Stop the Doom and Gloom and look at what Arteta has achieved so far


Arsenal lost 1-0 to Manchester City on Saturday and the world fell apart – at least that was the impression some of our most pessimistic fans were saying after the game.

Let me take you back to when Unai Emery was sacked and the nightmare scenario we found our club in.

We hadn’t won a game in seven tries and we had just been beaten, at home, by Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1 (the worst run without a victory since the days of George Graham during February 1992).

We were without a victory in the Premier League since the 6th October and were eight points away from the top four spot and nearer the relegation battle.

We only just managed a last minute 2-2 draw with Southampton, where Lacs scored in injury time and the mood was so down, there was hardly any celebration on the pitch, or fans celebrating in the near empty stadium, just a feeling of complete disbelief that we had sunk so low. That was the real time for doom and gloom!

There was such an air of toxicity around the club, you could cut it with a knife, both on and off the pitch – players were arguing with the fans, fans were arguing with each other, the ground was half empty and we were actually talking about relegation, rather than the top four position we had taken for granted for so many years.

No-one had a clue what Unai’s team selection, tactics and plans were, despite the club spending over £130,000,000 in the summer transfer window. Players were being made captain one week, dropped the next and then we were told there were five captains…it was utter chaos from top to bottom.

It looked as if the senior players had gone on strike and Unai had lost the dressing room big time (this is my personal opinion only).

Unai’s record over the eighteen months were as follows in all competitions: Played: 78 – Won 43 – Drew 16 – Lost 19.

He was sacked on the 29/11 2019 “due to results and performances not being at the level required” but he left a complete shambles, as I have tried to detail out above.

On top of this, Gazidis and then Raul had signed over seventeen players and spent well over £200,000,000 whilst doing so.

Unlike our noisy neighbours, who had sacked Pochettino one day and appointed Maureen the next, and despite ever growing threat of relegation, it took a further four weeks for the club to act and appoint a new coach – later to become the manager – Mikel Arteta.

It’s true to say, that this wasn’t met with universal agreement amongst the fans, with such names as Nuno Espirito, Allegri, Pochettino and Carlo Ancelotti being banded around as possible replacements – why go for an inexperienced right-hand man, with these guys all, presumably, available?

On the 26th December 2019, the news that Mikel Arteta had left Manchester City to re-join one of the clubs he had made such an impression on during his playing career was announced.

Since then….
he has had to cope with the corona virus pandemic –
he has had to manage the pay cut situation and the fallout from that decision –
he has had to cope with and defuse, player power –
he has had to bring the discipline required to begin man managing a squad of players who had barely had any for eighteen months (my opinion once again) –
he has had to cope with the corona virus himself, which led to the closing of the PL fixtures –
he has had to cope with the drawn-out contract negotiations concerning Aubameyang –
he has had to cope with the ongoing Ozil and Guendouzi issues –
he has had to cope with not knowing who the club were going to sign before the end of this last window –
he has had to cope with getting the best out of players that had stagnated under UE –
he has had to cope with the in-fighting and people leaving from the backroom staff –

I would argue that he has done all this and even more:

He has won two trophies, the FA cup and community shield, beating such clubs as Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea to achieve this remarkable turnaround in the clubs fortunes.

We have signed a proven central defender and a brilliant midfield player that have addressed the shortcomings that plagued both UE and AW, or to put it more simply, we now have a backbone!!!!

The players, media and, I suggest, 90% of the fans are behind this manager and only a blindfolded fan could deny that we haven’t made tremendous progress both on and off the field.

Once again, we are talking about top four and not relegation issues and yet….

We have one game against City, where, if we are honest, the players let the manager down, we could and should have won the game on chances created, VAR not doing its job and, sure enough, out come those regular “Doom and Gloom” merchants once again.

Useless manager, no ideas on tactics, substitutes at the wrong time, wrong players chosen, too defensive, scared of the other big clubs…you name it, they mentioned it.

Of course, the game yesterday was not our finest hour, as I said, but after all that has gone on before (laid out above) does this kind of negativity help, and were we really that bad anyway?

We still get articles harping back three years and repeating the same old negativity, along with the repeated articles that say nothing new about this person or that player – it’s astounding how we have such short memories on one subject, but can’t let go on others that have nothing to do with what Mikel Arteta is/has achieving/achieved in just ten short months.

I realise that I have talked about UE and AW, but this was to show just what MA has done for the club – let’s not fall into the trap that we expected AW and UE to be faultless and the second coming.

He will make mistakes, he will back the owners up, he will make decisions that seem inexplicable, but he is JUST a fellow human being – please give this man the time to prove himself, because if we drive him out as well, there will be clubs ready to take him on with open arms.



    1. Your reply deserve an award.

      Moaning means we have improved a lot and our expectations are higher. But unfortunately that’s not it, fans are using villa form to judge us. But my question to them is, how are Utd, spur and Chelsea doing? They are big 6 teams just like us

    2. Kudos to Arteta for all that he has achieved. Expectations will naturally be higher as time goes by. Most fans still want to see us back in the top 4.

      If we can be honest, there are still some glaring weaknesses that needs to be addressed and it’s not just about one game against City. Let’s hope we are en route to playing better and he has a great system up his sleeve

      1. Ken I don’t know which fans you’re talking about but I was disappointed with our performance and tactics yesterday but it doesn’t mean I am not backing MA or recognise everything he has done since he came in,we are talking about one game,also there must be some reasons that even some of our most positive, optimistic fans like Eddie,Sue,Reggie, RSH… and many more were disappointed too!I mean have we reached the point where expressing disappointment in the performance or disagreement on tactics makes us”not true fans”?

        1. Yeah seems to be all or nothing with these guys lol not cheering a defeat equates to doom and gloom 🤷‍♂️

          1. Please read the article and the 10% I mentioned, then the examples I have given. It’s not lol, it’s reading what is being said.

  1. 👏👏
    That was a brilliant article Ken
    I’m always disappointed if we lose but the transformation from 12 months ago where the club is now has been amazing

    1. The fact that only Aston Vila has conceded lesser goals than us in the league is impressive.
      It’s huge when you consider the fact that we’ve played two of the biggest team away at home and yet we’ve had one of the beat defensive records in the league this season speaks a lot bout the job Arteta has done.
      I’ll always appreciate and support the man.
      There are people who’ll never admit we’ve done ridiculously good under him, but then those people have their agendas of either preferring Emery, Wenger or Allegri.
      The transformation under Arteta is huge and ridiculous.
      We just need to fix our creative outlets and to be more balanced.
      Being disappointed that we lost a game we could’ve gotten something from doesn’t make one less of a genuine fan.
      The disappointment springs from the fact that we believe in the team and knew they could pull the win

  2. Apart from the usual suspects that are known to constantly attack Arteta. I didn’t see other fans predicting doom and gloom though, nor moaning about losing.
    I read a lot of people said we could’ve done better than we did. That was the let down. No personal attack on Arteta.
    He’s done a great job, but there’s nothing wrong in saying he could’ve done better? There’s nothing wrong in an honest criticism is there?
    Even Arteta himself in an interview after the game told Charles Watts that using Willian as a false 9 was tactical, he thought Willian would cause problems from there, but it didn’t work out this time.
    Surely you can’t say he shouldn’t take the blame for that?
    Hey I’m his biggest fan and supporter on here before we even got Unai Emery, I don’t cease crediting him, but I won’t refuse to criticize him when it goes wrong either.
    The man admitted it was his tactics and decision.
    It failed, fans were only saying we could’ve done better and we hope Arteta learns from his mistakes.
    I think you and Jon Fox were over reacting over fan reactions.

    “The manager said we have to be upset because [getting a result] was possible, but on the other side there were a lot of positives.”

    Those were the words Leno said the manager told the players.
    I mean you guys should understand the reactions after the game.
    Fan reactions were justified by Arteta’s comments. Even he knew we could’ve done better and we blew it.
    Everyone just hope we do better next time in that position

    1. I agree with you Eddie that’s what I understood also. There are some who are doom and gloom because they don’t like Arteta regardless of results ( I think it’s because of Mesut issue) but they are very few.

    2. Eddie exactly I never knew that saying we could have played better means we are being negative, we all can see we could have played better on Saturday. That’s the fourth game running that Aubamayang will not have any goal scoring chance.

    3. Credit where credit is due. Likewise, we should accept criticism in the same spirit.

      Think there’s a misconception that most fans who acknowledged our weaknesses are merely reacting to the 1-0 lost. Truth is, we have not been playing convincingly this season. Even when we won, some fans had raised concerns on how we played

  3. Bravo my dear friend on being wise, sensible and having the maturity and guts to tell it as it is. Many, even most of the fan comments about the City game, have been depressingly unthinking, bordering on stupid.

    I am totally with you Ken and to those reactionary non wise folks who have been writing such nonsense, I say this: Ken has been actively following and supporting, which means attending , Arsenal matches since before most of your parents were born. In that time he has accrued a wealth of wisdom that some of you silly juveniles would do well to try to learn from.
    Next time you come on here to moan about MA, who is well on the way to becoming a great manager, just think for a moment before you write your “moaning minnie” type tripe.


    Many of you are shaming the great name of our club AND THAT OF OUR FANBASE WITH YOUR PUERILE NONSENSE, SO STOP IT NOW!

    1. You claim to be an older fan, yet you don’t act like it at all. A tantrum of a post every time you encounter people who do not agree with you. I agree, Ken is wise because he can state an opinion without all the theatrics.

      Also, very sad that you resort to strawmen arguments these past few days to defend the result. Most people on here are still behind Arteta even the ones not happy with the result. Critiquing ONE loss does not mean anyone is turning against Mikel or are impatient. It’s a simple observation that Arsenal were not attentive and did not have the guts to go after the game, unlike other traditionally smaller sides, that have less money than us, lesser players, and still had a better approach, and got points against City or Liverpool. I praise Arteta when he deserves praise and critique if something isn’t right. Arteta himself will be critical of his own decisions. If you dont agree then fine, but stop trying to create a fake war against Mikel .

  4. Good article Ken as always. I love your articles because I always learn something. You don’t go for quantity but for quality.

    Your last paragraph has stood out for me and I will keep saying let’s not our love of Arteta as a man cloud our judgement of him as a manager.

    If he has to be praised for what he has achieved so far he also has to be criticized when he does wrong. I don’t think he has earned a right to be shielded against criticism if the criticism is deserved.

    Most of the comments after the city game were of displeasure of how we played the game, why we didn’t go for it. What I got from those comments is that people want to see hunger from the team. In short the majority of the comments from what I understood want to see improvement on how we are playing. I don’t see how is that a bad thing?

    1. HH and Eddie, just to confirm, I did say 90% of the fan base was positive and supported him and I actually said what you two are saying about the game itself – a bad day at the office when, in my opinion, the players let the manager down.

      1. Understood Ken. Unfortunately there will always be the doom and gloom merchants. Lets hope your article will be the wake up call for the remaining 10%. They can do better than that. If they can’t tone it down or at least they should keep the negativity to themselves.

    2. Spot on, HH.. my issue was with the performance, the players should’ve done better! I’m afraid I expected more from them….

      1. Sue seriously from the comments on here on Saturday, I didn’t see anything that suggest fans are turning against Arteta, all we said was that we should have played better, we could have attacked better, our from 3 was no where to be found where as city front 3 were getting lots of joy upfront, I don’t think us getting upset means we are turning on the coach or being negative.

      2. Than in itself Sue shows your support and your confidence in the team and the manager that they are capable of doing better than that.

      3. Sue, may i suggest something different? How about a training session with the ladies team. They just defeated our noisy sisters by a huge margin. Maybe they can teach a trick or two to Kolasinac, Xhaka,Willian, how to get the job done!
        Proud of them. Nothing for our senior team to be ashamed of, to learn something!
        Imagine a person like Diego Simone praising Lucas? He was so useless here,suddenly a performer for AM and Partey gets 10 minutes of game time?

        1. Loose Cannon, have you watched the highlights on Google?
          The ladies were terrific and how that penalty was awarded is beyond comprehension.

          As for Lucas, wasn’t the majority of fans puzzled by the way he was left out?
          The good news is, that he is still our player and we could still see him linking up with TP next season!!!!

      4. Precisely Sue. Had we performed better, there’s no shame in losing 1-0 to City. When Leeds lost to Liverpool, people were actually positive about their defeat because of how they played

        1. Exactly, Winston! Would much rather lose after playing really well and having a go, knowing we gave it all we had but were just beaten by the better team on the day, than playing so poorly and just succumbing to defeat…

          1. Agree. Playing well gives me hope that if we keep it up, it’s only a matter of time before we go on a good run

  5. Its not doom and gloom. Mike has done well. But he has also mad some mistakes and as fans we are entitled to have an opinion.

    Mikel got this one wrong. Willian should never play CF. I understand mikels thinking in that we need creativity. But the problem is not up front its in midfield. He should have started auba up top if not one of lacca or eddie. Kinda obvious to me but he needs to try new things.

    Secondly as I keep saying this 3-5-3. It is negative and designed for a team with a big target man like girond. Who we no longer have. We know this because it overloads the wings and allows crosses to come in to the box.

    3rdly. Look at our midfield. This is where either ozil or willian or ESR (injured) or ainsly would make a difference. The way I see it is we have 2 players playing through the middle. It makes no sense. The middle is where we lack creativity . If you watch our team alot of the goals come from the wings saka ainsly bellerin KT all providing balls or runs to start the play. Any team can see this and simply cut it out.

    Lastly playing from the bloody back. Jesus christ. Enough said

  6. Well said Ken.When you realize the money we have spent ,with little return, you realize the utter incompetence of the highly paid Management who have been found wanting, on and off the pitch.Recovering from such a regime can take time, but under Arteta, we will make it.

  7. Brilliant article once again,Ken.
    I always want to compare us the other big clubs. Correct me if am wrong, I believe their are big 6 clubs in EPL, including arsenal, the 2 biggest are city and Liverpool.
    We lost away to both teams with an improved scoreline compare to last season performance.
    Only Chelsea has played 1 of those 2 mentioned, with a red card and home loss, why are fans moarning over an improved performance?

    Are we too defensive?
    What result have we been achieving in those grounds bein offensive?, 5-1, 4-1, 3-1?
    I hope we know what we are asking for, some Chelsea fans are calling for Lampard sack, arsenal doesn’t have a squad on Chelsea, level but I’ll only be frustrated if our 2 loses are against spur, Utd, Leicester or Chelsea because I see them as our direct top 4 opponents, if you like call me delude, mediocre, accepting failure I don’t care, of what use is winning against City and losing to villa and westharm, I’ll rather we win small teams and draw/lose big team than the reverse, so far we have won small teams and lost against big teams, our top 4 agenda still intact

    1. Perhaps fans want an improved performance because while we have gotten some decent results, our performance has been below what’s expected from a top 6 club.

      If we continue playing like we have this season, we probably won’t outplay many of the small teams

      1. Totally agree with you Winston, it seems if nothing changes it will be difficult to pass through A’Villa, Brighton, Leicester and Everton

  8. You are making no points whatsoever.

    The Emery that you keep bashing is doing wonders in Villarreal; they’re currently 2nd in the League.

    You don’t just understand the circumstances under which Emery failed. It was his own cause, not that he was a poor manager…. He sold/loaned off all the technical players in midfield i.e. Mkitaryan, Cazorla, Ramsey, Iwobi with no suitable technical replacements. That was the cause of his downfall.

    Even Tony Adams understands that this brand (style) of football we’re playing is not sustainable over a whole season. It’s suitable for cup games, because he actually played in it. So who are you to say that we can succeed with it when even our results show otherwise????

    Our squad is actually the 3rd/4th best in the league but the system is making all the world-class players look so lost, isolated and disjointed.

    1. Herbz, you are fooling yourself if you seriously think that our squad is 3rd/4th best in league. That is very so far from the truth and without MA but a lesser man in charge,but with precisely the same squad, we would be far less effective. It is plain that, as fast as he is able , given Kroenkes meanness, he is binning the mountainof deadwood left from AW and UE’s time deadwood and importing PROPER talent but this takes time and many fans are far too impatient. In the meantime he must cut his cloth accordingto his means , which IMO, he is doing spectacularly well. He has been denied the chance to buy a central attacking creative midfield in the Ozil mould but who has passion, heart, courage and workrate, NONE of which Ozil has. His progress is way, way above sensible expectations in a MERE ten months.

      On UE, I agree that he had very little chance, given the poor squad he inherited and some of the deadwood he had little choice than to pick , against his real wishes I am sure.

      His REAL personal problem which led to him losing the dressing room was his language difficulty. When you cannot properly communicate with both players and fans , you are always up against it. And that, plus Kroenkes refusal to help enough financially, did for his chances. I think he IS a good manager but it just did not work out with us, for those reasons.

      1. Herbz, the point is that The Arsenal do not play in La Liga do they?
        So what does this matter?
        I have no idea what Unai walked into when he took over Villarreal, but it couldn’t have been anywhere as toxic as the one he left for Mikel Arteta to sort out, not only on the field but off the pitch as well.

  9. I for one and myself will always stand up and say it is Arteta’s fault that we lost both to Liverpool and City. those were winnable fixtures or at least a draw. Tactically he loses plot, for how long will it take him to see that Willian is not fitting in the system whether wide or centrally. Secondly the midfield is a mess, Xhaka does not have pace, he was supposed to stick to Ceballos and Elneny before the arrival of Partey. Again his signings didn’t do him any good, Mari and Gabs are left footed centrebacks, Luiz only works better in back 3 when he plays centrally but cannot thrive in a back 4, Holding is poor in his ball distribution, and he says Saliba isnt ready, So besides Chambers, who else can partner Gab as a right sided centre back when we move to 433 or 4213, i dont want to mention Mustafi and Socratis. Now that partey is there to shield the defence, bring in Ozil to spray the passes and let Auba enjoy what he does best. Playing Ozil will not change anything in terms of the management politics because he is still going to bow out end of season whether he likes it or not. So MA just make use of the guy please

  10. MA is doing a great job. I understand the fans criticism but

    1. We didn’t lose at home.

    2. We had more chances than them.

    3. Losing by a goal at the etihad is not a disgrace.

    4. We hurt ourselves by assuming KDB is injured so it’s a straight forward win for us.

    Playing the small teams in EPL is becoming more difficult than playing the big 6.

    Yet some of us complained about we beating West Ham with a 5/10 performance.

    Arsenal fans are not satisfied.

    1. Spot on , my rare and realistic friend! The nonsense written by many impatient and UNREALISTIC fans is little short of a disgrace.

  11. According to you, it means if someone criticise Arteta, it means he/she is blindfolded? You said when UE left, we were 8points from top 4. What was the points difference from the top4 at the end the season? When UE left, we were outside top8 on the log. And we still finished outside top 8. I’m still saying that Arteta cannot manage our young players. If a young player makes a mistake, then Arteta will find a way to sell him. But experienced players can also make mistakes, but he’ll protect them

    1. Top Gunner, can I suggest you go back and read SOME of the comments during the game and after – these are the fans I am talking about, not those who, like me, questioned the players in the game.

  12. Dino, you are perfectly entitled to your opinion, but I would ask you to stop and think about the mediocre squad inherited by Arteta, and compare it to those in place at Man City and Liverpool.In terms of quality we are way behind as in truth very few Arsenal players would find a place in the first eleven of the top two sides in the EPL.Partey is an exception and I am confident he will prove this in the months ahead and bring confidence and a winning mentality to the team.

    1. Grandad you are one of the few I respect so much on this site, but please you people should stop saying Arteta inherited mediocre players. I’m not giving up on arteta, but I just feel like we could have played better on Saturday but if you compare the players Emery inherited and the ones arteta inherited you will know there’s a big difference sir, the fact is arteta has better players compared to Emery players in his first season as manager, the problem in my opinion is not the players we have the problem is arteta seem a bit scared to play attacking football against the “big’ teams.

    2. Before Klopp, never in my wildest dreams would I imagine Jordan Henderson and Wijnaldum starting for a Liverpool first eleven that won the Premier League and Champion’s League. They were mediocre players who somehow worked wonders under Klopp’s system and coaching

  13. I didn’t see doom and gloom, just people having an opinion and a good moan. I think it was widely accepted that the manager and the team could have done better on Saturday, even if it was away at city.

    1. It’s another article written from a strawmen argument. Why is pointing out that Arteta got it wrong suddenly mean that everyone is against ARteta? Nobody is against him, but he got it wrong because we lost! If we got it right we would not have dropped 3 points. I dont know why some fans who USED to have high expectation, espescially when Wenger was not doing too well, are willing to accept and some are even happy with, a 1-0 loss against a rival. Espescially when over and over again this season we have seen teams that traditionally finish below us taking points off of the bigger teams. At what point should Arsenal be competing with everyone else? We’ve been spending money in the transfer windows. The excuses for not having good records against the top sides are quickly going away. There was something in this game for us but we did not seem too bothered. I am fully behind Arteta, and for some reason ppl think I am not simply because I point out that he got it wrong this one game which we LOST…

      1. RSH, I followed your discussion with Jon closely and I agree with both of you – but it seems that I should have put the 10% of fans I quoted in bold letters, so that it reflected that minority and not the majority, of which you, Jon and I are part of.

        I have given some of hte examples below regarding the “10%” and hope this explains my thoughts to you.

  14. As per usual a well thought out article Ken. Personally, I think Arteta should be judged as a manager after his first FULL season. The one area he has addressed is the defence which has plagued us for the past decade, he has made us difficult to beat. He has been backed financially with the addition of quality players like Gabriel and Thomas Partey but will need time to get the players to gel into a team ready to challenge for the EPL title or, at worst, the top 4. Imo getting into the top 4 this season will be a great achievement considering the strength in depth of the EPL.

    1. I agree Andrew, at least one full season in my opinion.

      What the misconception arising from the article, is that I was criticising those who were unhappy with the players and the performance – I was not, as I said the same myself.

      What I was pointing out was the approx. 10% who went further than that criticism and those opinions can be easily found, if one goes back to the article announcing the team and the following ones about our the manager.

      An example: “This garbage line up is not good enough…I got this feeling this man arteta is not good enough”…or…”I don’t care about result, but if this sh*t football is what we are going to play under MA, then he is no better than UE…So boring and so defensive – MA just wants to save his job with this kind of football.”…or…I think Arteta’s inexperience as a manager is finally showing.”…or…”there is a big difference between arteta and unai, the difference is one was a player and a horrible coach while the other is just a horrible coach.”

      Then we had an article, part of which states the following “I am sorry, but Arteta has to take the criticism, because he’s hired to fix the problem and I don’t see us any closer to the solution.” WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT? Has the author already forgotten what MA stepped in to? That is my point!!!

      So, those of you who think I am saying we shouldn’t criticize on the game are wrong, I did the same – but to say we are no nearer solving the problem is completely wrong and that’s why I call out the doom and gloom merchants, who just cannot see the enormous strides we have taken OVERALL since MA’s arrival – one swallow doesn’t make a summer.

      1. All good Ken. Some of the criticism against Arteta went a little too far. When people are emotional, their response tend to be exaggerated.

        I believe we have made progress under Arteta. The defence certainly feels more stable, to say the least. Though we have not found the solution, it doesn’t seem fair to claim that we haven’t gotten any closer. It would be nice for everyone to try to be objective with both the criticism and the hype.

        It was always going to take time to get us playing like a top team, so please be patient and give the man a season or two. In the meantime, if there’s anything we don’t like, feel free to point it out and give constructive suggestions, without turning it into a personal attack

        1. Thanks Winston, I really didn’t expect the 90% to think they were the 10%, perhaps I should have put those examples as part of my argument…we learn something new every day!!!

          1. Guess most of us are still licking our wounds after the game and may be a wee bit edgy. It’s nice of you to clear the air, Don’t worry about it

  15. Stop making mistakes, we understand where we’re coming and going, arteta put our hope up than what he did, we supported him when he was employed,we have confidence in him but he lack confidence in himself, he approached all big game with fear, liverpool and man city game, he should have calm david Luiz down against liverpool all the ball hola from back usually com back to us, he was giving strength to opponent, and man city game laca supposed to start, formation should be 4-3-3 partey and xhaka to be dm while in front of them, auba laca william to be 3 attacks
    Why bench laca, ake and diaz have chance to support the attacks till 82min, he bench current arsenal in form striker, he entered the war with no bullet is like enter a war without the will to win it.

  16. We’ve clearly made significant strides when it comes to our defensive zone structure, which is great but not saying much considering how piss poor we were for several years prior…that said, we still continue to make the same mistakes we made under Wenger in his latter years…I can’t remember the last time we played our best 11, maybe going all the way back to when Wenger used to shoehorn Ramsey into a wide side position just so he could get him into the lineup with Sanchez and Ozil…with this in mind, the fact that we continue to play people out of their natural position means that either we have a serious problem committing to a base formation and/or a systemic recruitment problem…as such I’m reserving my opinion on Arteta as a manager until he learns how to chew gum and run at the same time…fixing some of the defensive issues but making us a neutered offensive squad solves very little, especially with the money we’ve invested in our offensive players over the next 3 years…if this is a long-term rebuild, fine, but let us know so that we can tamper expectations…if, on the other hand, Arteta truly believes we’re competing for a top 4 spot, he needs to commit to a formation that works for our specific personnel, so that our best players are on the pitch game in and game out…then all of our recruitment and acquisitions personnel should be squarely focused on bringing in only those players who best fit our specific schematic structure…let’s hope Partey’s arrival will help solve some of these longstanding issues

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