Sterling to Arsenal is looking possible with Spurs dropping out

Arsenal has emerged as the favourites to sign Raheem Sterling from Manchester City with Spurs tipped to struggle to pay his wages.

The Englishman has surprisingly become available for transfer after falling down the pecking order at Man City.

The Citizens have just lost the Champions League final and will look to overhaul their team.

One player who reportedly could leave for the right price is Raheem Sterling.

As a part of overhauling their team, City will look to sign Harry Kane from Tottenham and they may need to add some of their top stars to the deal.

The Sun reports that City could add Sterling or Gabriel Jesus to their bid for Kane and that should make it easier for Spurs to do a deal with them.

However, the report says while Spurs can pay Jesus’ £90,000-a-week wages, they will struggle to pay Sterling £300,000 weekly.

Because of this, the deal could crash and Arsenal remains the team that can take advantage of the situation and bring Sterling back to London.

It adds that Arsenal has been his long-term admirers and they wanted to sign him as a teenager from QPR before he left for Liverpool.

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  1. Wages would be too high and he would come to AFC to retire and put his feet up in his twilight years.

  2. Sometimes players have to be flexible in their wages. It cant be always asking for sky high prices.

    Definitely at this time 300k is way above. 200k for sterling should be the way to go as he’s not scoring n performing that well if not look elsewhere. Big good clubs are few but players are in millions population.

    The most important are the players themselves able to enjoy play regularly in the team.
    Environment is important too.

  3. Really! No way. I can’t believe that Arsenal is officially the Dump yard for these old players that have passed their best and are just looking for a pension contract. When will they learn?

    1. you do realize that Sterling is only 26!!! I’m not a huge fan of his current wages but his age is certainly not a stumbling block, as he’s actually entering what should be his most productive years…City is only moving on from him because a younger, exceedingly less expensive Foden has emerged in his preferred position

      1. City needs to rebuild their ageing squad and add new players with passion and determination

        a number of their players have won titles multiple times and lack of hunger

        1. True John, if they lack hunger at City, would they have the hunger at Arsenal? We have seen the likes of hungry Leno,Bellerin, Mustafi, Socrates, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Elneny, Ozil, Laca, Auba, Willian over the last 12 months. Sterling an overhyped player, will not improve with age, and will have no transfer fee after his contract of say 3 years, another potential loss of revenue. On the pitch he will miss sitters and there is a reason Foden has displaced him. With no intention to win anything, he would be the new Ozil, and bleeding the club for 300K/week.Why do not we scout the next Foden from the countless clubs across the globe? Are we a charity club to provide financial and medical assistance to ageing players? (Sterling is 26, in 3 years would turn 29). A big fat NO to this transfer in my opinion

  4. Two possibilities:
    1. A ploy from Sterling agent to get a better contract
    2. A trick by Manchester City to inform clubs about availability of Sterling
    In Either case I don’t see Arsenal buying him

    1. But he is great chums with our novice so hes coming. 300k pw? …………..younger than willan

  5. Wages too high as well as paying big transfer fee how would it make our youngsters feel. They do all the work and he would get the reward. Trust our youngsters they weren’t the ones to let us down last season. Put pen to paper Emile 🍻 and what a goal last night from Bukayo. These lads are our future with Of course Kieran Tierney.

  6. It’s a pity that Arsenal are no longer thinking and acting like other big clubs anymore. I look at our team I can’t see any player who is close to Stirling despite his missing of chances, because he brings more to the team more than any current arsenal player. Each time we have good opportunities to add quality players to our team some fans always talk about money and wages forgetting that things have changed in the world of football. Is Kroenke family not making money on this club? I think we need to change the narrative of this club.

  7. If he would take a reasonable salary with add ons based on performance, that will be good, he is english, experienced, 26 is not old.
    300k is insane, we are not City, we are not even a champions league club and we should start giving wages based on this fact.

    1. And no breaking the bank for a winger before filling the other pisitions we need more.

  8. I have always considered Stirling as one of the most hyped, and over rated players in the premiership. His performance against Chelsea in the recent final was not untypical for him. I remember some of his England performances too. He may look good against a mediocre defender A good defender will always have him in their pocket, and make him totally ineffective. I also believe Arteta is using the Man City blue print. to re-build his side. So the fact that Man City now consider him surplus to requirements should sound alarm bells.

  9. I completely fail to underatand thementality of most Gooners who posted above my post. Sterling is by a disatnce far better than any existing attacking player we have and IF we can pick him up on a free , despite huge wages, that to my mind is a no brainer and he must be chased.

    Some ignorant fools on this thread have called him an old player! He is all of 26! FOR GODS SAKE! I despair at many of our fans who know little about football or life and nothing at all about how to run a business.

    1. Sterling is a world class player who told he isn’t hungry he is a winner n most of all just 26 he’s young n would love to play for england there’s every need to play well in order to have a place in three lions he’s good for arsenal because we haven’t had creative winger since pires

  10. I think , the news of having sterling in an ARSENAL Shirt should be excited to many fans but l can read a lot of rejection here, no wonder the club is not making progress. Sterling is an upgrade, please make it happen on time.

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