‘Stinking it up’, ‘Ozil is finished’ – Gunners react to shock-miss

Mesut Ozil has failed to score one of the easiest chances of his career, and Arsenal’s fans have been reacting on social media.

The former German international left the club in January after it was made clear by manager Mikel Arteta that he wasn’t a part of his plans, and we were all aware of the growing discourse amongst the fans who were fed up of seeing their highest paid player not helping the team on the pitch.

Ozil is now plying his trade in Turkey with Super Lig side Fenerbahce, but his arrival has not been smooth by any count.

One source on Twitter claimed that the playmaker has only created two chances in open play in almost 350 minutes of action (the equivalent of almost four full matches of action).

His woes have now worsened after being stretchered off the field during their 1-1 draw with Antalysapor, but all eyes will be on his shocking miss with his team trailing, and Arsenal fans have not held back after the incident.

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Even Ozil’s biggest followers will have to concede that the once-superstar is no longer of the ability to play for Arsenal, nor any top club in Europe, and it is time they concede that they need a new star to follow instead.

Have any of the players that Mikel Arteta moved on proved the manager wrong yet?


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  1. Not quite as simple as the sitter Aubamayang missed from SIX YARDS v Olympiakos. Does this mean Auba is finished too?

    1. But Auba scored some goals for 344 min.
      And Ozil score 0 goals and 2 assists only.
      Wake up man- he is DONE.

      1. Phil wasn’t saying Ozil wasn’t done just pointing out the hypocrisy of the article when Aubamayang missed an even easier chance man!

        1. Agreed, @Declan. It would appear JPS and his ilk are blinded by deep-rooted – and often irrational -dislike of the man.

          1. This writer of this article and many gooners have an unhealthy obywith seeing him fail. Instead of wishing him well after the injury, they gloat. Pathetic.

            He hasn’t played for almost a year.

      2. The difference is Auba plays striker while Ozil plays as a midfielder…… learn to differentiate…..

  2. Ozil was finished a couple of years ago. He’s been the worst thing Arsenal have ever had, and I speak from 72 years of watching Arsenal! Absolutely terrible all along, in every way.

    1. Bravo Peter- and I fully agree with you. I am watching football for 51 years now.
      terrible and greedy player.

    2. With all due respect to your age sir,in todays world filled with degeneration and decadence,not all 72 years speaks objectively and sincerly compared to some younger people.

    3. Derek Tapscott and Joe Haverty would have loved to play with a small synthetic ball instead of a laced leather one. Those were the days. Percy Dalton peanuts to boot!

    1. Aubameyang’s penalty miss against Spurs in season 2018/19 season got me, but even Dennis Bergkamp missed a penalty in an FA Cup Final.

  3. He lost long ago but you kept praising him and being deceived by a perceived dislike by Arteta

    Now it’s become obvious he was a fraud

    1. He hasn’t played for almost a year. The man just got back and got injured. The only fraud are salivating toxic gooners like you.

      As if no Arsenal players miss sitters. Hhhhhhh

  4. He misses a sitter..so he’s finished?btw why do you guys still keep posting on Ozil, he’s not a gunner anymore.

  5. Thank goodness he has such a huge Turkish fanbase who idolise him,, because if not nobody would have taken him off our hands. Tremendously talented…5 years ago

    1. Gentleman- the point I was making was purely down the the Headline Article. Nothing else. Declan got it. Gooner98 and Dre got it.
      Ozil missed a relatively easy chance. Aubamayang missed an absolute sitter.
      Wake up PAL’s

      1. I for one wasn’t referring at all to your comment Phil, so its not possible that I missed your point. I was also not talking about the miss – Ive seen many worse and your words were valid – one miss doesn’t define a player. I was referring to Ozil’s overall disappointing displays since moving to Turkey, which were also mentioned in the article.
        So now I’ve spoken in support of your opinion can you add me to your “got it” list please? (;-))

        1. HaHa@ Guy- not only have I included you on the “Got It” list I will automatically send you membership of the Official Ozil Fanboy Club.
          At the last count the membership was not very many at all.

          1. You too vill go on ze list. Vot ist your name?

            Don’t tell him guy/ Ozil / Willian/ etc. Fill in as you think appropriate.

            But I am only teasing, so please don’t take offence! At home me and the missus send up this classic piece of dialogue very often, even with a too weak cup of tea or some burnt toast!

        2. He hasn’t played for almost a year. What? He was to get back in playing form so quickly?


          Have we been doing very well as well?!

          Have other Arsenal players missed sitters?

          Grow up and stop obsessing.

  6. So an ex-player misses an easy chance, not a total sitter but a good chance! Well, so what! If THIS is considered worth an article on this site, then shame on this site.

    More accurately it is almost always Patrick but few others who contribute duff, no content articles. So get rid of PATRICK AS A WRITER AND THIS SITE WILL NATURALLY IMPROVE. I would be embarrassed to ever offer a joke article like this for inclusion. I fully expect this post to be banned, as truth does sometimes hurt, but it remains true all the same.

    1. Well said! I have never read such an article that gloats over an injury. It is deplorable and juvenile.

  7. How is that your business you declined him so what? You want to tell us that even your favorite players doesn’t miss a chance nooo leave him alone concentrate on your young players as you chose to

  8. Mezut Ozil is only human, all players no matter how good, miss shots at goal. Of greater concern is that in the Turkish League, Ozil has failed to create more chances for team mates in the time he has played.

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