Still no contract for Ramsey – And the N’Zonzi rumours won’t go away

The one big signing that Arsenal need to do this summer is to get Aaron Ramsey to accept a contract extension as soon as possible, or sell him on and bring in a worthy replacement.

There have been consistent ITK’s stirring things up on Twitter by saying as a fact that the Welshman has signed a five-year contract worth £155,000-a-week with £2.5m signing on fee had been agreed, Ramsey’s agency Avid Sports & Entertainment Group responded by saying: “Keep making stuff up!!!””

So it doesn’t look like there is any imminent announcement coming from the player or the club, but there are still the persistent rumours that Steven N’Zonzi could be coming to the Emirates, but I still only believe that will happen if Ramsey refuses to sign.

Sevilla have certainly not said that N’Zonzi is not for sale, but they have told us exactly what price it will take to get him. Sevilla director Joaquin Caparros announced: “We have not received any offers for him. I will say the same to any clubs who may be interested as what we said with (Clement) Lenglet – he has a buyout clause, and it’s £35m.”

Now we know for a fact that Aaron Ramsey’s selling price would be a lot more than that if he leaves, so we would have a ready-made replacement that knows how Emery likes his team to play, and has vast experience in the EPL.

Surely we have have to know very soon with just three weeks to the end of the transfer window…



  1. Spartan says:

    Talks are continuing between Arsenal and Aaron Ramsey over a new contract for the Wales international, Sky Sports News understands.

    The midfielder has one year left on his current deal and securing his future is believed to be a big priority for Gunners’ head coach Unai Emery as he continues to shape his squad ahead of his first season in charge.

    “I’m very happy with him,” Emery said of Ramsey last week. “Every day every training session he is with the ambition I want. He is working with quality. I want to work with him.”

  2. gotanidea says:

    If Ramsey signs, congrats to @kev

    Otherwise N’zonzi’s buyout clause price is too much. We already have many DMs in Torreira, Xhaka (I’m sure he would improve as a DM), Elneny, Chambers and maybe Mustafi can also be a DM

    For that kind of money, Arsenal had better chase Denis Suarez, Tanguy Ndombele, Rafinha, a new CB or a new winger

    1. kev says:

      Before people crucify me I have never said anywhere and anytime that Ramsey has said a new contract.
      What I have said is that he has a agreed a new contract where “agreed” means verbal agreement which means he has given us his word that he will sign.All that is left to do is for him to honour it.
      Should he not honour his word Kovacic is the one who we will look to sign to replace him.

      1. kev says:

        @admin I hope you’re not taking a dig at me.I have never said anywhere that Ramsey has signed a new contract.I said he has agreed to sign a new contract which means he has given us his word that he’ll sign.
        “Agreed to sign” or a “agreed a new contract” is different from signing a new contract.The player has a verbal agreement and thus has agreed to a new contract but has not yet put pen to paper.

        1. Admin says:

          Oh @kev So you have found out that all I do all day is worry about how I can upset you?
          Damn and there was me thinking I was reporting a comment from Ramsey’s agency (who may or may not know a little bit more than you about their client). Surely they know more than someone reading twitter from as far away as Ghana?
          Grow up mate you are not the centre of the universe, and very few people take you seriously…..

          1. Patrick_G says:


          2. stubill says:


          3. kev says:

            I’m not saying all you do all day is worry about how you upset me.I just needed to clear things up.What the agency are saying is true.Ramsey has not signed any contract.What he’s done is given his word that he’ll sign and he’s happy with the offer.This is the same thing Wilshere did but in the end didn’t sign though he verbally agreed.No need to sound so harsh and rude.I don’t need anyone to take me seriously and I’m not even an ITK. See you when I see you.

          4. Nothing changed says:

            Wilshire agreed on a new contract and left, this means if Ramsey agreed on a new contract he might still leave, this means agreeing on a new contract (as you put it) means nothing, so why even mention it?

            In your scenario RVP, CESC and Nasri might also have agreed on new contracts with Arsenal.

        2. jon fox says:

          Kev, It was I who told you about a week ago that a verbal agreement is not a signed contract. I said this when you persisted in saying the Torreira deal was done. Eventually it was done but it was not at the time you said it was. You are now agreeing with me but you wrote differerently prior to my comment. I reminded you and others that no deal is EVER DONE until contracts are signed. THEY NOW ARE AND THUS THE DEAL IS DONE, NOW!

    2. Sparkles says:

      Firstly, Xhaka is not a DM. Wenger made him play that position and we saw him struggle in it. Chambers and Mustaphi are CBs. Eventhough Chambers may (with training) be capable to do a job in that position in the future, he isn’t one yet. Thus, the only DMs in your list are Torreira and Elneny. I’m not saying we need N’zonzi or not but you need to get your information right.

      1. Nicholas says:

        Xhaka is one of the worse players I’ve ever seen in an arsenal jersey. I was looking forward for emery to sell him but instead he gave him a new contract.

        Ffs only arsenal

  3. Ingleby says:

    N’Zonzi at £35M does seem high – even if paying by the yard!
    On the other hand, if he was effective for, say, five years maybe it would be ok, given current over-inflated prices. Mind you, over-inflated is a much used description, but with the ridiculous amount of money pumped into the EPL and foreign clubs wanting to get their hands on some, perhaps its not really over-inflated, just current value.

    1. gotanidea says:

      If N’zonzi can intercept the threats as many as Kante, the two times MOTM in World Cup, 35M will be very cheap

      Unfortunately N’zonzi was not featured much, hence we cannot compare their work rate

      1. Ingleby says:

        I thought that was going to be Torreira’s job?

  4. Drew says:

    Whether Ramsey signs or not, who is the other B2B midfielder that can compete with him? Elneny? Carzola?… oh he’s gone

    1. Declan says:

      Guendouzi will compete for B2B midfielder.

  5. Pablo Picasso says:

    I don’t see him heading off to any top team should he refuse to sign.

    Bayern has been suspiciously quiet so far in the market. They might want to boost their CM position with Vidal getting older & Tiago been in and out of the team last season. Give them Ramsey & grab Comman in exchange.

  6. Goonerbeall says:

    If Ramsey is reluctant to sign it’s coz he wants to leave for free and get signing on fees from the new club. So flog him to a club likely to be relegated for peanuts. He is afraid because he never merited treatment by Wenger who gave him a massive pay one season wonder.Time to clear the deadwood.

    1. AshburtonGrove says:

      Totally agreee.

      1. Declan says:

        “Flog him to a club likely to be relegated for peanuts”?
        So how does that work then?
        Gazidis: Rambo, we’re selling you to Brighton for £4.50p.
        Rambo : Gazidis, fcuk off, I’m staying.
        That worked then eh?

  7. lorenzo sarwon says:

    we have to buy him..he is a very good box-box player..

  8. Xxnofx says:

    Why are the club so desperate to keep hold of Ramsey ,I don’t get it .he’s been here for god knows how long now and can anyone honestly say they think he’s top draw .
    Now he seems to be dictating these contract negotiations .
    Just get rid ,there’s kids in the academy who could do a better job than he’s done over the years

    1. GunnerJack says:

      That makes 2 of us who don’t get it. Just hope you’re right about one of the kids coming through to issue a stern challenge – a la Cesc Fabregas. Now that would be something!

      1. Xxnofx says:

        I would put AMN in personal,he Might be ready ,but the only way to know is to stick him in .the games he played last season (out of position)he really did impress me .i just feel Ramsey as been at the club long enough for most fans to see that we won’t challenge for stuff with him be the main man in the middle ,and if the board are going to be tight and not spend them give someone else a chance .i would rather AMN than us spend 35mill on another 30 year old who didn’t really light up the premiership the last time he played here

        1. Xxnofx says:

          And yea a cesc ,Diaby,Santi type would be fantastic,now they were players to get excited about

        2. GunnerJack says:

          Agree wholeheartedly about AMN. However Emery has also brought in Matteo Guendouzi and put him straight into the first team squad and he also appears to be a box to box player. Apart from a few minutes against ‘Wood’ I’ve only seen him on YouTube but it’s going to be fascinating to see who makes the starting lineup against City. Will be watching the pre-season matches with great interest!

  9. rkw says:

    lesson from world cup is that a strong creative b2b type is a key element of a successful team … ramsey isnt it if we want to become contenders again … not convinced that n`zonzi is the solution but hope emery works this one out sooner rather than later

  10. Jah son says:

    How is it for years arsenal fans been calling for Santi Cazorla replacement now of a sudden we want to build the team around Ramsey what new found talent as Ramsey garnered confused

  11. Jah son says:

    Ramsey a senior player at arsenal fc never made the cut under Wenger for a decade he’s been in Cecs shadows, Wilshire’s shadows cazorla’s shadows and now fans say he’s ready. I for one believes he is afraid of leaving because he is valuable only in England and the top six sides are full Emery is trying is best to make everyone feel welcome but we as fans have not seen is other side yet. he’d better be ruthless otherwise fans will turn on him sooner than late

  12. Enagic says:

    I will be more than happy if Ramsey leave even tomorrow he has been the continuation of Wenger’s failure- he is not even great as a footballer very inconsistent no where near Carzola and we will miss Santi big time Welbeck needs to be next behind him I would rather have Bernard for free and Gomes

  13. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I hear Cesc is running his contract down. Got a feeling he want’s to come home to the club he really loves.

    1. jon fox says:

      Seems more Gooners want Ramsey sold than those who would keep him. I am a reluctant Ramsey should stay , at least if he signs for a sensible wage. But not otherwise and I would be far from broken hearted if he leaves. I CAN WELL UNDERSTAND THOSE WHO WANT HIM OUT, EVEN THOUGH I WOULD KEEP HIM , WITH CERTAIN PROVISIONS. No long term contract though; three years maximum or better still two with an option if he deserves a third year and let him take it or leave it. I did say RELUCTANT remainer.

      1. Xxnofx says:

        He’s another Walcott ,holds the club to whatever his demands are then disappears on the pitch for the next 4 years ,I don’t see what the club see in him unless I’m missing something ,and to say he’s going to leads well that’s just bonkers ,I would say a bench spot is about his limit at a club of our status ,but then again we’ve seen players like him lineing their pockets for doing jack shit on the pitch for as long as I can remember.the fans wanted change (as did I )we got that we’ve the manager now let’s do it with the players that have been hiding on the pitch these last couple of years ,xhaka Ramsey ,mustafi,ballerina,welbeck -to name a few

        1. Durand says:

          Sentimentality is the reason. How much is that worth? Surely not 155k per week. Sell him I say, don’t let door hit you on your way out.

          Ffs he is AVERAGE! Half the squad should get a pay raise then. Look at his stats; there are many cm’s out there; better, faster, more technical, younger, cheaper. Give him til Friday to sign. Otherwise he’ll be sold, or play his final year with U-23.

          Club seemingly being held hostage by average midfielder, smh. If he played on another team most wouldn’t give him second glance.

          Rather see AMN play and grow into a beast; or Smith-Rowe get his opportunities. As opposed to placating Ramsey.

      2. Enagic says:

        I don’t think Arsenal want him to stay either they are just trying to find a professional way to push him out and yes he needs to go I would rather have Cesc on one year contract basis I think he will do a better job than Ramsey

    2. Sue says:

      Would every gooner want him back Kenny?

  14. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I’m sure you all know what I think of Ramsey. Holding us to ransom with extortionate wage demands. Who does he think he is Dennis Bergkamp, get shot of him, the sooner he’s gone the better.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Be interesting to see what Emery makes of him. I do like the way the Emery rumours have switched from ‘Ramsey to be the new captain’ to the much watered down ‘I want 5 captains’. Seems Unai could be having second thoughts about Wenger’s darling.

      1. Durand says:

        I wonder how much of Ramsey’s hesitation is down to how Emery wants him to play?

        For a decade Wenger let Ramsey free roam like a headless chicken with no accountability. Bomb forward as he likes, abandon midfield partner, camp out in opponents goal.

        What if Emery has told Ramsey to cut it out?
        What if he is expected to put in a complete performance, and defend rather than constantly bomb forward?

        Hopefully that is the case, but that’s all it is; a hope.

        1. OzzieGunner says:

          ? Emery wants structure, discipline and hard work. Enough said.

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