Stop making every discussion about Iwobi into a racist issue please

It’s Not Racist To Say Iwobi Is Rubbish !!!! by Dan Smith

I was at the Emirates on Sunday when a debate began regarding Iwobi. Some Gooners were getting frustrated by his final ball while others couldn’t understand how one of my friends could possibly suggest that Xhaka should be MOTM ahead of him.

Of course, the most important thing is that Arsenal won and it’s a shame a section of our fan base have their own agendas. These conversations are prominent on match days with it suggested the Nigerian is unfairly picked on. I heard some say the pressure comes from him being an academy graduate, others accuse English fans of resenting him for not wanting to represent the Three Lions.

Predominately though, on social media (where it would be – because a coward wouldn’t say this to your face) if you suggest Iwobi is not good enough for Arsenal, it’s you not liking him because of the colour of his skin. Now I could point out we have had players from several diverse backgrounds. I could point out that many of the most adored Gunners of all time are not all white. But should you have to defend you’re not a racist just because you happen not to rate an African player? For 10 years Ramsey divided opinions, Mustafi is often a scapegoat, think about the Ozil saga. Are those views there because they are white?

Yet it’s got to a point where if you don’t point out an Iwobi assist, you must have a vendetta against him. Yes, Iwobi contributed to a goal against Southampton but he doesn’t do it enough, not for this level. The stats back up the fact that his end product in the final third is not the requirements of a team who want to be in the Champions League. It’s as simple as that, an opinion based purely on football – not how he looks or where he’s from. If you can’t finish and can’t make goals consistently then you are not doing your job as a creative midfielder.

Emery hasn’t helped him at times by having him as our sole attacking midfielder. Mentally he can’t handle that responsibility especially when he’s preferred over Ozil. In 2019, we should have freedom of speech. Some players you rate, some you don’t. It’s a shame it’s getting to the point where you can’t give your thoughts on a player out of fear of offending people.

Dan Smith


  1. Okiror says:

    O.T Someone is saying palace vs man u should be pastponed bse of injuries…

    1. Nomad28 says:

      I thought that was why squad depth is as important as your first 11.

  2. Anthony Billings says:

    I am a Chelsea fan, and I would gladly take Iwobi. I suggest Arsenal sells him, or puts him up for sale, and they’d be shocked how many takers there are. Arsenal to be truthfu in many games I’ve seen them without him, look very predictable, so please go for it.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Yeah, swap for Hudson-Odoi?

      22 years old.
      35 games, 4 goals and 7 assists.

      18 years old.
      15 games, 3 goals and 3 assists.

      1. Segun Eris says:

        You do realize Iwobi has been scoring in the EPL (3) and FA cup (1), while Hudson-Odoi (likeable player, by the way) scored 2 against Malmo and 1 against Sheffield, right? Iwobi has 7 Assists this season and is getting better. I’m pretty sure I would have him over Hudson-Odoi, for now. We need to support “our own” players, especially those who have been with the club as long as Iwobi has. Iwobi starred at the Camp Nou against Barcelona and held his own in that game, at the age of 18 years. In that season, he scored and assisted a few too, when he got the chance to play.

  3. don dee says:

    clearly from your post you do not get it. well maybe i will try and explain, from your post you said stats shows his numbers in the final third is not good enough right?. compare those numbers to anybody in top 5 leagues under 25, iwobi clearly leads. his work rate, even nacho and kolasinac prefers him playing ahead of them. it is ok to criticize but when even when he plays well he gets no credit, an academy player, 2 most assist in the team this season with likelihood of having over 10 assist. it boils down to one thing him choosing Nigeria over england, therefore every mistake of his amplified. if that not racism then tell me what it is.

    1. Admin says:

      So basically you have just said that Dan’s opinion that Iwobi is not good enough for Arsenal IS RACISM!
      You just proved his point admirably….

      1. jon fox says:

        How true and how sad therefore . Sigh! Some are too thick to even understand that they themselves play the so called racist card, in reverse as it were, and that too is racist. Racists are lacking in intelligence and so are those who accuse non racists of being racists, when they are clearly no such thing. Much of it is also down to sheer youthful ignorance of how the world truly works.

        1. Phil says:

          don Dee-you say it’s because Iwobi chose to play his Intenational Football for Nigeria over England.Are you serious?Do you honestly believe a Iwobi would even warrant a second thought when an England Squad is chosen?
          I would think the reason he chose Nigeria is because even he would get in that squad.

    2. Midkemma says:

      “compare those numbers to anybody in top 5 leagues under 25, iwobi clearly leads.”

      19 years old.
      31 games, 27 goals and 14 assists.
      Took me 2 seconds to find someone younger and better stats, kinda obvious tho, everyone knows about Mbappe.

      How about Pepe for Lille?
      23 years old.
      29 games, 17 goals and 11 assists.

      21 years old.
      31 games, 13 goals and 6 assists.

      I could keep going…

      Let us have a look at Iwobi, just so we can see what we are comparing against…
      22 years old.
      35 games, 4 goals and 7 assists.

      Feels like white people get picked on by Nigerians for being white and yet it is the white people who are racist. The ones calling racism are the ones with racism on the mind and can’t get past peoples skin colour, sad really.

      1. Th14 says:

        All the players you have mentioned all play in their natural position whereas Iwobi is a CAM who plays as a winger because of his versatility. Do you think Mbappe or Nicholas Pepe would have such good stats when played out of position? I don’t think so.

        1. Midkemma says:

          It doesn’t change the fact that I easily found people under 25 and within the top 5 leagues who has better stats than Iwobi.

          As for those players wouldn’t have such good stats.

          Mbappe played as a CF for Monaco, if you care to recall or look up then you will see that Arsenal was interested in the guy who played on the left… Lemar. For PSG, Cavagni plays central and Mbappe goes out on the left.

          Have you watched PSG or… well, not meaning to be rude but if you haven’t seen how Mbappe plays this season then how can you compare him to Iwobi who is not out of pos, not a CAM, he is a poor AM. Equally poor on the left, right or middle.

        2. Declan says:

          Iwobi’s natural position is a CAM? Are you having a laugh? Look, I really like Iwobi, he’s exciting on the ball but most of the time you know it isn’t going anywhere and that’s why he frustrates the hell out of people. Having said that I believe he deserves his place in the side but certainly not as a CAM.

  4. jamesbrowney says:

    ……I don’t think anyone here has made it seem like it’s a racist thing. I am Nigerian and I have seen fellow compatriots tag him all kinds of printable names because of what he does on the pitch even if we are all from the same country. But I haven’t seen that here though.

    ….But I don’t think anyone hates him except you are a despicable human being but we criticize him because we know he can do better. The potential to perform better is there but it’s just not working out as fast as we expect. He has improved no doubt, especially this season and largely so but when you are given the responsibility of creating for the team above a disinterested Ozil even though the subject here is just 22 says a lot about him and what the new coach knows he can do.

    …. Iwobi is a pure playmaker not a winger but putting him in the wings has fine-tuned his all round play. Make no mistake about it, he is no Ozil in terms of the final third and I don’t think it’s fair to compare both as Ozil is a special player but can Iwobi get to the playmaking skills of players like KDB …..the answer is yes. The good thing is that he knows his weaknesses and he is working on them. He is shooting now in every match and sooner or later, he will master the technique of placing the ball at the right place and knowing when to hit the ball with force….

    …..I remember Ozil having the same problem shooting the ball and him being required to score more goals by Wenger. It took him quite sometimes to muster the confidence of shooting instead of passing to someone who can shoot better. I say confidence because when in that situation and you decide to shoot and it doesn’t pay off…God forbid we lose the match because you failed to score, the same fans will come for you and no one will care that you were building confidence, it will be “ooh, why didn’t he just pass the ball?”

    … That’s the situation Iwobi finds himself in today but he will overcome because he knows he can do it and he has a coach who will guide him. I know the lad can be frustrating but the last two matches, he has been more decisive and he knew what to do in terms of passing or crossing the ball in the final third. We just have to be patient with him.

    1. Midkemma says:

      “I don’t think anyone here has made it seem like it’s a racist thing.”

      Don dee:
      “if that not racism then tell me what it is.”

  5. Xxnofx says:

    Well said Dan ,finally an article that reads just how a lot of us feel .
    Like you said Dan ,his stats don’t lie which is what counts right ?
    I was told to go hang myslef on here and that me and my a family were racists just because I pointed out that iwobi wasn’t all that’s good ,now I’m a grown man and I laughed that off because things like that don’t get to me .
    But it still shouldn’t be said.
    like some have pointed out on here this is about arsenal as a team not just one player who’s fan base seem to be very hardcore when it comes to defending this player .
    I respect everyone’s opinions even if I don’t agree with them
    What I don t respect is having to defend the constant racist talk just because I don’t rate a player .

  6. LACABANG says:

    its mainly the nigerian fans that think that purely because they cannot accept he is average, so any criticism towards him is countered by them by calling the person racist, aspose to replying with stats which suggest hes not shit. but i guess you cant make stats up so the racism card is played.

    1. Xxnofx says:

      ? exactly mate ,like you said in doesn’t take a genius to look at his stats and then you realise just how bad he is .
      But what gets me is why emery is playing him,that’s the most baffling part about it .

    2. jon fox says:

      What cannot be rationally denied is that in Nigeria , racism is far more rife than in todays Britain. Hardly surprising therefore are the constant racist comments by SOME – note I say only SOME – Nigerian Gooners.

  7. Will says:

    It’s not the colour of the skin that causes me to criticise him, it is simply the fact that his final ball is directed straight at an opposing defenders legs and bounces away rather than having the composure to look up and make that final pass.

    Hopefully that comes with experience and he does improve this aspect, however, right now his playing time and what appears to be a permanent place in the starting XI is unwarranted.

  8. Midkemma says:

    Thank you Dan for this article.

    I have been getting sick of reading that racist card.
    Racism isn’t nice, it is disgusting and it should be punished.

    How about Nigerians being racist against white people? We can’t do much about that as they call the racist card while being racist.
    “it boils down to one thing him choosing Nigeria over england, ”
    Above, clearly blaming English people as Iwobi chose Nigeria and it is the English who can’t get over it.

    Sounds racist against the English to me. Why would Spanish supporters care if it was down to Iwobi choosing Nigeria over England, not like the Spanish supporters would care. How about any other nationality other than English? They wouldn’t care as it wasn’t that nation he turned down… Must be English.

    Iwobi wouldn’t get into this poor English team to begin with so who cares that he rejected England, I bet I am not the only Arsenal supporter who was born and grew up in England that thinks this. I do not care who he chose to represent and I bet many also feel the same… Why do we feel like this? Because it doesn’t matter.

    It seems to matter to some Nigerians though. I will not claim all as I bet there are some who couldn’t care, like me, I couldn’t care.

    1. Th14 says:

      Next time when you see Phil’s comment on Iwobi, kindly replace the words Nigeria and Iwobi with England and your name. Read it to yourself and see if you won’t find it offensive

      1. Admin says:

        Can we STOP!
        What was the point of this article. Look some people love Ozil some people think hes lazy. Are they racist because he is German?

        STOP calling everyone who criticizes Iwobi a racist.
        It is an OPINION!

        I find you CONTINUALLY bringing this up offensive okay?

        1. Billy Beckwith says:

          Well said admin. I rarely comment due to constant negativity from some on here, but feel i have to on this one. Arsenal are an English team with worldwide support. I am an English man who now lives in Australia. I have, and always will support any player that plays for Arsenal, we were the first premier league team not to play an Englishman in a premier league game, did that change my view or support NO. If a player is not playing well, we will criticize him, English, European, African or American. No racism just plain old football fans moaning, if they do well next game there a god. We are just fans. not RACISTS.

          1. Midkemma says:

            “just plain old football fans moaning”

            Very true 🙂
            If moaning was an olympic sport then some Arsenal supporters would be competing for gold, I’d get it though 😉

        2. JayJulius08 says:

          @admin do you know what it is…. There definitely is some sort of agenda here against him. Not saying it’s racial or anything but it seems like a lot of people just don’t like him for whatever reason. E.g he will perform really well and the critisism will come raining down on him. End product this, end product that. Yes he can improve there but if you look at what is actually happening, his all round general play has been great. He has been one of our better players this season.
          I mean Aubs has missed many many sitters this season and lacaette too but this whole thing of end product doesn’t apply to them. Those guys missing chances has cost us games at times. (Not saying iwobi hasn’t missed any before you guys come at me) All I’m saying is keep the same energy.

      2. Midkemma says:

        One thing about Phil, he gets annoyed after Nigerians have posted and acted in a racist way.
        Maybe if Nigerians didn’t act in such a way then he wouldn’t feel the need to defend white people, to speak the truth (his truth).

        I have not read Phil just randomly have a go at Nigerians because he finds it fun. Those posts also had frustration and other emotions in them. Not racism.

        1. Gizzle says:

          Please dont make this is Nigerian issue . we have enough on our plate already.
          Iwobi deserves criticism sometimes . i can not count the amount of times i have bashed Ozil and Xhaka but when they have good games i sing their praises .Before Iwobi the was Kanu and most of us loved him in arsenal colors . Iwobi should prove his doubters wrong if he feels he doesn’t deserve the criticism .
          He is an arsenal player for now so support your club and stop the bickering .

          1. Gizzle says:

            sorry for the grammatical errors English isn’t my first Language.

  9. Gily says:

    All I have to say is that, whoever the Coach puts there to play for us is good enough (at least from his point of view). Let us not condemn our players even when they try to improve. It is not good for the players’ development.

    Now next article please.

    1. Don says:

      Gily You said it all and is the best

  10. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Geez, we’re still at this búllshít conversation? One thing I hate when it comes to these assessments of players is when nationality is being pointed out as the reason or part of why you have a certain point of view.
    I’m black through and through, I’m half Ghanaian, and Half Togolese, while I’m all that, I’ve spent part of my life in Nigeria. But I’ve never mentioned that on here because it’s pointless, I couldn’t give a fvck if Dan is black or white, I wouldn’t give a fvck if Jon Fox is black or white, I wouldn’t give a fvck if Novella is black or White, I wouldn’t give a fvck if Sue is black or white, neither would I give a fvck if Pat, Phil, Ken and the rest of you are black or white so seriously it baffles me every time I read a comment and I See someone pull the racist card.
    It’s purely annoying, like I once said I have Nigerian friends who would tell you Iwobi is improving but if he doesn’t work on his final ball, he’s only a waste of time and chances to this team. I’ve had Nigerian friends talked about how he needs to improve his final ball, and pointed out that’s what he needs to work on if he’s ever gonna win the African Best Player in the future. all these from Nigerians, so it pisses me off each time someone speaks their mind and they’re being told that they’re only doing so because he’s not English.
    Some time ago on here, someone did the same thing to me concerning Ozil, telling me I would’ve adored him and worship him if he was English.
    All these stuffs are seriously not sensible, we all support the same club, why can’t we all just share our views, relate and socialize without pointing out if one is White or black? Why can’t we do that?
    For the past few months I’ve noticed how the racism card is easily pulled by my black brothers on here, it’s really appalling. Do we always have to do that búllshít just to look like victims or like we are bring bullied??
    All these racism talks when it comes to Iwobi needs to stop, be matured please, at this age in life I don’t expect people to start teaching others everything to know about Racism.
    Don’t turn this beautiful blog into a depressing one please

    1. jon fox says:

      Great post !

  11. Midkemma says:

    Why do we keep calling colourism and nationalism… racism?

    Racism almost feels like we are saying they are part of a different race… We are all part of the human race?

    Racism is such a dirty word, it dehumanizes people, makes it easier to not consider fellow humans as part of the same race. Like a pet or something…

    Nigerians, Germans, English… All part of the same human race. So why racism if not to dehumanize some humans… and if that is the case, why continue to use such a word?

    1. jon fox says:

      Well said!

  12. Sue says:

    I am really pis*ed off right now… recently I’ve left comments for specific people on here, I didn’t mention names, they were just emoji’s… to then be jumped upon saying about my hatred towards Iwobi… then last night saying I’m an accomplice! To then have my comments removed!!
    This really is getting out of hand!! Never have I said I hate Iwobi, I’ve never said anything about the colour of his skin, or where he comes from! I’ve not got a problem with any of these…. so I’d appreciate it if these people learn the banter lingo & refrain from commenting on my posts!
    This is the last time I comment about Iwobi… I’m sick of this, it’s like being back at infant school!
    Livid doesn’t even come close to how I’m feeling right now

    1. Admin says:

      I I am going to delete any future comments that even suggest someone is racist.
      Anyone can criticize ANY player if they don’t think they are good enough. If you take it personally you are going on your own agenda and I’m not having it any more okay??

      1. jon fox says:

        Please Mr Admin, . No MORE well meant threats . Just DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL! Why keep giving them second and third chances. You are right, so do it, DON’T just say it!

  13. jon fox says:

    As one of few football fans anywhere who has been active at street and political level, supporting anti-racist initiatives, I flatter myself that I know a thing or two about real scum racists. I also recognise the wariness that many people naturally have about being thought racists, when they clearly are not racists.. The whole discussion of “race” is built upon several falsehoods. If you start from the position of believing there is only ONE actual race, which is the HUMAN race, then all the sub divisions of “perceived differences” between all our planet’s near 8 billion humans becomes both more interesting and unalarming. If you see people as white, black, “mixed race”( whatever that means; presumably say, a camel and human cross breed or such like mythical creature!!) or any other inaccurate label, then you do not see the wider picture. People are not , in actuality precisely white, nor precisely black, nor “mixed race”(since the parents of ALL mixed race people are themselves human beings). Skin colour comes in all type of shades and why some people worry so much about mere skin shade anyway, seems to me to be a Neanderthal view. Why not then worry about the colour of someones liver, kidney, heart etc, all of which would be equally ridiculous but also no MORE ridiculous than concerning themselves over mere skin shade. When you reduce the whole race debate to actualities, with proper and accurate descriptions of all the wonderful differences between ALL of our race, then the true absurdity of skin colour and ethnicity being of any concern to any of us is shown in all its idiocy.

    Then we can move onto equally ludicrous but to some folk, other things that matter. Like nationality, religion, facial features, accent, country of origin or country of ancestors. The truth is that we are all “crossbreeds”, though I despise that silly word and use it only in quote marks therefore.

    As one would expect there are diverse views on this thread but what is surely true is that almost all Gooners detest the whole concept of racism and care nothing (or even less than nothing, were that possible) about ethnicity, skin shade etc. We now live in a far more civilised free world (ie the parts of the world that ARE free) than the prejudiced Britain I was born into in 1951. The diverse society that many or most of us live in today is immensely richer and more wonderful than the days and decades gone by. I give wonder and gratitude for our common humanity and the riches that all non prejudiced people share so freely. I long for the day where NO human being on our planet is EVER labelled by anyone else.

    1. Midkemma says:

      “If you start from the position of believing there is only ONE actual race, which is the HUMAN race, ”
      Respect for this Jon.

      Was it Carl Sagan who said that we are all star children born from stardust? Or something like that (I should google it but lazy moment lol). I like that thought, we are all family in the grand scheme of things (well, not incest style but I hope people know what I mean lol).

      Along that thought, to all and not meaning to tell you something you may already know (for the sake of interest):
      “In human genetics, the Mitochondrial Eve (also mt-Eve, mt-MRCA) is the matrilineal most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of all currently living humans, i.e., the most recent woman from whom all living humans descend in an unbroken line purely through their mothers…
      In terms of mitochondrial haplogroups, the mt-MRCA is situated at the divergence of macro-haplogroup L into L0 and L1–6. As of 2013, estimates on the age of this split ranged at around 150,000 years ago”

      In this perspective, Nigerians are my distant cousins, we are literally a BIG family.

      1. jon fox says:

        This is such an interesting subject and I find it a pity but also the right thing that we should NOT regularly discuss this general topic on a Just Arsenal site. I have noticed, as must have almost everyone else too, how eager a response is on any topic about humans and our frailties. i believe that is because being interested in our fellow creatures is a natural and healthy human urge. BUT, we ought to comply with the reason this site exists; to talk Arsenal matters.

        The good thing I learn from this whole debate is how much more than merely the same football team we have in common. And also how much we have not in common. Both these things make us richer as people, Id say. Imagine you were stuck on a far away small island with just one other person for company and then found you agreed on absolutely everything. It might seem nice at first but after a few days you would want to “strangle” each other , don’t you think? After all , there are only so many times you can say “Oh I agree” , without screaming out in frustration and boredom.

        1. Midkemma says:

          “Imagine you were stuck on a far away small island with just one other person for company and then found you agreed on absolutely everything.”

          You mean I could be stuck on a island with the ‘perfect’ woman (not as if perfect exists) and we would both agree that women are the only way we go..


          Joking aside, if all me and that other person did was agree then it would get boring quickly. Predictable.

  14. dotash says:

    Hmm. I would have just read this article and comments as usual but been a Nigeria, and one of our own national player (Iwobi) is the reason for this racial comments, l need to make it clear to all of us that Iwobi is not Messi,or Rinaldo, neither is he Mbappe, Iwobi is Iwobi, pertinent question to ask is this, is he the poorest Arsenal player presently?If your answer is NO, please let us stop derogatory words about our players (Arsenal), let us support them. Top 4 is doable

  15. Goonster says:

    Just imagine the fake outrage. These people are venting their frustrations onto poor Iwobi. The boy is not even playing in the same position as their prince Ozil but they are willing blame him.

    Ozil is finished. He has had his time here where he has done close to nothing, now let the others also have a go.

    What an indictment of Ozil that average okay players like Iwobi are now preferred to him. Ozil and his fanbase should either be honest with himselves. He either works hard like players he is far better than or he will keep being embarrassed by being benched for average players.

    Iwobi is working hard even if he is not as talented as ozil, and that alone endears him to me.

    You can have all the natural talent you want but if you are lazy and can’t be bothered to apply yourself then good luck.

    Hard work should pay off at least. Can’t just be acting like a princess and expect everyone to work for you. Can’t be rewarded for being lazy. Can’t stand that kind of attitude.

    Keep working hard Iwobi even if you are not as talented as others.

    1. jon fox says:

      A fine post full of truth.

    2. Midkemma says:

      Oh here we go again.
      Care to prove that with stats, if he is lazy then I assume he isn’t running much and covers very little distance. That is being lazy.

      Now go and get the stats and compare them to other players in Arsenal.

      Waiting for some stats to actually prove the lazy comments but I never see any, for some reason… people who call Ozil lazy refuse to back it up with any evidence.

      1. jon fox says:

        How can ANYONE provide stats for lack of work then? Are they published anywhere, he asked rhetorically, knowing the answer is NO. Plenty of stats all around for effort. I have seen none that say so and so did NOT sprint on 23 occasions out of 25 opportunities or anything such like. Only your own fully working eyes and a knowledge of how top level football works can properly show a lazy player. A lady on here called Pat also keeps asking me for stats to prove my assertion that Ozil is lazy. I had no way of avoiding giving her this same answer. Because it is the plain truth. Even stats for positive actions can only be sensibly used as a guide and no more than a guide. EG Stats for closing down an opponent do NOT say how fast the closer down ran; how close or how aggressively he closed down. Passing stats do not distinguish between a difficult attacking pass under intense pressure and an easy pass in your own half to a teammate when under no pressure Mertesacker to Kos(5 -10 yards style) And so on! BEING A SLAVE TO STATS ALONE IS FULL OF DANGERS OF WRONG ASSESSMENT.

        1. Midkemma says:

          No personal attack intended, if you think I am attacking you then please accept my apology in advance.

          “How can ANYONE provide stats for lack of work then?”
          Relative low stats.
          If Ozil is lazy then you can support this by showing how much more Iwobi runs compared to Ozil.

          It is easier to disprove something than to prove it, we can prove when something breaks a theory by breaking something… Like claiming simple glass is stronger than steel, we break the glass and go “Oh, disproven.”

          I can show you stats to show Ozil runs but you will come back and potentially talk about sprints or times he doesn’t run. Which nicely answers the next bit of your post: “I have seen none that say so and so did NOT sprint on 23 occasions out of 25 opportunities or anything such like.”

          You won’t, when someone should or shouldn’t sprint is objective, you also provided a nice example of what I meant. Sky sports ran an article about how much Ozil runs due to the ‘lazy bandwagon’ people jumped on, showing that Ozil isn’t lazy in showing how much he runs over 90 mins. Instead of breaking this, you jump onto another area. If I am wrong then break it.

          I believe in science, I believe in evidence over witness statements, eye witness statements(memory issues) are one of the worst forms of evidence in science. This is in reference to what you claim.
          “Only your own fully working eyes and a knowledge of how top level football works can properly show a lazy player.”
          I can’t agree. Your eyes do not see everything, your memory is fallible, it can be manipulated. We all like to believe that we are special but we are all human beings, we are all susceptible to reading something and allowing that to influence a memory.

          I am fully aware of how to use stats. I had to retain years ago and got into computer science. This isn’t the science of how to open word, it is about computations, it’s all maths. I know too few stats can lead to wrong conclusions, I am not that naive, I am willing to accept new stat and include them in my thoughts… So again, I’ll ask for stats to break the Ozil isn’t lazy claim which was backed up by SkySports when they shown how much he does run.

          If you can not and all you can say is you rely on your eyes then I think we can not go any further in this, I want to defend Ozil while he wears our badge and I feel he is not lazy, i will speak against this myth.

          1. jon fox says:

            A well detailed post but I still stand by what I said above. However much you dress up the subject the fact remains that there are NO stats for laziness. If there are, please provide them and I will apologise to you. But I do not expect to need to do so. And on your other point, what else can any club scout use other than his eyes? Yes he can feed info into any modern device but it is all provided by what he has first seen. No true way to avoid this truth. If anything other than this were true why do scouts go to watch games all the time. They could simply send a “robot” instead, if only it existed!

            1. Midkemma says:

              I think you should look at how teams scout players, old style… watching with your eyes… That is being replaced with databases and algorithms.

              “Football’s analytics era began in earnest with granular “event data” — detailed records of every on-the-ball action in a match. In 2006, the team of event-coders at London-based Opta Sports were tapping buttons to record the time and location of every pass, shot, tackle and dribble. Today, each Opta-coded match contains around 2,000 data points.”

              Learn how to use databases and how to search and you can find players you never scouted.

              As for stat for laziness…
              What is lazy?
              How much distance over 90 mins does someone need to cover to not be called lazy?

              Specify lazy then I can find the stats and see if your specification means Ozil is lazy. If you just say “Lazy” then you are not defining anything that can be measured, might as well be asking how tall god is…

              Let me measure it.

              I used a single aspect of how much someone runs around and I know it is a single aspect, what is lazy though? Sprinting? How about marathon runners who do not sprint and pace themselves? They lazy? Even if someone sprints past them… Long term plan should go out window otherwise lazy?

              No rebuttal to the fact Ozil does run around a lot, instead you refer back to a word without a definition, if we go by oxford dictionary then he is not lazy…
              He may appear lazy but appearances are not what the contents is, you have respect for people of all appearances (skin colour as example) and I ask you to extend that awareness to Ozils appearance while playing.

    3. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Isn’t this pathetic for you?? We all know this is a serious discussion we are having on this thread and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but here you are, making this about Ozil as usual.
      You really have no life to live if you don’t find a way to talk about him do you?
      What does Ozil have to do with this attitude we are seeing on here concerning racism?
      Sorry to say but your post is just plain stupidity in the midst of this discussion

  16. walle says:

    I don’t care about any Arsenal player’s race. They just have to be good enough .Iwobi is just not good enough to play for Arsenal- just like Wilshere, Walcott, CHamberlain , Gibbs etc before him. Arsenal football club needs to be ruthless and get rid of average players and not carry players who can’t reach the desired level like during the Wenger era. He should not be in the matchday squad every weekend let alone starting so many games.It shows how low Arsenal has fallen that players like him are starting so many games. He would not get that much gametime at any of the top EPL clubs. He has no end product at all, no final pass, can’t score. And someone is saying he is hard working…….lol.. the guys is lackdaisical- have you seen his attempts to track back to help the defence or recover the ball?
    PS.. I am an African Arsenal supporter, lest my comments are misconstrued as racism.

    1. Xxnofx says:

      Great post ,and you hit the nail on the head “palin and simple he’s not good enough .
      I would argue one player you mentioned though ,that being jack wilshere ,without injuries I believe he would have been top draw .

    2. Hardave Singh says:

      Well he is just 22. I think we could afford to bet on him for another 2 years. He hardly gets injured which is a bonus as well. Kid is still young. We should criticise but also support him because like like many mentioned in previous posts, him improving will only benefit us and Arsenal.

  17. ger burke says:

    cannot bear any racist comments , on here, or , anywhere. we are ALL descended from africa in the first place, so how can anybody dare comment about the colour of another humans skin. how childish and revolting. reminds me of the late sixties and seventies when coloured players began to play in the english game. they were extremely brave sportsmen, and they laid the foundation for future players to , play , in relative comfort, supposedly.i would beg mr., the right honourable , admin , to cut out all racist comments on here from now on , regardless of who writes the comments. and, as for anybody calling me mick or paddy, or spud , or whatever other irish name you wish to call me then go ahead, but i will come back to you with my irish very sharp with , hahahahahahaha, yeah right !!.

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