Stop worrying Arsenal fans – Crisis what crisis!

Hey Arsenal are still second in EPL by SP

You would think that the Emirates had fallen down around our ears with all the negativity from Arsenal fans. Let’s look at this sensibly shall we?

So we have lost two first team players for a few weeks, so it is no big deal lads. THe only reason we will miss THeo Walcott is if Olivier Giroud is out of form, and he is scoring for fun lately isn’t he? And, let’s be brutally honest, The Ox has hardly set the game on fire since he replaced Aaron Ramsey. In my opinion, I would have been happy for him to be replaced by Campbell, or Flamini or whoever this weekend as he is totally out of confidence and form.

Please remember that all our seriously talented players were not involved on Tuesday, in fact most of them were at home with their feet up watching the game on the telly, having a well earned rest after their excellent efforts over the last fortnight.

So let’s look at the team we are likely to play against Swansea…


Sanchez Ozil Campbell

Coquelin Cazorla

Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin


Other than (possibly) Campbell replacing Ramsey, I would say that is the strongest team we could possibly play even if everyone was fit. And it is not like they can’t play three games in nine days, of course they can they are professionals!

Then we have the international break, and after that we should have Ramsey, Walcott and The Ox all back and ready to play. Hopefully all three will be excused from international duty so will be fresh and ready. As long as we don’t get any more injuries in the next few weeks, we will be fine. Stop being worry-warts!


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  1. Now Wenger says it is a straight choice between Campbell and Iwobi, so I think you may be right. If Wenger plays Iwobi then Campbell will surely think he will never get a game!

    1. If Iwobi starts, you have to think thats the end of Joel Campbell at arsenal. If he is not even third backup, I just don’t see him staying past this year

  2. There’s no crisis at the moment, but Theo’s injury is a huge worry. We know it’s 3 weeks, but one could easily add on an extra month considering Wenger almost always underestimates length of injuries . Let’s not forget, Walcott is very injury prone, so 3 weeks could be wishful thinking.

    But my main concern is now the change of style in our attacks. Myself and a lot of fans felt that Walcott wasn’t the answer, and that Wenger should have signed a top striker in the summer. I feel we’ve been proven right, in the sense that he’s one of the most, if not, the most wasteful player in front of goal. There’s no composure, and he seems to panic a lot in the final third. It’s so frustrating we don’t have a clinical striker when you have the likes of Sanchez, Santi, and Ozil creating so many chances.

    But one positive aspect has been Walcott’s pace. Finally we have a striker getting in behind and stretching defences, and generally causing a lot of problems. Ask any defender, and the one thing they’re scared of is pace. Now as I said earlier, our attacking play will change now, which means a lot less through balls, and defences have a much easier time marking Giroud. I find it strange how the author of this article cannot see this as being a negative. Giroud was brilliant against Everton, and does offer us something different, but how often do we see performances like that from him…rarely!

    He hope Giroud plays well, but I’m very worried going on what I’ve seen from him in the past 4 seasons. He’s a quality squad player, but not good enough to be our main striker, and doesn’t really fit into our style of play.

    As with the Ox, I’m not overly concerned, and it’ll be nice to see Campbell get a run of games. He’s never been given a fair chance, so let’s see what he can do.

  3. Yeah Right. .. no worries ??
    Oh and you make it sound as if Walcott is on his holidays!
    There’s no guarantee that he will be back after the international break nor Ramsey as for the Ox…
    the less said the better ?

  4. There is no point in arguing whatsoever, Enjoy the season cause Man city have the best fixture run-in till December end and most of them are at home. Man city are devastating in the premier league when it comes to winning home matches. Its just a matter of time Sergio Agüero will arrive from injury and Pellegrini will call him as new signing (“Aguero= Giroud+Walcott+Welbeck”). Wenger is in big trouble if he loses Bellerin cause i believe he is the most important player in the team where Debuchy lacks concentration and quality and whatever happens i want Bellerin to be fit.

    1. Agree about Bellerin. He’s massively important to us, especially against teams with a fast left winger. Debuchy hasn’t returned to form since his shoulder injury and Chambers just isnt fast enough for rb

  5. Some good perspective especially when glancing toward the headline on the article two places above. It says ..blah blah blah.

    Bring on swans’ll be tough but they’ll be a very sweet three points if managed. Important game with the scum then coming up next in line. Big couple of weeks upon us which I have confidence for and hopefully the luck …COYG

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