Arsenal striker search in turmoil again

Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette was taken off injured during the Trophee Des Champions between his side and Paris Saint-Germain this weekend, which looks likely to hamper his possible move to Arsenal this summer.

The 25 year-old has been strongly linked with a move to the Gunners this summer, having already missed out on numerous other targets, and still remains strongly in the gossip to move to the Emirates this summer.

That move could well be off now however, after he was taken off with injury during Lyon’s 4-1 thumping by PSG in their version of the Community Shield on Saturday.

Official expectations of the extent of the injury are yet to be revealed, but his boss is worried about his star striker.

Lyon manager Bruno Genesio said: “It’s worrying. It’s a big downside of the evening in addition to the defeat.

“This is our attack leader, he is needed. It’s too early to tell about the injury. There will be examinations early this week.”

Arsenal have so far failed to persuade Jamie Vardy to quit champions Leicester City, and a number of other targets have already moved on from their clubs.

Alvaro Morata remains an option, although the Gunners would need to break their club record fee to tempt Real Madrid to part ways with their recently returned forward, with a price-tag in excess of £50 Million claimed to be on his head.

The Spanish international is not expected to be happy playing as back-up to Benzema, and would likely be happy to make a switch in the current window.

Theo Walcott has been doing well in pre-season which i likely to reduce the pressure on Arsene Wenger currently, but with Olivier Giroud yet to return from holiday due to an extended international campaign with France, another addition is strongly wanted.

Should Arsenal just stump up the money needed to land Morata? Or should Arsenal still go for Lacazette despite his injury?

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  1. Morata is massively overrated in my opinion. 12 goals in 47 appearances, I repeat 47 appearances, isn’t quite impressive. At this point with Welbeck out long-term, Walcott failing to impress this preseason from the cf position, & Giroud a few weeks from return; a striker is desperately needed. Whatever this “madness” is I surely hope it means that we are getting a top 5 cf. However, this transfer window seems all too similar to our previous transfer windows. Arsenal are ALWAYS one or two players away from an EPL title with the same false hope of “we tried.”

  2. Lacazette, Morata, Icardi the lot. All of them over valued simply because everyone knows EPL clubs have the money. The big money. This is why you don’t see lots of departures from EPL clubs unless there’s a big wage improvment. Higuain transfer it is strictly related to Pogba one, told you two weeks ago. That was the giveaway that Pogba will land at Manure, Juve are a smart bunch. Even got extra cash now. Laughing to the bank. Good for them.
    Fsck if I’d pay 40 million for Lacazette or 70 for Lukaku. Everything you want to buy these days is 50 million. Want a sandwich? 50 million. What is 50 million to a club like us, right? I guess we will see where it will bring us. Unless we go for a cracking option (Griezmann, Lewandowski, Muller, Cavani etc) I don’t want to hear about these hyped strikers scoring less than Giroud or marginally better on average. One must laugh when they hear we will give Giroud + 30 mils for Icardi when the opposite is true. You’re not stupid to ask these prices, you stupid if you pay them. Sure, Manure are desperate. 3 years in $hit finishing under Arsenal must hurt for them. Yes, they are a bigger club and I am fine with that. If I wanted my team to always win I’d chose Bayern or Barcelona. As I said, no sweat, take a day at the time. It was predictable anyway.

    1. So, base from your point of view, I guess we are entering the dead end road about this striker issue. Even lesser strikers than Giroud are now over valued let alone the better one. Once again AW want us to trust (more properly to gamble ) on TW14, which is lesser than Giroud for years, leading the role. Base from the past years, even if he was great, Theo ran will end after 10 weeks due to injury. Theo didn’t have two things to reach the top, consistency and durability.
      Nowadays, twelve years without a PL trophy, should not be the right time to make another gambling. We are deserve much much better than this…

      1. No, you know my approach on this. We have (allegedly) at least 100 million to splash. That is a fscking huge amount, I give you that. But we will spend it on a striker, WC one (Lewa, Aubameyang, Cavani or Griezmann) and not a midfielder. Without a striker which is a HUGE improvement over Giroud and an experienced CB (30+ EPL preferably) we have a low chance to compete for the title, let alone winning it. What will 100 million in the bank do for Arsenal FC except making the business solvable? Nothing. I am not saying that my gut felling is that Wenger will come with a huge name because that’ll be a lie. But I just hope we are really into looking for a huge name at least.

  3. if for a moment you think about the situation actually their are no good strikers available who are ready to move. hinguain was the best option but you know why we couldnt land him.
    And laca ,morata ,icardi,draxler,etc are not top class in my opinion.stats prove that.

    i would want us to support our young talent . I dont think we will win the prem but 2-3 would be good comsidering the spendimg by others.

    want man utd to fininsh 5 so to teach the world a leason hope pogba becomes another falcao.
    We could have tried for falcao lol

    1. We should focus more about how to end that twelve empty years, more than anything specially ManUre.

  4. No striker is coming to Arsenal. We have asked for one for the last 4 years, what makes you think Wenger is about to change his ways. He has a higher chance of signing an unneeded midfielder than finding some real competition for Giroud.

    1. We needed Xhaka to be another deep lying play maker beside Santi Cazorla. None of the rest including Jack, Rambo, Coquelin or Elneny can run this special role. Off course Xhaka also a natural CDM.

  5. if wenger had signed Lacazette last month there would be no any injury news like this…

    chacharito Javier hernandez Is the Dark horese to revive our attacking options.. I sometimes wonder where on earth Sir Le Proff is looking for additions to the squad Antartica?

    hoping still for a new arrival.

  6. The rumor of the day is Bony now. Makes me laugh. I wanted Wenger to buy him just before he went to Swansea. The guy is good and a better finisher than Giroud. He doesn’t have the same potential and a Lacazette but he can easily score 20 a season or more. At this point any striker better than none and Bony is PL proven.

      1. Before his spell at city, he was one of the best finishers in the league. He had power like Drogba to win games. Some players need games behind them, not everyone can come off the bench like a Hernandez. Bony may be like this, add to that a lack of confidence, also knowing you are out of side once everyone is fit. There could be loads of reasons why he never turned it on at city, one of those reasons could be because he was overrated. I wouldn’t write him off yet, he’s too quick and powerful to ignore, and if you haven’t noticed, Arsenal could use all the power they get.

        1. The guy scored 25 in 34 games in his first season in the PL. Is that so much worse than Vardy last season? He scored 9 in 20 in his second season which would put him around 15 had he played 34. He knows how to score when he is the main man.

          1. sorry, made mistake in the numbers; scored 25 in all competitions, not just the PL. Guess I became a bit too optimistic 🙂 One needs optimism with Wenger at the helm during transfer window.

  7. I reckon this was Lacazette feigning injury just in case we come up with the asking price. A hip injury? sounds a little curious to me. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Bony was rumoured today, I think I’d take Bony over Lacazette.

  8. I read somewhere that Man City were going to off load Bony for £17mil and then today that we were in for £30mil???
    In all seriousness, Pierre Aubameyang or Lewandowski would be my picks but Wenger won’t spend the market price. If we could get Bony for £22 or under we should go for it. He is so much better than Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott.

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