

  15. Wenger fans u must be very happy with 4th place trophy and wenger not signing anyone. It fits both ur mentality.

  16. Few years ago we had 3 good strikers in our squad adebayor, Eduardo and v. Persie now we have only one giroud who is worse than all of them and wenger thinks he will score 30 goals this season what an idiot, liar , dumb, greedy, over confident, clueless, uncaring 4 th place comedian.

  17. Let’s have a twitter poll now how many of u want wenger to resign. I bet 75 percent want wenger fired.

    1. I would say right now 70%
      would want Wenger to stay.
      After tomorrow if he brings in
      one or two top signings
      it would be 90% stay.

  18. Wenger please resign after this season and take useless sanogo, flamini, arteta, giroud and mertesaker. Rosicky and theo should be sold.

  19. i love this site especially during the transfer market.. So much jokes.. But honestly I wonder if other fans feel the same way we do, the anxiety n tension is palpable.

    1. No tension for me now.
      I am prepared for 3,2 1
      or no signings at all.
      We went through worse
      two seasons ago with only
      two freebies Sanogo and Flamini
      signed for a long time.
      Then there was the Suarez saga.
      Then we lost to Villa when half the
      club was in lynching mood.
      Then Ozil was revealed about 7 pm
      on the last day.The fans went ballistic.
      Then they went Ozil who?
      So no worries it will happen.
      16 hours 1 minute 33 seconds and counting …….

  20. Same shit last ten years?
    Aww Hafiz my comments have
    not been that bad have they ?
    Oh you meant your comments
    have been the same the last ten years.
    My mistake bruv ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. This transfer window has been terrible. Expect to see us penny-pinching Ligue 1 veterans by the deadline if any movement happens. Please surprise me Wenger.

    How do we expect to move forward without adding quality?

    Arsene Wenger trophy here we come… but I’ll still stand by my team Arsenal for life.

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