Stop being polite – Arsenal will SMASH Aston Villa!


Dear Arsenal fans, I have a question for you. Are we scared of losing to Aston Villa tomorrow? I mean, they have had a few decent results since Tim Sherwood took over but they are not Barcelona, and they recently shipped in seven goals against Southampton. So if we are not scared of Villa, why don’t I hear it coming from our players? What’s with this Benteke praise worship? No Tim Sherwood team has ever beaten Arsene Wenger’s side. Don’t you guys ever feel that we are too prim and proper in this club of ours? We are too well behaved. We have a super chance of winning our second trophy in two years tomorrow and all I hear is polite talk about how we have to respect Villa and be switched on for ninety minutes. What nonsense. We have the players, the know-how and the tactics to kill them!

If they attack us, we will stay compact, collect the ball and counter through speed machines like Walcott and Sanchez. If they park the bus, we will pick them off like we did against West Brom and smash them anyway. We have got this one, so where are the mind games? I don’t see no mind games. In our last two meetings with Aston Villa, we hit eight goals past them. They were pathetic and we should use that knowledge to our advantage. Yes we should show them respect because finals are unpredictable but that respect shouldn’t be made public. Out in the open, I expect us to scare the hell out of them. Are we winners or what? We are the current FA Cup champions or have you all forgotten? So we had better start acting like it!

The art of mind games is very much a part and parcel of tactics and winning games. There is a reason we repeatedly lost to teams like Chelsea and Man United in the past. It is because we were scared of them – and it showed each time we played them. We usually played better than them and still lost the game out of stupid nervous mistakes. I say bring on the mind games against Villa. We need to win this game before a ball is even kicked. We need these guys to be scared going into Wembley against us. We need to bring back that fear factor because this team has earned it. We have earned it. Which Premier league defence will want to face Walcott, Sanchez and Ramsey? None. So we should make it known to our rivals that they should be scared, very scared.

I understand that one of the reasons people avoid being publicly over-confident is that they are worried about looking stupid if they lose, but who cares? Ever heard of positive thinking? It is about believing that what you desire will happen for you without a doubt. If history has taught us anything through the brash talk of champions like Mohammed Ali, Floyd Money Mayweather and even the much hated Jose Mourinho, it is that beating your opponent psychology usually works to your advantage 90% of the time. So we should come out all guns blazing before the game. We should be running our mouths and getting the Villains quaking in their boots. Look at Mourinho’s manager of the year acceptance speech which he used to further ridicule us, Man City and Man United. I hate him for doing that – but do you know why he did it, even though the trophy has already been won by them? He already has his mind on next season! So he has started intimidating Wenger, Van Gaal and Pellegrini in advance!

So come on and say it with me! We will smash them Villains and teach them football. Koscielny will fit Benteke inside his ample pockets and that defense of theirs will be assaulted mercilessly for ninety minutes, because we don’t just wear cannons on our chests. We are assassins with the mighty Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott shooting through brick walls. We are blessed with the best pass masters in the game with Cazorla, Ozil, Wilshere and Ramsey gracing this Arsenal side. We have a missile defense shield called Le Coq and our back line is manned by the Boss! And most of all, our manager Arsene Wenger has won this FA cup a record five times! Need I say more? This game is won already. Can someone please tell the FA to just give us the trophy already and tell Aston Villa not to bother turning up tomorrow because we don’t appreciate having our time wasted.

Ha ha ha! I am in the mood! Can you guys tell? Peace.

Uche Edochie
Lagos – Nigeria

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  1. No, as a rule we’re not too prim and proper, in fact we’re more in line with your headline which is both disrespectful and arrogant. Monaco were the last team we were gonna “smash”….didn’t end well – while Villa may have only had “a few decent results” since Sherwood was appointed, we’ve hardly torn it up of late.

    We bottled 2nd place with 4 games left, went 3 home games without scoring a goal, lost against Swansea having all the ball, and have been the furthest thing from convincing in our last 3 visits to Wembley these past 2 seasons.

    Villa are the best team we’ll have faced at Wembley these past two seasons and if we continue our form there we’ll lose, that simple. Villa ain’t Wigan, they ain’t Hull, and they ain’t Reading who ALL nearly scalped us. Benteke has 12 in 12 and if Arsenal don’t turn up we’re going to get shown up.

    To come out and say we’re going to smash them is maybe the most idiotic thing to say on the day of the cup final.

    1. **not our ‘form’ at Wembley as we clearly dug in and got the results. More the performance level of the last 3 visits…we put in one of that level again vs Villa and we’ll be talking about buying Benteke because he’ll have lifted the cup in front of us after bagging the winner.

    2. @Charlie,I swear, sometimes I do think the only pessimist we have at the club is Arsene. I look at him and it just seems he tends to lose games even before they are played. Now he’s been doing quite well recently, but I needs to take deliberate bold risks in the big games. Become tactically crazy like he used to characteristically be (just like Pep today). What’s the f****king blowjob about Benteke being a massive threat???

      1. If Benteke is a massive threat, then diffuse him with two of you best available weapons: Gabriel and Koscielny. Let them know the are going to be playing against two concrete walls in your defence, flanked on either side by two mobile canons (Bellerin and Monreal/Gibbs).

    3. Hi Charlie, we are winning at the moment and we have run them ragged as I predicted. So who is the idiot now? All I ever advocated was self confidence and your response is to be insulting? That was unnecessary?

      1. You’re still the idiot. Winning justifies the arrogance pre-game? Not in the least.

        I was hopeful as any fan that we would play well and win will, but to say ‘let’s ditch being polite cos we’re gonna smash them’ was classless and idiotic….NOT simple self-confidence.

        So don’t try and wriggle out of that by claiming a comfortable win was just cause for acting like a moron pre-game. It was unnecessary.

  2. Has the team been
    announced yet?
    Arteta available?
    Making announcement
    after the game?

    1. That was then. Not this team. With Ozil, Sanchez, Rambo, Cazorla? These guys know what a cup final is. unless we don’t score and they score us in the last few minutes (which is not going to happen), we are not going to lose. This is not a league match but a cup final and we now have players that their reputation is at stake and others after their positions in the team. They will put in their best. we will be FA cup kings after the match. Relax and trust and cheer the boys.

  3. Just stupid … I hope we win five nil I think it will be a tight two one to us but it could go to them by same score … If history is any guide it will be a nervous and exhausting 90 mins … Especially as mert will be playing and on a big pitch is going to get creamed on several ocassions … And If he puts Ramsey on wing then that will be further reasons for concern …. As I have said third place and a cup will signal forward movement …third place and no cup will not be progress over last year… and will raise more questions about where club is heading under wenger

    1. The Wembley pitch is not big.
      It is the same length as
      the Emirates and only
      one yard wider 🙂

  4. Listen, I did not feel good about the game, yesterday. But I sat up and asked myself: We could lose, right? And we could also win, right? If I dwell on the thought that we could lose, it’ll weigh me down and I’d become worried. But if I dwell on the thought that we could win, I start feeling good and lively, and my mind begins to dig out the positives of our team.

    So, I move from “could win” to “will win”. WTF!!! Why can’t or won’t we win???

    1. Your attitude before a fight speaks a lot to your adversary. For once, I want the lads to make some terrible noise about the game. I want the fans to celebrate the trophy in advance. We know the obstacles we did overcome to get here. We’ve not gotten here only to lose to a club like Aston Villa (no disrespect, but we are just not equals and they should respectfully step aside now more than ever).

      We beat Manchester City, we beat Manchester United, Monaco lost to us in France, we trashed Liverpool, Aston ViLla won’t be an exception.

      This is no threat, just a declaration of what will happen. #COYG!!!

  5. I always like your post @Uche. If only the players can have this mind set. of trying to put fear in the opposition players then that’s an advantage. that’s what maureenz best at.. we have to start thinking as champions.. let’s Make history todae.. #Facup #Win #Fight #Coyg #AFC.. we’re the ARSENAL!!!

  6. I expect to a good game and a good win. We should not be scared but we should be cautious, determined and non-complacent.

  7. It’s massively important to win.

    Our players need this reward for their season.

    Arsene needs to ride on the momentum to strengthen our team because City will sort their defense, Chelsea will sort their attack and United will spend big. What is good now won’t cut it tomorrow. We need more firepower and steel.

  8. #Charlie is such a pessimist
    We have lost at Wembley, but we have won many more times. Why focus on the negatives.. Even big teams loose, it’s called FOOTBALL, a 50/50 game..

    I choose to say it with UCHE, WE WILL SMASH villa,
    As a fan, u support n believe in your team through thick n thin.. Leave the history n worrying to Mr Arsene.

    Further more, how does worrying about a game, which u can do nothing about, make your life better?

    1. Good one @ rhino.
      The pessimism of @charlie was almost catching on there.
      But I choose to be optimistic. Football is 50/50…I choose to be on the winning 50.
      We will smash Villa and make history.

  9. I’m new to this site guys. Haill all gunners!!! We don’t need to get scared or nervous because this is the FINAL!!! We are the gunners and players are ready for this. Mean no disrespect to villa but this is no contest. Get very happy about the FINAL bcos we are gunner show CLASS. Peace

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