Steve Clarke urged to use Arsenal star differently to add a ‘bit more quality’

Scotland boss Steve Clarke has the difficult job of trying to get the best out of a team that consists of both Liverpool’s Andy Robertson and Arsenal’s Kieran Tierney.

The latter is regularly used as the more defensive of the pair, with him most recently being lined up on the left of a back three, which allowed his counterpart to play the more attacking wing-back role.

Ian Wright has now urged for Steve Clarke to make changes with Tierney thoroughly impressing in a more attacking role for his club this season.

“I like to see Kieran Tierney, you talk about Scotland needing a bit more quality (going forward), and we have seen him all season for Arsenal,” Wright told ITV.

“Maybe set him free a little bit. He’s playing in a three, I know he’s trying to keep it solid. But I would play him as a wing-back. And get that ball in there.

“And I would play two upfront. Dykes and Adam. Get the ball in there and get support around them.”

Scotland do not have the best crop of options available to them, but it might not be the worst idea to play one of Tierney or Robertson further up the field in the left-midfield or left-winger role where they could be equally effective, and they could prove to be a deadly combination overlapping each other in the attacking phase.

Should Tierney be set free from his defensive duties for Scotland?


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  1. Wyoming says:

    In fact Tierney should feed sloppy passes to Robertson so the ball arrives just as a mean as defender goes in studs up ripping Robertson’s legs to shreds. This would free up Liverpool’s left flank for our imminent league clash 😄

  2. Sue says:

    OT.. I’ve just seen news of Claude’s (once of AFTV) passing. Can’t believe it… RIP

    1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

      Thanks Sue for acknowledging his passing…Claude could be a bit sloppy with his words at times, which he was duly punished for, but he likewise was a one-off character who oft-times provided a visceral encapsulation of the frustrations many fans experienced during the latter Wenger years and beyond…RIP

  3. Steven Wilson says:

    Scotland are more defensive than a world war 2 concrete bunker.
    They set up defensively against all opposition no matter wot calibre they are hence they rarely win games.
    I can’t recall a recent international tie involving Scotland when they have actually went out offensively from the kick off to try and win a game.
    I’m a proud Scot but they are eye-bleedingly awful to watch imho.
    Have a go Scotland, you never know you mite occasionally win games!!@

  4. Grandad says:

    Your right Steven.Clarke is coming under pressure to switch from a defensive back three set to a more attacking 4-2-3-1 system.There is no reason why Tierney should not play at left back with Robertson playing on the left of the attacking midfield three behind Che Adams.With McThomity and Mcginn in central midfield and the likes of Stuart Armstrong ,Ryan Christie or Ryan Fraser to support Adams ,Scotland have a pretty decent side.Unfortunately we are weak at RB and CB and until we find quality players in these areas it will be difficult for us to make the World Cup finals.

  5. Reggie says:

    Why anyone would want to use Tierney as a left sided center back of three is way beyond me and total lunacy.

  6. Grandad says:

    Basically Reggie,Steve Clark has to accommodate KT and Andrew Robertson in his first eleven as the are high quality players.Unfortunately they are both attacking left backs, hence the need to play one of them out of position.I think Clarke has now seen the light and henceforth KT will be LB with AR used as a left sided attacking midfielder.

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