Stop whining! Arsenal only lost one game to our bogey team!

This Wenger hatred is getting boring by SP

Every time Arsenal lose a game (which EVERY TEAM does at least five times a year, but usually a lot more!), we get all the Wenger haters crawling out of the woodwork calling for his head. I dread to think how they would act if they supported a team like Newcastle who lose more games than they win.

Look at the facts: This is the second defeat Arsenal have had in THIRTEEN games. We are THREE points behind the leaders in the League title. Arsene Wenger made us the most consistent team IN EUROPE in the whole of 2015, and will probably do the same in 2016. We are LEVEL with Man City, who are considered our main rival for the title.

Other than that, everyone and their dizzy granny knows that Chelsea are Arsenal’s bogey team and it would be more of a suprise if we had won. Every team has bogey teams, not just us, and it is always a struggle to win against those teams, but you only face your bogey’s twice a year. We have another 36 games to play against the other teams to get enough points to win the League, and just consider for a cotton-pickin minute how many other teams consider ARSENAL to be THEIR bogey!

It is one loss of 3 points in a race that consists of 114 points. You haters need to learn to control yourselves and judge players, and managers, over the course of a whole season, because this is a marathon and not a sprint. You will all be kicking yourselves if you waste the season hating, but then find we are Champions after all when May comes around!

Didn’t Giroud explain last week that even the players know that they have to take it game by game and not let themselves get distracted by one bad result (Please add link Admin) (**Link added – Admin**)

Read it and LEARN from it before you give yourself a heart attack over one simple game!


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  1. You don’t get it do you ? It’s the manner of defeat that is unacceptable, the fact Chelsea fans were confident of winning a week before the game says it all. They knew that no matter how crap they play Arsenal would find a way to **** up against them and lose. It used to be the same whenever we played United, such mentality is the reason Southampton and Stoke haven’t lost to us on their ground in over two years, it’s the same mentality that allows teams to thrash us every season, 6-0 against Chelsea, 6-3 against City, 6-1 against Liverpool, this season Southampton 4-0, doesn’t ring a bell ?? Big teams don’t lose that way, if you want to be taken seriously in the PL and in Europe these results should NEVER happen more than once every 2-3 years. Fact is we do NOT have the mentality of champions, Sanchez, Cech Campbell and Ozil have been carrying us all season, without them our squad is barely good enough for top 4. That should NOT be the case !

    1. Losing to Chelsea is the worst, but that doesn’t conclude we lack the mentality of champions, don’t be ridiculous. You can’t say that when we trashed Manchester United and beat the other 2 teams fighting for the title: Manchester City and Liecester City.

      You’re saying Campbell has been one of the players who has carried us all season, but I bet you’re also one who bashed him and said he wasn’t good enough for Arsenal in the first place. If you truly think Koscieleny, Monreal, Bellerin, Coquelin, Cazorla and even Ramsey haven’t played a role in “carrying us this season” then you’re deluded sorry.

      1. To be honest United have been poor all season so that’s not really impressive, whenever a team gave us a challenge we relied on Ozil or Sanchez to unlock the defence. Without them we’re clueless on the pitch, without Cazorla and Coquelin the likes of Norwich have no trouble over-running our midfield, we’re still far from being champion material. We’re still far from what you would consider a title winning team to be, Wenger is currently relying on team spirit more so than the quality of players, spirit is important but it’s useless when you have players like Arteta and Flamini preventing us from adding more quality to continue challenging in a CONVINCING manner. In addition we rely on our rivals to make mistakes which isn’t what title winning teams should be doing. City have ageing players hence why they’re struggling this year but just watch next season when United bring in a new manager and the rich clubs buy new quality players, you will see how far behind we are to even be considered one of the best in Europe.

        1. Well yeah, that’s why Ozil and Alexis are our best players lol. Again, Cazorla and Coquelin are some of the best players in their position around the world, so yes not having them hurts. I agree it is useless to have players like Arteta and Flamini BUT we just bought El Neny who will be a beast. We have beat teams convincingly, including BOTH currently ahead of us!

          Lol every team has aging players (besides maybe spudz), you can’t use that as an excuse.

          1. We bought Elneny for what? I hope what is happening to Gabriel should not happen to him. I expected both Gabriel and Elneny to play but lo, Wenger is living in a different world from the one we are. Yes it’s one game we lost but look at the table. Sp*ds are just 2 points behind. Come on, we should have done better than his.

            1. You really expected Gabriel to start after the last time he started against Chelsea? Lol
              Yea I wanted Elneny to start as well, but he’ll probably make his debut against Burnley, and then start in PL from then on.

              Yeah the title race is extremely close and its disappointing we weren’t abel to beat Chelsea – No argument there, and spudz are also looking like a great team right now. We have our best players coming back now so I’m hoping we can go on a surge.

              1. Weird how it’s always some kind of jungian dichotomy for the 4th place junkie….Some of us have been hoping wenger would leave for 5 seasons now not because we hate the man but because It was clear then that his approach of putting corporate bottom line above strengthening the first xi and his holier than though existential bs footballing philosophy was never going to deliver a title at home or abroad …. And we have been proved right season after season …and will be again even in the worst EPL for decades …

                1. Shallow comment, lacking understanding of both football realities and AFC.

                  Firstly Wengers existential bs philosophy, sorry but that is a foundation of AFC. We are renowned for playing football. You may be so trophy mad you’d be happy if Pulis took over and we played like Stoke of old, but some of us appreciate our playing philosophy. It’s what AFC are, if you don’t get that, then I have to question what you know.

                  Putting Corp bottom line above strengthening, is just rubbish. What wenger has done is managed our affairs during tight times but spent in the past 2-3 years as a consequence of that financial prudence. He hasn’t built a boom and bust club, we have a sustainable financial model that means we will be able to carry on bringing in stellar players for the foreseeable future. Other than the oil rich clubs (that have in the past been the big investors) many others inc Chelsea and Spuds will have to finance grounds etc. We are ahead of the game thanks to Wengers vision.

                  Stop living in the past, get over your grudge and recognise that AFC fans have much to be pleased about including the fact that unlike years gone by we are one win from the top of the PL, despite a terrible injury crisis that we are only now starting to come out of.

                  As others have said, stop hating and wait till the end of the season. Personally I firmly believe we will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season.

                  1. Can’t make u people up … Won’t comment on the football commentary …too tired of the drivel … But the philosophical commentary is truly hilarious

      2. We did trash the current leaders at their home turf 2-5. And at the moment we are the only ones who have won there. We trashed United 3-0, when it really should’ve been 5-6 to nothing. City got trashed by LIVERPOOL at home (1-4) and by Spurs 4-1.

        And if I recall, United got trashed at home 1-6 to City, but City went on to win the title on mere goal difference.

        And the years when we got trashed by Liverpool, City and Chelsea, we were already 12-15 points behind the leaders. I agree on that dreaded Southampton defeat which was totally unacceptable. Yesterdays loss can be blamed on 2 people: Mertesacker for doing an idiotic foul and Wenger for starting him against a team which had fast players such as Costa and Willian.

        Yesterday’s s***show must be put aside now. But one thing must change: we have to be more clinical in front of goal. Throw the neat flicks, kung-fu kicks etc. to trash bin and just start scoring. We are also one of the least scoring team outside the box. I hope Sanchez and Elneny can contribute to this cause, Ramsey as well. He doesn’t need to carry the ball into the net all the time. Scrappy goal is still a goal.

      3. Never bashed Campbell, I was one of the few defending him when everyone was saying he’s a squad player and should be sold, his vision is immense and he’s the reason we won that CL game against Olympiakos. He also has remained CONSISTENT on the RW defending and creating numerous goal chances, something Walcott hasn’t done this entire season.

    2. “Sanchez, Cech Campbell and Ozil have been carrying us all season, without them our squad is barely good enough for top 4. That should NOT be the case !”????????
      Dont be ridiculous mate…
      Every team is dependent one way or the other on a few of their key players.
      How many games have City won without aguero and Silva??
      Where would leicester be without Vardy and Mahrez??
      Where would the S*uds be without dele Alli?
      We have actually coped relatively well in the absence of several key players(Coquelin,cazorla,Sanchez and a few others)..
      With most of our players coming back, our team is only going to get stronger in the coming weeks!

  2. Thing is I don’t understand AW he buys a player that we need so bad and don’t play him? He bought Gabriel from a team that won 2 European competitions and a player that is far better then BFG in all departments but won’t play him as he should be played. So per will miss one game then he will play him again. In my eyes he is a very good bench player because he makes far to much mistakes
    Ozill not playing last week did him no favours and he was not sick AW thought he needed a rest. Stoke got done bad by lestster but we can’t get the win. I no this season has been so up and down with all the teams but next season won’t be. All the top teams will buy and buy big but again AW won’t. We do need a CF we do and we need to get 4 players in the summe because we don’t have a strong squad. Changed the bench if you are going to stay mr AW line a number 2 that can have an impact on our team. But best pay pep to take a sabbatical and come in after you go. You can do so much good up stairs but plz get pep at all cost because players will want to come to Arsenal. Chambers put him out on loan for 2 seasons and get Carl back ASAP he’s a Arsenal lad and good player.

    1. My friend, I don’t know what to say to you…Maybe you need Jesus!
      First of all, you say Gabriel is better than Per in all departments, really? The last time I checked, Gabriel had 7 EPL starts and 3 UCL Starts. In such a short spell he has made plenty of errors, some of which directly led to a goal – the needless red card against Chelsea. constant unnecessary elbowing of people, which could easily get him sent off any other day, and some of you be happy, thinking that thats what tough guys do. Furthermore, After a good start at Bayern, he’s the one that played lewandowski onside for that bayern goal that led our distruction. Against a tough game at Norwich, through poor marking, he gifted Norwich the equalizer.

      Per on the other hand, people criticize him for being “too slow”, but to be honest i don’t remember the last time we conceded a goal due to him being outran by the opposition forwards. do you? he counters his lack of pace by being positionally superb. The red card he got, Koscielny had a part in it in a way – Per had played Consta offside, but because of Koscielny’s poor positioning, Costa was onside.

  3. Wenger haters coming out the woodwork? If you read a fraction of the comments on here or any other blog site, you will know they are pretty much evident all the time now, win, lose or draw.
    I don’t hate Wenger, the man is impossible to hate, I just think he is stale and that we need a shake up. He’s got us this far, and he needs now to go upstairs. Maybe 1 or 2 seasons ago.

  4. My 2 criticisms would be:
    – wenger not being a risk taker enough to go with gab/el neny instead of per and flam.
    – wenger not being strong enough to take a big decision, subbing ozil instead of giroud. once we were a man down, the game pretty much ruled out ozil.

    That said, we showed up and fought for it even though the result was pretty painful, and the way we conceded was horrific. Gab and el neny will start vs burnley, they better impress to stake a claim for the starting positions!!

  5. We all know deep down arsenal are never winning the league be it this season or any other as long as wenger is in charge unfortunately he doesn’t learn his lessons
    Drop his favourite’s Ramsey Walcott n flamini and maybe just maybe this team might be able to put a run together.

    Elneny Gabriel sanchez , rosicky if fit for the next home prem game il put straight back in even cow for that matter

  6. Another article romanticizing a crushing defeat…..we lost at home, to a team so poor they sacked their manager and whilst I agree with the premises that the dropped point does not signal the end of our title challenge we must rue the lost opportunity to lay down the marker, tue chance lost to show we have back home and the mental fortitude to deal with the pressure of been top….it was nevertheless a typical Arsenal performance, choke on the big stage and fluff your lines, we are the master of that…and with fans like the writer of this inane article, you can confidently say flop knows flop

    1. Very apt Damochy! Wenger has gained legendary status for leading an Arsenal team that seems to fluf their lines at defining moments.

  7. Anyone reading this article but has not followed the EPL for the past 10 years will have the impression that we have been the most dominant club and have lapped up tons of EPL trophies in the last decade, then we lost a single game to our “bogey” team and everyone is whinning. Wake up dude! We have not won the EPL in more than a decade and we have seen this kind of scenario play out over and over again every season. So don’t try to make it seem like a one off thing or make the true Gunner fans who are the most patient and loyal fans in world football look like a bunch of ingrates or cry babies. We have been made to go through this trauma over and over again so we have the right to raise hell.

  8. @ Sam
    For starters, Arsenal have more than ONE ! boggie team,
    As for your comment regarding ” we have 36 games to win the league, after playing our boggie team” ?
    That has to be the biggest load of bollocks that I ever heard in my life!
    It’s been 12 years son!
    I can’t remember any team winning the premier league,
    who lost 5 or more games in that season, So that statistic alone rules Us and City out of the equation!
    Them stats favour Leicester, who have only lost twice so far and the Spuds are second favourites because they have only lost 3 games.

    What makes you so special to moan and whine about other fan’s doing the same thing about the club they love?
    Mind your own xxxxing business man!
    If it really was unacceptable then the admin wouldn’t allow it ……. Right? ?
    Just because you’re happy with mediocre that doesn’t mean that you are right and that every other fan should share your views! ?

    And that goes to all the fan’s that moan and whine about the fan’s, who moan because they are not happy!
    Your too deluded and self righteous to notice that you’re just as annoying, yourselves!

    And what normally happen’s at the end of the season,
    Is that you lot end up moaning the most, whilst the realists have already gotten over it! ??

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