Striker crisis to see Arsenal finally secure Higuain transfer?

Whether you believe the majority of Arsenal transfer rumours is one thing, but when the Gunners activated the release clause in the contract of Jamie Vardy it became clear that Arsene Wenger’s plans to sign another striker for Arsenal this summer became fact rather than hearsay.

And it was our manager himself who said last week that he thinks the England international is going to reject the chance to move and stay with the Premier League champions Leicester City. Then we have the rumours which, if you believe them, tell us that Arsenal are also set to miss out on other striker transfer targets including the Spanish international duo Alvaro Morata and Nolito.

Then you have other top strikers like Ibrahimovic, Lewandowski, Benzema and Lukaku who for one reason or another all look likely to be playing for someone other than Arsenal next summer. So who does Wenger have left if he is determined to bring in a top, top player? How about a third and final go at Gonzalo Higuain?

We know that Wenger would like to sign him because we nearly did until Napoli nipped in a few years ago. The striker would not come cheap but now might be the perfect time for Wenger to bite the bullet and splash the cash, as there are just two years left on his current contract and at 28-years old he is in the form of his life.

Last season he broke the long standing Serie A scoring record by hitting 36 goals and he has continued in a similar vein for Argentine at this summer’s Copa America, with two goals in the quarters against Venezuela followed by another two against the hosts USA to see them into the final.

According to The Express the Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has been scouting him at Copa America and Higuain has refused to talk about his future until after the tournament, but that sounds to me as though he would be willing to consider a move. So should Arsenal try to make it third time lucky in the transfer hunt for this top striker?


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  1. i’ve had enough of our striker Banter…… If Aubameyang wasn’t available, Citeh won’t be bidding 50mil for him

    [Arsenal and her deep pockets, short hands]

    1. Aub has already said he doesn’t want to come to us, I would be surprised if we do anything more than esquire in case he has changed his mind. I can’t see him being a realistic target for us even if the price was lower.

      But hey, lets ignore what the player has said themselves and have a dig at Arsenal for failing to spend when they have already spent over £30 mil to resolve the holding CM issue on a young talent who is dominating in the Euros…

      This isn’t football manager, the player has to be open to coming to us.
      Silent Stan could do with saying he was wrong about not being in this to win championships and that we should be looking to win as many as we can… even if it is a lie.

      If Silent Stan said something like that and we actually bid £60mil+ for Aub then we might be able to get him to change his mind… Now replace the name Aub with any CF that wants to win trophies.

      We do have a reputation of not being in it to win it but to be in the top few… Top 4 in EPL and last 16 in CL. The owner himself said that he isn’t in this for championships… how would that fill any WC CF with confidence to join us? Lets hope Wenger picks up the phone and convinces some top player to join us like he did with many others because our reputation wont get them.

      1. The thing is, if we get into a bidding war for Auba, best case scenario we will get him, worst case scenario we will raise his price for our competitors, hence it is a win win.
        But i would love to see AFC bidding some serious money on the likes of Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Cavani, Higuain and just see how they react. If we can’t get any of them, then we should think of people like Lukaku, Batshuayi, Janssen etc. Lukaku seems like a great but expensive choice. Although his stats aren’t as good as his price suggests, so i am a bit skeptical there.

        1. Lacazette could also be a decent option, but i see him more as a winger. So he could be a replacement for Walcott rather than an upgrade on Giroud.

  2. Dont rule out mitchi batshuayi he’s been heavily scouted by us along with Morata and Fekir.

  3. Too much crying among us fans. How many clubs in EPL have already signed all of their targets?…I know what you fans who live in the media world (rumors) want…you want Arsenal to announce a player every week,sorry that won’t happen.

    Wait till the euros are over,from there relevant news will start flowing. Bt in Arsenal it’s advisable nt to raise your hopes too high. Simply put, Arsene has his targets which could be completely different from which you and the media have. Thus,to avoid heart attacks, just sign your targets in the fantasy league and FIFA.

  4. So far most likely out of the running are
    I doubt Wenger even tried to get them yet
    If he isnt interested in these guys who is he interested in?
    anyway, continuing
    5. Nolito
    6. Morata
    7. Vardy (most likely staying at Leicester)
    8. Lukaku (probably PSG)

    Which decent to top forwards are left?

  5. No disrespect to Mr No-neck, chest or shoulders -Vardy?,
    Even the smallest sized England shirt ,doesn’t sit right on him lol.. by the way, how tall is he? … 4ft 2″? ? ?
    Okay ? that’s enough of disrespecting the nicotine – patches addicted, crackhead, for one day? Same time tomorrow, then ?

    Wenger activiting Vardy’s release clause, just goes to show that he isn’t looking to sign a top top strike,
    So wheres the logic in looking at WC striker’s now, when Wenger’s first choice was a mere gap filler for Welbeck?

    Which also suggests that Wenger isn’t in the same belief as the fan’s, in regards to needing a top top striker!
    And please don’t fool yourselves into the delusion that Vardy is in that category.

  6. Breaking news!
    Utd want Ramsey lol ? That’s wonderful news!
    Some reports suggesting £50 million to be offered. ?
    Whilst others are quoting £35 million.

    Well done to Wenger ??
    Now I understand why he always picked Ramsey ?
    When it comes to making money, Wenger most definitely knows best!

  7. Higuain i do not see coming, any forward wenger going to buy is going to be in the 10 – 30 million range, the move for Vardy tells us he is looking for a pacey wide player, not a replacement for Giroud, but a stop gap for welbeck.

  8. Lets wait until Euros then we can conclude. Huguine would be fanatstic. I do not agree that Wenger biiding for Vardy in 20 million range signified that he is not going to bid more.Wenger has to buy a new striker as Welbeck is inhured. He does not have any other option rather than to buy a striker

  9. Getting Higuain wont be easy. Napoli wont sell him. Any club that would get him would most likely spend more than 55m pounds. My Concern is how Wenger can get the best out of Sanchez. The way he plays for Chile is quite good. Wenger should adopt a system is that get Alexis closer to goal by playing a 4312 formation. Sanchez with another forward would give Ozil more options. 3 hardworking Midfielders(Xhaka, Coq, Ramsey) behind Ozil. We just need our fullbacks to provide the width. Cazorla/Ozil Elneny/Coq. By this system, we can get more goals from Sanchez. irrespective of the personnel we bring in, we must have a formation that gets the best out of our best players.

  10. Forget about Higauin, he might be the most expensive striker available and I would doubt he would go for less then £60 million. Only an owner like Usmanov would go for that type of player not Kroenke.

    Best we can hope for would be Lacazette and he would still be a project being PL unporven et all.

    The best we can do is hope for a miracle: WEnger signs an unknown striker who goes own to score 25 PL goals.

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