“Stop buying into the Arteta ‘we wuz robbed” Morgan sends message to Arsenal fans

Piers Morgan has sent a message to Arsenal fans urging them not to buy into Mikel Arteta’s complaint that they were robbed in their 3-0 loss at Tottenham yesterday.

The Gunners entered that game hoping to earn another win which would have earned them qualification for the Champions League next season.

However, Spurs scored early from the penalty spot and took full advantage of Arsenal going a man down following a red card to Rob Holding to score two more goals.

The Gunners now have a tricky road to navigate to secure fourth spot, even though they are still leading Tottenham by one point.

Arteta feels his team were robbed by some questionable decisions going against them, but Morgan believes that is a lie and tweeted:

“Memo to Arsenal fans: Stop buying into the Arteta ‘we wuz robbed’ bullsh*t from last night. We wuzn’t. We wuz crap, lost our heads & got well beaten.”

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Morgan has never been a fan of Arteta and most Arsenal fans will know that by now.

It was a bad night to be an Arsenal fan and all of us are still struggling to get to grips with the fact that we might not now play in the next Champions League.

However, it makes no sense to blame Arteta for all of this because he has done a great job so far.
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Video – Mikel Arteta on Tottenham, the referee and bad news on Gabriel

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  1. Piers Morgan, a self-opinionated, self-appointed representative of the many thousands of Arsenal supporters that love the club. win lose or draw. His main problem is that he loves the sound of his own voice and loves ramming his opinions down everybody elses throat. Why does he not just keep his crass opinions to himself and give us all a rest!

      Please go ahead and do so, as I enjoy a good laugh!

      1. We already know what you think of Piers or have you changed your opinion on him ? I think not Jon, you have already made your feelings perfectly clear on any article involving Piers Morgan and my comment was just light humour just in case it went over your head 😛

  2. Morgan is obsessed, with his foolish anti Arteta sentiment, and he thinks everybody must buy his opinion. We lost a game like they lost to us on our first meeting, he can’t even see the injuries we have sick and tired of him thinking like a child.

    1. Well if Arteta was doing brilliant then nobody would be critical would they ? People say anti Arteta like it’s a vendetta against the man himself.. there’s no hate campaign.. some fans want to see the club challenge for the highest honours and they don’t see that under a rookie assistant and people are entitled to their opinions whether you me or anyone else likes it or not.

      1. Well said Kev82 – I’ve been told there’s an agenda against Mikel that’s plain to see.
        What a load of hogwash!!!!
        These dullards can’t understand that, when one questions ANY decision, it’s just an opinion!!!

        If one takes the time to read and post on JA, they are Arsenal supporters who are giving their thoughts.

        1. I’ve heard agenda pop up frequently Ken apparently anyone who questions Arteta’s managerial abilities has got a vendetta against him and they should go and support another team so what they really mean is Arteta is not to be questioned and anyone who has a different opinion to theirs aren’t real supporters. You can’t win with this fan base Ken. Me you and I’m sure a lot of others have no agenda other than wanting the very best for the club and we should be all allowed to voice an opinion without being attacked.

          1. @Kev That is what this site is here for.
            We are Areenal fans and any personal abuse will not be tolerated. Argue yes, attack no…

      2. The referees was not in the favor of Arsenal especially in the game against Tottenham I saw no faul played but hand ball by Tottenham play and that was played even before the accused faul, that means Arsenal was robbed by unfair decisions from the match officials.
        Another question why no VAR was not conducted on the play because they knew they would have been exposed.

  3. As though we needed any advice from Morgan?
    He knows no better than anyone.
    He can go to hell!

  4. Arteta as the coach of Arsenal football club has done really well so what so ever Morgan thinks his doing to turn fans aginst him as failed I love Arteta and I will will keep on supporting him

  5. Piers really does talk too much.
    I must say it is not as easy as it might looks to manage a team.
    But his beef with Arteta has little to do with Arteta but the way we have been underperforming for ages.
    Yeah he doesn’t buy into Arteta process, which is fine. It might sound toxic, but like someone said, if everything had been going well from the beginning, he wouldn’t take this stand.
    Remember he was this brutal towards Arsene Wenger as well. So I think his frustration is just how we have been poor for years and little to do with being anti ARTETA.

  6. We are all gutted after losing to spuds. Nothing to do with
    Morgan, ma or anyone’s opinion. This is football. Until the soft penalty we were very good. Overall, we have improved this season with a very youthful team. We are 2 or 3 players away from where we need to be. Regardless of our opinions we cannot be that blind that we do not see this surely. Do not let the obstacles stop you from reaching the destination

  7. Surely, people can criticize Mikel Arteta for making claims that “we was robbed” in a particular match, without that being extended and generalized to being “anti Arteta”?
    The 3-0 scoreline doesn’t lie; Arsenal were outplayed on the day. With two critical matches to play, Arteta needs to learn from the result and move on.

  8. I’m no fan of Morgan but in this case he’s right. Arsenal were totally outplayed against Spurs. Given teams like Brighton have already shown how to win at White Hart Lane and Man City have shown how to lose the tactics should have been obvious. But Arteta ignored all that and set Arsenal up to fail. I felt sorry for Holding who was left hopelessly exposed and was never going to last the game.

    1. Really, Holding left hopelessly exposed?! Your comment shows the level of your football knowledge….. To be honest, immediately I saw that line-up having Nketiah and Holding as starters, I doubted us winning the match. Arteta is to be blamed and at the same time not to be blamed, as I suppose he went for the winning team, which obviously includes Nketiah and Holding as starters.
      Lacazette, for me, should have started that match including Ben white. Apparently, the game has turned history and we just need to focus on how we will win the last two games; the ball is in our court.

  9. The fact is Arteta’s tactics of Holding and Cedric was a disaster waiting to happen, we have seen evidence of the poor tactical decisions from Arteta in games this season. Newcastle will be difficult but if Spurs slip up against Burnley, the confidence will be better. The trouble is we have no experienced leaders out there, we have a great team of youngsters that will go to achieve greatness but we need the kind of leader who can take a game by the scruff of the neck and change it, signings this Summer will be so important and we need them done as quickly as possible

    1. Yes, we need a leader, maybe Jesus Gabriel or someone equivalent to lead. Otherwise we will continue to stumble. I feel it’s a lack of confidence whenever we play against a top team.

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