Stoke v Arsenal review – Late show not enough to recover shocking start

Well a game that Arsenal were already expecting to be a tough one became even more of an uphill battle when the Arsenal defence failed to deal with a cross from N’Zonzi and Peter Crouch scored after just a minute or so. With the Gunners having an awful recent record against Stoke City, the last thing we needed was to give them a fast start and the home crowd more reason to shout.

We should have been level nine minutes later when Bellerin did really well to keep the ball from going out and find Giroud in the middle, but the big Frenchman somehow managed to put his header wide. Chambers was in for Kosielny and the youngster was at fault on the goal and he continued to look shaky.

The referee did not look like he had any intention of showing any Stoke player an early card despite a few challenges that merited one. As usual the Stoke fans booed Aaron Ramsey constantly for having the nerve to not be happy with Shawcross nearly ending his career, but the best way for the Welshman to pay them back was with his football and he was still struggling to find the form of last season.

The ref then denied us a great chance when Alexis was alert enough to take a quick free kick but Mr. Taylor made us take it again. Cheers mate, it is not like you should get any advantage from a free kich after all. And he nearly cost us another goal when he gave a free kick against Gibbs for nothing and Martinez just managed to save the resulting header.

We only had ourselves to blame when they did grab a second after 35 minutes, failing to stop the cross from the right and failing to track the run of Bojan who had all the time and space in the world to score. It was just like watching the bad old Gunners from earlier in the season. So it was no surprise to see us conced a third goal and all the points just before the break, from our old enemy a corner kick.

With Chelsea losing this game was a great chance for Arsenal so Wenger must have been furious that we just failed to match Stoke’s effort and I hope he gave them a real blast at halftime.

The boss had to do something and he brought Welbeck on for the second half, with Bellerin strangely the player to go off, with Flamini going to right back. It was a bold move but did not really make much difference for most of the second half as we continued to lose out on almost every physical challenge.

When Alexis beat the Stoke defence on his own and rounded the keeper, there was a glimmer of hope that he could spark a comeback, but when his shot hit the post, that hope seemed to be gone. Podolski replaced Giroud for the last half hour but was unable to have any more influence than the Frenchman.

Martinez then flapped at Bojan’s shot and it looked like four but the linesman rulked it out and then we got one back from the spot through Cazorla after Flamini was clipped. And minutes later the improbable looked possible when Ramsey smashed home a second to get some revenge on his tormentors in the crowd.

But when the ref sent Chambers off for a second yellow, a harsh one at that considering what he had been letting go, Arsenal were up against it again. How Charlie Adam got away with just a yellow after blatantly grabbing Alexis by the throat and throwing him to the ground, I will never know, but the ref had been rubbish all day.

Despite a stirring attempt at a comeback Arsenal could not complete the job and were punished for the worst first half performance of the season, which could well have wasted all the momentum built up in recent weeks.

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    1. i hope wenger goes in may.
      will always love what he done for us.
      but conceding 3 goals to stoke within 45 mins is not what an elite club do.
      this season loss after loss, draw after draw. scraped wins against poor sides.

      i am thoroughly wenger out, but respect him enough to sit tight until summer

      1. agree. Also dont see the point of getting a new manager mid-season. Theres too many problems right now that are going to need a good summer to sort out. Oh how I wish Wenger just kept his dignity and legacy and left after FA Cup win… now he’s just doing it to himself…

        1. koscielny comes back – two clean sheets.

          he doesnt play – 3 goals conceded in one half- against stoke lol –

          wenger had the summer to buy defensive reinforcements
          we needed a dm an two cb- he buys calum

          all his fault

          1. Without sanchez we would be bottom half of the table…..he has quite literally saved Arsene wenger from looking a useless lump

            1. He almost did today, but hit the post….WENGER should give half of his Salary to Sanchez …It will happen sooner or later that Sanchez will get frustrated of playing with such mediocrity and then we will have another OZIL

              1. Sanchez will have a long term injury soon, after being burned out by Wenger’s training and poor selection process . Hopefully Ozil will be fit again by then.

          2. @Galen
            Yes it is a manager thing!!! We’re hopeless (of ever winning the league again as long as Wenger is in charge). And as for ‘Bob’ who wrote the article ‘a great chance to make up ground with Chelsea losing’ type of thing. Is he delusional as if we have a chance of winning the league or something. And then ‘I hope Wenger gave the players a real blast at half time’ what about Wenger getting a ‘real blast’ from the Board??? Or the fans? Oh! I forgot we’re not allowed to protest!!! It really is a question which comes first the manager or the club?

      2. Muff he wont go anywhere until 3 years so mares well save up ya money for booze and kebabs.
        6th place.
        I’m going away now to cry like a little girl.

        1. what for man? i just mess about on here

          i actually not that bothered now, eggs are getting broken – an omelette will be made eventually-

          sit tight- buckle up and ask them why did the chicken cross the road 🙂

      3. I’m tired of Wenger out. What about the players who are not performing??? It’s because they are 1 of 11 they can hide behind another. But Wenger treats the players with equal respect to himself, offers them the same responsibility that he has, why am I not seeing/hearing (players name) out!!

        Let’s be realistic, the problem is equally everyone’s fault. Too much of the average by too many of the average.

        1. Come on Arsenal Fan it was Arsene Wengner who said the heck with this I’m going to find their biggest threat on a set piece and let him get his head on the ball. Every time AW steps on the pitch he loses 50/50 balls. You got it right the manager didn’t PLAY very well today.

          You are spot on!!!

          1. Muahaha. What do they want? They got everything they screamed at Wenger. They had Bellerin RB Chamber CB, they had Carzola in middle, they had Wenger changed players at halftime. Oh yeah, I know, now they will tell you that Wenger should have spent spent spent. I want Wenger out and then someone else to take his place and make Arsenal from top 4 to top 12, then at least I can see those AOB quit supporting Arsenal :))

            1. The above 3 comments …. Ridiculous !

              Of course wenger didn’t miss 50/50’s … He just persists with picking players that do !

              Your point is that it ain’t wenger’s fault that the players HE chose to go with aren’t performing ???

              As for the ‘wenger , spend , spend , spend’ comment ….

              Errr yeah ! …. I’m not saying I want any old player just because they’re available , but I certainly want to ‘spend’ on the positions we are absolutely desperate for like centre back !

              We started the season with 3 recognised centre backs at the club and 1 of those was Isaac Hayden who to my knowledge has 2 carling cup appearances … And don’t give me chambers and Monreal can play centre half either because Monreal is an average left back let alone in the centre !

              ….Whether chambers becomes a centre half is yet to be seen for me , what I do know is that he played the whole of last year as a full back !

              …. And that is the cover for a team apparently challenging for the title ???

              Pathetic ! … This is one persons fault , wengers , and this time there’s no excuse !

              Why do u fans just accept 4th place with the prices we pay ???

        2. WENGER is the person responsible for not getting ANY CB backup. Chambers covers RW so that leaves ZERO backup CBs.

          WENGER is the person who puts worn out players on the pitch even though he has very capable players waiting to play (Poldi, Rosicky, Campbell0>

          WENGER is the person who decided he did not need a DM because Diaby could do the job (Yes, he actually said that).

          WENGER is responsible. The players just do what they are told to do by WENGER.

        3. If Arsenal finish outside of the top 4 like I think they will and Wenger don t resign i will think that the man has not the love of the club but the love of money.
          I m pretty sure the board are too scared and ignorant about footbal to sack him but come on if things don t work out ,a man has to stand up and correct it.It s obvious he is not up to the task to make Arsanal a real force so he should aknowledge that and say “my time is up,let someone else takes over and try to do better”.
          This FA cup was really bad timed,just in the time of his contract ending and a 10 years of nothingness.
          Ferguson left on his own,as Guradiola,come on arsene you are rich enough.You must be one of the richest coach in the world,don t impose yourself on the supporters like a wife no more loved and have dignityl,leave at the end of this season.

        4. @Arsenal Fan
          And who buys the players, selects them, works out the tactics for each game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t get rid of the players who are not performing, who fails to get the best out of the players and plays them out of position game after game??????? Come on get real!!!!!!

      4. Funny thing how people after three rather lucky wins in a row completely bash people (like me for instance) who see through the shallow results and actually point out the huge problems with the club, that hasnt gone away just because the team somehow won three games in a row. If you wrote that comment before the match, i can pretty much guarantee you that you would get voted down by atleast 50% of those who voted you up now.

        Arsenal supporters (many) have selective memory of a goldfish.

        On topic for the match: I’m not surprised at all that we lost at Britannia. My fellow Arsenal supporting friends take comfort in how the players responded to being under 3-0. THAT IS NOT A COMFORT, THAT IS AN UNQUESTIONABLE DEMAND! What can we take comfort in from this game? Nothing. It was a disgrace from both players and manager. Some calls from the ref might have been slightly against us (like the bookings of Chambers vs. Charlie Adam against Sanchez), but there is never someone else to blame than ourselves when we lose.

        Who is to blame for this loss? Chambers? Looking at our stats against Stoke at Britannia (1W, 3D, 4L) I think we can’t blame the players every time. The common factor is Wenger whom time after time loses the tactical game. The players did a bad performance, but is there not a chance that this may be because of Wenger’s tactic being very well neutralised by stoke’s? Looking at our previous results, I think this is more probable than players randomly having a bad day at Britannia for several years in a row…

      1. My celebratory mood of cheLski’s Loss, just got spoiled by our woeful Loss to stoke city!…… Damn!

      2. I can’t bear this anymore.
        I am sad, angry and disappointed all at the same time.
        I want our Arsenal back!!!!!!

        1. Highbury has gone mate, deal with it i’m afraid.
          May i cheer you up with a 40 quid Emirates prawn sandwich.

        2. Might as well turn back into a bear and hibernate through the last chapter of Wengers manager career at Arsenal.

    2. Welcome back Mr Giroud we have missed you and the slow game.
      Chambers a bit over hyped or it s me.
      Metesacker.he is slower than he is tall.
      The referees seem to hate Wenger,always the bad call(except the disalowed goal)go for Arsenal.
      To have a chance of winning game you cannot have the referees against you,another bad point for Wenger.
      It gonna be 3 long and painful years to support the Arsenal of Mr Wenger.

    3. @ Sackwenger…….. You don’t wanna be MODERATED by mr Admin right now…….do you?…… Keep your cool

    4. Is there any reason why this comment hasn’t been deleted? The account should be banned as well. Probably the stupidiest thing I’ve seen said on this site.

    5. I’d rather we publicly behead Wenger’s ego and torture Kroenke’s conscience.
      Man, I even feel dirty typing this.

      @SackWenger. You need help!

    6. We have been 3 players from title contenders for 8 seasons. For some reasons, the board has refused to back the manager.
      Swap Cavani for Giroud
      Add A centre back
      Plus a defensive midfielder.

    7. If this comment isn’t deleted, the persons IP tracked and banned and the IP isn’t sent to the NCA I will stop using this website and ask that many others do the same. This sort of stuff should be reported. There are sponsored ads on this website.

        1. Cal down clipboard!!! @muffdiver. That is withought a doubt the funniest response I have read on this site. Well played sir!!

          Although yer, the idiot that wrote that should be banned

      1. I think Sackwenger is Mourinho upset to have lost the unbeaten record,that is revenge for his frustration.

    8. If this comment isn’t deleted, the persons IP tracked and banned and the IP isn’t sent to the NCA I will stop using this website and ask that many others do the same. This sort of stuff should be reported. There are sponsored ads on this website.

    9. completely agree with your statement. While I give all the credit in the world to Wenger for what he has done for the football club, I honestly believe that his time is up. As a Manager, he is the one responsible for the affairs at the club and as a coach, he is responsible for what goes on with the team. In my opinion he is failing at both, from his actions on the off season (or lack of them, particularly in the transfer market) to the way the team is performing, starting with some of the weird formations, to his substitutions (or lack of them). I know that replacing him mid season is not ideal, but I do believe that the Board should start considering candidates to replace Arsene as soon as the season ends, regardless if we make 4th. place or not. One thing is for sure, Arsene Wenger should be recongnized and remembered as the one who moved the Football Club to the next level, both financially and in football matters and he should be respected for that. Comments like some of the ones that came before mine, are completely unacceptable and out of placed, we are all frustrated but there is a limit. For the record, I’m not an AKB, just a true Gooner from Alberta, Canada that loves the Arsenal F.C.

    10. Poor Wenger! LOL. The old man for once was not stubborn today. He strangely use Bellerin, Chamber, Martinez just like AOBs want. Not only that, he also use Carzola in middle, no more messing with position. I’m shocked when he even changed player from halftime. He used both Podolsky and Campbell. It’s like he did everything AOB wanted him to do and blamed him not. But no, the players are not who to blame, it is always Wenger! Some people even have the idea of Wenger didn’t want to play Kos and just want to mess up the defense line.

      1. why would you blame players, you can blame every player but wenger will play them again, so whats the point?

        1. The point here is you always blame somebody no matter what he does. I simply want Wenger out not because of everything is his fault but because we need a better coach and better players to get better result.

    11. Luckily for us most of our competitors (I say competitors because we’re fighting for 3rd/4th) are doing poorly also… Spurs, Everton & Liverpool are having just as bad of a season as us, if not worse. A QUALITY CB & DMF are necessities, and a Jenkinson call back should be considered too. Bar Koscielny & Sanchez nobody in our team should be assured their starting spots as of now. We have failed to hit consistency, that is out biggest issue, and injuries doesn’t help that.

    12. This is a PRIME EXAMPLE why internet trolls should face up to 2 years in jail. Seeing that there is no official law passed YET. I call for this man to be NAMED and SHAMED in PUBLIC!! Cowards like this should be made example of as this is totally unacceptable.

      1. Exactly. Now I am wondering why we scored those 2 meaningless goals. Trust me, those two goals are going to be the base for argument by.. you know whom. PAPER OVER CRACKS.

              1. @usmanov
                I ain’t got the crack hook up dude. Ask Omar. but if you need some purple hair maui bud, I’m your man…Lol

            1. This season summed up in one sentence so far is a sad display of such a glorious football club. The supporters are the only ones who care.

    1. Dude Mertesacker is a better asset to the club thank Koscienly.
      Why else do you think The Wenger made him zhe vice captain?

      PS: I know it’s ridiculous.

      1. Adienl………… Have you been watching football with your eyes closed?……. Mertesacker is pure shit…… How can a player depend on the presence of a particular partner for success all the time?

    2. I swer he takes an eternity to decide whether to make a simple pass,, but then just decised to back pass

      1. He’s slow, old, lost his composure, can’t win headers – jumps for sh*it (I swear, he’s got no vertical jump, I bet Sanchez can outreach him in the air), backpassing, always late.. what else?

        1. If Sanchez is a one man team then Kocielny is a two-man team because our big German can’t turn in a decent performance without him. Really worried that Kocielny missed today’s game. Makes me think his injury is more chronic and serious then we are being told.

          1. we are ‘per’ usual…see what i did there!! double meaning!!
            *looks around , sees no one cares, sits down

  1. Someone tell me we were unlucky to lose, please.

    All I would like to tell you is we were lucky to not concede 4!!

      1. It was a shit show from us in the first half. The refereeing was not helping either. Chambers gets a yellow for tussling with a giant, and Adams only gets a yellow card for a choke hold? They were getting easy calls all day

      2. Not naivety at all, it’s direct result of wenger’s failure in getting a proper CB in the summer. Our make shift CBs simply got out-played by stoke in their own way.

        The first goal chambers didn’t get his head on a simple stoke’s cross, the cross was only his head height and he wasn’t under pressure, sure the ball had a bit of spin but it shouldn’t have gone past the first man; the second goal mertersaker and chambers both ball watched and failed to track one runner into the box; the third goal chambers got out-muscled and rooted to the ground while walters jumped on top of him for a clean header, in the six yard box. Had we signed a CB with a proper presence and expereince this would not have happened, if this were chelsea then Cahill or Terry would have dealt with these three threats easily as a routine.

        Wenger can blame the ref, blame stoke for being stoke, blame luck, blame injuries, blame the tight schedules, blame the “naiveties”, but he should really go home and take a long hard look at himself in the mirror.

        1. Same cahill who missed a simple block today? Arsenal were very poor, referee was atrocious. Bardsley deserved a yellow for the foul on sanchez, but the fouls against us. 5 games in 2weeks I guess is too much for the team.

          1. 5 games in 2 weeks is not too much if you have decent cover, we are not a small team. We have sufficient cover going front, he could call up welbeck, poldlski, campbell, rosicky even with the current injuries. At the back he couldn’t afford to lose one experienced player, with the full knowledge of having just koscielny and mertesacker as two experienced CBs at the start of the season.

            What did you expect? Wenger come out and say “I didn’t realise we are going to have this many games, and I didn’t expect to have injuries to my defenders for the season”? Is that good enough?

  2. Life – whether it’s to do with getting a new job, meeting a new girlfriend/wife, etc etc is all about timing.. They also say ‘life is what you make it’
    and ‘you reap what you sow..’

    Well.. After thrashings by manure, Liverpool,Chelsea and City.. We all thought the writing was on the wall for our manager.. Embarrassment was an understatement for such a prestigious club like ours..

    But it seemed people put their rose tinted spectacles back on and forgave and forgot.. So what if it’s our worst start in 32 years and we are still making up the numbers in the CL – and we are not far away from the top what..

    How many teams with top 4 never mind title aspirations get thumped off a rugby team (no disrespect to stoke) it’s a complete joke from a weak manager with a weak board afraid to sack a man who has now become synonymous with arsenal and the top 4 ..
    We the supporters need to demonstrate NOW before we finish outside the top 6!!!

    So why the fuk is WENGER still in charge Why why why..

    All those AKB’s that slated my Tuesday night article need to take a long hard look at themselves and realise why this manager has been responsible (along with Kroenke) for gradually taking us to one of the poorest ever arsenal teams I can remember..

    I once said that giroud was the biggest pile of shite since.. Well..since he first came on the scene.. – yet we seemed to have missed him.. Was that because our style of play has changed to suit the dross players or is he ‘actually’ better than my stupid eyes can see..?
    Well watch match of the day tonight and make your own mind up!!

    All I’m saying..the time is now right…

    How much more can we take..???


      1. Me!
        *looks around to see if @NY_Gunner, @61 Never again and @Sumo all have their hands raised up too*

        Jus kiddin guys. Come to think of it: WHERE IS SUMO???!!!!!

    1. Lot of gooners out there incl myself have accepted the fact that same mistakes will be repeated again and again unless Wenger goes or he changes his managerial style. As such sad to say defeat doesn’t hurt anymore….worrying or not?

  3. Nostradamus predicted we will score in second half. He just didn’t see stoke scoring three in the first.

  4. It’s not good enough. It’s just simply not good enough for Arsenal Football Club and there’s nothing more that can be said about it.

      1. It doesn’t matter what players play on the pitch,,, the performances have and always will be the same,,,,therefore blame lies with Wenger and his staff,,,,,,,, one of the main reasons why we won the league under wenger is because the level of opposition those days wasn’t like the level these days..

    1. Stoke last season was worse in my books, even tho it was a 1-0 loss. And lets also not forget those scorlines last season. 6-3, 5-1, 6-0. Wenger has a whole montage of horrendous matches from the past few seasons. But hey, as long as we get 4th, right?

      1. Today’s game could have been 4-0 you know? And those other scorelines were against Top 4 sides. This is STOKES for goodness sake! *Fuming*

        1. we usually never win against Stoke. Wenger been manager for almost 2 decades and still hasn’t got a clue how to approach a physical team. Stoke does the same things every match. Just have to endure this nonsense until Wenger leaves honestly. Dont know what else to say.

          1. Listening to Wenger’s interview, I agreed with him that the team needed desire from the outset to win the match. Why did Gibbs let the cross for the first goal so easily? Why were Mertesacker and Chambers ball watching for the second goal? That is the teams fault for not switching on from the outset. Who picks these players? Wenger. Its painfully obvious we need physical presence in the midfield and defense to be successful in the Premier league. While I am huge fan of the likes of Cazorla and Ozil, we get bullied off the ball and out of shape so easily. Chelsea lost today when they didn’t have Matic. Southampton lost the last two games without Schneiderlin. Its such a crucial position. We would have won the title last year had Wenger got a good DM last January. We would be fighting with Chelsea and Man City if he had replaced TV5 and got a DM. Why Wenger dosen’t fill a glaring fault in the team is beyond exasperating.

  5. Anyone still want to throw Bellerin in? We should have gotten Aurier along with Debuchy. At least he wouldn’t have been bullied like that…

    1. Should have kept him on then since some fans would have rather us conceding 3 more in the second half. Dude ain’t ready!

    2. Scratch that, we should’ve gotten Janmaat. 5 years younger, played every game and less than half the money we paid for Debuchy who quite immediately broke his ankle. N’castle really ripped us off at that deal.

      1. That is the biggest understatement of the season. Debouchy and Arsenal should not be said in the same sentence.

  6. Arsenal Players Sh———— themselves once again Men of Stoke V Boys Of Arsenal.
    Wenger Must Go this is the last straw forget about any silverware this season.
    Arsenal need a new manager NOW.

      1. Dortmund?! And now this?! I fear for his confidence level. But if he is a tough boy (like Chambers), no worries then.

        1. wenger: WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT HECTOR!!!
          bellerin: i ehh, boss im …
          bellerin: boss that sounds dangerous i could di..
          wenger: MOTHERF*CKER U STILL TALKING??
          *bellerin sucks his thumb, grabs his mogwai teddy an gets off the bus


          1. i Have to agree Mertesacker should have been in the center NOT Bellerin when that cross came in and Gibbs should have been able to STOP at least some a cross from coming in he is shit defending and his attacking crosses are mostly crap too. Gibbs is a a shadow of Clichy who was a shadow of Cole. Arsenal have not had a Top left back since Cole jumped ship to join chelsea. The real blame lies with EVERY player in this squad the attack from being careless in possession DM in Flamini and Ramsey as a pair infant of the back 4 was the reason Mertesacker thought it was necessary to go out of position and was not there to just head that cross out. Cazorla has been crap except for the one cross that lead to a single goal. in a game against a poor side. Why do I say that? well WAY TOO MANY shots he has had he di not even force a save AND caught on the ball resulting in counter attacks WAY too much. Alexis was not poor but he was played out of the game by stokes repeated attempts to get him sent off at least he never did retaliate stupidly as he easily could have lost his temper. (that was stokes game plan they knew exactly how to beat Arsenal. NOW was Bellerin ready for such a physical game NO but was he to blame NO not alone that’s for sure. The blame lies on Wenger and the board for putting together such a weak squad. without a quality DM (or 2) your back 4 is always asked to do more then their share of the defending. It also leads to disorganization the center backs are pulled out of position making compare How Arsenal defend to how even how Newcastle defended today. I don’t want Arsenal to go back to all defense but they should be able to defend as well as say Man City and part of the reason City ‘s defense looks so good is their 2 Man Deep lying Mids. Protect their back 4 and their attackers Rarely get caught on the ball and concede possession. Arsenal Has NOT played well even in the games they won had they been playing a team with Good attackers they would have lost those games as well as the opposition had plenty of chances to score but failed to hit the target that is not down to good defense just the other teams was poor at finishing that Arsenal had a clean sheet. I have no hope for this season the team is just too poor in all areas of the pitch tis season. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain what to say? he tries Hard but as good as he is MOST of the time he makes the wrong decision he does not convert chances enough. Replace him with Hazard Cazorla with Ozil and Ramsey with Fabergass and Flamini with Yaya Torre then then replace Then of rte. back 4 first off DO NOT SELL SAGNA. then Replace Mertesacker well frankly it is hard to say what would make a difference in personel even if you had the 2 best center backs in the world if they played with the same style and midfield in front of them they would look poor. I blame EVERY MAN on the pitch And the man that is responsible for the system they play. Wenger has never learned anything in 7 years he NEVER was one to understand how to defend. or even what it takes to defend. or how to attack without losing your shape should you turn the ball over Wenger teams have always been vulnerable to counter attacks they just won a lot because the attackers were SO good they dd not concede enough possession for many teams to get the chance to counter. but go back and watch a replay of a game when Gilberto was out of the line up how Wenger could have had The Invisible Wall … in the squad and NOT seen the importance signing a DM over the sumner is just proof he is blind to what was the real reasons for past success and what has been missing in the squads since.

  7. First half was just hell for all arsenal fans! Yes we did much better in the second half and reduced the deficit, but stoke really deserved to win as much as I hate to admit it

  8. Mertesacker looks like a shell of himself without Koscielny to clear up his mess.
    Flamini the “defensive” midfielder offers no actual defensive protection at all.
    Chambers is young and inexperienced, same as Bellerin, they need the supposed veteran leaders like the 2 above to help them out, but both the old men are washed up and not good enough for us.

  9. I would have preferred a 4-0 loss to a 3-2 loss because Wenger will just brush off 3-2 as a close but unfortunate loss. He will say, away games are always tough and it was a close hard fought match but we need to focus on the next game. You know that old chestnut

  10. Honestly the players need to start taking responsibility as well, no passion… Tired of losing the same fixtures against the same teams at the same venues “EVERY” year…

  11. I hate it when Chambers fouls a player and then he backs the referee and starts running away as if he didn’t do anything. I’m surprised he doesn’t have more red cards than he has.

    1. @twig
      But he’s the only guy out there besides Alexis, who ain’t afraid to strong arm a dude. Wish some of our other players weren’t such pushovers.

    Wenger is just not good enough now..simply bcoz he has not sorted any of the problems which has been there for a year or two…only a dumb and a stubborn man would do that…

    wenger is like ozil…who have a good game and then say that they are not bothered about critics or have nothing to prove…
    i am not sure who else is good for a manager..but am sure wenger will never win an epl trophy…i can bet my entire life savings on that..

    1. would like to know the reason who gave thumbs down…may be there is something to look forward to which others are not aware of…please let us all know

  13. 15 games played and stoke city are just 2 points behind us. We are at 23 and they are at 21. This alone is a sackable offense. Flamini at right back at a club like arsenal. Make this 2 sackable offenses. Wenger has got to go now! There is no coming back.

    1. Wenger has proven over and over again what a clown he is. Putting Campbell in 92nd minute. I almost teared down with laughter. The disappoiintment was so much that it was looking all a joke.. Wenger stay till season end and then Please board vote him up into the offices… Not coach. PLEASE

  14. I took no pay leave to watch this shi* of pie and I don’t feel shi* at all, why? Am I already numb.

  15. Spirited fight back in the second half snuffed out by Mr. Anthony Taylor but clearly not good enough. Wenger finally backs the diminutive Bellerin to start a game against the giants of Stoke… add it to the list of tactical missteps this year.

  16. Yet again Arsenal get the chance to pull some points back and fail. Another total embarrassment to add to the LONG list of embarrassments season afther season.

    1. This is classic Arsenal habit. Remember those days when Manu used to lose then we have a late kick off or play the next day and we also drop points.

  17. 45 points played so far. We got 23 and lost 22. Wtf is this crap? Only good thing was seeing Chelsea lose and tott and liv failing to win at home against relegation teams. Hope Southampton beat utd. We only can rely on these to keep us happy nowadays. Expect nothing from our own team.

    1. Sad thing is mate. Gooners are hoping over teams fail to win, because we can barely win a game convincingly ourselves.
      Our defense is pants without koscielny.
      Wenger’s fault for not buying world class defenders. Instead We are playing Young/ inexperienced players who should be learning their trade out on loan.

  18. The predictability of how cr&p this team is frightening…garbage defense. metre sachet absolute rubbish.. manager will stay on and we consider ourselves a big club

  19. If Koscielny was playing 2 of their goals wouldn’t have happened.Sucks to play without him, he’s provided 3 clean sheets since he returned.

    Probably the worst half of Arsenal i’ve ever witnessed.

    Although the second half was fun to watch, and I was happy that Cazorla and Ramsey got goals, just for future confidence. They both needed one for themselves.

    Red card was bullshit, and basically killed the game. Damn, we really needed to win today especially with chelsea losing. Sigh

      1. Had Stoke had a better keeper that PK would have been saved it was not the best shot and keeper almost did save it. compare it to a RVP or Agüero PK they take a PK that is unstoppable.

  20. Koscielny comes back, two clean sheets. Gets injured again, we concede 3 in one half. We need another centre back, and it looks like we need another first choice centre back as opposed to a backup. Sadly, Mertesacker just hasn’t looked up to it this season.

    1. I wonder if Wenger will be drooling the words ‘quality’ and ‘fighting spirit’.

      If Manu win on Monday, they are right back in the title race, we were laughing at them at the start of the season.

      If Koscileny is not fit to start why is he on the bench? Someone should grill him at the press conference, becuase he will answer that there is no other defender he could’ve had on the bench, then someone should say why not, you knew perfectly well you had only 2 registered CB before the season started.

      We would’ve had at least 10 points more if we had another CB from start of the season.

      1. Sorry don’t know why my above comment was a reply to @Mick The Gooner. It wasn’t meant to be a reply.

  21. without koscielny we are a mid table side.
    who is that down to…….
    (drum roll please)

    arsene wenger come on down!!

    1. Midtable? hell That was a relegation zone performance. Man City is will be just 3 points off Chelsea at the end of this week and and I predict they will over take top spot by the time Arsenal meet them in Jan. 18th. And despite the next run of fixtures between now and then all looking winable I predict maybe 9 points out of possible 18 on current form before we face city.

  22. Arsene have some dignity and RESIGN! A manager who loves his club would not allow the demise of Arsenal football club, you can tell the players are not happy at Arsenal it showed when Ramsey and Meet were interviewed after the Southampton game.

  23. There is something called holding midfielder..which other teams talk of..and use to protect there stable back 4/3.
    we have a shaky back 3/4 and on top of that we have flamini in front of them..wenger are u taking everyone for a jolly ride now..nonsense…

  24. @Adienl……… Cool bro…… Can’t afford to let you become another NY gunner or Big Gun…….. Where’s Sumo by the way? ……L()L

    1. Please show me exactly when I said I think Wenger should stay indefinitely? I have been saying all season Wenger should stay at least until the end of the season so we can organize a decent manager to replace him. Stop taking my words out of context please.

  25. Lot of media coverage was given to the banner at the WB game..that should now happen at this tactical suicide..
    also i read talk of diaby getting a new contract!!

    1. “also i read talk of diaby getting a new contract!!”

      That will just break it for me. I can overlook signing an injured player on loan, or keeping a useless Bendtner and Park for more than a year. But giving Diaby a new deal?! I will never overlook that!

  26. the players need to take responsibility for crying out loud. Wtf. chamberlain was anonymous, didn’t help bellerin as he got roasted, and gibbs may as well not have come out in the second half. That was his worst game foe arsenal. He should be stoping those crosses. Well flamini actually played better at right back that he has in cdm. Mertesacker would make any defence look poor. Even wen u pair him with chambers. Koscielny makes him look like a soccer God. Mertesacker is tall but he is useless in the air. And young bellerin to think we let jenkinson go.that’s the second game now that bellerin has played horribly against dortmund and stoke. And wenger and his wrong selection. Why not start giroud and wellbeck to cause their cb problems. Well wenger if he has any dignity left he should go at d end of the season

  27. it seems that after our beloved ARSENAL are given a football lesson, at fault is always the manager.

    who else is at fault? the board, the players who seems that their faith in their manager is low.

    we were very lucky not to suffer a heavier defeat. who is to blame? the loyal supporters who week after week goes to the watch and rightly give their support to our love team. unless the manager and board resign please keep away from the stadiums.

    come on you gunners come on you reds .

  28. The AKB’s think they are smart. They will never be on the seen when they are needed most. NY GUNNER, come spill your gabbage, we are waiting.

    1. in fairness he never hides, few others wait until we win , but he always backs his own corner
      gotta respect that man

  29. Haven’t beaten a single big club we faced this season. Everton city tott Chelsea utd. Haven’t beaten utd in 4 years, city in 3 years, Chelsea in 3 years. Haven’t beaten stoke at Britannia since 2010. What is he getting 8m per year for? For beating burnley stoke qpr and Sunderland?

    1. maybe for beating crumble Dortmund…

      if our target just for 4th place, why paid this monger 8m when we can cut it to discount our season ticket LOL…
      This tell so much how our management is….

  30. For how long have we been building a team? How long must we be on a bad patch? The truth is, Wenger is no more the type of manager we think he is. Everything that has a beginning, has an end. Wenger’s end has come.

  31. Win, draw or lose, we are just not title contenders. I judge title contenders on their away performances. Not home games. It makes me laugh when i hear some fans jubilating so much after a 1-0 home SCRAP win for a team like arsenal. I will judge them only on their away games ….. and believe me WE ARE NO WHERE NEAR TITLE CONTENDERS OH MY ARSENAL WHERE HAVE YOU GONE (SCREAM!!!!!)

  32. lol,seriously ??? calling chambers overhyped is taking things too far.for a young player,obviously it takes a couple of years to master the trade.for his age,hes shown exceptional composure and awareness,as for giroud,hes defo not suited to arsenal play though the lad’s got some serious skills.
    coming to wenger,he never listens to criticisms and does things his way.ppl were shouting on the top of their voice for a cb and cdm,but no,not for wenger.well,atleast we can safely say under him defence will always have that aura of unpredictability.

  33. We need to hire someone to kidnap the chuckle brothers Kroenke and Wenger to make sure days like this NEVER EVER happen again..

    3-0 down ffs with 11 men..!!?? Come on.. Stoke are hardly world beaters yet we somehow make them look invincible- it could have been 4-0 at one point and another black day in arsene Wengers reign!

    I’m sorry people but Arsene Wengers legacy is dying by the week.. If he doesn’t go soon he will only be remembered for one thing..
    ‘A specialist in failure’
    Wenger you’re a decent bloke.. Do the decent thing.. Take Stan with you and leave us to rebuild our club !

  34. I think kos still not fully recovered but got no choice wenger used him last few games cos we really need the win.

  35. Guys stop attacking ny gunner and big gun because they also want wenger out,it just that they want him out at the end of the season.sumo is the one who is happy with 4th place and wenger

  36. We throw a bottle & towel when we could take a chance to cut 10 poin different & other team behind got draw… Oh man that’s amazing… this team & our 8m manager…

    Mert is useless man without kosc, & he is our captain (Oh Lord)… ramsey keep playing even though he was underperforming… Giroud is sub player at the best… flamini’s invisible…
    Can’t blame chamber for the sent off, cuz he just premature & still can’t put the pressure out his head…
    And The one who put this team are our fcking manager & he make this team without real quality deep, & half of that quality got waste on the bench.. Favouritsm…

    #WengerOut Please
    Take bould as our manager till summer…

  37. There’s nothing more to say when everything’s already been said!!

    But the only thing worth saying is..

    I’m getting pissed tonight..


    And Kroenke and Wenger out! NOW!

      1. Absolutely.. Thought the Chelsea juggernaut might have lasted until after xmas and they may have gathered momentum..

        Still the invincible tag with us for 1 more season..

        Kroenke / Wenger out!!!

  38. honestly i love arsenal (VERY MUCH) and I respect Wenger ….. BUT It is so embarassing to see Mou sit comfortably and say shit about him comfortably because Wenger has never won a match against Mous team. That is just so embarassing. Can’t stomach it no more. Please Wenger take the last pieces of dignity and leave at the end of season. I AM ON MY KNEES

  39. Surprise surprise, he still sees a lot of positive. How can you see any positive in that performance? Maybe a lower team can say we kept fighting but When you’re a top club you don’t see any positives in these games. Why doesn’t he for once say we have to look a the negatives. He says we gave a lot, well if you did you don’t concede 3 goals easily.

    1. Wenger would see a positive if his house got bombed.
      “le fish survived and my le bank profit.

  40. Lets see what happens

    Come on lads, he knows what he’s doing, awesome use of subs, doesn’t need a plan b cuz he’s le prof = awesome.
    He’s on soooo much money that i don’t think he’s a tight wad (moths will not fly out of his wallet)
    He’s wrinkly = wise
    Grey hair
    can’t put a coat on (up there with ballotelli)

    He’s the right man for the job

    1. lol
      uv gone into piss take mode- uv come to the right sh*thole.
      hang ur coat to the left, enter to your right ……..

  41. Muff the only reason you’re so happy is cuz you’re face down in muff, how do you watch the game ? do you part the hair?
    I’m a drunk gooner
    I WANT MY ARSENAL BACK… runs awy like a little girl again.

    1. i wont lie being newly single an ‘catchin up’ has brightened my mood.
      but im jus used to this with wenger.

      i never eat during games bro
      just receive 😉

    1. A man’s body was found in the Thems river. He was dressed in a Arsenal shirt, mini-skirt, fishnets, suspender belt, high heels and a dildo rammed up his arse.
      Police have removed the shirt to save the family embarrassment.

  42. Naa na na nana na naaa! Giroud! I just don’t get it. What has he done to deserve this? AKB’s are just something else from another planet. BTW they changing from AKB to AKA (Arsene Knows All) {Nostradamus}. AOB’S will then be known as AKFA (Arsene Knows F#ckAll.

  43. one may consider me an AKB, not becuz I support Wenger, but becuz I get enough crap in my other life to ruin the outlet that is sports and AFC, so I choose to try to debate players, selections, line ups, ect… On this page lately, we are 100% consummed w Wenger out, I would be fine if he is out, but reality is what we have, so wasting years of my life wishing for that is useless to me, maybe not to you, but me. quite frankly, I lov this team, and consider the fellow fans my commerades, not my enemy, so it annoys me when we attack each other w venom that should be reserved for MUtd fans, Spurs fans… No one seems to be debating the players today? if gervinho missed an open goal we would crucify him for weeks, can we mix football into the venom towards Wenger and our brothers in AFC?

      1. truth is I never seem to support AW, starting w the loss of Cesc, as an american, i learned to like football while working in barcelona, they seem to do just fine changing managers every 3 yrs. this last year, i was amazed at wenger leaving our defense bare while watching TV5 & Sagna leave? so i am not surprised we struggle, i called for a DM all summer, but I assume we all agree, what we call AKBs on this site is simply people that dont want to only talk about him, I assume his days are numbered.

    1. I’m taking a break from Arsenal for a sec.. Although would seem like Arsene Wenger = Arsenal, the way he keeps going.

  44. If you knew where wenger parked his car, would you slash his tires. So he spends some facking money.
    Serious honest question.

  45. Wenger’s post match comments are even more dumber than today’s performance. He is saying that today there were a lot of positives and we showed character but we were unlucky…. This guy will never change and so will our crap performances.

  46. Wenger says the same bullshit every time we loose, no matter if we get thrashed or not, we could loose ten nil and he’d still claim we have character and all that b*llocks, the man is a deluded old codger.

  47. Look at Everton playing at etihad. Losing by 1-0 and the goal they conceded was a penalty. They are taking the game to city and city are holding on for their dear life even at etihad. That s what a good tactical manager with brains do. He makes his team and players look much more better than they actually are by bringing in tactics and a great game plan. Our fate will be the exact opposite. City will smash us 3 or 4 nil. Wenger makes the team look worse than they are.

    1. nyc right on the spot mate, I was watching the game and asking to myself why cant we do the same as Everton with Martinez…..dammit why cant we do the same as Newcastle with Pardew….the DELUDED ONE has made us the EPL LAUGHINGSTOCK

  48. How can you not turn up early to defend and be unlucky at the same time? You can’t but Wenger seems to think you can.

    Buying is not the solution Wenger said on another press conference early in september, then is £16m for chambers the solution, when you could’ve just kept Jenkinson and buy a good defender with £16m instead.

  49. And Chelski lose which makes it worse in a sense because that’s rare occurrence. We won’t get many chances to close the large gap.

  50. Fred cowardly there’s more chance of me winning the lottery then us catching chelsea, as long as I have a hole in my backside and wenger refuses to accept mistakes we we get lower and lower
    Listening to wenger it’s becoming harder to defend him, surely someone should be telling him to shut up and stop making excuses
    Ian Hollaway on TV tonight quote” don’t blame my players blame me, this is my fault, I feel sorry for the fans, we have a lot of work to do,”
    He may not be as good a manager as wenger but he’s more of a man and gains my respect
    But would you resign at Arsenal on 8 mil ??

  51. My meaningless 2 Cents.

    If Wenger and the board aren’t willing to spend 100-150 million either this January or in the summer than sod off and get the F out of our club. As it stands now, my frank assessment of the current shitshow that is AFC.

    OG…..kills the way Arsenal should play there traditional brand of futbol. Was OutCrouched today, and simply not good enough
    AS….pure class whos game inevitably will be compromised by the less than average talent around him.
    SC….technically gifted but his inability to compete against physically orientated BPL teams leaves the center of the pitch constantly exposed. A move back to the La Liga is due.
    AR….Ill take some heat for this but simply put his insatiable desire to do nothing but score goals has crippled his development as a talented B2B midfielder and handicapped Arsenals already fragile midfield. Watch how Cesc plays, take notes or leave.
    AW and AOC… class pace, 10 cent futbol brains. Ill give Theo an injury related pass and the OX is still very young but as some point you have 2 start asking ?’s.
    MO…has never wanted to be in London, plays like it.
    JW….Sadly one more ankle injury away from retirement. More sadly we’ll never see the young pitbull that dominated Barca as a teen it seems ages ago.
    MA & MF…..Old guard servants of the club, WAY, WAY past there EPL prime.
    MD…..Small sample size thus far but I do like his tenacity and attitude. With that said Janmart from Newcastle was the cheaper, better player available this summer.
    Per……been covered extensively already within this post. With Kos average, without him shouldjt be starting @ the Championship level, let alone the Premier league.
    Kos…rash but IMHO best and most valuable Arsenal player.
    KG….serviceable, but far to schizophrenic. A consistent, aggressive Gibbs is good enough for Arsenal. Need to see more and stay off the injury table.
    KC……young, naive, impulsive BUT plays with heart every freaking game. Future EPL star.
    WS…..talented but a colossal headcase. The emergence of DM shoukd persuade him to spend more time on the pitch, less on social media.

    Well if my rudimentary math skillz are indeed correct thats 2 world class players and a bunch of wuestion marks surrounding a Big Club? that intends to compete for English and European championships.

  52. I was thumbed down when I said GIROUD must come in as a SUB what a disgraceful game….I am not sure if playing POD or Campbell will change anything, but the DELUDED ONE need to try, give them play time and see what happens.

    1. boy, that’s why they have training session everyday. They definetly tried it in training and they can do it in Carling Cup too but not EPL or Champion League, you want to see what happens? ok, but after that it is too late. You are saying this because we loose anyway.

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