Stop worrying Arsenal fans – Benzema is coming!

What would Benzema Add to Arsenal? by JH

This is a story I have been following on twitter for a few days now, Emanuele Giulianelli has been tweeting almost constantly, that Karim Benzema is joining Arsenal, he has agreed a 120K a week contract, and has agreed to be Arsenals new number 9. He is in fact arriving on Sunday for his medical, or so Giulianelli claims. (ADMIN COMMENT – JustArsenal has also received this info from our very own Arsenal insider)

Now, I do in fact remember a couple of things about this guy, Last year he was first to break the news that Arsenal had signed Alexis Sanchez. He also stated Arsenal where in talks with Kostas Manolas, something the player himself has claimed. He did however also claim that Eduardo Vargas was joining Arsenal, which obviously never happened. Until today, it was only Giulianelli tweeting this story, so I took it with a pinch of salt.

Upon logging in today, I have seen that everyones favourite Arsenal fan Piers Morgan claims he has been told Benzema is close to Arsenal, by who he doesn’t say. Jake Humphrey, the face of BTSport, tweeted “A source who is rarely wrong tells me Arsenal are close to the signing that would make them genuine title contenders” Benzema? Only name I can think of, the only name we seem to be linked with right now.

Granted, Both Morgan and Humphrey could have heard the news from Giulianelli, but then why the need to tweet about it?? Plus they could mention his name as he is in the process of telling the world.

But if both have heard from someone different, well then it all gets interesting. That would make more than one person in the know CONVINCED that Benzema is coming to Arsenal. Here’s hoping….

Now to the main part, What does Benzema add?? Well if the rumours are true, then Wenger believes he adds something worth over £40million. All stats are from Whoscored, and cover only La Liga and the Champions League.

Last year, Karim Benzema scored 15 league goals in 29 appearances and 6 CL goals in 8 appearances. Coupled with 10 league assists and a solitary assist in the CL, Leaving him with 21 goals and 11 assists, 32 goals he was involved in last year in 37 appearances. The season Before, he finished the season with 17 league goals in 34 appearances, 5 CL goals in 11 matches, along with 9 league assists and 5 CL assists, thats a massive 36 goals he either scored or created that year. thats 68 goals in 2 years.

Now I know people who aren’t Benzemas biggest fans will say “Yeah but he plays for Real Madrid”. In the 2 years where Benzema has scored 43 goals, Ronaldo has scored 106. Now that comparison is not to make Benzema’s return look poor, it is to show that Real Madrid’s entire team is geared to give Ronaldo the majority of the chances, And so it should be, Benzema is and always will be number 2 to Ronaldo. But my point is, If you are the go to man no.2, you will never shine as bright as no.1. Check out Alexis Sanchez’s first season at Arsenal, stepping from under Messi’s shadow to finally claim his own spotlight.

Now comparison with O.Giroud is quite tough due to his injury last year. Last season Giroud scored 14 league goals in the 27 appearances, and one in the CL in his 2 games, along with 3 assists in the league, none in the CL. Giroud was involved in 18 goals last year in 29 appearances.

The season before, Giroud scored 16 league goals in 36 appearances, adding 2 goals in the CL in his 7 games, his league assists came to 8, with just one in the CL. Thats 27 goals he was involved in that year. Thats 45 goals in 2 years Giroud either scored or set up. 23 behind Benzema, in 10 less games.

Last season Benzema scored a goal for every 4.6 shots in La Liga. Giroud scored a Premier league goal for every 5 shots.

The season Before Benzema struck the net for every 6 shots. Giroud on the other hand hit a goal for every 7 shots.

Not a huge difference in terms of finishing in the last 2 years, but it is almost everywhere else that Giroud is left behind.

I have long complained that Giroud is unable to beat a man, he wont dribble past a defender, he wont run in behind and beat his man for pace, in general unless he is in front of goal, our moves go down a gear whenever he gets the ball.

On the other hand Karim Benzema can dribble past defenders, his pace will take them past defenders, his holdup play (Giroud’s main defense) is phenomenal, I firmly believe he is a class above Giroud. Another positive with Benzema is that he loves the Champions League. He scored more goals last season in the Champions League than Giroud has in his Arsenal Career (6-5). He is up to 42 in the Champions League, split perfectly in half with 21 home goals and 21 away, in fact out of all the top scorers still playing European football, only Ibrahimovic with 43 and Messi and Ronaldo 77 each are above him. Also keep in mind he is just 27, he will take over Zlatan, he may even take over Van Nistlerooy at 56, which would put him only behind Messi, Ronaldo and Raul.

This season is a real season of hope for all Gunners, this is in fact the first time this decade I have really believed we can do it this year. But if we can get Karim Benzema wearing the Number 9 at Arsenal this year we WILL do it.

What do you guys think, can we trust these rumours? Twitter? Would Benzema win us the league? Is he worth £45million?

By Jonnhirons

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    1. If anyone gets time, check out the second video when you search Benzema. It’s 9 mins and has “skills” in the title. Damnnnn! His skills rival Sanchez and Cazorla!

    1. Yesterday the gaffer said the
      “Benzema report is all bull
      a total media beat up
      we are fine for strikers
      I know nothing about this”
      Someone is lying their head off.
      I hope it’s Wenger 🙂

  1. The team has great harmony now. If Benzema is going to be a team player and adapt to Arsenal then he will be a huge asset. If he sulks when benched and takes too long to adapt and creates a tense atmosphere, it could turn to be a disaster. There is also a risk of alienating Giroud. As he is also behind Benzema in the French squad.
    I am sure Wenger is aware of the risks, and if he goes ahead with it we have to trust him.
    As a pure player vs player analysis Benzema is better than Giroud.
    Here is to ruthless Wenger!

    1. I think Benzema will thrive here at Arsenal. The big reason for me is familiarity. He’s already played with Ozil for 3 seasons at real. They know each other’s tendencies and should click right away. I would like to see Benzemas numbers with Ozil in Madrid rather then his numbers recently. That may be behind Wengers thinking as well.

      1. Just looked it up myself.
        According to, in the 3 seasons Benzema and Ozil were together in Madrid, Benzema scored…

        73 goals!! In one of those years he was hurt too and managed a paltry 16 haha. I hope this deal goes through, we would be deadly.

    1. What about it? The cohesion will be just fine. Our goal productivity should be even bigger with Benzema on field.

      1. no…. it doesnt work that way….
        cuz victoria concordi escri….
        u know.. we sold rvp and cesc cuz they would disrupt the harmony….
        arsene keeps flamini to make ozil happy and keep the harmony….
        if bensema comes giroud and danny boy will be sad and the harmony will be in danger.. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  2. Would surely live this guy at my club but the chances of the transfer happening is low according to me

  3. I think besides Lewandowski, Benzema suits our style the best when it comes to CF, besides Lewa being more clinical I would pick Benz any day. Answer me this question then. 2 french international strikers fighting for the same spot in club and country? Maybe not everyone considers these things but I know one guy who will.

    Guessing by how Wenger thinks and handle things, I think his conclusion would be that it would make things complicated for the 2 french internationals and Wenger would probably not like something like that to effect the team environment. Even though this would be normal for managers to consider it’s surprising how many things Wenger considers and how detailed he can be. But you can never know with Wenger so lets hope we get Benzema.

  4. theres going to be a lot of disappointed supporters if we don’t get him and i won’t be holding my breath. come on giroud you are better than most people think you are.

  5. i dont wanna support spurs doesnt seems rite and im loyal but i hate united even more im confused man u vs spurs whom to cheer for 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  6. a part of me +s really starting to hate this guy…… With all his criticism of Arsenal players ranging from OziL to Theo …..He just can’t say a thing without mentioning ARSENAL….and then yesterday he talked bout how much money combined manure, citeh, ARSENAL,pool,spuds have spent to catch up with CheLski……. Talking Bullsh*t…….. If he Loves ARSENAL…..he better come out clean, there’s no shame in professing ur love for a Team, not by TroLLing stupidily…… Talking bout u….Jamie Carragher!

  7. But seriously:)
    Just been looking around Spanish media and it seems Real are genuinely after Reus.

    This means, with Bale being moved to a more central role by Benitez and Ronaldo having the freedom to go wherever he wants when he wants (including going to his agents wedding when RM play), the signs are that Benzema may actually feel his place in the side is under real danger and may prompt him to consider pastures new.

    So if we are persistent in our courting him, he may well be convinced of the move especially as he saw how Alexis Shone in the PL after coming out of the shadow of Messi at Barca.

    I would say, we are probably very close to this marquee signing and I no matter how cynical I can be cannot contain my excitement at this prospect. Signing Benzema would be a BIG DEAL and would move us forward once more.

    Let’s see…


  8. Benzema’s goal total is modest in a league where Real can mop the floor with all but a handful of opponents. Benzema is not physical enough for the EPL and sucks at aerial duels. Walcott is a better option. I really hope these rumors are BS.

  9. your piece is too informed. I appreciate for giving us the lame light and still hoping that twitter bird rumors is anything to bank on. however we still need protection – CDM. what iff Le Coq is injured, what solutions do we have? Arteta or Flamini or chambers? this will be our point of weakness unless we park Red Ferraris and MCLarens in front of Czech.

  10. Benzema is good for Arsenal what people forget is that every season we play in four competitions and it’s difficult to keep everyone injury free therefore we need strong backup in every position. This means all the strikers will have an opportunity to play. Just surprised why Wenger hasn’t replaced Diaby because from all these years it shows our squad appears big but due to the amount of competitions we participate we end up with a shortage due to injuries even in mid-field where we dominate. So I will welcome a top striker and a CDM because if Coquelin gets injured we are exposed!

  11. Real just play all wrong. It is like the whole team has been instructed to look and pass to Ronaldo no matter what.

    Benzema looks ok for Real but in that team only Ronaldo, from the attacking footballers, looks good. Bale, James look average and Isco looks rubbish, just my opinion.

    Benzema in the World Cup looked outstanding. before France made the mistake of forcing Pogba into the team when their midfield was tiring teams apart. why try to fix what isn’t broken? Pogba when it doesn’t come off looks woeful. constantly giving the ball away cheaply.

    That World Cup Benzema is world class.

  12. The headline and the story don’t match up, I know, big surprise right. “Don’t worry” “here’s hoping”, and ..”if the rumours are true”. Yeah I gotta say mate, you put everyone’s mind at ease with your super confident sureness?

    A goal every five or six shots, not a huge upgrade at first glance.

    1. I personally am very confident. My insider source has not given me a dud tip in three years so I can only have confidence in the man….

      1. I want to believe you Admin, but it simply dosent make sense. Real Madrid are in no position to sell their best players. Also i can’t see Madrid selling their only striker unless they have already lined up a replacement for him. Lastly Benzema is getting regular playing time at one of the football giants, why would he want to come join Arsenal and get paid less than Ozil, Alexis and Walcott?

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