Stop worrying – William Saliba will play for Arsenal next season

Arteta wants Saliba at Arsenal next season

Since signing for Arsenal in a whopping £27 million deal in 2019, William Saliba still hasn’t featured for the Gunners.

Loaning him straight back to St. Etienne was part of the deal which Saliba had previous knowledge about. But the young Frenchman would not have predicted not playing for Arsenal for the next two seasons.

However, that might change this year as French news outlet Le Equipe (reported by Football.London) has claimed the 20-year-old is part of Arteta’s project and will be finally integrated into the young Arsenal team.

The report says that Marseille are pushing Arsenal to sell them Saliba or at least extend the loan by another year, but Arteta has no intention of giving in to any offers.

As we all know, when asked about William Saliba in September, Arteta told The Mirror: “He will come back for pre-season and he will be with us. Hopefully he will come back after playing a number of games and his performance raising and his development progressing in the right way. That’s why we made that decision.

“I know that sometimes it’s difficult to explain or understand after the money that the club has spent trying to bring him in, to send him on loan.

“But a lot of things have happened to him he’s a long-term player for us and we need to protect him as well. And giving him three or four games is not enough.

“For him, he needs much more than that, because what happened in the last 18 months, he’s been through some personal problems as well that we have to try to help him and stay as close as possible to him.

‘Marseille was the right club for Saliba,’ claims Arteta

The Spaniard continued, “And now he needs to play, play and play and enjoy his profession as well. And in order to do that I think we found the right club with him.

“He’s very happy to go there now. Hopefully he can enjoy his football and be ready for us for next season.”

This bit of news will be warmly embraced by the Gunners faithful, who have craved to see the talented Frenchman in the iconic Red and White jersey.

That might not be far away. And with the young center forwards Arsenal have been linked with recently, you can only wonder what the team would look like in the next campaign.

Yash Bisht

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    1. the big dog, I am prepared to bet you personally a great sum of money – you can choose the amount, if you accept my bet- that you are wrong!
      I am certain that barring unforseen injury . Saliba will be back with us and in our team next season That seems obvious to me, hence my bet challenge to you.

      For your own financial sake, I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO REFUSE MY BET!

        1. DK Why don’t YOU take it, instead of advising others,
          who will not be losing your money for you.
          Lose your own, as the bet is on offer if you want it!!

          It is plain as the nose on your face that SALIBA has always been in MA’s long term plans He was not considered ready so far for our tough Prem at his tender age, even though he is a physical monster.
          But he is now shining in France as we all know, which includes MA.
          Take the bet, IF you have the guts !

            1. Its not about Arteta, its about Saliba and he has stated, he wasn’t happy with his treatment by Arteta and he has stated, he wants to play at Marseille. Saliba is not going to come flying back saying, im ready now. He will stay at Marseille for the sake of his career. He will play every week, will play CL football and will be in his homeland, which he has said, he is very happy about. Hexwont be guaranteed any of that at Arsenal.

              1. Reggie, that’s my big concern… he’s enjoying his football!!!
                I’m sure Guendouzi has his ear, regarding the way MA man manages some of his players and I think MA has, possibly, overcooked the situation…. only time will tell.

                1. Agree ken. How much could we have done with Gouendouzi, Saliba and AMN against Forest and possibly against Liverpool. I dont think any of the three will come back. They have been treated pretty shabbily by Arsenal.

            2. Not much MONEY EH? Well had you taken my bet , you’d have had even less!

              Wise to refuse DAN and so now perhaps you from encouraging others to lose their money. It’s not the bet I am at all interested in actually but in getting certain NAIVE AND FOOLISH Gooners to understand that SALIBA has never been written off by MA!

  1. Yes of course he will be back to play for us next season and qualifies as homegrown. I expect White will be moved forward to DM.

    1. I would love to see that setup next year for us, I would be surprised however because Xhaka is entrenched in midfield under Arteta.

    2. Arteta had the perfect chance to see what White (or Chambers) could do at DM on Sunday. For whatever reason he passed on it.

      While I agree with you Declan, I don’t have your confidence.

  2. A 3421 formation will be better then,
    Gabriel, Saliba, White
    Tierney, Oedeegard, Partey, Tomiyasu
    Smith, Saka

    1. Odegaard does not have the power nor athleticism to be effective in central midfield.He is an attacking midfielder and nothing else.

    2. Tomi is certainly not a wing back at all and never will be…his qualities lie defensively.

      Swop Tomi for White

      Tomi Saliba Gabriel
      Saka Partey White Tierney
      Ode ESR

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