Stop worrying! Arsenal are still in the transfer market!

Many Arsenal fans on this website are becoming more and more frustrated with the lack of transfer activity from the club, especially as we are only two weeks away from the new season’s opening game.

Many of us have voiced concerns that Granit Xhaka will be our only big money signing of the summer,but yet again Arsene Wenger has spoken out to assure us all that he is still looking for that elusive striker to cover for Danny Welbeck’s injury.

After last night’s win over the All-Stars, Wenger said: “I have, at the moment, not too many attacking options of experienced players,”

“Let’s not forget that we still have a few players at home and a few players who didn’t play today like [Santi Cazorla]. And of course we have [Mesut Ozil] and [Aaron Ramsey] at home. And [Olivier Giroud] is not here.

“So we have options, but we still look outside to find one more.”

So we are going to have to take it on trust that Wenger still has his scouts and negotiators out trying to sign the striker we need. Wenger also clearly stated that he also intends to buy an experienced centre-back to cover for the ageing and injured Per Mertesacker, so can we all stop with the gloom and doom until the transfer window actually shuts?



  1. Unfortunately I Dont believe him
    we wont be buying in anyone who remotely resembles a striker
    The good ones are all gone to other clubs
    so who exactly is he looking for ?

  2. The reasons why fans are worried is due to past experience….once beaten twice shy. In our case we have been beaten several times. Wenger is unpredictable. We can end up signing a striker, winger and CB. We can also start the season with no new signings. All we can do is hope and wish we get some players before the season starts.. .

    Arsenal all the way. .

  3. Unfortunately Wengers ego might cost us the first two games of the season. Good Players will still be ‘recovering’ from euros and Wenger won’t care what people think when he starts with Walcott, Akpom and/or Ox.

    He is going to play the waiting game again to find the goal scorer we’ve been waiting for 3 seasons now. Defender deal will be done before start of the season.

    1. How upset would you be if we drew both of them. Personally, four points from those games and Id be ..phew!!

  4. We heard a week back that we had people flying out to Germany, they said for a top secret striker, but it now looks like it’s Mustafi.

    Really like the look of Xhaka, his precision balls with pace look useful, looks like he could be a tempo setter. I like that he’s a rounded player, for a while now it was one or the other, it’ll be good seeing someone who relishes the physical side but also has the style to suit Arsenals play. It’ll be interesting to see which midfielder makes for a better combination with him. Ramsey’s energy could do the trick. Or will it be Cazorla’s football intelligence. Maybe Elneny’s no messing about. Coquelins harassing brute force perhaps. Wilshere’s eagerness to prove himself?. Let the battling commence.

    1. @Trevor
      He and Santi would own the midfield…Throw in Le Coq if you want a brick wall in front of the back 4. But Elneny is a bit too shaky and Aaron would only leave him in the lurch during an opposition counter…

  5. u know sometimes its funny and annoying when we hear rumours of arsenal completing a deal in 48hrs

    then we look at the calendar and its a thursday….. Then knw the deal will never be completed cuz we dn’t do biz at the weekends

    thats how they manage to play us….bingo!

  6. Trying to finish this one off. Any suggestions?

    There was a manager called Wenger
    He wasn’t a very big spender
    He needed a centre forward
    But thought we couldn’t afford it

        1. Don’t worry about it mate.. I CAN believe it ??
          Honestly, you guys are gonna end up giving wenger the wrong idea, with this Bendtner signing!
          As he is training at Arsenal, just like Flamini was ? when he was unemployed. ?

          1. @FbG
            Some supporters started this, when they began calling him”Lord Bendtner”. Now AW feels it’s kool to bring him back…I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up on the roster…

  7. mahrez links have grown quiet. ( either it never had legs to begin with or it about to be done)
    it seems like the lacazette deal is being dragged out
    contradictory reports on mustafi from they are in talks to they are not interested.
    no exit rumors for the likes of sanogo, walcott gnabry, debuchy

    The closer we get to the end of the window the harder it will be to get players like mahrez and lacazette since their clubs don’t really want to sell and financially they don’t need to as both teams are in the CL

    1. Of all the rumors Mahrez seemed to be like it was actually going to happen. Loads of articles, tweets, interviews news reports and so on spoke as if it was definitely going through. Only to read this morning that we were never interested, will not make a bid. I wanted Mahrez over Vardy from day one. This is depressing!

      1. Apparently there are more than a few clubs chasing Mahrez, Everton have also stepped into the equation.

        I would also be very happy if we signed Mahrez, the player is supposedly keen on Arsenal and Wenger has confirmed that he is after an attacking player, he didn’t say ‘striker’, did he? ?
        I’m just hoping that the latest rumours that have squashed our hopes, are all apart of Wenger’s wishes, to remain secretive? … his probably doing the negotiations whilst peeping through a key hole! ? ? ?

        #? ing weirdo

  8. I honestly believe that we wont be buying in a striker, of course Wenger will say he’s looking but is he ? really? I dont think he is I think it’ll be the same reson rolled out as per usual “we were looking very hard but there was noone who adds value to the current team who was available” In other words there was noone who was good who was free !!!!
    this german defender is a nessecity buy and if BFG was not injured we wouldnt be in the market for anyone at all.
    Its been the same for a number of yeras why would it change now?? theres no logical reason why Wenger would want to buy a striker as far as he see’s it we can manage with what we have, He is gagging to turn someone like Sanogo into the new Tierry Henry and then he can sit back and say “I told you I was the master”
    its as plain as the nose on your face that Wenger has had no interest in buying a new striker since we got Welllbeck who we all know is a great tryer but will either never have a long period of fitness OR will never be the ruthless clinical finisher we really need.
    We’re out of options as far as it goes and although many here have stated that Higuain was not worth the asking price its clear to me that he was, the guys who count the beans at Juve are not stupid and they can see his value and while the asking price was ridiculously high thats the way it is in todays market.
    My real question here is what is going to happen to the money we have from the BT deal??
    Thats not been mentioned at all …anywhere!! surely that money comming into a club that has a fiancially stable system already would or should enable us to spend big on key required players but its not even been hinted at.
    There must have been a large amount of money comming in but its nowhere in sight as far as transfers are concerned so have the board altered thier financial strategy to suit this new money or have they just put it inder the bed??
    Man United can buy Pogba without CL football cos they are spending this extra cash infusion, where has ours gone to I ASK you??
    worrying eh ?

  9. wenger claims that he will spend to improve the quality of the team … mahrez without a shadow of a doubt does that big time (walcott campbell ox and adelaide dont come close)…and it seems he is available so where is the issue here mr wenger? Cant say I am a big fan but Lacazette does to because he clearly adds something giroud doesnt have and is clearly better than an injured welbeck and an inmexperienced afobe and a massive improvement over the pretend CF namely the whippet formerly know as Theo … Both these players are available and interested in a move…so again where is the issue Mr Wenger?

  10. Of course fans will still worry, and inevitably be angry at what will be another disappointing transfer window, because Wenger has said, he WILL NOT properly strengthen us yet again! He said before the window opened, he was only looking for three signings, despite the fact the starting XI needs four (CB, DM/CM, RW, CF). Now he has just said he’s only looking for one more forward, when we badly need a striker as well as a winger.

    We all know Wenger will leave us short as always come the start of the season, and I personally hope that Liverpool, and Leicester batter us! Because it might just wake Wenger up before the window shuts.

    OT – Only watched the first 20 minutes so far of last nights game, but in just 20 minutes, Walcott has managed to put in a shocking performance! Plenty of time left, but wow…he really is awful, and it just highlights how bad a manger Wenger is for sticking with him.

    1. @3rdManJW
      Theo wants the ball at his feet, every dang time. He doesn’t run into space or tries taking on defenders. Joel was humpin harder than a camel on the set of “Lawrence of Arabia”. But Theo kept shouing at him in disappointment.
      Dude just needs to quit football and join the English Olympic sprint squad…Because all he’s got goin for him is he can run fast…

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