I haven’t contributed to this site for a few years now, but I regularly read the articles and fans comments. Arsenal could have, and should have gone to the top of the EPL tonight – but they failed, miserably to take advantage of the results earlier in the day.

We were hammered 4-0 by Southampton – Why?
Southampton are a solid side, but Arsenal are good enough to beat them, and especially when the chance to take top spot was up for the taking, should have done so. Personally, I still think that Arsenal can win the Premiership this season, IF Arsene Wenger is prepared to make some shrewd signings in the January transfer window when it opens next Friday.

Last Monday evening, after a well-deserved win against Manchester City,) the Football pundits and sports media in general started ‘talking up’ Arsenal’s title chances. AND SO DID JUST ABOUT EVERY MEMBER OF THE ARSENAL TEAM. And that’s the problem. The players should concentrate before, during, and after every match on what they are paid to do. That is, do everything they possibly can to WIN the game, and if that can’t be achieved, come away with a well-played draw.

Defeats, especially embarrassing defeats like this one, should be like ‘poison in their blood’. Leave the media interviews to Arsene Wenger – and Arsene Wenger alone. As you can probably tell from the Title of this article, I’m an ELVIS Fan. I’ve been an Elvis Fan and Arsenal Fan since 1969. I suggest that the Arsenal Matchday ‘anthem’ at the Emirates should be changed from ‘The Wonder of You’ to ‘A Little LESS CONVERSATION – a Little MORE ACTION’ with immediate effect, and played in the Arsenal Dressing Room at BOTH Home and Away games in all competitions, to remind the Players, and all involved with the Club, EXACTLY what it means to represent Arsenal Football Club, and what it means to PLAY FOR THE ARSENAL BADGE.

Chris S

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  1. we are in for more defeats this season
    Manu (A)

    I hope that no more shocks after that
    We will end up with 76-81 points this season(4th place trophy)

    And oh that barca game let it not be a cricket score an 8-12 goal aggregate score wouldnt be a surprise to anyone

  2. I don’t like seeing my team lose but its good for the league. There’s nothing more boring than a team 10 points above the others half way through a season.

    1. Unless that team is Arsenal… It’s a crazy season though and will have more twists than Elvis. As long as we get some more warm bodies – either through return from injury or January signings – we will be right there.

  3. the lads ware crazy to loose in that manner
    the coach must take out under performing player in a match replacing them on time will minimize the damage

  4. So many things didn’t go right against Southampton but I didn’t see a team that wanted the win….We just didn’t turn up. Even our inform players were below par and were closed down hence we couldn’t do much.

    Hope we learn from this and turn things right against Bournemouth. Leicester play Manc so it will be interesting to see how it goes but we shouldn’t take Bournemouth for granted. The league this season is funny and unpredictable.

    My major concern after the game was “Mertsacker”. He is a good player and a leader i must say and give it to Him but i am focusing on the game against Barca. Imagine Neymar, Messi and Suarez against Him??? Barca will use Pace against us.. Maybe we need to start Gab and Kos in that game.

    Lets keep our focus, mentality and confidence in good shape. Gutted not to be on top but Its not over yet. We are still in the title race. I dare say a weird season too..

    Arsenal All The Way!

    1. for the players: i’m suspecting mental burnout/letdown after manc.
      that would then be a failure on wenger ; since he’s older/more-seasonsed then the 20-year-olds, he should have sensed and protected the players from themselves. (or , since they’re professionals and paid gobs of money, we might have expected them to steel themselves)

  5. laugh at man utd coz they lost
    laugh af chelsea coz they are bottom

    That is the typical arsenal.
    We were lucky to beat city and everton
    Wenger deserves the sack

    People on this site keep on overrating our players.
    ox gibbs mertz deserve to be sold
    walcott giroud campbell.Are only good enough for the bench

    And please please please enough with the nonsencical rumours
    Barca and real dont need any of these arsenal players.They are a bunch of sub par mediocre players.No one deserves to be earning their salaries.
    Le fraud keeps on lying to fans,hustling them for their money.He would save my festive season if he kindly steps down as manager.Tottenham have a much better squad.

  6. Imagine if liverpool managed to keep xabi alonzo torres suarez sterling mascherano and arbeloa

    If chelsea kept robben kdb and lukaku.
    If manu kept ronaldo pique tevez and evra
    If tottenham kept modric and bale

    and finally if ozil sanchez and cech were still needed by their clubs were would we be?

    #wenger out
    spread the message

    1. Can I play too? Imagine if Southampton had kept Bale, Walcott, Lallana, Lovren, Shaw, Chamberlain, Clyne, Scneiderlin and Ramsey. All in their prime – throw in a healthy Rodriquez for good measure. Not sure what he has to do with it but I’m follow the rules and sign off with #wengerout.

  7. The buck stops at the top. As soon as it was seen that the midfield wasn’t copying which was in the first half callum should have replaced either of the the inept wingers but Wenger stood there like a spare p**k at a wedding. The so called captain was about as good. Ref missed a foul before the 2nd goal and a wrong call corner. Even Ceck wasn’t at his best though over exposed by crap defending.
    There first goal was good enough to win any game so bad day at the office AGAIN.
    P’S.Southhampton did rough us up a bit but if you want to win the Pl you must have to put up with that.

  8. Arsenal fans like to make up new songs. U want the players to know what your thinkning let them hear it at the Emirates! The title of this Article sums it all up and should be sung by fans loud and clear… if Giroud can get his whole song sung out then Elvis’ ‘Little less Conversation’ is Perfect because the players talk to much and need to put up and shut up to stop this complacency. Let Wenger do all the talking he likes the sound of his own voice anyway… win/win for all ?

    1. ?Jingle bells, Wenger’s breath Smells,
      The Garlic… will make you swayyyyy,
      There’s no Fun, in Arsenal Son,
      when we get hammered, 4 nilllllllll… awayyyyyy ?

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