Stoke hate Arsenal, so we must beat them – It’s crucial for our title hopes!

Can we beat Stoke away again and make a strong start this year? by Konstantin

Good day to all of you lovely Arsenal people! Straight away our next game is Stoke at the Britannia. A trip we don’t really like, but one we finally won last season after 7 years of failing to do that. Still it’ll be a hard one, because Stoke hate us. They still think Aaron Ramsey was at fault for Shawcross terrible tackle and they obviously hate Wenger for questioning their style of football.

Quality wise, we have more than enough to beat them. We just have to strengthen the defence and I think Mertesacker and Mustafi who Arsene declared fit will return to the back 3 and I suspect Monreal will join them on the left side. Holding was not too great against Chelsea and Leicester and I really hope the Ox takes Bellerin’s place and Kolasinac goes on to the LWB position.

Looking at Stoke, they hired Mark Hughes to transform them from the long ball team they were under Pulis and to some extent he did that, but they will not hesitate to return to the origins they were known for and last season against us they did it and it caused us problems.

If I’m the boss of Stoke I’d be looking at the Leicester game and thinking that I would let Arsenal have the ball and try hitting on the counter and putting a lot of balls in the box. I don’t know if their star signing Jese Rodrigues would be available for the game, but if we cut most of the mistakes we did and give less of the ball away than we did with Leicester we should take the points.

We really need this win, with the financial risk Arsene is taking by running down the contracts of 3 expensive players. Arsenal must make a real challenge for the title if we are to convince some of these players, this is the right place for them to stay and not lose them for free.

Also, with the amount of good teams, it’s so important to win against mid and bottom table teams. Chelsea are playing Spurs and if they fail to beat them, we could have a 5 point gap already with them. Every way you look at it, we have to win this one and we have the personnel to do it.


Updated: August 17, 2017 — 6:03 pm


  1. I will start this players against Stoke..

    Cech (GK)

    Ox (RWB) ahead of Bellerin
    Send the Hulk (LWB)

    Ramsey takes Elneny place…

    Iwobi Lacazette Welbeck.

    My guess though Ozil will start ahead of Iwobi.

    Anyway, we have the team to defeat Stoke. We have to play well and to our strength. Giroud can come in and cause damage as well..

  2. I like 4 in the back and 2 up top for this fixture.

    Lacazette and Giroud up top.

    Ozil, Xhaka, Ramsey and Ox mid.

    monreal, Mustafi, Per, and saed

    Cech or Ospina

    This way Saed can pick and chose times to get forward and we can be more creative with changes and throughout the game.

    1. we play 3 at the back now standard

  3. Haha haha.! The headli e alone makes me hold my mouth for laughter. Ok, so we must beat them because they hate us? Kkkkkkkkk i thought we must win for 3points and team confidence? I just love the way it sounds.
    For surewe have good squard enough to trash them.

  4. My lineup would be:

    ……………… Cech
    Mertsacker .. Mustafi.. Kolsanic
    OX .. Xhaka.. Ramsey.. Monreal
    ……….. Welbeck.. Ozil
    ……………. Lacazette

    1. This line-up for me but I’d put kolasinac at lwb. We could use the power higher up the pitch imo. Mert, mustafi and nacho could probably handle it.

  5. What title hopes your buzzing
    Kon look at our squad and manager an don’t play lol

  6. So spuds have agreed a deal with Ajax for Sanchez and Man U in for Lemar. Wenger has dithered on both so we have lost both, again!

    1. Who cares? We don’t need either of them. I’d rather have Siri or Draxler anyway.

      1. I meant Seri not Siri (autocorrect).

  7. There is no way Wenger will go for VVD at £50+mil when he was offered him from Celtic for £12 mil.

  8. If iwobi starts instead of ozil we have a chance of coming away with a result, it a golden opportunity to get a head start because Chelsea playing on Sunday and they need a win or else conte is toast I think

    1. Would prefer him to start instead of Welbeck. And maybe Chelsea are not the main danger this season. Unfortunately they sold Matic to Man U and even Mourinho can’t believe his luck! If they end up buying a top winger, such as Lemar or Draxler, then they will be very hard to beat. They’re second favs to win the premiership behind Man C at the moment but maybe that’s the wrong way round. If they do buy a top winger that will make their team just about complete and I’ll have a few quid on them. That way my enemy can supply me with a few drinks to drown my sorrow if Arsenal don’t make it… again!

  9. seri heading to liverpool,carlvaho to west ham,man u in 4 Lemar..typical arsenal transfer..and people ere still have faith in wenger n dat I don’t understand..maybe leicester could have beaten us or chelsea won dey shield..I think dat will motivate seriousness

    1. Yes the ‘Arsenal Dither Dance’ is in full flow! And you can add Matuidi to that list.

    2. Who out of those players do arsenal is actually going for aside Lemar this season. you can’t expect your wish list to be Arsene or Arsenal wish list. So i don’t see any dithering i just see lack of seriousness from arsenal.

  10. We don’t have to beat them because they hate us.
    Football is there to bring us together,
    We just need the 3 points

  11. “Stoke hate us, so we must beat them” – typical idiocy from Konstantin. By this logic we also must beat Spurs, ManU but perhaps not Huddersfield or Brighton who don’t hate us and are “nice” clubs? Winning mentality is what we need. Every game must be approached with 3 points in mind. Not a single opponent should be underestimated. That’s how you win games, and that’s how you push for the title.

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